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How do you make a healthy, comfortable home that's sustainable and cost effective?A ‘green’ home is the foundation of living a green lifestyle. Join me as I interview leading architects from around the world and discuss the how, why and who of eco homes and sustainable design. From simple energy saving tips to insulation upgrades, kitchen remodelling, solar power and insulating concrete slabs. #Feedback to matthew@homestylegreen.com

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74: Ecotech Homes Modular Building Solutions

Would you buy a prefabricated, modular home made in China? Ecotech Homes are versatile, modular housing solutions. I caught up with their Major Project Director, Craig Nisbet just before he took off to Ghana to talk about prefabricated, affordable, quality homes. I found out there are some good reasons to consider factory built, modular homes.


21 Jul 2014

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44 How to Make Things Better with WikiHouse NZ

Danny Squires and Martin Luff met on Twitter, were inspired by a TEDex video and have since co-founded WikiHouse NZ. With this project, they're setting out to change the world and to 'make things better' by design.  Links: WikiHouse NZ Website: http://spacecraft.co.nz/ TV3 News item: http://www.3news.co.nz/Chch-developers-plan-jigsaw-puzzle-house/tabid/423/articleID/307657/Default.aspx http://blog.ted.com/2013/05/23/how-to-print-out-your-own-house/ Supporters: http://www.health2000.co.nz/ http://www.madeonjupiter.com/ http://www.pfc.co.nz/ http://www.jnl.co.nz/ http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/about-massey/news/article.cfm?mnarticle=fab-lab-wellington-officially-opened-28-08-2012


7 Aug 2013

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63: Ground Source Heat Pumps with Huw Williams

What other form of heating provides a coefficient of performance, around 5 - 7? That’s the promise, and the reality of ground source heat pump technology. This week I spoke to Senior Hydrogeologist at Geoscience Consulting NZ, Huw Williams about this amazing technology. We discuss if it’s suitable for houses in New Zealand and why Huw is so interested in ground source heat pumps as a sustainable technology.  Links: http://www.nzgeoscience.co.nz/ http://www.nzgeothermal.org.nz/ghanz.html http://www.carbonwarroom.com/


27 Mar 2014

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123: Organic Architecture with Eric Corey Freed

Eric Corey Freed is no stranger to being interviewed. As author of 11 books, an architect, keynote speaker, consultant and sustainability thought leader, he's appeared on numerous stages, screens and in written columns.   In 2005 he was named "Best Green Architect" by San Francisco Magazine and in 2012 was named as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Green Architects". I hope you too are inspired and find some useful tips from this conversation about organic architecture with Eric Corey Freed. http://HomeStyleGreen.com/123 http://www.organicarchitect.com/


27 Jul 2015

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26: Efficient Design and Airtightness - Home Show Highlights Part 2

Part 2 of my interviews from the Rebuild and Renovate Christchurch Home Show. This week I catch up again with Bob Burnett. Bob is Homestar trained Architectural Designer who I interviewed about thermal modelling in episode 14. I also speak with Thomas van Raamsdonk from Pro Clima about airtightness, blower doors and how to seal a three dimensional joint in framing around a window sill, using one piece of tape. Links: http://www.bbarc.com http://www.eversunhomes.co.nz http://www.proclima.co.nz http://vector.co.nz/solar


5 Apr 2013

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87: Project Management for Design & Construction

Do you need a professional project manager for either the design stage or the construction stage of your building project? I discuss the basics of good project management with podcaster, engineer, business owner and soon-to-be author, Cesar Abeid. 


20 Oct 2014

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41. Save Time. Save Money. Save the Planet! Ecodeals with Lisa Madarasz

Lisa Madarasz was frustrated by not being able to find good products for her home that were going to be good for her family and good for the planet. (Does that sound familiar?) With so much 'eco' marketing out there, how can you tell what's truly green? To help, Lisa created Ecodeals.co.nz links: http://www.ecodeals.co.nz https://www.facebook.com/ecodeals http://www.environmentalchoice.org.nz/ http://www.unpackit.org.nz/ http://greenideas.co.nz/products-page/subscription/new-subscription/


16 Jul 2013

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84: How Design a Good Home - Map, Wrap, Gaps, Taps & Apps

Over the last few years, I've developed this model for good home design: Map, wrap, gaps, taps and apps.  Find out more at: http://homestylegreen.com/84


30 Sep 2014

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20: How to Insulate a Concrete Floor Slab

Why should you insulate the edges of your concrete slab?  I was amazed when I discovered how much of the heat loss from a concrete floor can occur out the side of the slab, as opposed to down into the ground under the slab.  It's as much as 80%.  That means that most of the heat loss (the energy that you're paying for) goes straight out through the narrow bit of exposed concrete around the edge at the base of the house. Why is this so? Well there are two main reasons and I go into a bit of detail on the blog. Check out http://homestylegreen.com/insulated-concrete-floor In this podcast we talk solutions. I interview Craig Lonsdale, a Quantity Surveyor with Maxraft.  Maxraft is a great solution for insulating the whole of a concrete floor, not just underneath.  http://maxr.co.nz/ Other resources include BRANZ: http://www.branz.co.nz/cms_display.php?sn=123&st=1. Check out their Bulletin number 552 'Edge insulation of concrete floor slabs'. Please take two minutes to give the show a rating over in iTunes. I'd also love it if you could write a quite review: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/podcast/home-style-green/id513213105 For comments and questions, write to me: comments@homestylegreen.com Cheers, Matthew Cutler-Welsh


22 Feb 2013

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110: The Common Mistakes of House Design

How do you make a power plant in the middle of an urban setting, look interesting and attractive? And what's that got to do with designing sustainable homes? Peter Hogg and Toby Reed are award winning, Melbourne based architects and I spoke with Peter about why he does what he does.  Be sure to check out there website for more about their recent projects, including the spectacular Precinct Energy Project in Dandenong. http://homestylegreen.com/110


14 Apr 2015

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155: Cassettes & CNC Machines. What's the future of Prefab?

It’s tempting to say that Prefab’s time has come, but I don’t think this does justice to prefabricated building. As Pamela Bell has explained previously on the Home Style Green Podcast, Prefab is not new. But the enthusiasm shown during this week’s PrefabNZ CoLab event here in Auckland suggest that prefab will play an increasingly important role in the delivery of buildings. Some would even go so far as to say, there’s a revolution about to happen! Here are some of my highlights from a well attended and inspiring conference. http://homestylegreen.com/155


11 Apr 2016

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143: Why is foam such a great building material?

Foam is an incredible thermal insulator. For the price and size, it's about the best insulation material you can get. But many people are concerned about the chemicals and process used to manufacture polystyrene. I spoke with Curtis VanDyke from RL Adams Plastics about what they're doing to make foam 'green' and therefore make it an even greater building material. http://homestylegreen.com/143http://www.goadams.com/


14 Dec 2015

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194: Ecokit - A Prefabricated Energy Efficient Home

Camilla Novotna always knew she wanted to build her own timber house. It was just a question of when and where. Despite not having a formal architecture or building background, Camilla has now done a lot more than design her future home. Along with her sister Pavla, she has created Ecokit - a prefabricated building system offering energy homes that can be put together by anyone.


16 Jun 2019

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119: Green Home Building

Kelly Hart is an amazing thinker and innovator. He's passionate about the environment and generous with the resources and learning he shares.  http://homestylegreen.com/119


16 Jun 2015

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152: How to choose the best LED Lighting for your home

Remember when the main choice you had for light bulbs was 60 Watts or 100 Watts? Things have progressed a long way since then, and mostly for the better, especially when you consider that the average incandescent light bulb is only about 10% efficient. Most of the energy ends up as heat rather than light. Now we've transitioned through compact fluorescents (CFLs) to light emitting diodes (LEDs), there's a lot more to understand about what makes a good light. In this episode, I speak with David Maunsell from Switch Lighting to uncover the details about why some LEDs are much higher quality than others. Unfortunately it's still the Wild West out there in lighting retail land. Hopefully this can help you figure out what's important for lighting. http://www.switch-lighting.co.nz/http://homestylegreen.com/152


12 Mar 2016

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153 Simple is the New Smart

Paul Dowsett and his team at Sustainable.To are dedicate to creating affordable, healthy and energy efficient homes, because that's what Paul believes is 'the right thing to do'. And as for the extra cost? Listen in to find out... http://www.sustainable.to/http://homesteylgreen.com/153


18 Mar 2016

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86: Eaves. How big should they be?

Eaves are the classic case of form following function. In this podcast I lay out my three key reasons for having them, but a key question is, 'how big should eaves be?'


14 Oct 2014

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77: What are uPVC windows and do they suit our climate?

What exactly is uPVC and is it a good option for window frames? I speak with Oleg Tolmachev of www.warmwindows.co.nz to find out if uPVC windows are a good fit for New Zealand conditions. 


11 Aug 2014

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161: A Fitbit for your Home

Imagine having a Fitbit for your home and being able to see, in real time, how it's performing. You could also be notified of any hazards like high levels of CO2 and VOCs as they occur - before you start to get a headache or start having respiratory problems. This week I speak with Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng, a cofounder of uHoo, an exciting new product that could be the Fitbit for your home. http://uhooair.com/ http://homestylegreen.com/161


27 May 2016

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185: What is Airtightness and Why do we Need it?

The term 'airtight' conjures up fears of hermetically sealed boxes. In this episode, I discuss what exactly airtightness is, and why we need it.


5 Mar 2019

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