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321Go Podcast Powered by 321goProject is your source for what works in the gym business. From marketing to retention; SEO to building your brand - we cover it all. We’ve talked with over 600 gym owners and, every week, we bring you the best of the best. We talk with industry experts as well as deliver actionable advice you can use today in our "shorts". For more, visit 321goproject.com.

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Ep 118 | WAG CEO Adee Cazayoux on Leadership, Behavior Change, and Nutrition in Your Gym

A huge thank you to our partners, Icon Athlete Affiliate Programming and InBody USA. All this week, InBody is offering up to $250 off their flagship model, an extended 1 year warranty, PLUS a sweet consultation package to upgrade your setup. john.ross@inbody.com to learn more. Be sure to mention "321Go Podcast" to access your discount and bonuses. We're joined this week by CEO of Working Against Gravity, Adee Cazayoux. In this episode we discuss: 1. History of Working Against Gravity.2. How struggle breeds innovation and great entrepreneurs.3. How to handle leadership if you've never viewed yourself as a leader.4. The importance of an inner circle.5. Keeping your business model simple and scaling while maintaining quality.6. How to handle clients that quit.7. Coaching behavior change. 8. How to brand the un-sexy.9. The importance of providing nutritional services in your gym. Follow WAG on Instagram @WorkingAgainstGravity and Adee @AdeeCazayoux For more information on the WAG Affiliate model, email info@workingagainstgravity.comVisit www.GymOwnersGrowthSummit.com to register FREE for the first ever digital growth summit in our industry.

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15 Aug 2017

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Ep 145 | Avoiding and Fixing a Dysfunctional Team

In today's episode we dive into a few of the ideas outlined in Patrick Lencioni's "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team." We look at: 1. How to communicate that change is coming down the pike, 2. Building up your trust capital, and 3. Becoming (genuinely) vulnerable to increase leadership trust. Join the 321Go Hub to begin changing your business TODAY. A huge thank you to our partner for today's episode, InBody USA. Check out their exclusive 321Go Podcast Deal Our new Accelerator Program for gym owners serious about execution. Chalk Up for Burpees Josh's Veteran's Day Event Sign up for the 2018 Gathering in Park City before it sells out. In today's Episode: Please take a moment to Subscribe to the Show, share with a friend, and leave us a review!


27 Feb 2018

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Ep. 17 | Content Marketing Challenge

In today's episode, Matt issues a 45 minute per week content marketing challenge. When we asked gym owners at the 321GoProject Affiliate Gathering what their biggest hurdles in content develop were, they unanimously answered: 1. Consistency 2. Time 3. Feeling like nobody sees what they put out. In the episode, we discuss content as an asset in your digital front door. These assets will provide social proof, establish expertise, Help First, and move people along in the decision-making process.


8 Sep 2015

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Ep 20 | Chris Cooper and the 10 year affiliate

A couple weeks ago, Chris Cooper and Catalyst Fitness in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario celebrated their 10th year as a CrossFit affiliate. Chris attributes his success to failure - he fails fast and learns fast from those failures. Over the last decade, Chris has sure seen his share of success and failure in his affiliate. In today's episode he shares some of the highs and lows of owning his box.In addition to learning from his mistakes, Chris has gone beyond the box to truly live the "Help First" philosophy as a business mentor for 321Go Project to help gym owners all around the world avoid those early mistakes.


28 Sep 2015

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Ep 19 | Building your OCR program w/ gym owner Rich Borgatti

In a broad sense, today's episode is about differentiation. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?For gym owner and 321Go Project specialist, Rich Borgatti, adding an Obstacle Course Race training program is a key element for his gym's differentiation. Rich gets into the "why" and "how" of OCR. Not only can OCR serve as a strong retention tool for your existing membership, but it can also be a great point of reference for your future members sitting on the outside looking in.


21 Sep 2015

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Episode 10 | Your Gym's Evolution

Change is inevitable. As CrossFit grows from a rogue band of misfits bucking the fitness establishment, we must evolve and adapt. We used to be able to log 60-70 hours coaching, cleaning, and on-ramping. Now, we're growing up along with CrossFit. We have families, kids, and retirement to think about. In this unique chat with Nicole Kozinski and Nick Bastianelli - Owners of CrossFit 248 - we get some great perspective on how your affiliate must change as CrossFit evolves.


20 Jul 2015

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Episode 12 | Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics

How do I get more members in my gym? We all want a magic bullet. But, just like fitness and nutrition, we must strongly grasp the principles (Strategy) so we can create infinite tactics around those strategies. Your first step in developing your own marketing tactics will be to fully understand the stages of interaction with your business:AwarenessInterestIntegrationRetentionThe best marketing tactics will meet both your current and prospective members exactly where they are. In this episode we take a well known example - WOD and Wine - and unpack all the ways it meets people in each stage.


4 Aug 2015

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Episode 11 | Hacks and Automations

At 321GoProject, you'll hear us talk about two things constantly: 1) Pursuing your Perfect Day and 2) Moving on to higher value roles. Often times, moving on to these activities means we need to hire someone to take on the roles. In a lot of situations, however, we can simply automate the process. In today's episode, I share some of my favorite automations/hacks that really help me enjoy my day.


27 Jul 2015

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Episode 6: Marketing, Content, and SEO w/ Sara Jantsch

Who is your ideal athlete? What is your core difference? The answers to these two questions should drive everything that you do - website, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media. We are thrilled to have Sara Jantsch, VP of Operations for Duct Tape Marketing, on our show this week. Grab a pen and paper and listen closely to this one. Sara brings it with some great action you can take today.


23 Jun 2015

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Episode 5 - Understand Your Value pt. 1

How do you set your rates? Do you offer discounts? What should you charge for specialty programs?Take the guesswork out of setting your prices. In the 321GO Project Academy and Mentoring we use a cash flow calculator to determine your cost per class and cost per service. Armed with this information, you can set your prices based on actual data. Learn the metrics that matter. In part I of Understanding Your Value, we'll set the stage for your value proposition by identifying the costs associated with delivering your service.Access a free version of the cash flow calculator by going to 321goproject.com


16 Jun 2015

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Ep 120 | Triib CEO Bubba Hagood on Creating Value Independent of You

A huge thank you to our partners, Icon Athlete Affiliate Programming and InBody USA. All this week, InBody is offering up to $250 off their flagship model, an extended 1 year warranty, PLUS a sweet consultation package to upgrade your setup. john.ross@inbody.com to learn more. Be sure to mention "321Go Podcast" to access your discount and bonuses. Registration is open for the first ever digital growth summit for Gym Owners. Go to www.GymOwnersGrowthSummit.com to see the speaker list, register, and learn more about the event. Bubba is a serial tech entrepreneur who has built and sold 5 companies - ranging from sports and outdoors tech to groundbreaking mobile hardware. Bubba is the real deal and shares with us some great stories of entrepreneurship. The overarching themes of today's episode are twofold: Learn from failures and create value in your company independent of yourself. This is the key to a sustainable and healthy company. Learn more about Triib by visiting https://triib.comHead over to iTunes and leave us a rating and review. See you next week!


29 Aug 2017

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Episode 3: Local SEO - What it Takes to Get Your Gym Found Online

We are excited to have our special guest Josh Sturgeon, to talk about all things Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or in laymen terms, just getting found online when people are looking for your gym.


2 Jun 2015

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Ep 53 | Events 2.0 - How to make your's stand out from the rest

If you own a gym in a crowded market, there's probably some type of event or competition going on nearly every weekend. With so many events going on, what can you do to differentiate? We're joined today by gym owner and 321GoProject Team Member Stefan Cox to chat about some ways he's really pushing the envelope with his events through using partners, sponsors, and beneficiaries.


17 May 2016

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Episode 9 | Wealth, Time, and High-Value Roles

Wealth. It's more than money, more than income, more than members. It's the value of your most precious asset: Your Time.We'll dig more in depth this Friday in our Free Webinar, but for now let's explore the idea of your income/your time. After talking with over 600 gym owners, we've learned that everyone's Perfect Day has a finite time component. After all it is your perfect day. There are only 24 hours it.


14 Jul 2015

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Episode 14 | Differentiation w/ Blair Morrison

Blair is a guy on the move. From our interview to his recent book, "365 WODs", Blair hustles. He loves CrossFit, the outdoors, and travel. What's most astounding about his love of being outside and moving is his gym's reflection of that passion. Anywhere Fit has found key differentiation in a VERY crowded market. Located in Sacramento, Anywhere Fit has found some very key distinguishing factors amid all the competition. In episode 6 of the podcast, we challenged you to take a look at your "About Us" compared to your closest neighbors. Let's revisit that after today's episode. What are you doing to stand out in a crowd?


17 Aug 2015

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Episode 8 | Gym owner chats w/ Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander, owner of CrossFit Illumine, shares a familiar story about a CrossFit Athlete turned business owner. Brian chats about the lessons he took from his previous business experience and applies it to the box business model. Chief amongst these principles is the idea of "CEO Hours" - something we talk about in the 321Go Project Academy.


6 Jul 2015

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Episode 7 | Value pt. 2

In part I we discussed some metrics around cost to provide our service. In this episode, we assign some income values in the same fashion.Beyond that, we explore how best communicate your value to future athletes that may not fully understand your product.


29 Jun 2015

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Ep. 15 | Carl Paoli - find your special

Coach, entrepreneur, and all-around great guy Carl Paoli joins the Sport of Business Podcast from the trunk of a rental car in beautiful Park City, Utah. Carl starts the episode catching us up on 2015 - a huge year for the free+style brand. Between a New York Times bestselling book and the launch of his new media brand, Carl embodies his Freestyle philosophy of "uncontrolled control." Finally, we wrap up with a word for the affiliate owners out there - find your special. You have something great to give to the world. Go out and do it. Find Carl at http://freestyleconnection.com


24 Aug 2015

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Episode 4 - Insurance and Risk

We chat with Vaughn Vernon from AffiliateGuard while at a seminar in Chicago. He gives us his top 3 priorities for Affiliate Owners shopping around for insurance coverage. Additionally, he provides some solid advice on how to prevent unnecessary risk for the gym owner. We reference some free templates and downloads that you can find here: http://affiliateguard.info/resources/templates/


9 Jun 2015

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Ep 122 | Josh Sturgeon from EmberTribe on an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

Registration is open for the first ever digital growth summit for Gym Owners. Go to www.GymOwnersGrowthSummit.com to see the speaker list, register, and learn more about the event. This week we're talking all about social media marketing. We answer the following:Should I begin to pay for Google Adwords? How much should I expect to pay per click? How should I target and measure the effectiveness of my digital advertising? What is the difference between a “Boosted” post and the “Ad Manager” on Facebook?How do you create an effective “Audience” on Facebook? Where should you place your Facebook and Instagram Ads? How should you follow up with your leads from paid advertising? Josh wraps up the show giving you a step-by-step guide for advertising on Facebook for the first time.


12 Sep 2017

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