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Soul Sessions ~ An exploration into the mystery and art of living. A podcast hosted by Adrienne Abeyta.Freedom is a mindset, but first, we must admit that we are not the victim of circumstances. Personal growth occurs when we surrender our defenses, confront our shadow, accept our limitations, acknowledge our strengths, and walk confidently in the direction of our goals. Buried beneath our deepest wounds lies the treasure of life. To excavate this, we must be willing to embrace our fears and turn our obstacles into opportunities. Ultimately, we must love and accept ourselves wholly and unconditionally.In Soul Sessions, we explore the journey of healing through various lenses. Join me for real stories of soul work from clients and other conscious collaborators. Topics include addiction, co-dependency, relationships, childhood, spiritual crisis, grief, redemption, surviving sexual and physical abuse, astrology, tarot, reiki, shadow work, trauma, karma, chakras, healing, meditation, yoga, etc.

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Soul Session with Conscious Collaborator Kirti

Join Kirti Srivastava and I as we discuss the soul's journey. Kirti Srivastava reflects the power of the arts and the influence and responsibility of an educator. The balance she has struck between her professional career and her deep, life-long passion for world music and dance serves as a model for those working in either field.

1hr 1min

23 Sep 2018

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