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The Leadership Momentum Podcast, hosted by Chris Brown, brings the world's top church leaders into the room to candidly share their inspirational wisdom and bold advice. Each episode digs deep into the issues related to church leadership, the personal lives of pastors, and the importance of stewardship. For more information, visit https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast

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John Maxwell on Learnings From a Lifetime of Leadership : Episode 42

John Maxwell is best known for his many best-selling leadership books, and as one of the preeminent experts, speakers, and coaches on leadership. But lesser known about Maxwell is his decades-long tenure as a pastor and ministry leader. In this episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, host Chris Brown sits down with Maxwell for a conversation on how the two worlds of leadership and ministry have come together in Maxwell’s life and work. Maxwell shares how his leadership—and his understanding of it—have evolved over the course of his life, and how he’s imparting that wisdom to younger generations today. He also shares the practices and rhythms that have helped him develop his personal giftings, and how these practices can work for leaders in any arena. Finally, Maxwell talks about how the idea of biblical stewardship has played a role in his leadership, and why stewardship is so important for every leader to understand. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


5 Nov 2017

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Bob Goff on Leading in Friendship : Episode 19

There’s the science of leadership—and then there’s the art of it. Bob Goff has mastered the latter. Bob, a speaker, humanitarian, and best-selling author of Love Does, joins host Chris Brown on this month’s podcast to talk about the less systematic side of leadership. With a self-described “strategic whimsy,” he is intentional about leading in all areas of his life by maintaining a joyful love of people, a generous heart, a humble perception of himself, and a focus on the things that really matter in life. Chris also announces the winners of our Derwin Gray book giveaway and answers listener questions. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


5 Sep 2016

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Dr. Henry Cloud on Leading in a Way That Makes Sense : Episode 8

You could say that Dr. Henry Cloud takes a cerebral approach to leadership. That’s because he understands the neuroscience—the brain research—behind why leaders do the things they do. In this conversation, he applies what he’s learned to specific leadership principles such as focusing on what really matters, pruning people and projects, and recognizing God as the true Source of all we do. His words may be challenging, but they also can help pastors and other church leaders become more effective in their ministries to others and to themselves. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


11 Oct 2015

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Christine Caine, Dave Ramsey on The Key to Passion in Leadership : Episode 14

The Holy Spirit is on fire inside of Christine Caine. It’s that intense enthusiasm for God—that passion and compassion for the things Jesus is passionate and compassionate about—that make her an effective leader. As founder of the A21 Campaign and Propel Women, Christine is raising other women up around the world and leading the fight against human trafficking. This month, she talks with Chris Brown about the pitfalls that plague every leader—baggage, hurt, shame—and how to do the internal work necessary to overcome them. Dave Ramsey also stops by to share his heart behind the upcoming Stewardship Conference. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


4 Apr 2016

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Steven Furtick on How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things : Episode 15

Steven Furtick seems to be the picture of success. He’s a best-selling author and the lead pastor of Elevation Church, which welcomes 20,000 weekly attendees across 13 physical locations. But, Steven says, everyone from senior church leaders to volunteers to the moms in the pews—and even Steven himself—deals with feeling unqualified. In this episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, Steven talks with host Chris Brown about the tension between that sense of failure and the need to embrace acceptance instead. That’s the inspiration behind his newest book, (Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things. And when leaders remind themselves that God works through our weaknesses—and help their churches to understand that too—they’ve unlocked the potential for ministry transformation. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


2 May 2016

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Jon Gordon on How to Build a Winning Team : Episode 39

Best-selling author, keynote speaker, and leadership guru Jon Gordon has traveled North America, educating thousands of corporations and collegiate and professional sports teams on how to create and lead a winning team. In this episode of The Leadership Momentum Podcast, Gordon—who recently released his book, The Power of Positive Leadership—talks with host Chris Brown about how to create and sustain a great culture for your team, the impact of positive leadership, and the key to avoiding burnout. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


18 Sep 2017

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Patrick Lencioni on Church Organizational Health : Episode 5

If there's anyone who understands good organizational leadership, it’s Patrick Lencioni. In this episode, he highlights some of the principles outlined in his best-selling book The Advantage. He discusses a few things all church leaders need to hear, like why the desire to be nice is rooted in selfishness; how vulnerability leads to trust (and cohesive teams); why accountability is tough but necessary; and where clarity is lacking in church leadership (hint: it has to do with strategy). https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


5 Jul 2015

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Dharius Daniels on Leadership Lessons From a Timothy : Episode 24

Dharius Daniels planted Kingdom Church in Ewing, New Jersey, in 2005 when he was just 26 years old and fresh out of seminary. On this month’s Leadership Momentum Podcast, Daniels—whose church now hovers around 4,000 people—talks with Chris Brown about the lessons he’s learned as a young leader. They discuss the importance of leading by example, the struggle to receive grace, handling diversity, keeping education in perspective, and leading millennials. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


7 Feb 2017

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Seth Godin on How Successful Leaders Start a Movement : Episode 16

This month, Chris Brown welcomes best-selling author, blogger and speaker Seth Godin to the podcast to talk about the inner workings of successful leaders. Godin shares big leadership ideas from one of his most popular books, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, and his latest, What to Do When It’s Your Turn (and It’s Always Your Turn). He believes that when individuals combine confidence with humility and emotion with initiative, they become successful leaders. Each of us has more power to do that than we often realize, and we have an obligation to do something worthwhile with that power. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


6 Jun 2016

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Lysa TerKeurst, Larry Brey, Perry Noble on Stewarding Your Time Well : Episode 13

On this month’s podcast, Chris Brown talks with Larry Brey, a campus pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Larry pulls from his own experience to discuss the characteristics that help a campus pastor lead well. Next, Lysa TerKeurst, the New York Times best-selling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, joins Chris to give church leaders advice about prioritization and time management. Finally, Perry Noble, senior pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina, stops by to talk about his upcoming appearance at the 2016 Stewardship Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


29 Feb 2016

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Robert Morris on Cultivating a Culture of Generosity : Episode 3

Gateway Church gets generosity! Pastored by Robert Morris in Dallas-Fort Worth area, Gateway has grown to more than 36,000 active members since it was founded in 2000. How do you create a generous culture with this many people? Chris Brown talks with Pastor Morris and unpacks Gateway's definition, philosophy and strategy behind cultivating a generous culture. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


3 May 2015

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Perry Noble on The Ups and Downs of Ministry : Episode 7

Since 2000, NewSpring Church has grown from 15 people gathered in an Anderson, South Carolina, living room to 30,000 members meeting in campuses across the state. But Perry Noble, NewSpring’s founding pastor, will be the first to tell you that the church’s history has included plenty of mountains and plateaus. In this conversation, Noble provides a candid and personal look at life and leadership at NewSpring—and why he’s so passionate about finishing strong and making Sunday the best day of the week for the people he leads. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


7 Sep 2015

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Tim Tebow and Shaunti Feldhahn on Leading With Kindness and Humility : Episode 21

Good leaders share certain qualities. And on this month’s Leadership Momentum Podcast, host Chris Brown focuses on two: kindness and humility. First, researcher and author Shaunti Feldhahn joins Chris to talk about her latest research on kindness. She shares her surprising findings and encourages leaders and their congregations to join her upcoming “30 Day Kindness Challenge” to begin transforming relationships everywhere. Next, Chris welcomes former NFL quarterback (and now professional baseball prospect) Tim Tebow to talk about how Tim has maintained humility and overcome adversity in his life and career, all while staying true to Christ. That can be difficult with such a high-profile platform, but Tim shares his advice—and his struggles—in that area. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


9 Nov 2016

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Louie Giglio on The Power of Passionate Worship : Episode 29

After 20 years of hosting Passion Conferences for young people, Pastor Louie Giglio knows a thing or two about partnering with God to create a transformative and meaningful worship experience. In this episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, Louie talks with host Chris Brown about the importance of a powerful worship experience and the influential role a senior pastor plays in that. Louie also shares his wisdom on reaching the millennial generation and talks about his latest projects, including his most recent book, Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants (Thomas Nelson, May 2017). https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


16 Apr 2017

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Max Lucado on Two Ways to Create Margin : Episode 25

Few people are as busy as Max Lucado. But the pastor, speaker and author of more than 100 books has managed to create margin in his life over the years by being intentional about how he spends his time and what he allows onto his calendar. In this mini episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, he talks with host Chris Brown about his own tips for creating margin—and the turning point that took his life from overbooked and frenzied to prioritized and peaceful. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


20 Feb 2017

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Robby Gallaty on We Can’t Expect If We Don’t Equip : Episode 46

Robby Gallaty is passionate about discipleship, because he’s the product of it. When Pastor David Platt was still a seminary student, he discipled Robby and led him down a path to radical, Christ-centered life transformation. And Robby has since transformed the lives of so many others. On this episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, host Chris Brown talks with Robby, now senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and president/founder of Replicate Ministries, about the importance of discipleship in the church—and why our definition of the term matters. Robby shares his own discipleship experience, then explains two big reasons why many churches aren’t seeing it happen—and how he’s working to change that. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


6 Jan 2018

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Pete Wilson and Jud Wilhite on Nashvegas vs. Las Vegas : Episode 10

For years, the debate has raged about whether it’s harder to minister in the Bible Belt or outside the Bible Belt. In this month’s Leadership Momentum Podcast, Chris Brown talks with leaders who represent both sides of the conversation: Pete Wilson, pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and Jud Wilhite, pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Together, they sort through the similarities and differences of each context and offer words of encouragement for pastors in every setting. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


30 Nov 2015

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Levi Lusko on The Importance of Talking About the Hard Stuff : Episode 45

Levi Lusko is senior pastor of Fresh Life Church (a multi-site church in Montana and Utah) and a speaker to church leaders and other Christians around the world. He’s also a big advocate of addressing the topics few others readily discuss—the topics that make many people in church environments uncomfortable, including sex and grief. On this episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, Levi joins host Chris Brown to talk about why he feels it’s so important for church leaders to discuss uncomfortable topics, and why he’s written two best-selling books about it: Through the Eyes of a Lion (about walking through grief alongside Jesus) and Swipe Right (about navigating the modern dating and hookup culture in a way that honors God). Levi also shares practical ways to more easily incorporate these conversations into sermons from the platform and classroom environments. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


17 Dec 2017

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Chris Brown on The Key to a Healthy Workplace : Episode 37

There are a lot of qualities that define healthy workplaces, but they can be condensed to one simple trait: letting people know they matter. In this episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, host Chris Brown discusses how leaders can create healthy workplace culture by showing people they’re sincerely valued. It seems obvious, but leaders can overlook it among day-to-day and higher-level responsibilities. Unintentionally, they can distance themselves from being able to truly care about people. Chris gives practical suggestions for how leaders can show people they matter and explains just why church culture is made better by it. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


20 Aug 2017

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Craig Groeschel on Making Decisions and Learning From Mistakes : Episode 26

As senior pastor of Life.Church, Craig Groeschel leads thousands of people across nearly 30 locations worldwide. But the success of Life.Church today didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t the result of a few huge decisions. It came about from the thousands of small, daily decisions of faithfulness and sacrifice that its leaders made over many years. From that experience, Craig has become an expert at making decisions—and knowing what to do if things don’t go quite as planned. In this episode of the Leadership Momentum Podcast, host Chris Brown talks with Craig about the art and science of decision-making. https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast


6 Mar 2017

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