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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 9: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Talk!

We discuss all our Black Friday (and “Brown Thursday”) deals, plus a look ahead to this week’s Cyber Monday Deals!


3 Dec 2013

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Breaking News Update: CVS and Supermarket Card deals = $150 Money Maker!!

Here’s the breakdown of the two deal combo: 1) Go to CVS and buy the paypal card 2) Go buy all the stuff thats free after ECBs and pay with your $50 ECBs that you just got 3) Then buy another paypal gift card, get $50 more in ECBs 4) You will then have $300 on two paypal gift cards 5) Call or use the internet to activate your card right away 6) Drive immediately to your supermarket (otherwise Paypal might charge you the monthly $4.95 fee) and buy $300 worth of Amazon gift cards in 3 separate transactions 7) You will get $60 worth of free groceries catalina coupons So that’s $160 worth of CVS merchandise and groceries for $9.90 (cost of two paypal prepaid card activation fees) Or $150 worth of free CVS merchandise and groceries! Don’t forget to call and cancel the cards right after you use them at the supermarket. Here’s the links to the original deals: http://ratemydeal.com/cvs-crazy-cvs-deal-get-50-in-extra-care-bucks-for-4-95-and-loading-150-to-a-prepaid-mastercard/ and http://ratemydeal.com/20-catalina-at-acme-shaws-and-albertsons-after-buy-100-worth-of-gift-cards/


27 Nov 2013

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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 8: Free Groceries, $45 Money Maker at CVS, LONG list of Black Friday Deals and Freebies at the Drug Stores!

Kind of a crazy week this week, here’s the two card deals mentioned in the podcast: http://ratemydeal.com/cvs-crazy-cvs-deal-get-50-in-extra-care-bucks-for-4-95-and-loading-150-to-a-prepaid-mastercard/ and http://ratemydeal.com/20-catalina-at-acme-shaws-and-albertsons-after-buy-100-worth-of-gift-cards/


24 Nov 2013

Rank #3

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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 7: Brown Thursday, Trampolines, Freebies at Walgreens, Double Dipping on Saturdays, Vitamelt Money Maker At CVS

We discuss all the deals we got from the past week as well as a bunch of new deals coming up this week!


17 Nov 2013

Rank #4

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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 6: Free Chocolate, Cheap Candy, Tons of Holiday Deals

Lots of meal deals this week for members of the military!


10 Nov 2013

Rank #5

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Breaking News Update: Office Supply Store Merger Mania, More Cheap Chocolate, Halloween Clearance, Cheap Nuts!

Cheap Nuts: http://ratemydeal.com/1-50-off-planters-nuts-fall-or-winter-canisters-coupon/ Cheap Chocolate: http://ratemydeal.com/new-21-ghirardelli-squares-bag-coupon/ More on the Office Supply Merger: http://ratemydeal.com/office-depot-and-office-max-merger/


5 Nov 2013

Rank #6

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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 5: Free Chocolate Bars, Free Toothpaste, Kroger eCoupon update, Cheap Photo Prints

Get your free chocolate $2 off coupon if you haven’t already done so Here’s the Shutterfly Deal: http://ratemydeal.com/shutterfly-101-free-prints-3-days-only-just-pay-4-99-shipping/


4 Nov 2013

Rank #7

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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 4: NEW Coupons.com Database Power Search! New Target Price Matching Policy, Free SafSlim from GNC, Free tablets for IBS, Got Paid For Snickers, 7-11 App Freebie!

Here’s a direct link to the Brand New Power Search for Coupons.com that we developed that makes couponing faster and easier: http://ratemydeal.com/coupons-com-power-search/ Here’s a link to the new Target Price Matching Policy: http://ratemydeal.com/targets-new-price-matching-policy/ Call us and leave feedback at 865 264 DEAL (865 264 3325) or contact us here: http://ratemydeal.com/contact/


27 Oct 2013

Rank #8

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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 3: Money Maker Snickers, Lots of Ibotta Money Makers, Vitamin Money Makers

Basically a money maker episode… Snickers, Ibotta offers, and Vitamin money makers. Use your entertainment book coupons before they expire. Get the Ibotta App here: http://ibotta.com/r/FW9NA


20 Oct 2013

Rank #9

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RateMyDeal.com Podcast – Episode 2: Cheap Gas (for a limited time), Receipt Hog, and a bunch of upcoming deals for this week!

Here’s a link to the Plink and 7-11 Gas deal: http://ratemydeal.com/save-25-cents-a-gallon-on-gas/ - Receipt Hog is the name of the app mentioned in the show


13 Oct 2013

Rank #10