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On her weekly TV and radio program, author and journalist Laura Flanders interviews forward-thinking people from the world of politics, business, culture and social movements. The Laura Flanders Show produces 28 minute episodes on a weekly schedule. Recent guests include author/activist Naomi Klein, agrarian reformer Shirley Sherrod, novelist Arundhati Roy, economist Michael Hudson and ’Next System” theorist Gar Alperovitz.

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Cooperative Economics for a POC-Led Future: Aaron Tanaka

Laura speaks with Aaron Tanaka, founder and director of the Center for Economic Democracy (CED) about his longtime advocacy and visionary work for the next system of solidarity economics. To change the circumstances of injustice, we have to build our communities’ governance power to take control of their economic resources -- so says Tanaka. Tanaka and the CED are one of the many organizations behind Boston’s Ujima program, which is funneling the discourse of democratic economics into the practice we need and helping communities of color direct their resources into the ideas they believe in, through a cooperative model of community budgeting. Music featured comes by way of Tenderflex ft. Dynasty Electric, Ayler Young, Jay Rodriguez  and by George Martinez & The Global Block Collective released on Occupy This Album.


17 Aug 2017

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