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What does it mean to live a creative life? CreativeMornings, a breakfast lecture series for the global creative community, brings some of our most remarkable and inspiring archived talks—from hometown heroes to design legends to community leaders—straight to your headphones. One Friday every month, more than 140 cities get together to have coffee and listen to a short talk. Every event is free of charge and open to anyone. Started in 2008 by Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swissmiss) we're now a global community over 150,000 strong. This is our podcast. Follow us on Twitter @creativemorning to stay updated on all things #podcastCM!

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#30 Simon Sinek

“If you want to have a happy, successful, fulfilling, confident life, you have to commit yourself to take care of the people around you.”Simon Sinek returned to the CreativeMornings stage to speak on the global theme of Transparency at the CreativeMornings/San Diego stage in October 2016. In his talk, Simon shares refreshing insights on millennials, technology, and the importance of empathy in good leadership. We flourish when we're seen, when our work matters, and when we connect with and understand one another. Are you willing to do the hard work of building meaningful relationships?Made possible by our friends at Wix and MailChimp.


10 Mar 2017

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#19 Dallas Clayton

“The first step is being able to admit that you have a dream.” In this CreativeMornings/Chicago talk from May 2014, Dallas Clayton, a children’s book author and illustrator, public speaker, mural painter, and adventure seeker, shares some of his “kid lessons” based on a few life lessons he’s learned along the way. Whether it's figuring out what you dream about, putting yourself in situations where you have new experiences, or taking common experiences and making them a little bit more extraordinary, Dallas encourages us to consider our surroundings and remember that with every step we take, there's an opportunity for exploration. Learn more at www.creativemornings.comThis episode was made possible by our friends at MailChimp and InVision.

1hr 9mins

10 Jun 2016

Rank #2

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#11 Tiffany Pratt

“I don’t care what your art is. We are all artists."Tiffany Pratt, a designer and stylist, feels the world is a blank canvas and she sprinkles possibilities everywhere she goes, into everything she does, and elevates the world to a more beautiful place. From teaching art to children and adults alike, to creating the Glitter Pie Art Studio in a Box, to styling homes or photoshoots, Tiffany believes that we are not one thing. She believes that we can be all the things and all the colors. In this talk from CreativeMornings/Toronto on Color from September 2014, Tiffany inspires us to go out and take control of our lives, see the beauty in seemingly un-beautiful things, and figure out what you are synonymous with. Be grateful. Buy the streamers. Happen to your life.Learn more at www.creativemornings.com


11 Dec 2015

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#17 Mike Monteiro

"Starting work without a contract is like putting on a condom after taking a home pregnancy test." Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design, the company he co-founded 17 years ago. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft and business of design and extensively covers the topic of client services in his work. In this CreativeMornings/San Francisco talk from March 2011, Mike shares his no-nonsense and very practical advice on how to navigate through the tumultuous waterfalls and slippery slopes that are contracts and legal checkpoints. Along with his lawyer, Gabe Levine, he boldly inspires us to overcome our discomfort with money so that we can be specific and confident. And ultimately, become our own advocates so that we can get paid for the work that we do.Learn more at www.creativemornings.com


27 May 2016

Rank #4

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#12 John Forté

"That's the beauty of community: we can spread love."John Forté, a classically trained violinist and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer from Brooklyn, shares his journey from humble beginnings in Brownsville to fame with the Fugees to serving time in a federal penitentiary. In his talk-meets-concert on humility from CreativeMornings/NewYork in April 2015, John challenges us to investigate how humility gives us room to be better creators — and how our self-perception can get in the way. But he reminds us we’re not alone in this struggle; we have a community behind us, paving the way with love.This is the last episode of our inaugural season. We’ll be back in Spring 2016 with more inspiring, thought-provoking talks. To tide you over, check out our video archive at www.creativemornings.com.


18 Dec 2015

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#14 Cindy Gallop

“I am doing something about what everybody knows and nobody ever speaks about."Cindy Gallop, an advertising expert and business consultant who characterizes her approach as 'I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business,’ is passionate about changing the way the world talks about sex. She founded MakeLoveNotPorn to do just that. It is a user-generated video sharing platform that aims to make real world sex, and make the conversation about it socially acceptable and socially sociable. In her April 2014 talk from CreativeMornings/NewYork, she challenges us to simply talk about sex, openly and honestly, publicly and privately, without fear. Provocative and moving, Cindy’s talk will inspire you to challenge the status quo in more than just sex — but also in relationships, in business, and in life.Learn more at www.creativemornings.com[Keep in mind: while not explicit, this episode includes some sexual content.]


6 May 2016

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# 18 Katie Ford

“It is only when you can name your prison that you can do the terrifying, but life affirming and necessary work of setting yourself free.” Katie Ford went to prison thinking it was her job to inspire the women there. A writer by trade, she volunteered to teach a writing workshop to incarcerated women, downloading classroom rubrics from the Internet and hoping to apply herself to something a little bit more meaningful. What she got was so much more.In helping incarcerated women write the stories of what they believe led them to prison, Katie began to identify her own “prison” — the first critical step in her personal liberation. In this CreativeMornings/Austin talk on Freedom from May 2014, Katie explores the confines of prison: for the women she mentors and for herself. Learn more at www.creativemornings.comThis episode was made possible by our friends at MailChimp and Hover. And just for CreativeMornings listeners, Hover (https://www.hover.com/) is offering 10% off your first purchase with the code creative.


3 Jun 2016

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#28 Justin Kingsley

“The greatest form of humility is to take your talent and put it in the service of other people.”Creative strategist Justin Kingsley delivered a captivating talk on the power of remaining true to one’s values and dreams. He spoke on the global theme of Humility at CreativeMornings/Montréal in April 2015. By reframing humility, Justin encourages us to dream big, aim high, and to use our talents to serve the world with excellence.This episode was made possible by our friends at SiteGround and MailChimp.

1hr 1min

24 Feb 2017

Rank #8

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#29 Jecorey "1200" Arthur

“Do anything that you can possibly do in life to figure out the best way for you to become exactly what you want to be.”Speaking on the global theme of Action, Jecorey “1200” Arthur took the stage at CreativeMornings/Louisville in August 2015. Jecorey shared his personal journey of creative discovery and how he built confidence through blending his four passions — education, composition, performance, and curation. Do you have more than one passion that makes you tick? This episode was made possible by Camp Tech and MailChimp.


2 Mar 2017

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#15 Rochelle King

“Embracing and provoking conflict is one of the best things you can do for the creative process."Rochelle King is VP of Data, Insights and Design at Spotify where she manages the teams that are responsible for analytics, user research and designing the product experience. Data and design are often seen as opposing forces, but she’s found that by experiencing conflict at their intersection she has pushed her creative process forward. In this talk from CreativeMornings/Stockholm in November 2015, Rochelle shares how she’s come to embrace conflict. She believes it is healthy to engage in and that it facilitates richer conversations with your peers, and sometimes yourself. Full of practical advice and inspiration, Rochelle’s talk encourages us to shift our mindset about conflict and experience the change it will most certainly bring.Learn more at www.creativemornings.com


13 May 2016

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#31 Milisuthando Bongela

“There's a larger system that you must learn to address rather than just people and that, I think, is a level of maturity that is very important to reach in learning how to live in the world.”Award-winning writer and blogger, Milisuthando Bongela gracefully took the stage at CreativeMornings/Johannesburg to tackle the global theme of Love. Miss Milli B shares her personal journey of growing through self-love and how it brought it brought her to a place where she learned to love others. She brings us into an intimate conversation on learning how to live in the world.This episode was made possible by our Monotype and Dropmark.


17 Mar 2017

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#32 Reeta Kroner

“There is hope. After everything, you are able to survive. Listen to people, ask for help, receive the help. That would be the message… to receive the help. Take it when it’s being offered.” Reeta Kroner took the stage at CreativeMornings/Helsinki in June 2016 to speak on the global theme of Broken. Reeta shares how alcoholism sent her life into a spiral and why she had to break the person she had become. Being honest and facing our pain is the only way to start building a new life. Is there anything broken in your life? Reeta encourages us to ask and receive help to fix it. Made possible by Inward Bound Mindfulness Education and MailChimp.


24 Mar 2017

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#23 Moby

“I think it’s everyone’s birth right. Allowing yourself to find the things that you love and dedicating your life to doing them.” In this talk from CreativeMornings/Los Angeles in May 2014, the renowned musician, DJ, author, photographer and activist, Moby, shares with us his thoughts on the theme of creative freedom. From an early childhood that encouraged creativity to finding his true calling and achieving worldwide success, Moby has learned quite a bit about how pursuing your passion can lead to happiness and fulfillment. The flipside of that is having pressure to continuously succeed. For Moby, it took moving from New York to Los Angeles to continue to find inspiration, have room to experiment, and ultimately permission to fail.This episode was made possible by our friends at MailChimp and Hover. And just for CreativeMornings listeners, Hover is offering 10% off your first purchase with the code creative.


8 Jul 2016

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#9 Benjamin Southworth

"We need to empower ourselves to be the change."Benjamin Southworth feels that the education system failed him, and his own poor academic record was a source of humiliation and embarrassment. A passionate advocate for structural change and governmental engagement with the digital past, present and future, he sought to change that education exchange. So, he founded a start-up that empowers teenagers aged 16-18 to learn coding, design, public speaking, and other fundamental skills to support them in finding meaningful work, faster. In this talk from CreativeMornings/London in February 2014, Ben speaks on the role of technology as a changemaker and how we should be using it more make change in our world. Oh, and in Ben’s words: do stuff; smile; be kind.Learn more at www.creativemornings.com


27 Nov 2015

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#24 David Kelley

"Creative people are being asked to work on really important problems, problems that matter in the world, and the good news is we’re coming up with new-to-the-world solutions, and so it’s a really good time to be a designer.” Speaking on the global theme of Freedom, David Kelley took the stage at CreativeMornings/New York in May 2014 to speak on the design revolution. Designers now have the respect and freedom to make a difference. Championing for design to be more inclusive in its meaning, David looks to give everyone confidence in their ability to be creative. Now that everyone has the power of creativity, what will you do with it?This episode was made possible by our friends at MailChimp and Dropmark.


15 Jul 2016

Rank #15