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Allyn DiVito's Portfolio

Allyn DiVito is a former professional news photographer and multimedia technology editor currently serving the University of South Florida's eTeaching & Technology Group as an instructional/multimedia developer. Before joining USF, his presence in a newsroom spanned 25 years and included leading a staff of 30 journalists.


4 Apr 2011

Rank #1

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Where to Find News

Social media skills and technical expertise are just parts of the equation for creating content. Knowing what is news and what is worthy of users' time and digital space is the subject of Audrina Bigos' podcast, "Where to Find News."


21 Mar 2011

Rank #2

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This podcast considers the merits and disadvantages of raw and jpeg photographic file formats.


17 Dec 2010

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Ethics and Photojournalism

Explore the decision making process that goes into the taking, editing and publishing of story telling photographs in today's media-rich environment.


17 Dec 2010

Rank #4

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Documentary Photography and Videography

USF student Farah Britto talks about documentary video and photography and her recent documentary project. Her blog: http://farahbritto.wordpress.com/ Her website: http://fbritto.myweb.usf.edu/


14 Dec 2010

Rank #5