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Lyme Light Radio is on hiatus - stayed tuned for updates. Be sure to take advantage of the many archives to listen to! Lyme Light Radio is the first talk show of its kind, devoted to Lyme disease and associated conditions. Innovative, inspirational and informative, we will promote dialogue on America's fastest spreading infectious illness; Lyme disease. Our mission is to amend the confusion, disparity and lack of information on this insidious bacteria, the associated co-infections and the auto-immune style conditions a misdiagnosed or mismanaged case can create, as well as address prevention, diagnostics and acute care. Interviews with cutting edge scientists, authors, health care practitioners, advocates, laboratories, and spokespeople will help bring awareness and education to a population that is waking up to the fact that, like HIV in the 1980's, Lyme disease is destroying lives rapidly and immediate help is needed. Listeners can call in with questions and comments, as we are live and stream on the web globally.Having overcome bedridden status from advanced neurological Lyme disease, your host, Katina Makris, lends compassion and insight into the emotional and spiritual components of Lyme disease, as well as the physical suffering. Steeped in decades of Holistic Medical expertise, Katina brings a message of hope and healing to listeners, the power of our inner healing reservoirs cannot be dismissed. Tune in on Wednesdays and be part of the creative and intellectual forces of change. We aim to create a healthier future for all

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Season Finale with Susan Dunleavy

Lyme Light Radio is going on hiatus for a few months, but before then Katina welcomes nurse and Lyme patient advocate Susan Dunleavy, from the Lyme-ravaged Block Island.

26 Aug 2015

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Lyme Disease Prevention & What You Need to Know to ‘Beat the Bugs! with Dan Wolff

Dan Wolff will talk about ticks, their behavior and life cycles and how they relate to the environment. He will also discuss the importance of tick checks, proper removal and how to best defend yourself, your family and your pets from ticks.

19 Aug 2015

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Conversation with Katina Makris

Katina and I will discuss her new book, her teachings on healing, and work in Homeopathy.

12 Aug 2015

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Theresa Denham

Oregon Lyme support leader Theresa Denham joins us to talk about Katina's upcoming book tour and talks in Oregon.

5 Aug 2015

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Encore: Naturopath Dr. Bradley Bush

Katina welcomes Naturopath Dr. Bradley Bush, an expert on neuroimmunology, brain-gut connections, neuroendocrinology and Lyme disease, and Michele Miller, founder of the Central Mass Lyme Foundation.

29 Jul 2015

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Bethany White Wing of Tick Tock

Katina welcomes Bethany Wing, founder of the Tick Tock nonprofit.

8 Jul 2015

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Food and genes: How genetic testing can fine-tune a healthy diet and guide nutritional supplement selection

Nutritional needs are influenced by a person’s genetic makeup. A recent technological innovation enables medical practitioners to make precise dietary guidance and supplement recommendations. This interview with Dr. Kelly Heim will provide listeners with information on how to test, benefits of testing, what to expect, and examples of how nutritional supplements can address common genetic variations to support heart health, mood, memory and detoxification.**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1 Jul 2015

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and Guest Dr. Richard Horowitz

17 Jun 2015

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Empowering and Reclaiming Optimal Health with Dr. Edie Resto

Katina will be joined by Dr. Edie Resto to announce Katina's new partnership with the gifted healers of Amara of Ojai Healing Center! Together, they will provide three deeply restorative healing retreat settings in the next two years: the first in France this summer (July-August), then Ojai, California (February 2016) and Helena Montana (June 2016). Visit www.amaraojai.com to learn more.

10 Jun 2015

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David Roth of the TBDA

Katina is honored to welcome David Roth, co-founder of the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance, to Lyme Light Radio.

27 May 2015

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