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We live in a generation of suppressing and not expressing. On each episode of We Met At Acme, host Lindsey Metselaar touches on subjects that we don’t talk about, but all want to know about. We Met At Acme delves into sex, relationships, and vulnerability, with some hilarious anecdotes along the way.

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Taking Someone Back After They Cheat Ft. Paige DeSorbo from Summer House

In this episode with Paige from Summer House, we talk about turning friendship into a relationship, dating an older guy, taking someone back who cheated on you, men who care about religion, the effects of reality TV, and so much more!


26 May 2019

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Adderall Addiction, Sexual Confidence, and Scams ft. Caroline Calloway

In this episode with Caroline Calloway, we talk about how she ended up at Cambridge, her quintuple Sagittarius, being labeled as a scammer, how we define influencers, adderall addiction, sexual confidence, learning how to handle Instagram fame, and more. Find Caroline on Instagram at @carolinecalloway Visit Zola.com/ACME today to start your free wedding website and also get $50 off your wedding registry!

1hr 22mins

3 Feb 2019

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Dating and Attraction Coach Connell Barrett

In this episode, Connell and I discuss the no game game, being vulnerable, how men overthink dating, getting out of the friendzone, the difference between pick up artists and sincere guys, roadblocks for men when dating, attracting vs connecting, male insecurities, and so much more!


17 Mar 2019

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Ghosting, Healing From Break Ups, and Attachment Styles (The Book "Attached") ft. Amy Chan

Episode 45 featuresAmy Chan, founder of Renew Breakup Boot Camp. In this episode, we discuss the renew program, ghosting, break-ups and their different stages,anxious/avoidant attachment styles, and more!


5 Aug 2018

Rank #4

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On/Off Relationships, Bullying, Nosejobs, And How Much To Share On Social Media with Michaela Podolsky

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Michaela Podo and we talk about everything from her on and off relationship with her now husband, her 2 nosejobs, bullying when she was younger, getting your family on board when you get back together, rumors about her sisters, and more. This episode starts with a solo part where I discuss the longest I’ve gone without sex, the different personality traits of female signs, and places to meet IRL. https://www.ritual.com/acme for 10% off your first 3 months! Produced by Dear Media


10 Nov 2019

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Texting Etiquette and When To Have Sex ft. Britni

We Met At Acme Episode 4 features Britni, a close friend of mine from BU. On this episode we discuss when to have sex, texting etiquette, condoms, and more.


2 Nov 2017

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Lindsey's Solo Episode!

In this episode, I talk to you guys about friends with benefits, sex drive, what I've learned about myself through dating, relationship tips, getting through arguments, my relationship with myself, being single in late 20s early 30s, and so much more!


21 Jul 2019

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Making The First Move, Different Types Of Orgasms, The Gooch, and Proper Anal ft. Sexologist Shan Boodram

We Met At Acme Episode 58 features Shan Boody, the Martha Stewart of Intimacy. In this episode, we discuss making the first move, the steps of intimacy, consent and intent, knowing what works for you in the bedroom, different types of orgasms, doing anal the right way, the gooch, the benefits of coconut oil, and so much more!   This episode is sponsored by Quip and WooMorePlay. Go to www.getquip.com/acme


11 Nov 2018

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My Break Up, What Men Need To Fall In Love, And Why You Should Tell People You Like Them ft. Jonathon Aslay

In this episode, I sit down with author and dating coach Jonathon Aslay. We discuss everything from why you can never assume anything in dating, leading with love, why it’s okay to tell people you if you like them, guys in their 20s vs guys in their 40s, and more! This episode starts with a solo where I discuss my break up and what to say and not say to someone who is going through one. http://www.jonathonaslay.com/love for free chapter's of Jonathon's book! FunctionofBeauty.com/ACME for 20% off your first order Produced by Dear Media


26 Jan 2020

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Relationship Expectations, Dating Anxiety, Healing, and Intuitive Dating ft. Nikki Novo

In this episode, Nikki and I discuss putting expectations on a relationship, betas, healing, feeling the presence of people who have passed on, psychedelics, dating anxiety, Nikki’s 3 stage program, creating space within yourself, clarity on what you want, presenting your best self to the world, and much more.    This episode is sponsored by Zola and Fabletics.  Check out Zola.com/Acme to start  your  free  wedding  website  and  also  get  $50  off  your  registry and get 2 leggings for $24 when you go to Fabletics.com/Acme now!


9 Dec 2018

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Finding Love Again And Staying Healthy On Dates with Tanya Zuckerbrot

On this week’s episode, I chat with Tanya Zuckerbrot about dating in your 20s, attitudes towards dating (the power of the pass), needing someone to complete you vs. finding your best friend, how much you should compromise in a relationship, finding a winner, and so much more. The episode starts off with a solo where I discuss partners who aren’t into social media, the 3 types of girls you find, and how to know if you should stay or go. Click Here for $60 off your first order with Sakara!!! Produced by Dear Media


13 Oct 2019

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Different Types Of Listening, Is Flirting Cheating?, and Posting A Partner On Social Media ft. Jack Mulqueen

We Met At Acme Episode 30 features my friend and nightlife king Jack Mulqueen. Jack just opened an awesome new club called Make Believe, so check it out! In this episode, we discuss dating in nightlie, if flirting is cheating, introducing a partner on social media, different types of listening, and more!

1hr 8mins

22 Apr 2018

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Guys Who Are Flashy, Talking To Friends About Your Sex Life, Toxic Relationships, and Counting Calories ft. Elizabeth and Dale from Sweats And The City

We Met At Acme Episode 36 features Elizabeth and Dale from @sweatsandthecity, an Instagram dedicated to all things health and fitness. In this episode, we discuss guys who are flashy with money, telling friends if they've gained weight, how much to tell your friends about sex with your long term partner, the difference between a healthy relationship and a toxic one, guys who count calories and more! This episode is sponsored by Physique 57. Physique offers fun online barre classes and workouts on demand. Use code ACME at the end of check out for 1 month free of online classes or $25 off an in-person class NOW!


3 Jun 2018

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Zodiac Sign Compatibility, Birth Charts, Nature Vs. Nurture, and The Importance Of The Moon ft. Nadine Jane

In this episode, Nadine and I discuss the purpose of astrological readings, the importance of the moon, sign compatibility , the meaning of Venus in retrograde, the birth chart, the houses, nature vs nurture, birth order, and so much more!

1hr 4mins

28 Oct 2018

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Growing Up In NYC vs. Moving Here, Keeping Nudes, And What To Say On A Dating App ft. Serena Kerrigan

We Met At Acme Episode 52 features Serena Fucking Kerrigan from Refinery 29. We discuss what it’s like growing up in the city vs moving here after school, ambivalence toward dating apps, how to handle dating app matches, age difference in relationships, when to have sex with someone, keeping nudes from past relationships and Serena flips the switch and asks Lindsey some questions.


30 Sep 2018

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Dating Younger, Threesomes and Squirting ft. Julia Moshy

We Met At Acme Episode 7 features Julia, a student in NYC. We discuss dating younger, hooking up with celebrities, threesomes, and more.


19 Nov 2017

Rank #16

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Mental Health, The Correct Way To Slide Into Someone’s DMs, And Why You Should Wait To Have Sex with Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor and we discuss everything from mental health, not drinking, her recent engagement, if once a cheater is always a cheater, and more. This episode starts with a solo part where I talk about how much to disclose about past relationships, slow fade vs ghosting, and analyze guys from each zodiac sign. https://www.Mejuri.com/acme for Free Shipping with $100 purchase https://www.Sakara.com/acme for $60 off your first order Produced by Dear Media


3 Nov 2019

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Why Breaks Are A Red Flag, What Rebounding Entails, And Comparing New People To Exes ft. Elizabeth Endres

In this episode I sit down with Elizabeth Endres from Sweats And The City. We discuss her break up, whether or not a heads up is necessary if you’re going to publicly talk about an ex, why breaks are possibly a red flag, guys who have fomo, rebounds, parents getting too involved in our dating lives (MY MOM REQUESTING SOMEONE I WENT ON A DATE WITH ON FACEBOOK), and more! This episode starts with a solo where I discuss soulmates vs. twin flames, my strip club experience, and how often you should see someone you are newly dating. But Like Maybe Don't available everywhere Sakara.com/ACME for 20% off your first order Produced by Dear Media


23 Feb 2020

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Kissing And Telling, Connecting vs. Just Being Attracted, and Nick's Favorite Bachelor Date ft. Nick Viall

In this episode, Nick and I discuss his best bachelor date, connecting with someone vs just being attracted to them, kissing and telling, dating apps, how to weed out the fame-chasers vs genuinely interested women, sex on the first date, gender roles in dating, and of course, astrology.   This episode is sponsored by Fabletics and Zola. Go to fabletics.com/acme now! Check out zola.com/acme too for 20% off!


18 Nov 2018

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Mark Manson, author of "F*** Yes Or No"

In this episode of We Met At Acme, I sit down with one of my favorite writers Mark Manson. Mark has a new book coming out called "Everything Is Fucked." We discuss when Mark was a dating coach, what inspired him to write Fuck Yes Or No, how long you can fake having game, defining the relationship the right way, how he got his wife, and so much more!


5 May 2019

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