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A security podcast geared towards those looking to better understand security topics of the day. Hosted by Kurt Seifried and Josh Bressers covering a wide range of topics including IoT, application security, operational security, cloud, devops, and security news of the day. There is a special open source twist to the discussion often giving a unique perspective on any given topic.

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Episode 35 - Crazy Cosmic Accident

Josh and Kurt discuss SHA-1 and cloudbleed. Bug bounties come up, and we compare security to the Higgs boson. We also discuss IPv6 at the end.


28 Feb 2017

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Episode 69 - Actionable security advice

Josh and Kurt talk about Amazon Key and actionable advice.


7 Nov 2017

Rank #2

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Episode 128 - Australia's encryption backdoor bill

Josh and Kurt talk about Australia's recently passed encryption bill. What is the law that was passed, what does it mean, and what are the possible outcomes? The show notes contain a flow chart of possible outcomes.


7 Jan 2019

Rank #3

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Episode 30 - I'm Not An Expert But I've Been Yelled At By Experts

Josh and Kurt discuss security automation. Machine learning, AI, and a bunch of moral and philosophical boundaries that new future will bring. You've been warned.


25 Jan 2017

Rank #4

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Episode 91 - Security lessons from a 7 year old

Josh and Kurt talk to a 7 year old about security. We cover Minecraft security, passwords, hacking, and many many other nuggets of wisdom.


8 Apr 2018

Rank #5

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Episode 4 - Dead Squirrel In A Box

Josh and Kurt discuss news of the day, shipping, and container security


21 Sep 2016

Rank #6

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Episode - 3 The Lockpicking Sewing Circle

Josh and Kurt discuss news of the day, banks, 3D printing, and lockpicking.


13 Sep 2016

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2018 Christmas Special - Is Santa GDPR compliant?

Josh and Kurt talk about which articles of the GDPR apply to Santa, and if he's following the rules the way he should be (spoiler, he's probably not). Should Santa be on his own naughty list? We also create a new holiday character - George the DPO Elf!


24 Dec 2018

Rank #8

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Episode 68 - Ruining the Internet

Josh and Kurt talk about Facebook listening to your microphone, Google Chrome certificate pinning, CAs, 152 ways to stay safe, and Kubernetes.


1 Nov 2017

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Episode 29 - The Security Of Rogue One

Josh and Kurt discuss the security of the movie Rogue One! Spoiler: Security in the Star Wars universe is worse than security in our universe.

1hr 2mins

22 Jan 2017

Rank #10

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Episode 113 - Actual real security advice

Josh and Kurt talk about actual real world advice. Based on a story about trying to secure political campaigns, if we had to give some security help what should it look like, who should we give it to?


10 Sep 2018

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Episode 120 - Bloomberg and hardware backdoors - it's already happening

Josh and Kurt talk about Bloomberg's story about backdoors and motherboards. The story is probably false, but this is almost certainly happening already with hardware. What does it mean if your hardware is already backdoored by one or more countries?


29 Oct 2018

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Episode 184 - It’s DNS. It's always DNS

Josh and Kurt talk about the sale of the corp.com domain. Is it going to be the end of the world, or a non event? We disagree on what should happen with it. Josh hopes an evildoer buys it, Kurt hopes for Microsoft. We also briefly discuss the CIA owning Crypto AG. Show Notes corp.com is for sale CIA owned Crypto AG


24 Feb 2020

Rank #13

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Episode 88 - Chat with Chris Rosen from IBM about Container Security

Josh and Kurt talk about container security with IBM's Chris Rosen.


18 Mar 2018

Rank #14

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Episode 28 - RSA Conference 2017

Josh and Kurt discuss their involvement in the upcoming 2017 RSA conference: Open Source, CVEs, and Open Source CVE. Of course IoT and encryption manage to come up as topics.


19 Jan 2017

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Episode 42 - Hitchhiker's Guide To Security

Josh and Kurt discuss the security themes and events in the context of the HHGG movie.

1hr 7mins

13 Apr 2017

Rank #16

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Episode 111 - The TLS 1.3 and DNS episode

Josh and Kurt talk about TLS 1.3 and DNS. What can we expect from the future for these, how are they related (or not related). We touch on DNSSEC and why it probably won't matter. DNS over TLS is looking pretty great though. There is also a guest appearance from quantum crypto.


27 Aug 2018

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Episode 129 - The EU bug bounty program

Josh and Kurt talk about the EU bug bounty program. There have been a fair number of people complaining it's solving the wrong problem, but it's the only way the EU has to spend money on open source today. If that doesn't change this program will fail.


14 Jan 2019

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Episode 70 - The security of Intel ME

Josh and Kurt talk about Intel ME, Equifax salary history, and IoT.


14 Nov 2017

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Episode 167 - Security is terrible because digital literacy is terrible

Josh and Kurt talk about the horrid state of digital literacy in the US. We start out talking about broken Phillips Hue light bulbs, then discuss research from Pew on the digital literacy of Americans. We may have accidentally discovered a use for all the cookie warnings every web site has. Show Notes Pew Research on American's Digitcal Literacy


28 Oct 2019

Rank #20