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Jeff Utecht leads discussions with educators from around the globe on how educators and administrators are shifting their schools to meet the needs of today's learners.

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Episode 82: JB and the 3Rs of Teaching

This week I have a great conversation with JB Blair a Middle School English teacher who talks about his philosophy and creating learning experiences that adhere to the 3Rs. Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. You're going to love hearing some of the ways he uses technology to bring relevance to his classroom. Links: JB's Blog Blog Post on Mission Statement Vlog on persuasive texting assignment Enumclaw Case Study


15 May 2019

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Episode 95: How Do I Know If Students Are Engaged In The Learning Process?

Thanks to Katy McKee a technology coach in the Royal School District for sending this article to me that has me thinking and reflecting on the idea of engagement. Worth a read: Link: What is engagement in a learning experience? https://www.goguardian.com/research-and-insights/state-of-engagement-2019/


27 Sep 2019

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Episode 109: Building Relationships with Students through Technology with Middle School Teacher Kaci Presnell

A conversation with Middle School Teacher Kaci Presnell about her relationship with students, cell phones in the classrooms and Project-Based Learning in her classroom. Links:  Kaci's Instagram: @blendedcoffeeandclass Kaci's Twitter: @kacisunshine_ Chris's Twitter: @TechTeachTravel


29 Jan 2020

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Episode 115: Virtual School Tips And Recommendations

This week I share tips and recommendations for going virtual school as my state, Washington, along with many of my international friends find themselves gearing up for are already in virtual school situations. You can find the full transcript of this episode on my blog at: http://www.thethinkingstick.com/virtual-school-tips-and-recommendations/


11 Mar 2020

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Episode 105: Bring On 2020!

Chris Butler and I reflect on the 2019 and set the stage for 2020 as we record the last episode for 2019. We'll be back every Wednesday starting January 8th, 2020.  Links:  Ordinary to you Amazing to others (video)


18 Dec 2019

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Episode 81: A Conversation with Gunner Argo

This week I get to kick off my exit conversations with Enumclaw Educators with a conversation with Gunner Argo. Gunner is a High School English Teacher at Enumclaw HS how has been involved in a year-long blended-learning PD experience with me. You're going to enjoy hearing from this thoughtful teacher about his classroom, his approach, and what he learned from his big project this year. Links: Gunner's Blog Enumclaw Case Study


8 May 2019

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Episode 102: Classroom Management In The Digital Age With Heather Dowd And Patrick Green

Our last conversation of November with the authors of Classroom Management in the Digital Age our free give away this month. Remember you can enter to win a free copy of the book by leaving a Flipgrid response to this week's question. Links: Book Twitter: #CMDigitalAge Patrick Green Heather Dowd


27 Nov 2019

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Episode 90: Teach like Coach or Coach like a Teacher an interview with HS Social Studies Teacher Steve Murphy

A fantastic way to end our conversation with Enumclaw Educators taking to Steve Murphy a High School Social Studies Teacher who's real passion right now is connecting his students to the world outside his classroom. Steve is always looking for new connections around the world to bring into his classroom. Feel free to hit him up on Twitter if you would like to connect with this great teacher and his class of global citizens. Links: Steve's Twitter: https://twitter.com/murphyhusky1 Steve's Blog: https://murphyhusky1.wordpress.com/


18 Jul 2019

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Episode 78: Avenues: The World School

This week it was a great honor to sit down with Andy Torris a mentor and friend through the years who was always willing to allow me to take risks as a teacher and try things out and was right there with me supporting me as a leader. Links: Avenues: https://www.avenues.org/ Andy's Twitter: https://twitter.com/atorris Andy's LInkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewtorris/ Andy's Blog: http://www.sentimentsoncommonsense.com/


17 Apr 2019

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Episode 91: Becoming Relevant Again: Applying Connectivism Learning Theory to Today's Classroom.

To kick off August and a month of 1:1 Summer of Fun we start with my reading of the peer-reviewed article I wrote along with Doreen Keller that was published in May 2019. We start with the Connectivism Learning Theory, a theory that talks about the connected ways in which we learn. It's the foundation for my own thinking in changing classrooms and schools. Links: Critical Questions in Education - Volume 10, Issue 2, Special Issue on the Digital Academics


14 Aug 2019

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Episode 73: The Future Belongs To YouTube and Spreadsheets

Such a great time chatting with Patrick Green. I get the privilege to chat with him often. Today I hit the record button so you could hear our chat and thinking outload. A great conversation about Hacking School, YouTube, and Spreadsheets. Links: Patrick Green: @pgreensoup https://twitter.com/pgreensoup Website: http://www.pgreensoup.com/ Youtube: http://bit.ly/2SSz5Xp Book: https://amzn.to/2SStIrh EdPuzzle: http://www.edpuzzle.com


7 Nov 2018

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Episode 97: Whack-A-Mole Is Not A Classroom Management Strategy That Works

A reflection on trainings I have been giving recently and the use of student monitoring software in a 1:1 classroom. Let's use the software to start conversations, not as a punishment for opening a tab.....BTW....that doesn't change behavior.


17 Oct 2019

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Episode 101: When PBL Is Just What You Do With Guest Kenzie Munn

A great conversation with 6th Grade ELA teacher Kenzie Munn who teaches at a school that focuses on Project-Based Learning. She uses a host of different apps and has her classroom set up for students to have flexible seating. Check out a video of her classroom in our show notes below: Links: PearDeck: https://www.peardeck.com/googleslides EdPuzzle: https://edpuzzle.com/ FlipGrid: https://www.flipgrid.com Quizizz: https://quizizz.com/ Flexible Seating Video: http://gg.gg/munnclassroom2019 Reach out to Kenzie @McKenzieMunn on twitter @miss.munn on Instagram


21 Nov 2019

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Episode 93: Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Students in a 1:1 Classroom

Here you go! My top Chrome Extensions for Students to start the new school year. My goal is for you to hear my 5 and then share your favorite chrome extensions that you like to use with students either at #sospodcast or at our Flipgrid at flipgrid.com/sospodcast. Links: Flipgrid: flipgrid.com/sospodcast Share to Classroom Screencastify Selection Reader Mercury Reader Grammarly


14 Aug 2019

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Episode 98: A Census: Media Use By Tweens And Teens

This week Chris Butler and I chat and have a first look at the newly released Common Sense Media Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens. Links: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/research/the-common-sense-census-media-use-by-tweens-and-teens-2019


30 Oct 2019

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Episode 110: Flipping Your Classroom With Guest Taylor Newman

This week Chris Butler and I chat with Taylor Newman a Middle School Teacher from Texas who is flipping her classroom using a whole host of tools.  A great conversation on using technology to transforming learning for students.


5 Feb 2020

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Episode 116: Preparing For Virtual Learning

Last week I was consulting at the International School fo Luxembourg and had an opportunity to sit down and chat with my good friend John Mikton. Much like myself, John has been in virtual learning situations before and as the school prepares to close John shares what they are doing with staff now to prepare for a closer as schools around Europe continue to close due to the spread of COVID-19


18 Mar 2020

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