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The Hellbound Alleee Network produces various talkshows, plays, and music podcast from an individualistic, rational, anarchist, and nonreligious point of view. Praise "Bob!"Mondo Diablo is the current program in rotation, playing unique and interesting music of the type the RIAA could only dream. If you know nothing of music produced within the last 20 years, this is for you. If you do, this might be cool for you too. Who knows? This podcast is only for the curious, and those who hold nothing sacred.

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Mondo Diablo 385: I'm the Prisoner of Christmas Island

It's one in the morning on Christmas morning, and I am working on this podcast. I, like everyone at this house, have a cold. Yet here I am. Dedication, wot? anyway, I hope you enjoy Batman and Wonder Woman in exciting Christmas situations.

1hr 40mins

25 Dec 2014

Rank #1

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Mondo Diablo 384: My Elf Sacrifice

I'm reading this awesome book about Christmas Origins, and I think some of you might like it. Old Magic of Christmas by Linda Raedisch I chose part of a chapter on elves, since my mouth dropped open more there than in the pages before. Who knows; I haven't finished the book!

1hr 2mins

20 Dec 2014

Rank #2

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Mondo Diablo 383: Origins 101: Remedial Christmas

This time, I'm presenting the podcast myself, as Krampus is recovering from a joyous Krampusnacht. We're going back to basics with Christmas Origins, and you'll be hearing a lot of cocktail lounge-style carols.

1hr 23mins

8 Dec 2014

Rank #3