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28 – Getting Teachers Blogging: Tips, Tools, and More

Instructional Tech Talk – Episode 28 – Getting Teachers Blogging: Tips, Tools, and More Host: Jeff Herb (@jeffherb) Co-Host: Jon Samuelson (@jonsamuelson) Guests: Sue Gorman (@sjgorman) & Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) Show Notes: Here are some of the tools we discussed for blogging: WordPress.com Listly Tumblr Weebly The Goin' Digital Show hosted by our friend Greg Goins Link to the show. periScopeOut – a new way to share your story via Periscope! More information here – periscopeout.com Links from the interview with Richard and Sue: Free Tech for Teachers Richard Byrne Sue Gorman [itt]


4 Aug 2015

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27 – Preparing for ISTE: Tips and Tricks for Attendees and Onlookers

Instructional Tech Talk – Episode 27 – Preparing for ISTE: Tips and Tricks for Attendees and Onlookers Jeff Herb – @InstTechTalk Jon Samuelson – @jonsamuelson Show Notes: Here is the page for live coverage of ISTE 2015 by Jeff Herb: ISTE on the Record by ITT Location app that Jon mentioned: Swarm Post about narrowing your focus at conferences: 3 Tips to Attending Conferences Successfully CoffeeEDU – Meet us at 6am each day at Starbucks on Market Street (all educators welcome!) **Be open to talking with people! Take a second and look around, enjoy the time you're there and start conversations with new people. Build your PLN.** Check out the Exhibition Hall and remember to make it to the random aisles – talk to vendors you've never heard about. Website Jon mentioned: Stampsy Find Jeff on Voxer: jeffherb


25 Jun 2015

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26 – The Student Geek Squad

Instructional Tech Talk – Episode 26 – The Student Geek Squad Host: Jeff Herb (@InstTechTalk) Co-Host: Jon Samuelson (@jonsamuelson) Show Notes: TSI – Tech Support Internship – Bryan Weinert from Leyden School District (@bweinert) Elective Course Industry Certifications (Apple, Microsoft, A+, .NET, etc) Saving students money on repairs. Critical Thinking, PBL skills Mobile Learning Experience People implementing these programs: Bryan Weinert (@bweinert) and Brett Clark (@mrbrettclark) Hashtag of the Week Jeff: #PodcastPD Jon: #s2n2015 #s2n2015 Tweets// #PodcastPD Tweets//


4 May 2015

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25 – The Periscope App – (Adobe Slate and Apple Watch, too!)

Instructional Tech Talk – Episode 25 The Periscope App (Adobe Slate and Apple Watch, too!) Host: Jeff Herb @InstTechTalk Co-Host: Jon Samuelson @jonsamuelson Show Notes Periscope (iOS, Android “coming soon”) From the App Store: “Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.” Adobe Slate (iOS) From the App Store: “Turn your next newsletter, report, invitation or travel adventure into a gorgeous story that delights readers on any device. Simply tap to select a unique look — beautiful fonts, color and magazine-style design are automatically incorporated. Fluid movement and elegant motion are applied instantly. Share your Slate story link anywhere. Grab attention, increase awareness and inspire action. Stand out.” So far, Jeff plans to buy the Apple Watch and Jon doesn't – we'll see how that shakes out on future episodes!


9 Apr 2015

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24 – The Asian Penguins

Instructional Tech Talk Podcast – Episode 24: The Asian Penguins [itt] Support The Show If you've enjoyed ITT and have the ability to help support continued production of the show, head to our Patreon page at patreon.com/itt – your support makes great episodes of ITT possible. Thank you! Support ITT – Patreon The Asian Penguins The Penguins are a middle school Linux user group based in a Hmong charter school in Minnesota. Their charge is to learn the Linux environment and also provide community service by refurbishing computers and donating them to families in need. They are advised by Stu Keroff, a teacher at the school and Linux user. In the episode, the following is discussed: How the club was formed The use of Linux in the classroom How Stu approached the district about making tech changes Community Outreach by the Penguins What a Hmong charter school actually is! Relevant Links Stu Keroff – Twitter Asian Penguins Website Asian Penguins on YouTube ITT Patreon Support Page


17 Dec 2014

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23 – Connected Toys: Teaching with Sphero Robots

The Instructional Tech Talk Podcast – Episode 23 – Connected Toys: Teaching with Sphero Robots Host: Jeff Herb (@InstTechTalk) Guest: Sam Patterson (@SamPatue) This episode of ITT features the Sphero 2 robots and how the innovative educator, Sam Patterson, is using them in a robot club as well as when working with classrooms of students. From the Sphero Website: Control Sphero from your smartphone or tablet, change colors, complete challenges, earn tricks, and more. Sphero is waterproof, pet-proof, and ready to roll. Educationally savvy: Download free SPRK lessons and learn the basics of programming. Then unleash Sphero's inner robot and program like a pro. The more you play, the smarter you get. Find Sphero: sphero.com Find Sam Patterson: mypaperlessclassroom.com [amzn_product_inline asin='B00F35P69C']


14 Nov 2014

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022 – Smart Pens in the Classroom

The Instructional Tech Talk Podcast Smart Pens – Episode 22 Host: Jeff Herb @InstTechTalk Guest Host- Sam Patterson @SamPatue http://mypaperlessclassroom.com Audio Podcast: iTunes Stitcher (embedded above!) Video Version: YouTube (embedded above!) Prefer the video version? Click the play button on the image above! Smart Pen Platforms Livescribe WiFi -local Wifi network -on board microphone Great For meetings -Keyword Notes -Play audio of the meeting All contained Livescribe 3 -connects to app on tablet / phone -no recording on device Equil 2 – able to write on any notebook paper – cant record audio / handwriting at same time – change text / handwriting color on the fly – paintbrush tools – image annotation -sketch function Individual or Group Device? Failure of Livescribe Pilot Notes taken directly from handwriting to text conversion in Livescribe app (unedited): The Instructional Tech Talk Podcast Smart Pens -Episode 22 Guest Host- Sam Patterson @ Sam PATUE http:// my paperless classroom. Bryn Smart Pen Platforms Livescribe Wi Fi -local Wifi network – on board microphone Great For meetings -Keyword Notes -Play audio of the meeting All contained Livescribe 3 -connects to app on tablet / phone -no recording on device equil: able to rise any notebook Haper – cant record audio / handwriting at same time – change text / handwriting color on thefly – paintbrush tools – image annotation -sketch function Individual or Group Device? Failure of Livescribe Pilot Here is exactly what I wrote, for reference (click on the image for better quality):


21 Oct 2014

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021 – Coding in the Classroom with Vocareum

Episode 21 – Coding in the Classroom with Vocareum Coding has become a very exciting and worthy tool with which to teach – mostly because it teaches incredible skills while also teaching a very valuable tool for life beyond K-12 education. Until recently, teaching coding meant special software loaded on specific computers in order for students and teachers to write, compile, and execute code to ensure programs are written correctly. Because of the special requirements, it became difficult for students to work on coding assignments outside of class as the compiler software isn't always the easiest and most user friendly install. Enter Vocareum, a “cloud lab for learning” as they are self-described on their website. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5795849860601775"; google_ad_slot = "2702402824"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60;In this week's episode, I had the pleasure of talking with the Business Development director of Vocareum at the ISTE 2014 Atlanta conference.  We talked about the power of coding in the classroom and how their cloud lab enables teachers and students to more effectively communicate about the code that is being written. I was so excited to talk with Vishal as this solves so many problems in the world of classroom coding. I hope you find value in the conversation we had – even if Vocareum isn't for you. Classroom coding has come a long way and I look forward to sharing with others how it can be expanded with great tools such as Vocareum. Relevant Links: Vocareum Home Page Vocareum Email – use this to contact them about the free pilot!


5 Sep 2014

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020 – Create, Share, Present, and Control with Doceri

Episode 20 – Instructional Tech Talk Podcast This episode of the ITT Podcast features Steven from Doceri, an app that allows for you to utilize your iPad as a supercharged interactive whiteboard. I was able to sit down with Steven at ISTE 2014 and record this episode, so my apologies for the slight background noise – we recorded right on the Exhibition Hall floor, it was a great time! Steven talks about several of the great features of Doceri – all of which can be accompanied by videos demonstrating the features he discusses at this link. The Timeline video, one that he mentions frequently, is embedded below. Here are the highlights of Doceri: Create lessons, presentations, and graphics and share them in many ways (PDF, still images, audio/video screencasts, or mirror to Apple TV). When connecting to Doceri Desktop, the iPad annotate over Mac/PC files and then instantly share them. Doceri can be a universal remote (in conjunction with a presentation management system) to control the AV technology in your classroom. Prepare and record presentations without the need of a desktop computer. Here is the video about the Timeline so frequently referenced: Important Links: Doceri.com Doceri Video Library


5 Aug 2014

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019 – Summer Professional Development Session #1

Instructional Tech Talk Podcast – Summer Professional Development Session #1 Show Notes: During the Summer months, ITT will be sharing some great tools and tips to get you thinking about instructional best practices when it comes it technology in education. Designed to be a little shorter then the average show (and a little more laid back), the Summer PD Series will give you a thought and a tool to help innovate your classroom or your thinking. On this Episode: The idea of Road Trip PD was discussed (based on this article). The tool Evernote was shared (based on this Weekly Challenge). As you progress through the summer, be sure to share with me what you're doing to help innovate your educating! @InstTechTalk on Twitter. As always, talk to you soon!


29 May 2013

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