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Live FREE From Your Scars

My guest is Cody Byrns. Cody is an award-winning speaker and a #1 best-selling author. He’s also the founder of The Cody Byrns Foundation for Burn Survivors. Now, he’ll be the first to tell you that this wasn’t originally what he thought he’d be doing with his life. He was a youth pastor and an award-winning juggler. But in May of 2013, Cody’s life was drastically changed.RESOURCES:www.codybyrns.com Cody's bookWhile he was stopped at a red light on the highway, Cody was rear-ended by a box-truck that failed to stop. He was considered dead on the scene… but even though he was pinned inside a crumpled vehicle and everyone assumed no one could survive… some quick-acting first responders saw his hand move. They took action and miraculously… they were able to extract him and save his life.Cody received many injuries that day, including severe burns to almost 40% of his body.After years of countless surgeries and rehabilitation, Cody has chosen to not allow his scars to keep him bound in bitterness and defeat. Instead, he uses his story to uplift others. His vision is to help people live free from the bonds of scars (physical and emotional), equipping others with the proper steps to walk out of their past hurt and defeat and run towards their God-given potential.In the interview, we talk about: How to let go of our scars (physical and emotional)Where to focus when you’re hurtingHow to create a NEW game planHow to find mentorsHow to forgiveThat’s right. We also talk about the power of forgiveness in this podcast.And in a raw and real way… we even talk about how Cody did the unthinkable with the distracted driver who changed his life forever.It’s an episode you’re not going to want to miss!Quick Episode Summary:0.02 What to expect today1.21 Are you a coach? Don't miss this opportunity!3:06 Meet Cody!5:01 Cody's hidden talent8:29 Cody's accident10:16 When the real battle began14:02 The most powerful lessons Cody has learned16:08 How Cody let go of the past17:39 Reminding yourself of your why18:35 How Cody started to forgive23:06 Choosing to see the bright side28:17 What could be holding you back from your dream30:39 Cody's last piece of advice31:51 Mitch's biggest takeaways


24 Sep 2019

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Justin Wise | Ninja – Level Strategies for Social Media

Social media master, Justin Wise, is here to give you tangible tips and tricks in order to help you reach your Social Media A-game, on this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcastListen To The Podcast:Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  These days, most people are social media maniacs; they’re frequently posting and following on multiple channels.  But are you truly using social media in the best way possible?  Does it promote you?  Or your business?  Social media master, Justin Wise, is here to give you tangible tips and tricks in order to help you reach your A-game.Justin is a best-selling author, college professor, pastor, and founder of Think Digital.  He knows the value of social media; how it allows you to connect with people and gather a community around your product or idea.  Except now you can do it on a global scale because you’re no longer limited by geography.  In this episode, Justin shares several stories about the impressive power that these channels have for bringing people and ideas together (including the reason he ONLY flies with Delta).There are three keys questions to answer when starting a dedicated social media platform: What do you care about?  Who are you serving?  And where are your natural inclinations in terms of media creation inclination?  Then you can begin!  You will also learn about the full spectrum (know, like, trust, build) that you will use social media to promote, as well as simple hacks that will enable you to use your time efficiently.[Tweet "Social media is a natural extension of connecting to people, but on a larger scale. @justinwise @mitchmatthews #dreamthinkdo"]It all comes down to relationships, in both size and strength.  In one place you can pitch an idea to thousands of people at one time, or you can have a one-on-one chat with someone you would’ve never met otherwise.  That’s the wonder of social media!  Isn’t it time to make it work for you?[Tweet "Don’t sell on social. Use it to build and grow relationships. @justinwise @mitchmatthews #dreamthinkdo"]RESOURCES To get access to the special offer Justin talks about, click here: Mitchmatthews.com/justinwise To find out more about Justin, you can visit his site:Thinkdigital.co


16 Jul 2015

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Breaking Out! I Creating more of the life you want: Lise Cartwright

Lise Cartwright is the “Queen of the Side Hustle.”  She created her dream job and has helped countless others do the same through her 24 best selling books.  Listen in to Lise’s story and get practical strategies so you can do the same!Listen To The Podcast:Have you ever been curious about trying something different as a career… but you just weren’t sure how to start… or if you even should?That’s where Lise Cartwright found herself a few years ago.She was in a job that wasn’t fulfilling.  A little part of her was dying every day.  She knew there had to be better for her.  BUT… she wasn’t in a place where she could just quit and start all over.Instead, she launched a side hustle.That is… she started to experiment with different kinds of work on her own time.  Writing.Organizing.Planning.All the stuff she loved.But now she was doing it for other people.  And she was getting paid.Things started to take off and she quit her “bad fit” job.  Now, she’s doing work that she enjoys… while getting paid well to do it.  It’s not easy… but it sure is satisfying. I love Lise’s story.  How about you?  What’s something that stood out to you from the ideas that Lise shared?  I’d love to hear from YOU!  Leave a comment and let me know.LISE’S CONTACT INFO:Cartwright has many bestselling books, including the popular Side Hustle Blueprint: How to Make an Extra $1,000 in 30 Days Without Leaving Your Day Job, all of which are available on Amazon. As well, she offers business-building courses and workshops, The 7 Day Challenge, and some useful freebies on her website, Hustle and Groove. HERE ARE SOME SHOW NOTES IF YOU’RE INTO THAT SORT OF THING:SummaryWhen New Zealand's Lise Cartwright first appeared on the Dream Think Do podcast in March of 2015, she was a successful indie author with six Amazon bestsellers to her credit. Impressive, right? Now she returns as a guest less than two years later, and that bestseller number has grown to twenty-four. How does she do it? That is exactly what she shares with readers and followers in her books and courses. Known as “the queen of the side hustle,” Cartwright has built a highly successful business helping ordinary people turn their side passions or sidelines into full-time careers. She does this through coaching on her websites, in her books and audiobooks, through courses and workshops, and on her blog.Time-Stamped Show Notes [00:00]  Introduction to Lise Cartwright, bestselling author and success coach from Auckland, New Zealand [02:06]  Cartwright has been busy creating the exciting new course to go along with The Side Hustle [05:20]  Definition of the side hustle [07:00]  How Cartwright began her own side hustle and why [09:58]  With no background in writing and no experience, Cartwright became a relative expert, working in her spare time and on weekends [14:30]  The Side Hustle Blueprint series is born with titles such as How To Make an Extra $1,000 in 30 Days Without Leaving Your Day Job [18:09]  Revamping and updating her series to keep pace with changes in the industry, Cartwright works to make sure her information is cutting edge [21:25]  Cartwright shows that she can help the artist or artisan who wants to market her products online, by helping her find her market and client base [30:00]  The steps Cartwright reveals for an artist growing their business are the same steps you will need to build any type of online business [31:45]  Contact information and social media presence  The Side HustleQueen of the side hustle, Lise Cartwright from Auckland, New Zealand, teaches others how to create this in their own lives because she successfully did it in her own. She defines the side hustle as "something you can do in your spare time, which is neither time nor financially intensive." Most of Cartwright's prior business life was spent in jobs where she w...


25 Jan 2017

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Bonus Episode: Antonio Neves | It’s Not About Where You Start

Antonio Neves (writer and speaker) talks with Mitch Matthews for the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast.  They dig into starting where you're at, not being held back by where you came from and staying focused on your goals!Subscribe To The Podcast“If you’re working with me then you’re already inspired, the thing we’ve got to do is transition to action.” Tweet ThisCan’t get enough of the Dream. Think. Do. Podcast? Then this bonus material is for you!! Join Mitch Matthews as he talks with some incredible people for his Project Dream Job interviews. On this episode is Antonio Neves, the professional question asker and founder of Thinq Action. Antonio has been a writer for multiple big time networks, including MSN, CNBC, and PBS, as well as for Entrepreneur and Inc Magazine; he was even the host of his own Nickelodeon show!“Just because something’s a good opportunity doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity.” Tweet ThisNow you can discover what it’s like during a week in the life of Antonio (4:33) and his absolute favorite part of his dream job. Antonio also touches on what’s not on your resume, and how that plays a major role in your life. And finally, learn exactly what you need to do in order to land the job you’ve always wanted, including: When to build relationshiops (23:40) The key to being valuable (27:44) The power of follow-up (29:42) And many more!It’s up to you to land your dream job, but now you can gain real life knowledge on how to accomplish it. You were created to do awesome things and the world needs you to do them; so get unstuck from the ordinary and turn your dreams into reality!“Don’t just go in with ideas; go in with a lot of the work already completed. That makes it much easier for your boss to say yes.” Tweet ThisLeave A Review And Enter To Win!If you leave an iTunes review before February 8th you can enter to win some great prizes. Find out more by clicking hereResourcesTheAntonioNeves.com


26 Jan 2015

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Scott Ginsberg | Having The Guts To Be You

Scott Ginsberg (AKA: The Name Tag Guy) talks with Mitch Matthews for the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast. Listen and Subscribe To The Podcast “All of these opportunities sort of came to me, and all I did was raise my hand and say, ‘yeah, I’ll do that.’” Tweet This  Hello, my name is _____; most of us remove those nametags as soon as possible.  But one man has been wearing his for 5,182 days and counting.  Scott Ginsburg took his impulse to be different and turned it into a successful company, 30 books, and one of the top business blogs on the web.  Now he’s joining Mitch Matthews to help you have the guts to be true to yourself and wear your name with pride. “It’s hard to dream alone.” Tweet This In this episode, you will learn how Scott first began his nametag experiment when he was just 19 years old (6:37) and how it developed into something more meaningful than most people could have thought possible.  He also gives you tips on how to protect your own thinking (12:43), so you can take your ideas and run with them.  Scott is not afraid to go against the grain and be himself, and has discovered these methods to promote further progress towards his dreams: Recognize and remove what you don’t excel at (22:08) Find your opportunity filters (24:48) Know your intrinsic triggers (30:26) Learn more about these methods, as well as countless other tips and insights.  Listen to Scott and gain the secrets to letting your true self flourish.  Dare to be different; dare to be YOU! “I became viral before viral was viral.” Tweet This Leave A Review And Enter To Win! If you leave an iTunes review before February 8th you can enter to win some great prizes. Find out more by clicking here Resources HelloMyNameIsScott.com What's In A Nametag?


22 Jan 2015

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Create Opportunities | Turning a dream into a full time job!

Lindsay Palmer has made it a habit to create opportunities where none seem to exist. She did this throughout college and it got her a dream mentor and a position with the Pittsburgh Steelers. She did it after college to land her dream job. In this interview, Lindsay talks with Mitch about the strategies you can use to create opportunities and live more of the life you want to live.Listen To The Podcast:In college, she couldn’t find an internship matching with her passions, so she created one.That’s right.She created her own internship.(That effort helped her to eventually land a coveted position with the Pittsburgh Steelers.)She couldn’t find a mentor locally, so she searched the country for people who were the best of the best in her chosen field.She reached out.She connected.Those efforts enabled Lindsay to meet with one of the industry’s top leaders and then be invited to fly across the country to attend a series of events as her new mentor’s special guest.Her “dream job” didn’t exist right out of college, so she worked a “side-hustle” to build up her skills and make some extra money.Now… just a few years later… she’s in her dream job.And, I’m wildly blessed to say… that it’s with me and the team behind the BIG Dream Gathering.I wanted to bring Lindsay on DREAM THINK DO, because she has some great stories and some powerful insights to share when it comes to creating opportunities… especially when none seem to exist.If you’ve ever felt a little stuck...If you’ve ever needed to make a change, but you just weren’t sure where to start…I think you’re going to love this interview.Oh and let me know what stood out to you from Lindsay’s story.Leave a comment below.I’d love to hear from YOU!Enjoy.MitchFIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE BIG DREAM GATHERING:Lindsay and I talked about working together on the BIG Dream Gathering.Click here to find out more about these inspiring, powerful and fun events.Here’s a Podcast Summary for those who enjoy those types of things:SummaryDid you ever wonder why attendees of the Big Dream Gatherings rave about the experience? The idea behind the gatherings and the Dream Think Do podcasts is to help people connect with their dreams and live their best lives. In 2011, host Mitch Matthews met a Duquesne student Lindsay Palmer at one of his Big Dream Gatherings. This is her story, which she shares candidly, with humor and passion, just like she lives her life.Time-Stamped Show Notes [00:00] Mitch Matthews talks about recent podcasts on Higher Purpose and why this one falls into the same series. [05:40] Introduction of Lindsay Palmer, who attended her first Big Dream Gathering when she was still a student at Duquesne University, and her light-bulb moment that changed the course of her life. [10:21] The Big Dream Gathering opened doors for Palmer, who was happy to run right through them in pursuit of her dream. She wanted to share what she got from the gathering with fellow students and arranged for Mitch Matthews to speak at her school. [15:15] What happened when Palmer found someone in Florida who was walking out her big dream as an event planner [16:30] Mitch Matthews’ definition of what a Dream Job is, and is not. [20:48] How “bridge jobs” and side hustles helped Palmer, and many others like her, pave the way to their dream job. [26:25] Through school, Palmer worked side jobs, convinced that they would help her get to her dream job sooner. Her peers thought she was overdoing it, but she was on a mission. [29:25] The payoff, and the joy of giving back. [32:45] Words of Wisdom for someone listening to the podcast from their dorm, their car, or their cubicle.Your Dream Job and What a Big Dream Gathering Can DoWhen Mitch Matthews met Lindsay Palmer at a Big Dream Gathering in 2011, he had no idea that their paths would cross repeatedly over the next few years.


1 Feb 2017

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Lessons From Giants – Keys To Innovative Thinking

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with Dr. Anthony Paustian (“Tony”), who has published a new book A Quarter Million Steps, which chronicles the history of the Apollo program and lessons we can apply to our own lives. He also helped to build and launch DMACC West, the first technologically focused college campus. DMACC now hosts an annual conference - Celebrate! Innovation Week (ciWeek) - that brings global thought leaders to share their stories and inspire the next generation.Listen To The Podcast:We are all inspired in different ways.Dr. Anthony Paustian or “Tony”, my guest on today’s episode, grew up in a generation that was deeply impressed by the Apollo program.And he, in turn, strives to motivate the next generation in the same way that he drew inspiration from the men who walked on the moon.He’s written a book that delves into the history of the Apollo program with the desire to help us learn how we can be more creative, innovative and focused on accomplishing what we need to get done.Another way he’s helping to foster innovation is through ciWeek, which hosts speakers at the top of their industry to share their insights with audiences on innovation and achieving success.Listen in to hear Tony’s thoughts on how we can become more successful by learning a lesson from looking into the past.In this episode, you will… Hear about how space programs and sci-fi fostered innovation Learn lessons from history that can help you be more productive Gain insight into how some technology could be hindering innovation Learn why passion is key to having a good work ethicEpisode ResourcesA Quarter Million StepsMitchMatthews.com/itunesDREAM. THINK. DO.


3 May 2017

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Mitch Matthews | On Track to YOUR Dream Job!

Mitch Matthews | On Track to YOUR Dream Job!This week, Mitch dives into some of the most important concepts from his new book, “Dream Job: Redefined - The New Rules for Creating a Career That Matters and Doing Work You Love.” The book is based on hundreds of interviews Mitch did with people who had found or created dream jobs. Listen in and get on track to creating a career you love.Listen To The Podcast:The subject of “Dream Jobs” can make some people bristle.I get it.With so many people unhappy and unsatisfied in their work situation, it’s easy to assume that “Dream Jobs” are as real as unicorns, little fairies and rainbow-colored pixie dust.But… Dream Jobs exist.How do I know?I’ve interviewed 200+ people who have them.People doing work that matters to them. Real work. Real careers.I LOVED hearing their stories and their strategies so much… I just had to write a book on the subject. It’s called, “Dream Job: Redefined - The New Rules for Creating a Career that Matters and Doing Work You Love.”In this week’s DREAM THINK DO episode, you and I will do a deep dive into some of the most important concepts in the book.PLUS… I offer you a way to get an advanced copy of the book for FREE!So listen in and be sure to grab your free copy.I believe THIS is your year for either FINDING or CREATING your dream job! So let’s get to it.By the way… comment below and let me know your thoughts. What’s an aspect of YOUR Dream Job? I’d love to hear from YOU!


3 Jan 2018

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The ART and Science of Creating Extraordinary Workplaces! | An Interview with Ron Friedman

Ron Friedman, Ph.D. is the author of the new best selling book, “The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace.” He's also an award-winning social psychologist who specializes in human motivation.In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, let's figure out how to create an Extraordinary Workplace.Listen To The Podcast:                          So what if you were to uncover some simple but powerful strategies to help you to take your leadership to the next level?This week I talk with Ron Friedman, Ph.D. about the psychology of engagement as well as the science and the art of creating extraordinary workplacesIt’s a fascinating conversation.This week, we discuss: The key factors that lead people to be happy and successful Breaking the established rules on the carrot and the stick Why "employee of the month” strategies don't work Ways to design (or change) your office design to promote productivity and connectedness How to avoid things like "Appearance Bias” in interviews His new book: The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary WorkplaceTo get the first chapter of Ron Friedman’s new book, visit Bestplacetoworkbook.com and don’t forget to rate and subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.[Tweet "“Having friends at work makes us better at our jobs.” - Ron Friedman"]EPISODE RESOURCES@MitchMatthewsThe Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace Bestplacetoworkbook.comIgnite 80


17 Oct 2016

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Navigating Difficult Conversations

In this deep dive episode, Mitch shares how you can navigating difficult conversations in your life.Listen To The Podcast:Recently, a listener asked me a really great question that was really worth digging into:How do you navigate a difficult conversation? Hey... we’ve all had them.Tough conversations where you either feel like you're walking on eggshells... OR you're a bull in a China shop because you're hoppin' mad!These conversations are tough... but it's critical to handle them well.  Amen?So...  if you want better handle those situations...  this DREAM. THINK. DO. episode is for you!I’ll discuss the 4 Steps to Navigating a Difficult Conversation and break each step down to give you some easy-to-follow guidelines.  And of course, I'll also share some stories of how these steps have played out in my own life.  (I'll even share one that's a bit embarrassing for me, but it will help me to make my point.)Plus, you’ll find out how to avoid "combat mentality" and the infamous "G.L.F." (Don’t know what that is? You’ll soon find out!).“The real enemy is not your conversational counterpart, but the combat mentality itself.” Tweet ThisSo whether the person you’re conversing with is your spouse, your best friend or just a total jack weed at the office, you’ll know how to navigate the situation and reach a satisfying outcome!ResourcesClick Here For The Handout


4 Jun 2015

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Hustle – Finding Money, Meaning and MomentumI Patrick Vlaskovits

My guest, Patrick Vlaskovits, shares how he feels he “wasted” 7-8 years of his life trying to do what everyone else was doing.  It wasn’t until he allowed himself to explore possibilities outside of those expectations that he really started to hustle.In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, be prepared to put yourself into momentum!Listen To The Podcast:                          Have you ever been stuck in the Mediocrity of “Meh”?Have you ever felt like you were losing your momentum?If so... you’re not alone.Patrick is now the CEO of Superpowered and New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur.  His newest book is Hustle: The Power to Change Your Life with Money, Meaning, & Momentum.Tune in as Patrick discusses what hustling means to him, how he got to where he is today, and what you can do to find momentum!In this episode you’ll learn: Hacks of the hustle The three unseen laws of the hustle What is the Mediocrity of “Meh” and how you can escape it Tips on pitching and persuading The five different types of stories and when to use themTo receive a copy of the first chapter of Hustle: The Power to Change Your Life with Money, Meaning, & Momentum, text DREAMTHINKDO to 33444.[Tweet "“A lot of hustle is actually gaining momentum.” - Patrick Vlaskovits"]EPISODE RESOURCESDREAM. THINK. DO. websiteMitchMatthews.com/iTunes@MitchMatthewsHustle: The Power to Change Your Life with Money, Meaning, & MomentumThe Lean Entrepreneur by Patrick VlaskovitsPatrick’s WebsitePatrick’s LinkedInPatrick’s Twitter @PV


15 Sep 2016

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Sara Haines | Overcoming the Comparison Trap

Join my conversation with Good Morning America’s Sara Haines to help you avoid the comparison trap on this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcastListen To The Podcast:There are many reasons why we don’t pursue all of those awesome dreams that we have, but one of the biggest happens when you compare yourself to others. You see how incredible your friend’s life looks on Facebook, believe you don’t measure up, and get sucked into a downward spiral of negativity. It’s time to stop! And here is where you can discover how. Joining me on this episode is my hometown gal pal, the amazing Sara Haines.Through lots of hard work and some conquering of fear, Sara earned her way up a television network to become one of the most adventurous contributors on Good Morning America. She’s here now to give you her personal techniques on how to combat comparisons and fight fear.[Tweet "“Get mad, get annoyed, but then get perspective.”@sarahaines @mitchmatthews #dreamthinkdo"]“I think the second you believe ... you're entitled to something, you've just lost it.  You've lost the magic.”Discover a day in the life of Sara Haines (sneak preview: it involves the Rock). Then learn her strategies for stopping the comparison game, including the importance of staying humble and how to put on horse blinders. Sara also dives into the pitfalls of fear, and how she overcomes her fears as a regular part of her dream job.“The thing that reminds me I matter is the reflection back in someone else’s eyes.”Comparing yourself to others is a temptation that we all face, but that doesn’t have to bring you down. Find out how to fight the temptation so your dreams can thrive. Listen now so you can gain the confidence to do all of the cool stuff you were put on this planet to do. They are YOUR dreams, and only YOU can accomplish them!


9 Jul 2015

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Write YOUR Book! (5 Keys to Writing Your First Book!)

5 Keys to Writing Your First BookWe’re talking about getting YOUR book written and published! We're doing a deep dive on the subject of writing and publishing a book. Have you ever thought about writing a book? I'm betting you have. I'm hoping you have because I think every person has at least one book in them but, hey, if you're a DREAM THINK DOer, that probably means you've got five, maybe 15, maybe 25 books in you. And what I've learned about people is that they need to just learn a system for writing a book. Once they have that system down, it is entirely possible to not just write one, but many books.Listen To The Podcast:Resources:Lise Cartwright’s FREE resource for DREAM THINK DO-ers:Specific Steps for Writing Your First Book!Click to get the FREE workbook!Amazon's Self-Publishing: kdp.amazon.com5 Keys to Writing Your First BookTranscript: I'm going to be telling stories about people who have written books and turned them in Bestsellers. So, we're going to dive into strategies that they have used, strategies that I have used to be able to achieve best sellers, but more importantly, get that book done and get that book out there. We're going to dive into specific steps that you can start taking immediately. How does that sound? We're going to get into the nitty gritty and have some fun as we do. How about that? Are you in? I hope so.And I'll tell you what. I'm going to tell you more about this at the end but just to tell you right now, go to mitchmatthews.com/224, there's going to be a lot of different resources I'm going to reference some different tools that you can use. But one of these tools you're going to want to grab right away and that is a workbook specifically designed for the DREAM THINK DO family by Lise Cartwright. Now, you may remember Lise Cartwright. I have interviewed her I think three times now and she is a multi-time best-selling author. I mean, she's had best sellers, at least 28 now, best sellers that she has written and then self-published. She's a rock star and she's a huge fan of DREAM THINK DO. So, she has offered up ... she has created a special workbook just for DREAM THINK DOers. I want you to go get it. It is absolutely free and she actually will also help you out in different ways, that kind of stuff. You can find out all sorts of free resources from Lise. So, just go to mitchmatthews.com/224 and you'll see it right there, super easy to click through and grab that workbook just for us DREAM THINK DOers. Go do it. Go grab it. Okay, now, let's dive into some stuff here. Okay, so writing books ... I once saw a quote from Tony Morrison that I absolutely love. It just grabbed me. She said, "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." Whoosh! How about that, right? Like, that is the truth from somebody who's written a ton of incredibly impactful books. I don't know about you, but I'm guessing that maybe you've just had that feeling inside, that knowing that ... Maybe it's a memoir. Maybe it's some stories from your life. Maybe it's some things that you've learned through some of the challenges that you've faced over time. Or, maybe you've just learned a set of strategies for something you're like freakishly good at and you just want the world to know those strategies. You want to share them with the world. Or maybe it's something you've learned about your faith and it's just made a huge impact on you and you just want to reach other people and help them to experience the same kinds of things. I'm not sure what it is for you, but I'm guessing there's that knowing, that knowing that you're supposed to write at least one book. Maybe you feel called to it and it's just that there's that longing. You're not quite, you can't even explain it but you just know it's there. Or maybe it's that satisfaction, oh, man, just that thought of having a book done.


23 Apr 2019

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Jon Vroman | Breaking Free from Small Thinking

Front Row Foundation’s Jon Vroman gives you tips for how to think big, to take charge of your life and accomplish your dreams, on this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcastListen To The Podcast:Do you have a great idea, but feel like you don’t have what it takes to accomplish it? Like you don’t know the right people, don’t have the right family name, or maybe even don’t have the right number in your bank account?If so ...your big dreams are being crippled by that small thinking.It’s time to change those thoughts! But how do you do it?That's what this week's DREAM.THINK.DO. episode is all about.This week, I talk to Jon Vroman.Jon Vroman used to live small, literally. In 10th grade, he was 4’10” and weighed just 85 pounds. To put that in perspective, by the time he was driving to school there were 9-year-olds who were taller than him… And it didn’t stop there, because he was living his life based on small thinking until an experience at a Jason Mraz concert changed everything.[Tweet "“You’re not here for everybody but you are here for somebody.” @jonvroman @mitchmatthews #dreamthinkdo "]Jon shares his story of how this experience led to the development of the incredible Front Row Foundation, which gives seriously ill children and adults the chance to have amazing experiences in the front row of their dream event.  Whether it's a concert, a Broadway play or a NASCAR race!During our conversation, Jon offers you tips for how to think big, to take charge of your life and accomplish your dreams.  From advice on how to stay true to your commitment to choosing who’s in the row beside you, Jon provides the strategies you need to make your dreams a reality. You will also learn how you can create your own charity, even if with no experience or prior knowledge.“When our why has heart, our how gets legs.”You can’t change how big you are physically (although Jon did finally grow), but you can change how big you think. It all comes down to your outlook, to decide how you want to experience your life. It’s all up to you. Do you want to live in the front row?  Let's do it!“We don’t just want to be a hero for a day, we want that day to be a metaphor for how they can live the rest of their lives.”RESOURCESText: dream34 to 33444 To find out more about Jon, you can visit his site:Frontrowfoundation.org


23 Jul 2015

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Mark Henson | Uncover YOUR Super Powers!

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with Mark Henson, founder of Sparkspace, a business retreat center in Columbus, Ohio. Sparkspace is designed to help teams come and escape the normal while collaborating and creating together. Mark is also the author of Ordinary Superpowers: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Most Natural Talents and a former radio DJ and design firm copywriter. Listen To The Podcast: Have you ever had a big setback that ruined your confidence? Or maybe you started a business doing something that you’re great at..but then over time the needs of the business took you away from those unique talents? It’s not uncommon - in fact many entrepreneurs and leaders to experience a gradual progression where they are taken away from the role that they excel in, and are put in a position that doesn’t use their gifts and best talents. Mark is helping people rediscover their ideas, talents and skills that increase the most positive change in their lives, and also the lives of others. He calls them “Ordinary Superpowers” and everyone has them. In this episode, you will…Learn the 4 steps to uncovering your Ordinary SuperpowersHear how Mark found his ideas for helping others accomplish their goalsGain insight into how Mark found his way back after “losing his superpowers”Learn the 6 questions you need to be asking to activate your own Ordinary SuperpowersEpisode Resources:Sparkspace.comShare this episode and use the hashtag #OrdinarySuperpowers and enter to win a free copy of Mark’s book, Ordinary Superpowers: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Most Natural Talents!!MitchMatthews.com/140DREAM. THINK. DO.


16 Aug 2017

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, with Karen Brown

My guest today is Karen Brown. Karen is a recognized thought leader in the fields of leadership and professional performance, specifically in the areas of the unconscious mind and optimizing your thinking for elevated levels of endurance and success.She is an ultra-endurance athlete who competes around the world. In fact, one of her biggest recent accomplishments was qualifying for and finishing the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii!Along with being an expert in neuro-linguistic programming and mental and emotional release, she's also an executive coach, sought-after speaker, and best-selling author. Karen's most recent book, called Unlimiting Your Beliefs: Seven Keys to Great Success in Your Personal and Professional Life, has been winning awards and accolades. It has also inspired me to invite Karen on DREAM THINK DO to talk about breaking through those limiting beliefs that creep in and start to shut us down.I'm really looking forward to this conversation.Listen To The Podcast:RESOURCES: Free Micro Solution Video Series: velocityleadershipconsulting.com/dtd Karen's Book: Unlimiting Your Beliefs bookINTERVIEW:Let's get to it.Karen, welcome to DREAM THINK DO.Thank you, Mitch. I'm so thrilled to be here.Okay. I do want to dive into your concepts on limited beliefs and breaking through those things, but I've always wanted to ask someone who completed an Ironman World Championship, what was it like to round the corner and see the finish line?Ok, let me set the scene a little bit. I am an amateur athlete, nowhere near pro level, and that is to say that I'm a bit slower than the pros. My time at Ironman World Championships was 15 hours, 45 minutes. When I was rounding the corner, as you said, it was nighttime. It was about 10:30 at night, 10:45 at night. There was total blackness, a sky full of brilliant stars, and two miles away from the finish line, you can hear the roar of the crowd.Oh wow. Even at night?Yes.Hey, and by the way Karen, just so you know, for me to just do the swim, I still wouldn't have been done with just the swim part by 10 o'clock at night. So it's still very impressive.So you're two miles out, and you start hearing the crowd.Yes, you start hearing the crowd, and then you can just faintly make out Mike Riley's voice, who has been the voice of Ironman for 30 some odd years now. He's the one that says the iconic, indelibly memorable, "Karen Brown, you are now an Ironman," when you cross the finish line. It was the most magnificent day, Mitch.Now I'll say the journey to get there was very, very difficult, and there were plenty of times when I wanted to quit and worried that I would quit. We can go into that later. But that specific day, there was never one moment when I wanted to quit. It was joy and bliss and wonderful, and I say this knowing that it was a billion degrees, it was like the surface of the sun hot. It was humid; asphalt was melting, we had torrential rains at the turnaround point in the bike, we had big waves for the swim, incredible crosswinds on the Queen K for the biking portion. So this was no cakewalk. This was very challenging.The part that I tapped into was my journey to get there. This was a lifelong dream. This was something that I wanted for 28 years. The day that I was there, and I was racing alongside all of my heroes, all of the icons that I had seen over the years on the coverage, specifically the icon that touched off this entire lifelong dream of mine, Julie Moss. It had been 30 years to the day since she had competed originally in the second Ironman World Championships that ever televised, and she came back that year and raced one more time.Oh my gosh.She wanted that to be her swan song, and I got to race alongside her.Wow! Did you know that going into it, or was that something you found out along the way?It was something I found out two days before the race...


12 Jun 2018

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DON’T Follow Your Dreams

Today is a deep dive on the 5 W’s of experimenting with your dreams, on this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast.Listen To The Podcast:DON’T follow your dreams.Yeah, you read that correctly. And yes, this is still the same podcast. I don’t want you to follow your dreams because your dreams aren’t something that you should chase.  It shouldn’t sound as if they’re almost always out of reach. Instead, I want you to experiment with your dreams!  That’s what this episode is about: a deep dive on the 5 W’s of experimenting with your dreams.As you probably know, the entire Dream. Think. Do. revolution is modeled after the scientific method, so of course I encourage you to experiment! Experimenting allows you to learn quickly and limit risk so that your dream is even more attainable. Therefore, I’m giving you 5 easy questions that will help you investigate effectively.[Tweet "“When you figure out your why, your how will come.” @mitchmatthews #dreamthinkdo"]What, When, What, Who, and Why. These 5 W’s (and yes, I’m aware that I used “what” twice) are the simple questions you can answer to start your experiment and keep it going even in the face of doubt and excuses. I break down each W and give you personal examples that you can apply to your own dreams.Are you sick of following your dreams everywhere but never getting to catch them? Then take control! Listen in to discover the 5 easy questions that will help you test your dreams and find the best way to make them a reality. Don’t follow; experiment!“Make experimenting with your dreams the new mindset.”RESOURCESText: dream5w to 33444


20 Aug 2015

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DEEP DIVE: Secrets to building a website fast (even if you’re not a techie!)

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, we will talk about Secrets to building a website fast (even if you’re not a techie!).Listen To The Podcast:                          Ask, and you shall receive!Do you want to know what I love most about what I do? You! That’s right – I love this community. I asked you all what you wanted to hear about and an overwhelming number of you said, “Help me build an awesome website!”Well, Dream. Think. Do.-ers, you’re really going to like this one. We’re going to do a deep dive into the basics of how to build a website from start to finish including which platforms to use, what copy to create and how to find affordable designers to help you make it happen.I’m here to share what I learned so you can avoid the BIG mistakes I've made with my first websites – so you can spend a fraction of the time and money that I did!In this episode, you will… Get the secrets of building a freakishly awesome website fast (even if you’re not a techie!) Learn what in the heck WAIB is and how it will help you create killer web content! Discover The Four C’s of building an amazing website (These have helped people to build hugely successful sites and their simplicity will surprise you!) Hear the powerful strategy that helps you to win with Google!Don’t miss out on the roadmap that will help put that big idea into website action!Text DREAMSITE to 33444 for a schematic to aid you in building your dream website.[Tweet "“Credibility isn’t about what you’ve done. It’s about how much you care and can help!”"]EPISODE RESOURCESMitchMatthews.com/iTunesDREAM. THINK. DO.Mitch Matthews TwitterMitch Matthews FacebookD.T.D. Episode 067 | Begin With WhoWordpressUpwork


14 Jul 2016

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Purpose Driven Goals Setting I How to set goals that will stick

Goal Setting is a perfect topic for the ending of one year and the beginning of another. Keynote speaker, bestselling author, mentor, and success coach, Mitch Matthews deals with this subject with insight, humor and intelligence. Receive a Free Action Guide download to help with the process by texting “dreamthinkdo” to 44222.Listen To The Podcast:                       So... what are some of YOUR "Purpose-Driven Goals?"I'd love to hear from YOU! Leave a comment and let me know some of your Purpose-Driven Goals for the year.Either that or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter: @mitchmatthews.Oh... and don't forget to grab the free download.  It's pretty.  :)  And it'll help you with the process! Now... let's get to work.Here are the show notes if you're into that kind of thing...  (They're written by a team member.  So... here we go into third person.)  Enjoy!Time-Stamped Show Notes [00:00] How goals can be buried on the shelf before they are ever undertaken and how to stay on track. [02:25] Goals can help you gain focus, excitement, anticipation and energy. Matthews explores what you were put on the planet to do and purpose-driven goal setting. Text dreamthinkdo to 44222 to get the graphic goal planner that will guide you through the process. [07:00] When it comes to higher purpose, Matthews recommends the book, The One Thing. “I think if we get clear on the bigger things,” he says, “the smaller things become easier.” [14:15] How to tell if you are living your higher purpose. Clues that life gives you by your activities and how they make you feel. [16:07] Why the phrase, “exceedingly abundant life” means so much to Matthews, and why he incorporated it into his professional higher purpose goal. [18:18] Matthews poses the question, “What might your higher purpose be?” He believes that knowing your purpose leads to figuring out your higher goal, which leaves you energized and focused. [21:36] If talk of higher purpose makes your head spin, Matthews suggests another way to break it down. Instead of starting with your higher purpose, just start with the fundamentals. [24:12] The roots of your tree are made up of your core beliefs, what you truly believe. One of Matthews’ favorite speakers and teachers is Gary V., who lives true to his core values and messaging. [29:29] What are some roots to your higher goal? If your roots are taken care of, your tree will stand strong in the storms of life. [30:00] Your branches are the offshoots of your higher goal or purpose. Matthews promises that if you get clear on these concepts that “the goals will come pouring out of you.” [37:27] How to fuel your higher purpose. It is different for everyone. What is right for you? He would like to hear from you about how you do it. Get in touch. [43:00] Matthews unveils some of his professional goals for 2017. [45:22] What are some of your specific goals for the upcoming year? They may relate to your job, finances, relationships, health, travel, or fun. Whatever they are, make sure they connect with your higher purpose in some way.Deep Dive with Mitch Matthews: Goal SettingWith the New Year looming, Matthews tackles the tough subject of goal setting. Some approach this subject with trepidation because it’s much easier to fail than it is to follow through. “We set goals, even write them down,” says Matthews, “and then they get buried on our desk, or get put on a shelf, and they just get dusty.” But it doesn’t have to be that way.Proper goal setting “can help you gain focus, excitement, and even energy,” promises Matthews. It is doable, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. “If you’re a long-time Dream Think Doer, you’re not looking for easy, you’re looking for good, you’re looking for solid, you’re looking for something that allows you to do more of what you were put on this planet to do, and that’s what we’re going to go after today,


4 Jan 2017

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Nice to Meet You! 3 Keys to Meeting New People

Nice to Meet You! 3 Keys to Meeting New PeopleRESOURCES: Dream Job Redefined Book: Dream Job Redefined BIG Dream Gathering (www.bigdreamgathering.com) BIG Dream Gathering FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/bigdreamgathering/Listen To The Podcast:SOLOCAST:Well, hello. It's nice to meet you. Welcome to DREAM THINK DO. I will admit, I don't typically kick off the podcast saying it's nice to meet you. Although I do believe that it is nice to meet you.  I use it, though, today for a couple of reasons. One, again, to reinforce, hey, it's nice to meet you, especially if this is the first time listening to DREAM THINK DO. I'm so glad you're here. If you're a longtime DREAM THINK DO-er, and/or if we've met before, welcome back. I'm glad you're here. Secondly, I say nice to meet you because that, in fact, is the theme of this show. That's right. This particular episode, this deep dive, is all about strategies for helping you meet someone new.Because it happens.You know, maybe you're wanting to meet new people because you're wanting some awesome people in your life, some new good friends to try stuff with, or great people to connect with professionally, or you want to learn from cool people doing cool stuff, then awesome.Or maybe you need to meet some new people because you want to expand your network, or you're exploring new jobs or new careers, or you're entering into a new era or a new organization. And maybe you're feeling like a stranger in a strange land and you're wanting to find some like-minded people around you. That's where we're headed.I will say if you're an extrovert, stay tuned. These concepts are going to help you. I can tell you I lean a little bit towards the introvert. If you're an introvert, you know what I'm talking about. I appreciate meeting new people. But as an introvert who's learned to do extroverted things, I always have to revisit my tool chest, so I can maximize the opportunities as I'm meeting new people because yes, God's great sense of humor is that my day job as an extrovert involves meeting new people all the time.So I need the tools that we're going to talk about today. These tools will help you to connect with people, to feel more comfortable, and to be able to put others at ease as well. This will greatly, even wildly, increase the chances for conversations with the kinds of people that you want to connect with.Let me paint a picture for you. Let's say you're walking down a hallway, you're walking towards the door. Behind that door, you know, is a room filled with people. You don’t know most of them. How are you feeling? Are you excited at that thought? Are you smiling at that thought? If that's you, cool. That probably means you are an extrovert. That's great. Some of these strategies are going to help you. They're going to help you love people well, love those conversations that you're having, and take them to new heights. So stay tuned.But let me check back in here. Let's revisit this scenario hallway. Double doors at the end, big meeting space on the other side. You're hearing a dull roar of people talking. How are you doing thinking about this? Are you freaking out inside just a little bit? Are you throwing up just a little bit? Maybe some part of you wants to walk away from that room. You have emails to check, a book to read, Office is back on Netflix. You just started your favorite episode. Right?Whichever way you respond, hang with me here because the things we're going to talk about today are going to be tools that help no matter where you're at on that spectrum. Introvert, extrovert, ambivert. That's that new category in the middle. Wherever you're at, we're going to get you some strategies to help.Meeting new people can be exciting. It can be amazing. It can also be a little nerve-wracking, but it's important. No matter what, it's important because we can't go after our dreams alone.


16 Oct 2018

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