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You always blaming the white man!

Are the condtions Africans (Black people)in America create there own misfortune, suffering, and lack or does our slavery experience effect us into the behavior and social conditions we find ourselves

1hr 56mins

6 Sep 2017

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What are the effects of Dr. Kings " I have a Dream " on the current state of Black Nationalism

2hr 3mins

22 Jan 2015

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Evolution of revolutionary thought and action

Has our struggle evolved enough to address today's issues, is our analysis sufficient to begin the process for a complete and constructive change in our society? What does revolutionary for the African here in America look like and what steps must be taken for empowerment, join us tonight as we discuss this and more

1hr 59mins

14 Feb 2018

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Nigger syndrome and the need for Revolution

Why do we Black Africans here in America behave like we do ? Is it a case of Nigger syndrome and if it is what can we do about it and where did it come from? Is Revolution achievable with these issues or is there a need for Revolution at all, join us tonight as we discuss this and more

1hr 58mins

8 Feb 2019

Rank #4

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Can street tribes (gangs) be useful in the struggle for African empowerment

Tonight we discuss the evolution of Street Tribes (gangs) and if they can be useful in our struggle for African empowerment, Niggas or unpolitical revolutionary

1hr 58mins

29 Dec 2017

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Black Nationalism and Class struggle

Black Nationalism all our skin folk aint our kin folk


12 Mar 2015

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Romanticizing The Movement

Do we have a realistic view (understanding) on the true challenges of the African in America. Call in and share your point.

1hr 56mins

8 Mar 2019

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Crazy ass Niggas (Post traumatic slave disorder)

Why is the African (Black ) community so crazy? Is our self destructive behavior a result of slavery, segregation and discrimination? Nature vs Nurture is our behavior  natural to the African (Black)man and woman or imposed on us by outside forces ,join us tonight as we discuss this and more

2hr 1min

26 Jan 2018

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What the Fu*k does a revolution look like

Amongst the various Pather factions the concept for Revolution is different, WTF does a Black African revolution look like in America. What or Who is the real enemy, ?


28 Oct 2019

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What prevents from building a African Nation here in America

What's truly stopping Africans here in America from achieving Nationhood here in America? Is it a unattainable dream or a goal that can realistically be reached, what would it look like but more importantly what will it take? Join us tonight as we discuss this topic and more

1hr 57mins

11 Apr 2018

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Black Panther Movie, Hype or Hope

Our we African People buying into the hype of a Black African super hero, or is there a message to be found in the movie? Join us as we discuss this and more

2hr 4mins

21 Feb 2018

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Where do we see ourselves in this society

Do Black African People have a realistic view of themselves in American ? Where do you see yourself, children and people in the future? So many questions, let's discuss them tonight ,Where do you see yourself in this society?

2hr 1min

5 Jun 2019

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The Black male and female divide, and why we hate one another

Black women anit sh*t, all Black men are dogs. What has caused us to turn against one another, Have we really gone from Mother and Father of civilization, Queen and King universe, to a pack of Bit*hes and Niggas,join us tonight on the Forum as we discuss this topic and more


12 Jan 2018

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The Mirror's EyE: The Economics of Slavery and the Prudence of Human Capital

Today on "The Mirror's EyE: Reflected Empirical Contradictions and Perceptions on Advanced Adgenda" We will dive into the Economics of Slavery and the Prudence of Human Capital Commodities, and generate the discussion on the economics applied to claims of live capital. To include the connections between modern conditions of land resources, and what defines a good return and long term investments with mental domination and the breaking of the buck. To call into the show for topic questions please dial (323) 870-4191.

1hr 1min

2 Dec 2019

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Target the African (Black ) Women

Our Women are being targeted, not just from white America but do to social conditions the African(Black) men have joined in the contribution of destructive behavior, Are we aware of our behavior and the effects it's having on the African Black community here in America,join us tonight as we discuss this and more

2hr 1min

25 Apr 2018

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Blk people and a War with Iran

With the recent events Americans are concerned about a possible War with Iran, But what does that mean for the Blk African here in America? Let's tap Family

1hr 6mins

6 Jan 2020

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BIG MOMMAZ HOUSE: Practice What You Preach

Whoa family!!!We need to dig deeper into what our leaders are saying and what they are doing. We Hve to be able to hold everyone accountable. Join into the conversation

1hr 29mins

10 Feb 2020

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The Effect of colonization on African(Black) relationships and family

How does our being colonized in American effect our relationships and our families,  Has the loss of our culture and traditions resulted in the loss of our mind,  Have we started to emulate our oppressors in the way we deal with our families and the opposite sex of our race, join us tonight as we discuss this and more

1hr 57mins

7 Mar 2018

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What's your formation's ideology? How are you going to use it to empower African people? Why is it important to have one?tune in tonight and share your thoughts

1hr 50mins

24 Jan 2017

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BIG MOMMAZ HOUSE: Supporting Each Other

Ok, the two MOMMAZ are back on the air , giving words or wisdom and giving it to you straight as the Big Mommaz of old. Call in to share and build 323-870-4191

1hr 30mins

16 Dec 2019

Rank #20