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Episode 39 - SweatCast: Bas Rutten

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Bas Rutten is a world-renowned mixed martial artist who has also made a name for himself outside the ring as an actor, host, and television personality. You may also know him for his viral YouTube video, "Street Defense".

Follow Bas on Instagram: @basruttenmma
Follow BJ on Instagram: @bjgaddour

This podcast is brought to you by the critically acclaimed AT&T original series KINGDOM. The true-to-life MMA drama tells the story of a retired mixed martial arts fighter turned trainer struggling to keep his gym running and his family united. KINGDOM returns to AUDIENCE Network May 31st at 8pm ET/PT, available on DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse and streaming on DIRECTV NOW.

May 24 2017



Episode 38 - SweatCast: Mark Bell

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Mark is the co-host of the super popular podcast Mark Bell’s PowerCast. He’s also the patent-holding inventor of several game-changing fitness products including the Sling Shot and the Hip Circle.

The topics covered include:
- Mark’s days as a professional wrestler
- Mark’s record-breaking powerlifting career
- The Jacked and Tan lifestyle
- What it means to be a “Meathead Millionaire”

Follow Mark on IG: @marksmellybell
Follow BJ on IG: @bjgaddour

May 15 2017

1hr 49mins


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By PodcastJunkie17 - Apr 06 2019
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Great podcast BJ. Love the interviews and the new short-tip format as well. You’re a fountain of practical knowledge. Really appreciate what you’re doing!


By Adritron - Jun 05 2017
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I'm a millennial and got into the men's health magazine because of my father. Now that times are changing, I haven't gotten many of the magazines. Thankfully, I found this podcast. Being on the road for at least 3-4 hours daily, there isn't much to do! This podcast has inspired me to get back into shape, and also daily knowledge