Cover image of Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

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The world's best the mix! Over 350 thousand subscribers and 4 million monthly listeners! Featuring mixes in genres such as drum and bass, bass music, future bass, electro house, techno, lounge, moombahton, reggae and dubstep.

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The world's best the mix! Over 350 thousand subscribers and 4 million monthly listeners! Featuring mixes in genres such as drum and bass, bass music, future bass, electro house, techno, lounge, moombahton, reggae and dubstep.

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Music Won’t play

Can't see the list!

By italy21178 - Feb 07 2014
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Good mixes but the description is so long I can barely see the episode list

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By Kxkdkdkdkkc - May 04 2018
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Music Won’t play

Can't see the list!

By italy21178 - Feb 07 2014
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Good mixes but the description is so long I can barely see the episode list
Cover image of Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

Latest release on Oct 09, 2014

The Best Episodes Ranked Using User Listens

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Rank #1: #177 - Electro House Mix - Cappa Regime

Podcast cover
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Cappa Regime is a creative collective composed of Jake Kasheta, Shane Sherzai, Richard Nash (Rykr), Rob Enea (Erratic), and Charlie Doughan. With complementary production skills and a mastery of instruments ranging from piano to drums to guitar, they are endeavoring to break out of the "banger" soundscape that EDM has constructed for itself.

In the studio, they aren't confined to a single genre, and channel influences as disparate as The Isley Brothers and E­40. They produce melodic, expectation ­defying tracks to keep bodies moving and fresh minds blown. This year, Cappa Regime played a West Coast tour culminating in a play at Coachella, and were also chosen to play at EDC Las Vegas and Beyond Wonderland. Their live show is an energetic amalgamation of many dance genres; they integrate urban, vintage, and modern electronic dance elements throughout, so it has something for everyone.

Their most recent remix of James Egbert’s Exit Wounds was endorsed by the artist, and hailed as “brilliant” by They also just released a 2 track EP with Play Me Records. Constantly creating new content, they plan on releasing collaborations with Nina Sung and Del The Funky Homosapien (one of his first electronic collaborations since his work with Gorillaz) in spring of 2014.


Cappa Regime - Dr. Feelgood (Play Me Records)

Cappa Regime - Somebody Somewhere (Play Me Records)

Cappa Regime - So Retro

Cappa Regime - Phunk

Cappa Regime - Cali Girls

Cappa Regime - After The Disco

James Egbert - Exit Wounds (Cappa Regime Remix)

Aug 06 2014


Rank #2: #179 - Bass Music Mix - Decadon

Podcast cover
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1. Decadon - Planet Decadon (Original Mix)

2. Decadon & Treyy G - Punch Out (Original Mix)

3. Decadon feat. Matt Levesque - Alive (Original Mix)

4. Decadon And The Canzirri Project - Casino (VIP Mix)

5. Decadon - Takeover (Original Mix)

6. Decadon - Mix It Up (Original Mix)

7. Decadon - Hard Hittin' (Original Mix)

8. Decadon - If You Don't Mind (Original Mix) UNRELEASED

9. Decadon And AOWL - Breaking (Original Mix)

10. Decadon - Crack Your Cranium (Original Mix)

11. Decadon And AOWL - Dat Flow (Original Mix)

12. Decadon - Stratosphere (Original Mix)

13. Decadon - Dream Breaker (Original Mix)

14. Decadon feat. Cameron Cannon - Chasing Dreams (Original Mix)

15. Decadon - Rewired (Original Mix)

16. Decadon - Firecracker (Original Mix) UNRELEASED

Aug 10 2014


Rank #3: #178 - Drum and Bass Mix - Body & Soul

Podcast cover
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The D&B duo Body & Soul have been dedicated to the dance floor-smashing beats their audience loves them for since their introduction into the scene many years ago. For Body & Soul though the ability to keep crossing musical (and mental) borders, experimenting with different musical genres and throwing in new sounds to create something just a little different from your usual drum and bass anthem is essential. The outfit has become known for their versatile and unprecedented sounds that wow ravers all over the globe and attract new audiences everywhere they go.

Since their debut in 2004 Body & Soul have been honing their abilities in creating music that at once both adheres to and subverts the traditional definition of the term ‘Drum & Bass’; a dystopian sound that for all its aggression and energy carries that distinct Body & Soul eccentricity and melody throughout. Having toyed with the idea of an album project for a number of years, the duo are now ready to release their debut long-player Rebirth: the most diverse, free-form and comprehensive exponent of the Body & Soul sound to date.


1. Body&Soul feat. MC Daxta – Just A Story (Mainframe)

→ Body&Soul – Iridiscent (Mainframe)

2. Naked Fish feat. MC Delight – Better Day (Body&Soul Remix) (Mainframe)

3. Optiv & BTK – Tapout (Dispatch)

4. Body&Soul – The Puppets (Mainframe)

5. Body&Soul – Neighborhood (Mainframe)

6. Body&Soul And Fourward – Carnage (Virus)

7. Body&Soul – Chemicalz (Nasca)

8. BTK – Drop It - Optiv & BTK Remix (Dutty)

9. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic (Nasca)

10. Body&Soul – Stir Up (Mainframe)

11. Fourward – Street Knowledge (Audio Porn)

12. Body&Soul – Auto Sequence (Mainframe)

13. Body&Soul – Rebirth (Mainframe)

14. Body&Soul – Thing On A Spring (Mainframe)

15. Body&Soul And Camo&Krooked – The Big Rush (Nasca)

16. Mindscape – Ultrasonik (Mainframe)

17. Body&Soul – Pop Some (Mainframe)

18. Body&Soul – Under The Radar (Mainframe)

19. Body&Soul – Hydraulic (Mainframe)

20. Body&Soul And Defilla – These Side (Mainframe)

Aug 09 2014


Rank #4: #175 - Electro House Mix - Ryan Enzed

Podcast cover
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Ryan Enzed is New Zealand’s number one ranked Electro-House DJ. From humble beginnings as a self-taught music producer Enzed has stormed his way into the EDM scene.

Enzed’s success originated via his cult Youtube channel “nzmusic101.” Since its inception Enzed’s easy going approach to teaching music production, coupled with his trademark kiwi accent, has won over 28,000 subscribers and attracted almost 5 million views.

Building upon his established Youtube fan base Enzed has released multiple charting singles on Beatport. His tracks are known for their melodic yet aggressive approach. Tracks like ‘FTCA’ as well as collaborations with other EDM stars like Alex Mind and FTAMPA climbed quickly into Beatport’s top 20. Enzed’s best known track, his remix of Porter Robinson’s “I’m on Fire” was an instant hit in the EDM community. His remixes are sought after and have included releases on the Ministry of Sound New Zealand.

Enzed is also a successful DJ. He has played alongside many of EDM’s big names. He opened for Feed Me on his NZ tour and supported Lazy Rich, Mord Fustang, Far Too Loud and Cold Blank. Enzed has featured at many of New Zealand’s biggest dance parties with major international acts like David Guetta, Zedd, Cedric Gervais Hard Rock Sofa and What So Not. He is currently a resident DJ at Auckland's number 1 nightclub CODE where you can catch him there every weekend playing anything from bumpin' electro to Melbourne Bounce.


1. Minero - Electromancer (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

2. Alex Mind & Ryan Enzed - Let It Go feat. Sue Cho (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

3. Robert Firth - Preacher (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

4. Ryan Enzed & Holly-J - Get With It (Original Mix) - Free Download

5. Ryan Enzed - My House (Original Mix) - Free Download

6. Ryan Enzed & FTampa - Brazealand (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

7, Ryan Enzed feat. Tiger K - Never Again (Original Mix) - Dim Mak Recordings

8. Ryan Enzed & Vodge Diper - Reckless (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

9 The Odd Chaps feat. JACQ - Wisdome (Rowe & Gardner Remix) - Enzed Recordings

Jul 25 2014


Rank #5: #174 - Drum and Bass Mix - NYMFO

Podcast cover
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A true DJ at heart with many years experience under his belt, Dutch DJ/producer Nymfo has established himself as a strong presence in the Drum and Bass scene with his skills in the studio as well as on the decks. Standout singles for Commercial Suicide, Metalheadz and Critical Modulations have made his name synonymous with tough, techno-tinged dancefloor drum & bass, adding to a reputation built at his own nights Red Zone and Breek in Eindhoven. In 2012 he pushed his sound and profile further with his debut album 'Characters' on Commercial Suicide.

Twice voted ‘Best Dutch DJ’ in the past few years, Amsterdam-based Nymfo (aka Bardo Camp) may be no newcomer to drum & bass but has recently established himself amongst its most promising production talents. With a versatile and infectious style, his tracks have already won support across the scene from the likes of Goldie, Friction, Fabio, Hype, BSE, Teebee, Klute, Doc Scott, S.P.Y, Commix, Kasra, Logistics and more


01. Nymfo - Suddenly VIP (Commercial Suicide)

02. Nymfo & Proxima - Headless Housefly (Frequency Recordings)

03. Nymfo - Matchstick (Commercial Suicide)

04. Nymfo - Resolve (Commercial Suicide)

05. Nymfo - Off The Radar (Project51)

06. Icicle & Nymfo - Shadows Of Tomorrow (Critical Recordings)

06. Nymfo - Whenever You Need Me (C.I.A. Records)

07. Nymfo - Woodpecker (Innerground Recordings)

08. Nymfo - Headbangers Ball (Commercial Suicide)

09. Nymfo - Social Isolation (31 Records)

10. Nymfo & Cern - Proton Pack (Project51)

11. Nymfo & Menace - Drunk Funk (Samurai Music)

12. Nymfo - Flying Fortress (SOM Music)

13. Icicle & Nymfo - Franky Mountain (RAM Records)

14. Nymfo - Under Fire (Commercial Suicide)

15. Nymfo - Trackball (Innerground Recordings)

16. Nymfo & Proxima - Knock Knock (Frequency Recordings)

17. Nymfo - Recollection (Dispatch Recordings)

18. Nymfo - Try To Forget (Critical Modulations)

19. Nymfo - Sidewise In Time (C.I.A. DeepKut)

20. Maduk & Nymfo - Like This (Liquicity)

21. Black Sun Empire & Nymfo - Kempi (BSE Recordings)

22. Black Sun Empire & Nymfo - Battlefish (Commercial Suicide)

23. Nymfo & MC Fava - Bi Polar (Commercial Suicide)

Jul 15 2014


Rank #6: #173 - Trap Mix - GAWTBASS

Podcast cover
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GAWTBASS is 22 years old, dedicating his life to his music production. He grew up in Chicago and has traveled the world landing him in places such as Florida, Utah, England and now he settles in Colorado. He grew up and picked up his first instrument at age 7, the Cello. He played for years traveling the world until 14 he picked up many more instruments including Guitar, Drums & Bass. He was a music teacher for a year before traveling to find his real purpose which was found in a small town in Colorado where he started his producing of Bass music. He is now growing very fast in the EDM world and will continue to grow as he continues his production & live performances.


GAWTBASS & Creaky Jackals - Nightfall

Aero Chord & GAWTBASS - Secret

GAWTBASS - London feat. The Fusionest

GAWTBASS & DZI - Soldier

GAWTBASS & Sykotix - Games

GAWTBASS - Systematic


GAWTBASS - Sum Of Dat feat. SoLo

GAWTBASS & Duwell - Resurrection

GAWTBASS - Surreal

GAWTBASS & DZI - Two Steps Ahead feat. SoLo

GAWTBASS - Brain Dead

GAWTBASS & Sampul - Eastern Assassin

GAWTBASS - Let It Roll feat. Reakt!on

Jul 14 2014


Rank #7: #172 - Drum and Bass Mix - Borderline

Podcast cover
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New Zealand born Rich Gibbins is the face behind the production / dj force that is Borderline.

With a discography of release’s stretching well beyond his years, show casing a broad spectrum of material on record labels that stand there own ground.

You can find material on Project 51, Dispatch Recordings, SOM Music, Optiv’s Redlight Recordings, BTK’s Dutty Audio & Samurai Music just to name a few.

Fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the underground dance music culture Borderline stamps his name in bold letters in 2014 with his debut album ‘ Flashes of the Future ‘ releasing on State of Minds imprint SOM Music.

The Full Length CD of 12 tracks of accomplished drum and bass. From the darker end to the liquid minimal tip, it’s all there. The LP features stellar vocal contributions plus a cameo from State of Mind themselves.

Feelings, a vocal collaboration taken from the LP with vocalist Bailey Wiley gaining creditable plays on Air New Zealand flights, winning The Audience wildcard chart award for the month of December and featuring on the June serious of NZ ON AIR ‘Kiwi Hit Disc’.

Borderline has no sign of letting up in 2014 pushing his production boundaries with material already confirmed to expand his catalogue to greater heights, only adding to the arsenal of tracks that lure people to clubs and festivals from around the globe.

Keep yourself informed on the name that is Borderline, he is setting the benchmark for underground dance music.


1. Borderline - Feelings feat. Bailey Wiley - SOM Music

2. Borderline & Subtension - Reaction - Samurai Music

3. Borderline - Things I Need - SOM Music

4. Borderline - Turn Over - SOM Music

5. Borderline & Safire - Rebellion - Dispatch Recordings

6. Borderline & Dose - Outspoken - Anodyne Audio

7. Borderline & Menace - Wiseguy - SOM Music

8. Borderline - Convenience - SOM Music

9. Borderline - Two Sides - Syndrome Audio

10. Borderline feat. Mc Fava - Immortal Soul - SOM Music

11. Borderline - See Thru - Dutty Audio

12. Borderline - Flash Bang - Dutty Audio

13. Borderline feat. Jabz Mc - Air Tight - Free Download

14. Borderline - Synthetic Man - SOM Music

15. Borderline - Meteorite VIP - SOM Music

16. Borderline - Colossus - SOM Music

17. Borderline - Edge Of Space - SOM Music

18. Borderline & State Of Mind - Square One - SOM Music

19. Borderline - Flashes Of The Future - SOM Music

20. Borderline & Hooves - Rockhop - SOM Music

21. Borderline feat. Coppa - The Watch - SOM Music

Jun 22 2014


Rank #8: #171 - Electro House Mix - Rush Cobra

Podcast cover
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Rush Cobra has a unique style loaded with energy and bass, and he is part of the electro house elite in Mexico. He has shared the stage with artists like Cyber Punkers, Belzebass, G Tronic, Mustard Pimp ,Pelussje, Vicarious Bliss, Cold Blank. Jumbo, Silverio and many many more.


Knight Of Rhythm - Funky (Rush Cobra Remix) DIGITAL COMPLEX REC.

Rush Cobra - El Taiger (Original Mix) GOLD CORE REC.

Rush Cobra - Rawr (Original Mix) ROCKFORCE REC.

Rush Cobra & Electroshock - Seven Teen (Original Mix) TERS MUSIC.

Rush Cobra - Right Meow (Bazttek Remix) DIGITAL EMPIRE REC.

Old Dirty Bass Line - Gaz Mask & Black Pants (Rush Cobra Remix) DIGITAL EMPIRE REC.

Hot Shit! - Laser Attack (Original Mix) DIGITAL EMPIRE REC

Lazy Rich & Hirshee - Damage Control (Enrique Navarrete Remix) COC4INE.

Rush Cobra - Seil (Original Mix) DIGITAL EMPIRE REC.

Jun 19 2014


Rank #9: #157 - Bass Music Mix - Hermitude

Podcast cover
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Hermitude are an award-winning electronic production duo hailing from Sydney. Over the past 12 months their profile has exploded off the back of their Australian Music Prize-winning album HyperParadise. They have fast become one of Australia’s most in-demand touring acts as well as an increasingly busy international schedule.

In September 2011 they released the summery monster single ‘Speak of the Devil’, landing it in the triple j Hottest 100 and earning them a j Award for Australian Music Video of the Year. The single was quickly snapped up internationally by Regal/Parlophone (UK).

Their album HyperParadise charted in the Australian Top 40 winning an AIR Award for Best Dance/Electronic Release and picking up nominations for two ARIA Awards (Best Dance Release/ Best Video) among others.

The duo released the Parallel Paradise Remix EP in June featuring Flume’s remix of HyperParadise. The tune has racked up millions of Youtube and Soundcloud plays and is certified platinum in Australia.

After multiple sell-out tours and major festival appearances Hermitude have turned their attention to their growing international fanbase signing a global publishing deal with Sony/ATV and beginning work on their next album.


Hermitude - Sloucho Darx (Hermitude VIP Remix)

The Presets - Ghosts (Hermitude Trapped In Heaven Remix)

Hermitude - All Of You

Hermitude - Get In My Life

Hermitude - The Villain

Hermitude - The Hunt

Flume - Holdin On (Hermitude Remix)

Hermitude - Speak Of The Devil

Hermitude - HyperParadise

Apr 10 2014


Rank #10: #156 - Electro House Mix - Owl Vision

Podcast cover
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Dark cinematic soundscapes.

Powerful majestic beats.

Swedish death electro.

Owl Vision is the project of Gothenburg, Sweden’s Johannes Arnesson who creates dark, powerful melodies and basslines. What started as experimenting and sampling records to produce hip hop beats soon grew into what he calls, ”Death Electro”.

The original productions as well as the remixes for other artists are spreading succesfully through blogs and online stores all over the globe. Owl Vision have, for instance, had music featured in famous TV series SKINS, been chosen ”Unsigned Hype” by Kissy Sellout on BBC Radio 1, done official remixes for In Flames, Toxic Avenger, Adam Tensta among others and reached the top 10 on The Hype Machine popular chart several times.

Named after his first EP in 2008, Owl Vision created the label Comorbid Records, a company that now releases various artists and has it’s base in Gothenburg.

Having played all the biggest festivals and venues in Sweden (Way Out West, Arvika Festival, Dans Dakar, Emmaboda Festival, Debaser, etc) and sharing stage with artists such as: Gesaffelstein, Noisia, Kill The Noise, Congorock, Breakbot, Mord Fustang, Style Of Eye, Toxic Avenger and many more, Owl Vision is now touring Europe and soon the world.


1. Owl Vision - Dystopia (Comorbid Records)

2. Owl Vision - Myths (Comorbid Records)

3. Owl Vision - Holy Shit (Comorbid Records)

4. Owl Vision - Kommak (Comorbid Records)

5. Owl Vision - Witchcraft (Comorbid Records)

6. Owl Vision - Kill Me Now (Comorbid Records)

7. Owl Vision - Lightshy (Comorbid Records)

8. Owl Vision - Dear Evil (Comorbid Records)

9. Owl Vision - Devilish (Comorbid Records)

10. Owl Vision - Kill 'em, Fuck 'em, Eat 'em (Comorbid Records)

11. Owl Vision - All Black Everything (Comorbid Records)

Apr 05 2014


Rank #11: #154 - Trap Mix - DDark

Podcast cover
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DDark is a British producer and rapper. DDark is an eclectic artist specializing in a range of genres, from: Hip-Hop, R&B, Grime and Dubstep, to Funky House, Electro and Pop. From as early as five years old, DDark’s passion for music evolved as he began to play musical instruments such as the piano and guitar. Shortly after DDark’s urge to blast through the music scene, DDark featured in a number of well-established pirate radio stations: Mistiq Fm, Heat Fm, Raw UK, Jam Hot and De Ja Vu (just to list a few). Once DDark’s exposure had reached its high, global, world-wide-known stations and DJ’s such as, BBC 1xtra’s DJ Cameo, Mary-Anne Hobbs, DJ Logan and Kiss FM, were keen to have DDark feature on their shows.

DDark has also featured on many underground songs such as ‘On The Block’ and ‘Tempations’, which was broadcasted on Channel U, Flava and MTV Base. DDark has also produced a mass amount of beats for loads of different types of artists. In addition, DDark was responsible for the explosive underground Instrumental ‘Misson Riddim’. DDark has also performed at huge events/festivals such as reading festival, wireless festival.

In 2013 DDark signed to Uptempo Records which will be releasing his forthcoming singles and EP.


1. Aerochord feat. DDark - Shooting Stars

2. DDark - Who Dat

3. Aero Chord - Ctrl Alt Destruction

4. Aero Chord & Yuki - No Half Steppin

5. DDark feat. Tafrob - Chasing

6. DDark - Crazy Bitch

7. DDark - Stay On Top

8. DDark - Sticks & Stones

9. DDark - All Day Everyday

10. DDark - Dope As Fuck

11. DDark - There Is Only One

Mar 24 2014


Rank #12: #150 - Trap Mix - Nostalgia

Podcast cover
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Minneapolis-native Nostalgia is one of the latest new additions to Play Me Record's artist stable with their tunes being supported Modestep, Vaski and Reid Speed.


1. Nostalgia - Bad Machine (The Other Side VIP) - CORRUPTION EP, FEB 28th

2. Nostalgia - Earringer - DUB

3. Nostalgia - Grape Ape - King Koopa EP

4. Nostalgia - Fistful Of Dollars - Drifeat. Gap EP

5. Nostalgia - Planets - DUB

6. Nostalgia - Corruption - Corruption EP, FEB 28th

7. Carvar & Clock - Blakka - Free Download

8. Nostalgia - Data Line - Free Download

9. Nostalgia - The Machine - Drifeat. Gap EP

10. Nostalgia - Drifeat. Gap - Drifeat. Gap EP

11. ??? - LT (Nostalgia Remix) - DUB

12. Carvar & Clock - Racket - Free Download

13. Nostalgia - The Hero VIP - Free Download

14. Nostalgia - Serious Coin VIP - King Koopa EP

15. Nostalgia - Regime - Corruption EP

16. Nostalgia - Now Listen - Corruption EP

17. Nostalgia & Sentry - ??? - DUB

Mar 07 2014


Rank #13: #141 - Drum and Bass Mix - Command Strange

Podcast cover
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Hailing from the sunny land of Kazakhstan musician and producer Alexey Fuifanov, now based in Saint Petersburg, better known as Command Strange has already become a household name for all lovers of musical side of drum and bass. Having got acquainted with jungle in the tender age of 7 it didn’t take a while for him to get into production. Developing and improving his sound and being only 16 years old Command Strange released his first tunes. Sweet melodic productions full of positive vibes equipped by beautiful soul, jazzy and funky samples quickly gained support from scene’s heavyweights like LTJ Bukem, Marky, Goldie, Bryan G, JJ Frost, A Sides, Hype, Fabio & Grooverider, Crissy Criss, Friction, Artificial Intelligence, Netsky, EZ Rollers, Bailey and others with regular airplay on BBC RADIO 1 and across plenty of web radio stations. After successful singles on Have-A-Break and Fokuz in the beginning of 2010 Command Strange unsurprisingly has been offered an album deal for Fokuz. In November 2010 «Soul Booster» LP described by Kmag as «some of the lushest beats you can imagine» saw a light of the day. Alexey continues to experiment with his sound, somewhat deviating from the usual tasty liquid funk grooves and bringing his vision of jump up, techy and new school areas that can already be seen in the published in late 2011 second solo album "Episode 91" on the same Fokuz Recordings and vinyl singles on Grid and Integral Records.

2012-2013 saw Command Strange changing a focus and broadening a spectrum of his production even more into tight new school beats with rough and nasty basslines. Releases on Horizons, Integral and V Records including a massive achievement in a form of dirty deep roller written with Artificial Intelligence for Metalheadz Platinum cemented Command Strange's position as one of the most promising and versatile producers on the scene.

Currently, being only 22 years old, Alexey has over 100 released tracks under his belt including more than 35 vinyl releases. With forthcoming releases on V Records, Innerground, Horizons Music, Good Looking, Chronic, Fokuz, Integral, Eastside, Celsius, Antillectual Beats and some other labels in the pipeline Command Strange is undoubtedly a name to watch in the years ahead.


1. A Sides & MC Fats - Temperature Rising (Command Strange Remix) - Eastside Dub

2. L Side - Reach Out - Chronic

3. Command Strange & Artificial Intelligence - Mad One (feat Jamakabi) - Metalheadz

4. Command Strange - The Croc - Integral Dub

5. Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - Unpredictably - Dub

6. Boosta & Atmos T - All My Love - Liquid V

7. A Sides & Fats - The Moment (SPY Remix)

8. Command Strange - Disco Ball - Chronic Dub

9. Lynx, Terry, Tiptoe & Fats - Nothing More

10. Command Strange - 1000% ACID - Innerground Dub

11. Bladerunner - Lock Off - Chronic Dub

12. Command Strange & Fats - Brand New Style - V Records

13. Command Strange - Hyperbug - Horizons Music

14. Saxxon - Only One

15. XRS & Fats - Lovin (Random Movement Remix)

Jan 09 2014


Rank #14: #134 - Bass Music Mix - SPAG HEDDY

Podcast cover
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Spag Heddy is the Dutch Bass producing mastermind from the beautiful city of Utrecht, Netherlands. Signed to Kypski, DUSTLA and Play Me, Spag Heddy is one of the few that has actually managed to evolve the dubstep sound onwards. And doing that in a time that most of us have described as a dubstep downturn after its rise to the mainstream in 2009-2012. That's quite a feat and he's doing it well with a fresh and original sound. He's in the mix for us now, tune in and let me know what you think about it in YouTube's new comments section.


1. Spag Heddy - Spunk Moovs

2. Spag Heddy - Overdose

3. Spag Heddy - Snuk Peasers

4. Spag Heddy - - Exclusive

5. Spag Heddy - Chewbacka

6. Spag Heddy - For This Moment

7. Hummz - Fly Away (Spag Heddy Remix)

8. Spag Heddy - Bunga!

9. Spag Heddy - Flying Monster

10. Spag Heddy - Ferocious

11. Nobody Beats The Drum - Blood On My Hands (Spag Heddy Remix)

12. Spag Heddy - RAGE

13. Spag Heddy - Emily May

14. Reid Speed X Proper Villains - We Love The Blunts (Spag Heddy Remix)

15. Bone N Skin - On Fire (Spag Heddy Remix)

16. Spag Heddy X DESH - Still Raggamuffin

17. Spag Heddy - - Exclusive

18. Spag Heddy - Mariposa

Nov 08 2013


Rank #15: #122 - Techno Mix - Animals In Cage

Podcast cover
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The first edition of the Panda Techno Mix Show! And what a wild one it is. Wild in the animalistic sense as we have French Techno-heavyweights Animals In Cage as our first guest...

Remember the olden days where predators still lurked in the undergrowth and furry carnivores fed legends? These creatures have recently invaded the city to horrify the dark clubs by their screams, perpetuating the mystery of urban legends. Devastating beats, wild kicks and transcendent melodies, don't resist to the call of the wild of Animals in Cage.


Animals In Cage - Jackdaws Attack (Original Mix)

Animals In Cage - Mediascum (Original Mix)

Animals In Cage - Disco Motion (Original Mix)

Animals In Cage - Rabid Monkey (Original Mix)

Animals In Cage - Caged Animals (Original Mix)

Animals In Cage - Firewoaks Part.1 (Original Mix)

Kobbe, Balthazar & JackRock - La Puneta (Animals In Cage Remix)

Animals In Cage - Trash House (Original Mix)

Ben Blash - Stalker (Animals In Cage Remix)

Animals In Cage - We Are... (Original Mix)

Animals In Cage - Terrorist (Original Mix)

Aug 30 2013


Rank #16: #119 - Drum and Bass Mix - Jaydan

Podcast cover
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Panda presents Jaydan. Hailing from Leicester, Jaydan has had a fascination for drum and bass ever since he first heard it years ago. Getting into DJing over 15 years ago, he secured a spot playing back-to-back at a Formation Records night and wanted to become a part of the UK's burgeoning jump up scene. After a decade of DJing, he started producing and released his first tracks on Propaganda, Ganja Records and doing collaborations with Original Sin.

His tracks have been heavily supported by most major names in the scene such as Roni Size, DJ Die, Clipz, Marky, Hype, Goldie and Total Science while receiving regular airplay on Crissy Criss' legendary 1Xtra show. In 2007, Jaydan launched his own imprint entitled Smokin' Riddims with all of its releases to date charting in BBC Radio One's Drum and Bass chart.

Long story short, this is one of the biggest names in jump up drum n bass and he's exclusively in the mix for us on the Panda Drum & Bass Mix Show.

P.S. Jaydan's latest "Journeys EP" is out now on Playaz and features the massive intro track to this mix "Thrillseekers". Go get it!


Jaydan - Outlaw Rmx (Forthcoming Smokin Riddims)

Majistrate - Step Up (Jaydan RMX VIP) (Exclusive)

Sub Zero - Your Flex (Majistrate Rmx) (Playaz)

Original Sin - Superman (Playaz)

Jaydan - 40HZ Crew (Smokin Riddims)

Majistrate - Bumbaclot (Low Down Deep)

Aesthetics - Villains (Forthcoming Smokin Riddims)

Konichi - What can we do (Smokin Riddims)

Jaydan - Superhero (Smokin Riddims)

Majistrate - Hibernate (Low Down Deep)

Cabin Fever - Just Hold On (Smokin Riddims)

Decimal Bass & Konichi - machinery (Jaydan RMX) (Tripswitch)

Jaydan - Driller Killer (Annix Rmx) (Playaz)

Jaydan - Wonkey (Smokin Riddims)

P.A - The Shogun (Muzic Hertz)

Jaydan - 1952 (Playaz)

Jaydan - Late Night Drive (Playaz)

Jaydan - Phantom Killer (Smokin Riddims)

Jaydan - Day of The Dead (Smokin Riddims)

Hazard - Time Tripping (Playaz)

Aug 05 2013


Rank #17: #114 - Electro House Mix - Barely Alive

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Panda presents electro house duo Barely Alive. Hailing from Massachusetts, United States, Barely Alive has been on a roll lately. Signed to Dirty Duck Audio, they have been releasing slammer after slammer. Branching out from just electro house, the Gold Top remix of their massive "Killer In You" took the trap scene by storm and many more cross-genre remixes and collabs will soon follow.

Be sure to check them out featured on EDM Spotlight's latest Compilation 2 album which is out soon! Now, tune in to the mix and let me know what you think of Barely Alive in the comments below!


01. Barely Alive - Spitball

02. Barely Alive - ?? (Exclusive)

03. STRFKR - While I'm Alive (Barely Alive Remix)

04. Dirtyrock & Barely Alive - L.A. Woman

05. Barely Alive - Killer In You (Gold Top Remix)

06. Barely Alive - Killer In You VIP

07. Barely Alive & Spock - ?? (Exclusive)

Jun 26 2013


Rank #18: #113 - Bass Music Mix - DKS

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Panda presents DKS. The 20-year old producer from London has been producing for awhile but has only recently been starting to get mainstream exposure after his track "I Know" debuted on MistaJam's 1Xtra show. Subsequently "Can't Get Enough" and many of his other tracks were played on Skream & Benga's BBC Radio One show. He has also been doing collaborations with producers like Datsik and Mojo and remixing Emalkay. After the last few year's influx of screeching dubstep, DKS shows there's still a fresh sound in dubstep after all, and he's the one to push it. Tune in and let's hear it for DKS!


1. Emalkay - Bring it Down (DKS Remix)

2. DKS & Mojo - A Different State ft. Katies' Ambition

3. DKS - Lose My Mind

4. DKS - String Theory

5. DKS - I Know

6. DKS - Be Your World

7. DKS & Buchan - Round Two

8. DKS - Monster

9. DKS - Blame

10. DKS & Buchan - Next to You

11. Kaskade - All You (Bytesize & DKS Remix)

12. DKS - Can't Get Enough VIP

13. Datsik & DKS - Deep End

Jun 25 2013


Rank #19: #109 - Bass Music Mix - Shimon

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'Transitions' LP is OUT NOW!

Only the best tempo changing bass music tracks!


AudioPorn Store:


The only defining constant of the world we live in today is the need for continuous evolution. Mirroring this, our collective tastes in music similarly demands adaptation and re-evaluation, pausing for breath at a moment’s notice before moving on for pastures new, our musical sensibilities, and the defining manifestation of this transition.

This is something we at Audioporn Records fully endorse through our output, with each release a reflection of this diversity, no matter which artist or what tempo. With this in mind, it makes sense that moving into our sixth year since our inception in 2007, our first full long player should incorporate and celebrate this ethos, each track bearing the signature tempo-change.

Featuring a plethora of previously unreleased material and a selection of favourites from a collection of forward-thinking artists, both affiliated with our label and appearing for the first time, ‘Transitions’ is the perfect snapshot of the wide variety of styles and flavours that Audioporn Records encompasses. Featuring heavyweights such as Noisia, Excision & Datsik, Camo & Krooked, and Dirtyphonics; label flag-bearers Shimon, Xilent, High Maintenance, Fourward, Dilemn, and a host of others; each track enabled as the perfect DJ resource for crossover multi-genre mixes. Our most ambitious and kaleidoscopic project to date, Audioporn is very proud to present only the best tempo changing bass music tracks, with the ‘Transitions’ LP.


1. Xilent - Clear Your Mind

2. Tha New Team - Mosh Pit (Ft. Youthstar)

3. James Marvel & Shimon - Ice Block

4. Xilent - Do It

5. Mediks - Terminal (Ft. Texas)

6. Dilemn - Monster

7. Xilent - Boss Wave (Tha New Team Remix)

8. Xilent - Boss Wave (James Marvel Remix)

9. Fourward - Streetknowledge

10. DisasZt - Till The Sun Comes Up

11. Camo & Krooked - History Of The Future

12. Mediks - Blown Away (Ft. Astronaut)

13. Sparfunk & Shimon - Snake Charmer

14. Fourward - Mudlark

15. Tha Trickaz - Kill It, F*ck It

16. Naked Fish - Black Cloud VIP (Ft. Delight)

17. High Maintenance - Take The Pain Away (Ft. Melissa Pixel)

18. Fourward - Aftermath (Ft. Youthstar)

19. Sparfunk - Blazin' Jazz

20. Dilemn - Transitions

21. Teknian - Ruff (Koven Remix)

22. Xilent - Boss Wave (Teddy Killerz Remix)

23. Mustache Riot & We Bang - Creepy Unkle

May 12 2013


Rank #20: #104 - Dubstep Mix - Pegboard Nerds

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The story of Pegboard Nerds starts 20 years ago, when the Scandinavian duo Alex and Michael, hailing from Denmark and Norway, started producing music individually. They ghost-produced over 100 tracks and remixed over 200 all across genres like Techno, House, Eurodance, Electro and Trance.

In 2005, Alex and Michael joined together and started to write tunes as Pegboard Nerds. It's been quite a storm since then. They're currently touring the world and will be featured at the legendary Global Gathering Festival this year.


Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct

Pegboard Nerds - Close Encounter

Pegboard Nerds - Rocktronik

Pegboard Nerds - Lawless

Pegboard Nerds - Fire in the Hole

Pegboard Nerds - Bun Dem (Remix)

Pegboard Nerds - 20K

Pegboard Nerds - Pressure Cooker

MSD featuring Jillian Ann - Quiet Riot (Pegboard Nerds Remix)

Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected

Krewella - Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix)

Pegboard Nerds - Revenge of the Nerds

Mar 21 2013