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Modern Combat & Survival | Tactical Firearms | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat Training

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Bullets, beans & band-aids baby! Oh yeah! If you love AR's, Glocks and freedom, then the Modern Combat & Survival podcast is for you. Each week, Jeff Anderson and his rag-tag team of hairy-backed mooks bring you "no b.s." tips, tricks, and tactics you can put to use right away from the world's top experts on tactical firearms training, urban survival, escape & evasion, and close quarters combat self defense. Plus - be sure to join us at for our free digital magazine and podcast freebie bonuses.

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Bullets, beans & band-aids baby! Oh yeah! If you love AR's, Glocks and freedom, then the Modern Combat & Survival podcast is for you. Each week, Jeff Anderson and his rag-tag team of hairy-backed mooks bring you "no b.s." tips, tricks, and tactics you can put to use right away from the world's top experts on tactical firearms training, urban survival, escape & evasion, and close quarters combat self defense. Plus - be sure to join us at for our free digital magazine and podcast freebie bonuses.

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Thank you

By m.b.riley - Apr 02 2020
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Thanks for this Jeff. Doing awesome listened to all of them, keep up the hard work.

Are you Guys done?

By jd01440 - Sep 07 2019
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Hi, Have you guys stopped putting up podcasts?

iTunes Ratings

303 Ratings
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Thank you

By m.b.riley - Apr 02 2020
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Thanks for this Jeff. Doing awesome listened to all of them, keep up the hard work.

Are you Guys done?

By jd01440 - Sep 07 2019
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Hi, Have you guys stopped putting up podcasts?
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Modern Combat & Survival | Tactical Firearms | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat Training

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Rank #1: MCS 136: CIA Gray Man Tactics

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I don't have to tell you that times have changed...

Thanks to the alleged "counterterrorist initiatives" of the government, citizens have been turned against one another to turn in anyone who might be suspected to be a "lone wolf extremists".

Problem is, these "enemies of the state" that the government says to watch out for fits the description of our most patriotic Americans - "preppers", citizens angry with an invasive government, and 2nd Amendment advocates!

In times of crisis, this makes us the most vulnerable to labeling... targeting... and an eventual knock on the door by an armored-up "goon-squad" looking to haul you in.

These new threats require those of us who believe in self-reliance during hard times to be "smarter" about how we prepare... and that means "going gray" (now!) to avoid being a target during times of civil unrest or a collapse.

And this week, former CIA operative, Jason Hanson, has some "field notes" to share with you on exactly how to live "under the radar"...

Here's what you'll discover in this episode...

  • How something as simple as "clothing" helped Jason avoid being kidnapped while on assignment overseas!
  • Developing your own "legend" - your strategic alibi that labels you as "safe", even when you're confronted and accused!
  • How to "case" an area the right way - undercover - so you always have an "escape plan" for any crisis!

We've already seen all the signs of a "police state" in our society and you can bet that things aren't going to get better any time soon.

We have a duty - as patriots - to practice extreme preparedness... and protect our identity in the process!

These tactics are just the start.

Apr 04 2017



Rank #2: MCS 205: Real World Tactical Awareness

Podcast cover
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You hear it all the time in the tactical world...

... "Stay in the 'yellow zone' and be aware of your surroundings!"

But most people just consider this a general state of awareness without actually thinking about the real-world strategies to avoid an ambush attack by a violent predator.

That ends today.

In this week's podcast episode, I'll share 15 "no b.s. tactics" for not only achieving a yellow-zone status that works... but also some fast-action response strategies when your radar confirms "DANGER!"

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • "Tactical Walking 101": 5 techniques that even experienced "sheepdog" protectors fall prey to when traveling in public areas!

  • A new way to look at parking lots... through the eyes of a predator!

  • EXACTLY what to do when you think you're being followed! I'll share how to confirm your suspicion... and then take action!
  • Beyond the gun: Carrying isn't enough.  I'll show you how to back up your bravado with proven, effective prep-work!
  • Why "eye contact" matters... and how to use it to your advantage to stop an attack before it even starts!

The absolute BEST way to survive a violent attack is to never let it happen in the first place.

These strategies are tips you will definitely want to master yourself... and then share with every family member you love! can grab a free "cheat sheet" inside this week's Show Notes at!

Jul 31 2018



Rank #3: MCS 279: Prepping Predictions For 2020

Podcast cover
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The new year - and a new decade - are upon us.

And as it turns out...

...I have some prepping predictions for 2020.

These are serious survival predictions, too.

We've experienced a LOT of threats in the past year...

...And there are a lot more coming up.

Things are really ramping up all the way around the globe.

So which threats are most applicable to you...

...and what will you do about them?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson looks at both what we face, and what the survival industry might offer, in the coming year.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The disturbing reason we'll see more "practical prepping" in the coming year.
  • The HUGE mistake people in the survival industry are making... which is going to put some of them out of business!

  • Why the gear you're buying for survival could FAIL in a long-term emergency.

  • The 5 "collapse scenarios"... all of which are going to GET WORSE!

  • Why the fact that this is an election year presents a unique danger to you and your family.

This is important information... but it isn't all good news.

Listen now to learn what's coming up... and what you should be doing to prepare as we head into the new year.

Dec 31 2019



Rank #4: MCS 189: Bug-Out Retreat Planning (Part 1 of 2)

Podcast cover
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Where's the safest place to be during a natural disaster?

Why "in your home", right?


...unless it isn't!

When you're forced to evacuate for safety ("bug-out"), I see a LOT of people fall for the same old myths and misinformation being trolled out all over the internet.

That's why I'm taking this 2-part podcast series to show you the RIGHT way to plan out your bug-out "survival retreat" so you're not stuck with the rest of the schmoe's scrambling around in a disaster trying to figure out what to do and where to go.

For this week's episode, I need to first bust through the worst mistakes I see people making...

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Myth #1: The "Doomsday Prepper" Plan... that doesn't even work for Doomsday Preppers)!

  • Myth #2: The "Grizzly Adams" Plan (Television producers LOVE this model... and viewers fall for it hook, line, and sinker!)

  • Myth #3: The "Militia" Plan (Better grab your AR's and load up into the Hummer!)

  • Myth #4: The "2nd Home" Plan ("Honey, about the kids' college fund...")

  • Myth #5: The "Rambo" Plan (No red bandana needed, and please... keep your shirt on, ok?)

Before we get to the "Do's" in Part 2 for next week's episode, we first have to ditch the "Don'ts".

Make sure you don't fall for any of these 5 bug-out planning boo-boos!

And can get all the links to these items AND a "cheat sheet" in this week's Show Notes at!

Apr 10 2018



Rank #5: MCS 240: Venezuela Collapse Lessons

Podcast cover
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If you ever want to see what life is like in a post-apocalyptic world, look no further than Venezuela!

With the collapse of this once thriving country's entire economy, a recent collapse of their electrical grid put the entire nation back to the Dark Ages.

Starvation... chaos... looting... disease... death...

Are these all just isolated to other countries that lack the resources we have in our "modern world"?

Maybe not.

In fact, in this week's podcast episode, "grid-down" expert, Jonathan Hollerman, returns to our show to share his personal insights into survival lessons we can all learn from Venezuela's crisis!

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The TRUTH about the U.S. electrical grid! (C'mon... we can't REALLY be as vulnerable as some "3rd world country", right?)
  • Venezuela vs. U.S.:  A side-by-side comparison of what life would REALLY look like in a grid-down blackout!
  • Little-known services and resources most people take for granted that could literally disappear OVERNIGHT with the collapse of our own electrical infrastructure!

  • Beyond food and water: The "OTHER preps" you should consider in your off-the-grid survival plan.
  • Your most critical "next steps" to sleep with confidence that you and your family will be 100% prepared when the lights go out... and STAY out!

The threat is bigger (and closer!) than you think.

These grid-down survival tips will help you prepare for the worst while there's still time.

Apr 02 2019



Rank #6: MCS 206: Best Survival Food Options

Podcast cover
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You see it on the news during any disaster...

... desperate citizens panicking at the grocery store!

We all know that the last place you want to be when a disaster is headed your way is down at the grocery fighting some little old lady for the last box of Pop-Tarts, right?

But do you know the best options for stockpiling your "survival food arsenal"?

Canned goods? Military MRE's? Name-brand "survival food"?

In this week's podcast episode, I'll share the good, bad, and ugly for your best options to feed yourself and your family during a crisis!

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The inconvenient truth about why traditional "homestead" prepping fails instantly at survival food planning! (2 methods never even make it to the contest!)

  • Do you have enough canned goods to get you through a crisis? (Does it even matter?  I'll give you my answer.)

  • The "college prepper" lesson for building out your survival food plan on a shoestring budget!
  • Prep like a soldier... eat like a soldier? Let me tell you how we chowed down in the military when we were in remote areas with no resupply!
  • Why NOW is the best time ever to stock up on my #1 favorite survival food option!

Don't wait until a crisis happens and the crazies are raiding the grocery store!

I'll tell you what to get so you can take action NOW to feel confident in your survival food plan! can grab a free "cheat sheet" inside this week's Show Notes at!

Aug 07 2018



Rank #7: MCS 126: Top 5 Worthless Weapons

Podcast cover
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Some "expert advice" can actually get you KILLED!

Take the topic of "weapons for personal and home defense" for example...

Can you guess which "weapon" is supposedly even better than the option POLICE carry?

Or the one that women are told will fend off a rapist... but could actually hurt her instead?

And what about the "sound" that's so effective, it makes violent home invaders poop their pants?

I'm on a personal mission to dispel these "tactical myths" once and for all with my "Top 5" worthless weapons for personal and home defense.

I'm sure you have your own list of "weapons" you're sick of hearing about as well... so tell us your own rant on the blog!

Jan 17 2017



Rank #8: MCS 229: The CIA Bugout Bag

Podcast cover
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You've probably figured this out by now...

... I'm a "bugout bag junkie"!

There's a reason that the bugout bag serves as the core pillar of any serious survivalist's emergency plan...

It contains all the supplies you'll need to face a short-term crisis, whether you're surviving in place or evacuating to a safer location.

And one of my favorite research tasks is to find out what other survival trainers are doing with their bugout bags based on their own personal backgrounds and experience.

That's why, for this week's podcast episode, I called up my friend (and former CIA "spy") Jason Hanson to get a peek into what he packs in his own bag.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Key components to look for when picking out the perfect bugout bag!
  • What types of "survival food" you should consider packing in your bag for short- and longer-term nourishment!
  • A secret trick to pull clean, drinkable water out of a 1/4" mud puddle!
  • Escape & evasion! Gadgets and gizmos to avoid society's predators when the "rule of law" has gone bye-bye!
  • "Bugout weapons"! What Jason carries to protect his wife and kids during a disaster or crisis!

It's very rare we get a glimpse into the training of one of the government's most secretive agencies.

Compare your own bugout survival gear list with Jason Hanson's and fine-tune your plan now!

Jan 15 2019



Rank #9: MCS 208: Guided Chaos Combative Striking

Podcast cover
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Real "street fights" aren't the pretty, choreographed scenes you see in the blockbuster action movies.

They're chaos!

Without training, that chaos leads to wild punches hoping and praying for a lucky knockout blow that will end the fight quickly.

I don't like relying on "luck".

I'm guessing you don't either, eh?

Well, in this week's podcast episode, LTC. Al Ridenhour, reveals how to generate (and control!) explosive, fight-ending striking power - even in extreme close-quarters environments! 

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Why you already possess all the power you need to take down an attacker even twice your size... and how to tap into it at-will!

  • How to FEEL and ANTICIPATE your attacker's next move so you can strike him where he's open and most vulnerable! (This is going to almost seem like a "magic"... but it's easier than you think!)

  • Why "movement" is so critical in a real street fight... and what to do if mobility is a real problem for you.
  • Smaller? Older? Weaker? Yes, that makes you more likely to be targeted... but LTC. Al will show you how to launch a surprise counterstrike your attacker will never see coming!
  • A simple "guided chaos" training drill to begin tapping into your built-in hand-to-hand superpowers!

Yes, you're more of a badass than you even realize!

And this week you'll be one step closer to walking down any street without fear! can grab a free "cheat sheet" inside this week's Show Notes at!

Aug 21 2018



Rank #10: MCS 188 - Shoot Or Don't Shoot?

Podcast cover
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Some people only seem to learn "the hard way"...

(Like my teenage son and... well... teenage "me" as well, I guess. :-)

But when it comes to your decision to shoot (or not) in a potentially violent encounter, it's always best to learn from other people's mistakes rather than make a move that could land you in jail!

This week I asked my buddy and "stress-shooting" pioneer, Peyton Quinn, to share his research and advice for making that critical decision to pull the trigger when you're confronted by an aggressive individual who you feel is a true threat.

And trust me... from the results of our "Shoot Or Don't Shoot Video Quiz", 79% of concealed carry gun-owners don't make the right decisions.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Vicious "self-defense myths" that too many responsibly-armed citizens fall for - that could ruin the rest of your life!

  • When is it legal to draw - or even show - your weapon to a threat? (The answer may surprise you!)

  • Shooting under stress! What to expect when your heart is in your throat and your hands are trembling like Jell-o!

  • The "Hockey Dad" mistake! (aka - What to do AFTER you've defended yourself from an attack!)

  • Beyond the live-fire range: How to train for the courtroom... WITH your firearm!

This topic is one that's near and dear to my heart as a fellow concealed carry weapon holder... and I'm tired of seeing "good guys/gals with guns" pay the price for not knowing how to make the right decision!

Plus, you can get all the links to these items AND a "cheat sheet" in this week's Show Notes at!

Apr 03 2018



Rank #11: MCS 152: EDC Tactical Knives

Podcast cover
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Ask a dozen "knife experts" what's the best everyday carry knife to carry for self-defense and survival... and you'll get 3 dozen answers!

While what you carry for personal protection is mainly a personal choice, there ARE pros and cons for each class of knife that you need to be aware of BEFORE you have to put it into use.

In this week's broadcast, our resident "knife geek" over here at MCS HQ, Buck Greene, shares his analysis of 5 classes of everyday carry knives you might consider for your own blade arsenal.

Here are the 5 classes of knives we'll review in this week's episode:

  • Tactical folding knives
  • Small fixed-blade knives
  • "Covert" knives
  • Automatic knives
  • Large fixed-blade knives

All blades have their purpose, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

Run your own personal choice through this checklist and let us know what you've chosen in the show notes on our blog!

Jul 25 2017



Rank #12: MCS 270: Tactical Knife DON'Ts

Podcast cover
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Countless prepared citizens carry tactical folding knives.

And that's a problem.

It's a problem because, while there is no one "right" way to carry and use such a knife...

...there are multiple ways to do it wrong.

And while the tactical folding knife is a great tool and a very powerful weapon...

...making certain mistakes with it can get you hurt, killed, or sent to prison.

So how should you be carrying your tactical folder?

What potential problems of the tactical knife have you missed?

And how do you solve these problems and carry your tactical folder with confidence?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene covers 5 "don'ts" of tactical folders, based on his years of experience carrying, using, and writing about these blades.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The OBVIOUS mistake that almost every tactical folding knife owner makes when carrying one (and the surprising reason this is a problem).
  • The screw-up that could make carrying your tactical folder HARDER to deploy in a violent encounter!
  • How to make sure your knife will work when you need it most.

  • The one reason why you have to be EXTRA careful with a shoulder harness for a knife!

  • The most common way that tactical folding knives are "abused" by their owners.

If you're not carrying a tactical folder and it's legal for you to do so, you need to start now.

Just remember the mistakes covered in this episode - so you can avoid making them yourself!

Oct 29 2019



Rank #13: MCS 269: Apt. Vs. Home Defense

Podcast cover
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The problem with a lot of "home defense" advice... that it focuses ONLY on the "home."

By home, we mean, a traditional, stand-alone house. 

But what works for home defense for a standalone structure...

...would be TERRIBLE advice for an apartment or condo!

Not only that, but there really is no "one solution" to a lot of home defense problems.

So how do you tailor your home-defense plan to where (and how) you live?

What preparations can you make NOW that will give you the edge...

...when a gang of thugs tries to kick down your door?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson explains how HE tailored his personal home defense plan for dividing his life between an isolated, rural home in gun-friendly Texas and an urban apartment in gun-hating Illinois.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The surprising reason that you're in MORE danger of a home invasion in one specific type of housing.
  • The simple modification you can make to an apartment to create a much safer "saferoom".
  • Jeff's interesting choice for a home-defense weapon... and why it's not suitable for "apartment living"!

  • The home-invasion defense weapon that BEATS a 12-gauge in multiple situations.

  • How to choose your ammo for maximum effect (and why you DON'T want a certain type of ammo for apartment defense).

No matter what your living situation, you CAN make your dwelling a much "harder target" in a home invasion.

Learn how to prepare now... before thugs with guns are kicking in YOUR door!

Oct 22 2019



Rank #14: MCS 194: Choosing The Best Fighting Knife

Podcast cover
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There's no arguing the point...

... a gun is the "ultimate equalizer" when it comes to personal protection weapons, right?

But nearly every gun-owner I've ever talked to wouldn't be caught dead without ALSO having some kind of knife on them as well.

I mean, you never know when a knife may be your last-ditch survival tool should you pull the trigger and get nothing but a *click*.

But do you know how to choose the best knife for fighting?

Well you will after this week's episode where I talk with famed knife designer and knife-fighting guru, Bram Frank, about tips you can use right away to make sure you're packing the right blade!

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Fixed-blade knives: Pros and cons of selecting a non-opening knife for personal protection! 

  • Choosing the best "fixed blade" for personal carry!

  • How to know if a "combat folder" knife is your best option for self-defense!

  • What "survival features" are the most critical in a combat folder knife... and what to avoid!

Bram is one of the most innovative knife-designers in the combatives world and this week's episode offers some great shopping tips for everyone from the beginner all the way up to my fellow "blade-junkies"!

And can get all the links to these items AND a "cheat sheet" in this week's Show Notes at!

May 15 2018



Rank #15: MCS 150: Active Shooter Defense

Podcast cover
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It's happening more and more often...

... a lone gunman, a "crazy" armed with a knife, or now even a coordinated attack by terrorists using large trucks on a crowd of unsuspecting bystanders - it's obvious nowhere is "safe" any longer.

That's why the sheepdogs of our society - you and me - must be prepared at all times to protect ourselves and those we love from an instant ambush attack.

But the information you find these days spans from the laughable "find a place to hide and wait to die" b.s. to methods of tackling and disarming a shooter bare-handed while shouting about bald eagles and America.

In this week's podcast, Active Shooter Response expert, Alain Burrese, breaks through the myths and misinformation about how to respond to a mass attack and offers a new model that you can count on to get you and your family home alive!

Here's what you'll discover in this week's episode:

  • Why the British government has it wrong, wrong, wrong about how citizens should respond when an active shooter is on the rampage.
  • Why "Run - Hide - Fight" is a losing mental framework for responding to an armed gunman!
  • A simple 3-step response plan that truly addresses the reality of active shooter survival!

You won't have much warning when an active shooter attack gets triggered...

... which means your fast-action will be the only thing you can count on to escape the destruction... or take the enemy out fast!

But ONLY if you're operating with the right response plan.

And that's what we're here to offer with this week's training.

Jul 11 2017



Rank #16: MCS 216: Green Beret Collapse Survival With Jeff Kirkham

Podcast cover
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Few people know how bad things can get in a "collapse" than Jeff Kirkham...

With nearly 29 years as a soldier and Green Beret, Jeff has seen beyond his fair share of what happens to resources, the "government", and everyday citizens when the world around you crumbles into ruin.

And a new fictional novel he's just released, Black Autumn, has the power to not only entertain you with a riveting storyline of a group of spec-op soldiers who band together for survival...

...but also grant you some real-world lessons on how to protect you and those you love when the sh*t hits the fan!

In this week's podcast episode, Jeff shares his personal combat experience as well as some "quick tips" on how to prepare NOW for a wide-scale apocalyptic event!

(Hint: It's closer than you think!)

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • "Black Swan" Collapse! How unrelated events can trigger an unstoppable chain of destruction - even a complete collapse of our country!

  • The #1 worst "blind spot" the average citizen will face in a real-world disaster! (Warning: Even your family could be your downfall!)

  • Do you have your own "spec-ops defense squad" to battle looters, martial law, and the desperate? Do you even need one?!
  • On "killing the innocent"... and other survival decisions you may face when you're prepared - and others aren't!
  • (Special Announcement) Discover how YOU can grab a boat-load of survival goodies and training opportunities just by grabbing an advance copy of Jeff's new "Black Autumn" novel!

Check out this week's podcast and see why we're long overdue for a nationwide crisis that puts your survival skills to to the ultimate test...

... and how to prepare for it now! can grab a free "cheat sheet" inside this week's free Show Notes at!

Oct 16 2018



Rank #17: MCS 207: Looter Defense Lessons

Podcast cover
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In September of 2017, Hurricane Maria obliterated Puerto Rico's already feeble infrastructure.

Hundreds of thousand of people were still without power at the beginning of this year, and thousands more struggle without the necessities of life months after the storm.

In other words, what happened in Puerto Rico illustrates EXACTLY the type of collapse we need to prepare for!

When that happens, the number of various threats you'll face GREATLY increases - from providing for your basic survival needs to being your own "protector" for you and your family as the world crumbles around you.

And one of the biggest threats you'll face in a collapse?


Last week, we did a deep-dive LIVE "Master Class" with survival/combatives instructor and disaster response Team Leader, Russ Adler (who had boots on the ground in PR after the disaster) for our New World Patriot Alliance.

In this Master Class, we covered critical lessons learned from Puerto Rico's crisis and shared specific strategies you can use to protect yourself and those you love when crime and looting engulfs your area in a collapse or crisis.

So for this week's podcast episode, I decided to share a short section from our NWPA Master Class on how to survive looting and crime after a disaster, collapse, or other crisis.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • How "Average Joe's" can turn into societal predators... right before your eyes!

  • "Weird" looter targets? Why the least-expected locations can be the hottest "war zones" for civilians!

  • "Soft" vs. "Hard" targets: Real-world strategies to keep the crosshairs off of you and your family when the rule of law crumbles around you.
  • Historically, this one single looter defense tactic has been the most critical life-saving factor - even when the streets are filled with violence and buildings are burning around you! 
  • Better than an AR-15 in a collapse? Sadly, even the best "armed" patriots are falling short when it comes to planning their home defense during a collapse. Russ shares what's FAR better than even the best tricked-out AR!

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that "collapse" only happens to "other people".

Whether it's due to a devastating natural disaster... a grid-down blackout... financial collapse... or any other wide-scale national crisis, the lack of resources and infrastructure our society has grown dependent on could virtually vanish overnight.

And when the "wolves" of our society are unleashed, these proven tactics from Russ will help you keep you and those you love safe from harm! can grab a free "cheat sheet" inside this week's Show Notes at!

Aug 14 2018



Rank #18: MCS 151: Backup Bug-Out Transportation

Podcast cover
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No... you don't need a camouflage 4x4 "monster truck" with spiked hubcaps to get out of Dodge when a disaster strikes (though that would be pretty badass, wouldn't it?).

In fact, there are times where your vehicle may NOT be the best transportation option when you're forced to evacuate your home during a crisis.

Other times, the decision may be made for you as you hit the virtual parking lot that used to be a 4-lane highway, now packed with the unprepared zombies who have stalled, broken down, or run out of gas.

But survivalists never say "die", right?

Your family is counting on you to get them to safety and this week, survival expert, Kevin Estela, shares his best "back-up plans" for staying mobile while everyone around you is at the mercy of Mother Nature and Murphey's Law.

Here's what you'll discover in this week's episode:

  • How to evaluate your personal bug-out evac route and transportation options like a pro!
  • The bug-out bicycle! How to choose and use a bike as a back-up!
  • Bugging out without wheels... for when your plan to roll-out hits the breaks!
  • 4-legged options for hauling your gear and getting to your destination when all other routes are a no-go!
  • How make bugging out on foot easier, more effective, and more efficient!

Only the truly "prepared" ever even consider a "Plan B" to their original survival plan.

But bugging out has so many hidden obstacles that the only way to know you're getting to safety no matter what... is to have a back-up that keeps you moving.

This week you'll be one step closer to the ultimate bug-out plan!

Jul 18 2017



Rank #19: MCS 168: Home Defense Handguns

Podcast cover
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Do you own a handgun for home defense?

If you don't, I have some great tips on how to choose the ultimate home invasion defender!

If you DO already own a home defense pistol... well, let me offer you some more advanced tips for fine-tuning your current smoke wagon!

This week's podcast episode starts our in-depth look at the best weapons for home defense and there's no better place to start than with the most common weapon of choice - the pistol!

Here's a quick look at what you'll discover in this week's episode:

  • Glocks vs. 1911's vs. Desert Eagles? The "truth" about which brand of firearm is best for defending your home and your loved ones!
  • Is the 9mm the best home defense caliber? Or is it the .45? Hmmmmm...
  • How to "arm" an unwilling spouse for home defense! I'll share my personal journey in how I prepped my Liberal wife for defending herself while I travel!
  • The #1 home defense handgun secret! If you take nothing else from this episode, this single "fast-access" tactic is the most critical factor in defending your home with a handgun!
  • Advanced "gun mods" for home defense! Copy these 2 life-saving add-ons I made to my handgun to prepare for the reality of a violent home invasion!

The handgun IS the most widely used weapon for home defense... but not all guns are alike, right?

Use these factors when choosing (or tricking out) your own personal weapon to be the ultimate home defense pistol!

Nov 14 2017



Rank #20: MCS 227: Home Invasion Lessons

Podcast cover
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"They came to do some bad things to my wife and me."

Those were the direct words of a VP of the NRA after he and his wife were attacked by 3 masked, well-armed home invaders.

Their plan?

Take Richard and his wife hostage... demand their valuables... and God only knows what else!

Fortunately, Childress had a firearm... and he knew how to USE it to save his and his wife's lives.

Or DID he know how to "use" it?

Their gripping tale - and 9 lessons you should learn from it - are the topic of this week's podcast episode... 

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The step-by-step home defense tactics Childress used to repel 3 violent home-invaders armed with rifles and a shotgun!
  • Evaluating your current security measures... and the one piece of inexpensive equipment that can give you peace of mind even AFTER a violent attack!
  • My "Spandex Doctrine" warning for defending your castle!
  • The very 1st mistake Childress made in his response - and then the 2nd... then the 3rd... then why he and his wife were damn lucky to survive!
  • The best weapon for home defense... sat untouched by Childresses' door!  (I'll tell you what it is... WHY it should have been his second grab... and exactly what his FIRST grab should have been!)

It's always better to learn from other peoples' mistakes.

And this horrifying home invasion story has LOTS to offer every gun-owner!

Jan 01 2019