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NAEYC Radio- The National Association for The Education of Young Children

The National Association for The Education of Young Children and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you NAEYC Radio. Rae Pica and Jerlean Daniel host the program that will focus on a different topic each month. The program was developed by early childhood professionals to bring the best and latest insights directly to parents and educators.

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Building Relationships with Challenging Children

This segment is about that "special child" in your class. They don't do what you want them to do, they do what you don't want them to do and you don't know what to do about it. In this segment, Dan Gartrell explains why some children seem more challenging than others and provides practical tips for dealing with them.


3 Jul 2010

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What Is Developmentally Appropriate Math For Very Young Children?

The question of teaching math to very young children sits right in the middle of the early academics debate.Our guest says that early math is critical to academic success and provides some guidance on what is appropriate and what is not.


2 Sep 2010

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3 Causes of Teacher Burnout

Teacher burnout is a large problem that contributes to high turnover among early childhood professionals. This segment identifies the causes, how to spot the indicators and more importantly how to prevent burnout before altogether. Dr. Joshua Sparrow offers four specific coping strategies.


5 Apr 2010

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Creating Emotionally Literate Schools

Marc Brackett argues that emotional literacy is critical to productive teaching environments. Yet bracket asserts that most of us have a deficient emotional vocabulary and no formal way to learn or develop emotional literacy. Brackett explains how we can remedy this short coming.


21 Jun 2010

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Helping Children to Love and Do Well at Math

Our guest asserts that everyone can be good at math. In this segment we discuss how educators and parents can develop a love and ability for math in young children.


26 Oct 2010

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Creating a Safe Emotional Climate for Children

Bullying behavior is a perennial challenge for educators. Bullying impacts the bully, the bullied and the community. In this segment Jean Schreiber talks about how to help address bullying by teaching assertiveness and offers specific strategies for creating safer learning environments for children.


5 Jan 2010

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How to Begin Teaching Physics in Early Childhood

Is there a place for physics and science in early childhood education? Our guests say the answer is an unequivocal yes and share insights about how to begin to introduce the subject to young children.


5 Jan 2011

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How to Better Serve All Children

Luis A. Hernandez has spent a career working on the fundamentals of developing happy, joyful children who grow up to be lifelong learners and good citizens . Hernandez talks about how to connect Developmentally Appropriate Practice to some of the real challenges teachers face.


2 Nov 2009

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Underpaid Early Childhood Workers: Finding the path to better pay.

A teacher in a preschool with a bachelors degree typically earns $10-15k less a year than a kindergarten teacher with similar preparations. IThis segment discuss new insights and developments that may drive increased salaries for early childhood workers and identifies some steps individuals can take to secure better pay.


5 Feb 2010

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Why Educators Are Losing Boys, How to Get Them Back

In this fascinating discussion, Larry Griffin asserts that the number of boys who are unmotivated and underachieving is growing. He has identified five reasons why educators and society are failing to successfully launch boys and why increasing numbers of boys are simply being lost. Larry goes on to offer his insights on what educators can do to get them back on course.


2 Oct 2009

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