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Join Ruthie Lindsey and Miles Adcox as they share their hearts, their adventures, their world-changing friends, and the divine collective beauty discovered by delving into their pain and brokenness and sharing it with a world desperate for honesty and hope. Ruthie, a speaker, host, passionate empath and creative, and Miles, an expert in emotional fitness with decades of experience walking alongside people on the journey to health and healing, aren’t afraid to walk right into the tension and invite others to speak their unfiltered truth.

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Jacob Bixenman

In this episode of Unspoken, be prepared for several moments of tears as well as many moments of genuine connection and joy with Jacob Bixenman. Jacob brings a sincerity and depth to this interview that draws you in and leaves you wanting to be his best friend. Jacob Bixenman is a model, photographer, and visual artist who’s worked with the likes of Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Adidas, and is the current face of Topman. He and his creative work have been featured in publications such as Vogue, V Magazine, i-D, and Them. As well, he is a passionate advocate of LGBTQ rights, which is reflected through his work and social platforms. He is obviously next level talented but what is so beautiful about Jacob is his tender heart and his old soul. His words are covered with such grace, wisdom, insight, love and tenderness that feel way beyond his 23 years on this earth. We are so honored to share our heart friend Jacob with you today. Learn more about Jacob's profound art and life's work here.


5 Nov 2018

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Arielle Vandenberg

In this episode of Unspoken, we have the unique joy and privilege to share our conversation with the beloved Arielle Vandenberg.  Arielle is an actress, entertainer, creator, and host of The Only Child Podcast. She's one of the most popular people in online media today with well over a million people following her work. Her evolving film and television career has included everything from recurring roles in 'Meet the Browns', 'Greek', 'How I Met Your Mother', and 'CSI'. We traveled to LA to record this hilarious and deeply touching interview which brought expected laughter and some inspiring heartfelt tears. Arielle let us into a space that she doesn't often share publicly and we walked away with such respect for her and the work she does. Our hope is that Arielle's story reminds you to keep fighting, trust your gut, honor where you've come from, and continue to bring things into the light so they can't stay in the darkness.   Follow along Arielle's journey and beautiful work here. Nisolo is offering Unspoken listeners 25% off their purchase at Nisolo.com when you use code UNSPOKEN at checkout. 

1hr 16mins

15 Apr 2019

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Lauren Paul

In this episode of Unspoken, we welcome the beloved and inspirational Lauren Paul.  Lauren is a director, writer and co-founder of Kind Campaign — an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and long-lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying. While studying film at Pepperdine University, she had the opportunity to work on Tom Shadyac’s acclaimed documentary, I Am. That experience inspired Lauren and soon after transitioned into a life-changing journey of Lauren and Co-Founder Molly Thompson’s award-winning documentary, Finding Kind, and eventually, Kind Campaign. Kind Campaign has directly impacted a half a million girls, mending friendships by giving them the tools to apologize, uplift one another and step into their own power.  Lauren has been honored with the Public Education Lifesavers Award from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Lauren's voice in the world is a gift to all of us. Her experience and wisdom are expansive, and yet, she holds it with such humility and reverence. In this conversation, you’ll hear about the things she’s done professionally, but for most of the conversation we go deep behind the curtain and meet the beautiful human being that Lauren is. Her strength as a mother and multi-faceted intellect bleeds through every moment. Lauren shares with such honesty, vulnerability, courage, and self-awareness that the world needs more of.  Nisolo is offering Unspoken listeners 25% off their purchase at Nisolo.com when you use code UNSPOKEN at checkout. 

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27 May 2019

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Bob Goff

In this episode of Unspoken, we release our conversation with the incomparable and lovable Bob Goff — the two-time New York Times Best-Selling Author of both Love Does and Everybody Always. He is the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Uganda, and an attorney who founded Love Does - a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India, Nepal, Iraq and Somalia. He's spoken all over the map, bringing his unique perspective and exciting storytelling to millions per year. Most importantly, he is driven by a desire to help others unlock their potential to love and be loved greater. Most recently, he has been hosting Dream Big Framework worldwide - an intensive two-day workshop designed to help people from all stages of life make their dreams take flight. For more see BobGoff.com and LoveDoes.org. Nisolo is offering Unspoken listeners 25% off their purchase at Nisolo.com when you use code UNSPOKEN at checkout. 

1hr 12mins

22 Apr 2019

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Sean Brock

In this episode of Unspoken, Ruthie and Miles sat down with Sean Brock, founding chef of Husk restaurants. Fans of this James Beard award-winning chef, known for redefining rustic Southern cuisine, will be surprised to hear all that Brock has overcome from battling childhood wounds, addiction and a rare disease. He’s also picked up a new passion in guitars. Get a glimpse of a man who has fully embraced his recovery and found freedom and balance. Sean shares with such humility, honesty, vulnerability and self-awareness that the world needs more of. Don't miss his powerful story on Season 6 of Chef's Table on Netflix here.

1hr 1min

17 Sep 2018

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Connie Britton

In this episode of Unspoken, Miles and Ruthie were able to sit down with Connie Britton in her LA home to talk about life, careers and the great joys and many challenges of parenthood. Getting to hear the heartbeat of what drives Connie is beautiful and moving. You will definitely want to take time out of your day to tune in. Connie Britton is a 4-time Emmy-nominated actress best known for her roles in Spin City, West Wing, Friday Night Lights, Nashville and American Horror Story and will soon be starring in a Bravo Media series, Dirty John. Connie also has numerous film credits and is a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations and works in poverty eradication and women’s empowerment advocating to the American global public. Connie’s wisdom and insight is a gift and we are so honored to get to share this conversation with you. Follow along and be inspired by the life-work of Connie Britton here.


8 Oct 2018

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Tyler Hubbard

In this episode of Unspoken, Miles and Ruthie join Tyler Hubbard—husband, new dad, friend, and member of multi-platinum duo, Florida Georgia Line—to talk life and love. Tyler shares with raw vulnerability the tensions of balancing faith, family, artistry and success and the unexpected loss of his father who installed in him the drive to not only accomplish great things but to be a great man.  FGL has had an unprecedented record breaking cross genre successful run that shows no signs of slowing down. Somehow amongst all the success you will discover a humble passionate man who leads with heart and believes in leaving everything he influences better than he found it. As true visionaries, he and his partner, Brian Kelley, have other innovative endeavors including their newly-announced multifaceted compound in Nashville: Tribe Kelley Trading Post, Tree Vibez Music, and meet + greet, plus FGL HOUSE. Listen to Tyler Hubbard's globally-recognized music with Florida Georgia Line here.

1hr 9mins

24 Sep 2018

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Mari Andrew

In this episode of Unspoken, Ruthie and Miles sit down with the beloved writer, illustrator, and speaker, Mari Andrew. After a season of grief and loss in 2016, she decided to do a drawing a day and placed them on Instagram to keep herself accountable. By March 2018 she had almost a million Instagram followers and published her first book, “Am I There Yet”, which went on to be a New York Times best seller. Join us and see what drives the amazing drawings we all see and love from Mari. She gives us the gift of words and insight into the emotions we all feel but can’t find the words for. Discover and become absolutely obsessed with Mari's illustrations and heart-felt writings here.

1hr 11mins

19 Nov 2018

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Eduardo Garcia

In this episode of Unspoken, Ruthie and Miles interview Eduardo Garcia — a human being who embodies a kind of peace and tranquility that you cannot manufacture. If you have not heard his story, you will want to listen to this interview and then quickly watch his documentary, “Charged”. Eduardo Garcia is a man of many talents including being a chef, outdoorsman, athlete and motivational speaker & the co-founder of a national food brand, Montana Mex a clean label condiment brand.   During a Montana backcountry hike in October 2011, Eduardo was electrocuted by a buried high voltage power source, where he suffered extensive, life-threatening injuries and had to have four ribs, his left hand and forearm amputated. This eventually lead to the creation of “Charged” He is also working on a number of media projects including “A Hungry Life” a tv concept which follows him into the wild places of the world as he creates exceptional food over a campfire. Learn more about Eduardo Garcia's work and passion here.

1hr 8mins

15 Oct 2018

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William Matthews

In this episode of Unspoken, Miles and Ruthie thoroughly enjoyed a deep and meaningful conversation with William Matthews — known around the world as a singer/songwriter and popular recording artist that has extensively toured and performed around the world. There were many laughs during this time but also many raw, vulnerable moments and important discussions around race, religion and having great support as you navigate this life. William's passion is artistry and advocacy.  He seamlessly blends music, cinematography & political messaging around themes like racism and climate change which have been highlighted by CNN & Yahoo. In his music documentaries & podcast work on The Liturgists - William has interviewed prominent religious & thought leaders, songwriters, scientists and global political figures.  You can check out his body of work here — where booking requests for music and speaking engagements can be made.

1hr 16mins

22 Oct 2018

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