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Chad P. Bown (Peterson Institute for International Economics) hosts a podcast about the economics of international trade and policy. From trade wars to trade deals, this podcast covers trade developments with insights and economic analysis from one of the world's top trade geeks.

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164. Why a notorious banana company spared workers in Costa Rica

For decades, United Fruit Company exploited banana workers across its Latin American plantations, except in Costa Rica. Why?

27 Jul 2022

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163. How poorer Americans ended up paying for US tariffs.

From fashion to forks to fishing reels, how US trade negotiations starting in the 1930s resulted in regressive import duties today.

19 Jul 2022

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162. Poor countries could once enforce WTO trade. That is now at risk.

The Advisory Centre on WTO Law made trade enforcement possible for poor countries. The Appellate Body crisis put that under threat.

5 Jul 2022

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161. Why sharing patents for COVID-19 medicines is not enough

Despite the Medicines Patent Pool, COVID-19 treatments remain scarce globally. Prashant Yadav explains what more is needed.

26 Jun 2022

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160. How Putin’s war could disrupt global food supplies

Joe Glauber explains the humanitarian crisis that looms if war cuts wheat exports from Ukraine and Russia. Soumaya Keynes says goodbye.

15 Mar 2022

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159. How Biden and Europe settled Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs

After years of dispute, the EU agreed to stop retaliating and to limit exports if the US lifted Trump’s national security tariffs.

8 Nov 2021

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158. How America responded to its PPE shortage

The US reacted to COVID-19 shortfalls of hospital masks, gowns and gloves with unprecedented trade and industrial policy.

11 Oct 2021

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157. Europe’s Trade Policy and Open Strategic Autonomy

Worried about being bullied by trading partners, the European Union is developing a host of new policy tools.

27 Sep 2021

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156. Tackling climate change with a carbon border adjustment mechanism

CBAM! The EU proposes phasing out free permits from its emissions trading system and phasing in a carbon tax on some imports.

25 Jul 2021

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155. How trade can break up with paper (it involves blockchain)

Legally and technologically, paper documents are essential to international trade. How that could change (it involves blockchain).

27 Jun 2021

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