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Flip Da Script is an Urban Podcast hosted by QueenzFlip & Dj Gmoney. Queenzflip who is known for his crazy antics; his ability to get the truth out of his guest as well as FLIPPING on his guest from time to time. Dj Gmoney is the more rational and peaceful one. With this amazing duo The show is a combination of realism and comedy; a much watch show in today’s environment.To get the visual experience go to https://www.youtube.com/quietroombattle

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"T-Rex Unleashed Episode" Ep 12

On this episode of #FlipDaScript we tap back into the battle rap world and sit down with Harlem's own T-Rex. Rex talks about his early days in battle rap, his most noteworthy moments, new projects, forthcoming battles and more. Also, Rex and Queenzflip roast each other all throughout this episode. Pure hilarity. #AhYouDum

2hr 16mins

24 Jan 2017

Rank #1

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Gene Deal (Puffy's former bodyguard) Episode #36

On this Episode of #FlipDaScript The DUO sits down with Gene Deal @Biggene_5duce (Puffy's Former Bodyguard). Gene opens up about his feelings towards Puffy, his encounter with numerous celebrities and pulling Biggie out the car after he was shot. Also, Gene and Queenzflip get at each other throughout the whole episode when the authenticity of Gene's story is questioned. This is an intense but heartfelt episode #PRESSPLAY #AhhYouDumm

2hr 6mins

11 Jul 2017

Rank #2

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"Murda Mook Episode" The #KingIsBack - Ep 22

On this Episode of #FlipDaScript, we sit down with Harlem's Own Murda Mook (@MurdaMookEz). (Dubbed the King of Battle Rap) Mook shares with us, his deal with Busta Rhymes, music, past battles, relationship with Smack, almost battling Drake and much more. He also debates with Queenzflip about how much he should be compensated if he steps back into the battle rap ring.How Much you feel Mook is worth #AhhYouDumm #PRESSPLAY

2hr 48mins

29 Mar 2017

Rank #3

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"K-Shine's Revenge & Itsbizkit World" Ep 16

On this Episode of #FlipDaScript once again we tap back into the battle rap world and sit down with K-Shine (@zipemup_kshine) off the back Shine & Queenzflip gets into a shoving match. Shine talks about his Nome 7 opponent T-Rex, leaving Dot Mob, betrayal & much more. Also we have Long Islands own Influencer/Visionary Itsbizkit (@itzbizkit) in the building. Biz talks about upcoming projects, social media status & bring his artist thru. Is he now OVO Biz? PRESS PLAY #AhhYouDummm. Watch the Podcast on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/Quietroombattle

2hr 12mins

21 Feb 2017

Rank #4

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The Loaded Lux Episode #46

On this Episode of Flip Da Script, The Duo sits down with Loaded Lux. Lux opens up about, Lionz Den, family, his battle with Arsonal, his lingo and much more. Did Lux check Queenzflip?? Is he the King of battle rap?? This is a great Interview #PRESSPLAY

1hr 49mins

27 Sep 2017

Rank #5

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Mysonne Episode

On The #137th Episode Of #FlipDaScript The DUO sits down with BX own Mysonne (@mysonnenygeneral ) and for 2 hours they touch on numerous topics, growing up in The BX, being one of the best, Going on tour with Mase, DMX & others, Battling Shyne, Gillie & others, doing his time and becoming a Raptavist. Mysonne explains his plans for the

2hr 15mins

28 Jan 2020

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The Return Of Hassan "Poppy" Campbell

On this episode of #FlipDaScript The Duo sits down with returning guest Poppy & off the back Poppy holds no punches. Poppy opens up about his issues with the youtube community, Saneter and much more. Poppy also opens up about his son #PRESSPLAY

1hr 56mins

24 Jul 2018

Rank #7

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The Return of Bang Em Smurf - Ep 26

On episode #26 of #FlipDaScript, The Duo travels to the wonderful country Trinidad & Tobago, to sit down with South Side Jamaica Queens Legend, Bang Em Smurf. Queenzflip and Bang Em sit down for a candid and at times heated discussion about his early beginnings, the origins of G-Unit, his riff with 50 cent, his deportation to Trinidad & Tobago, all of the rumored street tales he was allegedly involved in and much more. #FlipDaScript #AhhYouuDumm #PRESSPLAY

1hr 32mins

2 May 2017

Rank #8

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Killer Kev - Who Food? You Food!! Episode

On the #98th Episode of #FlipDaScript The Duo sits down with Brownsville own, Kevin Davis aka "Killer Kev" @RealKillerKev and in this interview, KK brings us on a journey and talks about his childhood, being incarcerated, and having to survive in jail. KK leaves no stone unturned & gets into detail about the riot in Elmira and gives his views & tactics he used to stay alive & well, he also talks about his book ( Zebra Town ) https://www.amazon.com/Zebratown-Ex-Single-Small-Town-America/dp/1439153787

2hr 12mins

20 Aug 2019

Rank #9

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The Upstage (Jr Writer & 40 Cal)

On this Episode of #FlipDaScript, The Duo sits down with The Upstage (@Jrwriter_ & @Its40Cal) for 3 hours & 30 mins, they touched on many topics, from Dipset, how they got their start & much more. Jr & Flip also get into a heavy debate about marketing & promotion.

3hr 35mins

16 Jan 2019

Rank #10

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"The Goodz Episode" #LifeisGoodz - Episode 19

On This Episode of #FlipDaScript we tap back into the battle rap world , with Bronx's own, Goodz Da Animal (@Goodzdaanimal). Goodz talks about the bag's he has secured in battle rap, his legacy, new mixtape & his upcoming battles. He's also very vocal about the studios appearance and you know it wouldn't be a Queenzflip Episode if there isn't any roasting. #AhhYouDumm PRESS PLAY. Don't forget to watch the episodes of #FlipDaScript on YouTube.Com/QuietRoomBattle


7 Mar 2017

Rank #11

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OG Nuke (Home After 31 Years)

On The 87th Episode of #FlipDaScript, The Duo sits down with Brooklyn's Ogs (The Hill) OG Nuke (@300ajajo) & Malik (@Antgreen0302) Nuke opens up about, getting Acquitted on 4 Homicides, blowing up a building in Brooklyn, during his heyday, doing 31 years & share catching a case while in prison. Malik his brother also opened up about his time in the streets & in prison. Now that they're out they are doing positive things for the community & trying to steer the youth in the right direction. #PressPlay

2hr 19mins

16 Apr 2019

Rank #12

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The Math Hoffa Episode #48

On this episode of #FlipDaScript, The Duo sits down with Battle Rapper Math Hoffa. Math opens up about a lot of things, is Battle career, his issues in the sport, growing up & giving back to the community. Of course Queenzflip & Math goes @ it, but at the same time shows each other respect. This is a great episode #PRESSPLAY

2hr 2mins

17 Oct 2017

Rank #13

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The Return of Goodz & Big Brody

On This Episode of #FlipDaScript The Duo sits down with Goodz & Brody. Queenzflip has some words for the both of them. Queenzflip & Goodz go at it at first about the new studio & Goodz being undefeated when Flip goes against him & Flip gets at Brody about disappearing on him. Queenzflip loses his temper, Goodz laugh, Brody tries to calm shit down & Gmoney is shocked #PRESSPLAY

1hr 33mins

30 May 2018

Rank #14

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The Bimmy Episode

On the #95 Episode of #FlipDaScript The DUO sits down with "Bimmy" @Bim3tolife One of the Supreme Team Lieutenants, Def Jam A&R & much more & for 2 hours discuss his life & how he got started in the game, Bimmy touched on P2 Supreme son & life after the game. He's been told on, bailed out by Bobby & Whitney, love his kids & got a new concert in the works. #PRESSPLAY

1hr 46mins

30 Jul 2019

Rank #15

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King Earner Episode "Snatching Honor"

On This Episode Of #FlipDaScript, The Duo sits down with Philly's Own King Earner @KingEarner1 & @Likmoss_obhgg for 3 HOURS, and they talked about numerous subjects, from his childhood to giving trouble to being a new man, He also touched on Malcolm X his opinion & talks about Philly artist. Lik Moss talks about his brother Ar-Ab, Cassidy, & Gilly Da Kid. Queen Earner also talks about her 10-year bid!! This is a Great interview. Please check out Queen Earners page @Sy_Moneybags

2hr 52mins

3 Dec 2019

Rank #16

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Kevin Chiles - The Crack Era

On The 118th Episode of #FlipDaScript, The Duo sits down with "Don Diva Magazine" Kevin Chile @DonDivaMagazine and for 2 hours & 30 mins they talk about numerous topics, his past, losing his mother, being sued, getting told on, Providing paperwork, and Talks about having two hung juries. He takes us on his journey from his childhood to being in the streets.

2hr 39mins

29 Nov 2019

Rank #17

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Cuban Link Full Episode

On The 113th Episode of #FlipDaScript The Duo sat down with Cuban Link (@CubanLinkClk) & even tho there were technical difficulties, they sat down for 2 hours & 40 mins and CL talks about all the issues in his career, from growing up with Big Pun, situation with Fat Joe, & being Black Balled #PRESSPLAYPLEDGE TO US ON PATREON.https://www.patreon.com/Flipdascriptpod

2hr 36mins

1 Nov 2019

Rank #18

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The Scammers and SMACK Episode

On episode 4 of #FlipDaScript we have a few scammers from the NYC area talk to us about this dangerous occurrence and how they've been able to maneuver in this way of life. Things get a little heated as Queenzflip and G-Money put them and their lifestyle under the microscope. Also, the "Diddy" of battlerap, SMACK stops by and talks URL TV the past, present and future of battlerap and more. Ah You Dumm!!

1hr 19mins

29 Nov 2016

Rank #19

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Soul B Episode - The Big Homie Of The Real Big Homies

On this Episode of #FlipDaSCript The Duo sits down with Soul B aka B.O (@S.o.u.lB) MDK , He's known as "The Homie Of The Real Big Homies" even tho Soul B have been home for only 35 days he has a lot to say, he sets the record straight about the New York Bloods & who founded it. He gives OG Makk the credit of starting it but also said due to the fact he told they Kicked him out, he talks about why he got incarcerated in the first place, says name & much more This is a goodie #PRESSPLAY

2hr 24mins

6 Aug 2019

Rank #20