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Panda Lounge Mix Show: The Best Lounge Music Weekly // Lounge Podcast with Chill-out Mixes by a Lounge DJ.

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#17 - Enjoyed Lounge Mix

Enjoyed is based in a sleepy town called Soldridge in Hampshire. He makes electronic music; colourful, accessible and BIG.The tunes come from a love of the House/Italo/Electro background that spawned 90s stadium dance legends Underworld and The Chemical Brothers. Some bring in more poppy song structures and touch on the SMD/LCD/HotChip sphere. Others range across through the Daniel Avery and Fort Romeau’s dancefloor gold into the more interesting end of poppy territory (Sky Ferreira, Charlie XCX).In the last year, he’s just got better and better and received nods from Rob DaBank, Dummy, Guardian, FACT and more and Enjoyed has reworked Hot Chip, Kisses, TVOTR and Yumi Zouma and, oh yes, Mark Morrison.He has released a number of EPs and is now working on his debut album. Enjoyed will be playing live this summer.http://www.enjoyedmusic.com/ TRACKLISTING1. P.SUS - Reassurance (Vanilla Remix) - Shoes Off2. Enjoyed - Waterfoot (A Capella) - Shoes Off3. Enjoyed - Pieces - Something In Construction4. Enjoyed - Keep Me Up - Unreleased5. Enjoyed - Together - Unreleased6. Enjoyed - Sunrun - Shoes Off7. Moscow Youth Cult - Iris (Enjoyed 1995 Remix) - LoAF8. Enjoyed - Swap - Shoes Off9. Enjoyed - Milwaukee - Unreleased10. Enjoyed & Femme - Dreamboat Lover (A Capella) - Something In Construction11. Enjoyed - Gumusservi (Instrumental) - Unreleased12. Enjoyed - Sunshine Dragon (A Capella) - Unreleased13. Fantasy Garden - Hanging House - Shoes Off14. Enjoyed - Share Space - Unreleased15. Enjoyed - Peloton - Something In Construction16. Enjoyed - Tallahassee - Unreleased17. Enjoyed - Plesiosaur - Something In Construction18. P.SUS - To You - Shoes Off

9 Oct 2014

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#16 - Oskar Schuster Lounge Mix

Oskar Schuster's purely instrumental music is at times reminiscent of "Amélie", evoking an atmosphere that reminds one of France, Paris, Valses and musette music. Several times referred to as "the german Yann Tiersen", his music is still very distinct, arising from a mixture of various influences including experimental electronic music (Aphex Twin, Pogo), the minimalist folk-pop of Beirut, the ethereal and mystical sounds of Sigur Rós as well as classical piano music by Robert Schumann and Frédéric Chopin. As a true self-made artist, he not only plays almost all the instruments and produces the music by himself, but also designs the artwork by himself.Schuster's music takes the listener into a world of its own. The soft, muted sound of an old piano mixes with the noises of just as old typewriters, analogue cameras and radios while in the distance you hear a music box playing and a synthesizer creaking. However, Oskar Schuster does not merely fiddle with interesting sounds and noises but creates clearly structured pieces with catchy melodies. Melodies you seem to remember from early childhood days or long-forgotten dreams, at the same time sad and joyful, euphoric and exuberant, nostalgic, thought-provoking and always kind of melancholic. TRACKLISTING1. Oskar Schuster - Fjarlægur2. Oskar Schuster - Pause (La Nuit)3. Oskar Schuster - Les Sablons (album Version)4. Oskar Schuster - Stjernen (feat. Possimiste)5. Oskar Schuster - Koma Aftur6. Oskar Schuster - Valtameri7. Oskar Schuster - Draumur8. Oskar Schuster - Sneeuwland9. Oskar Schuster - Wunder10. Oskar Schuster - Valse Imaginaire11. Oskar Schuster - Hjem

14 Jun 2014

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#15 - ARRANGE Lounge Mix

ARRANGE is the recording alias of 21-year-old Malcom Lacey, from Portland, Oregon. He also produces under the moniker Reg Life (which includes Chris Sikofillos and Darrick Timbreza). TRACKLISTING1. ARRANGE - Dream2. ARRANGE - Alumni (w/ Ricky Eat Acid)3. ARRANGE - Sides4. ARRANGE - I Want To Be Alright5. ARRANGE - Veins6. ARRANGE - Resolutions97. ARRANGE - Giant Zero8. ARRANGE - P. S. L. W. (w/ Ricky Eat Acid)9. ARRANGE - Hunters10. ARRANGE - Strings11. ARRANGE - Dark Rooms (cut)12. Reg Life - Beloved13. Reg Life - Steady

24 May 2014

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#14 - Crywolf Lounge Mix

Crywolf otherwise known as Justin Taylor Phillips, is an electronic music producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA. Since Crywolf's conception just over two years ago, his epic, melodic, lyrical-based take on electronic music has been met with support from numerous national acts such as Adventure Club, 12th Planet, Skrillex, Minnesota and more. Recently signed with Le Castle Vania’s label, Always Never, his debut EP "Ghosts" released April 9th of 2013, soaring to #18 on iTunes Dance Charts, top 20 on Hype Machine, and #1 on Dubstep.net charts on the first day. ” ...so deep and has so much power and emotion behind the tone and lyrics, it’s crazy…I’ve truly never listened to anything quite like it.”- This Song Slaps“…one of my favorite new producers…dance powered tracks with electronic elements that have an amazing sound.”- This Song Is Sick TRACKLISTINGCrywolf - Angels EP Intro (feat. Emalyn)Crywolf - Eyes Half ClosedCrywolf - Whisper (feat. Emalyn)Crywolf - AngelsCrywolf - Bury Now (feat. Lis)Crywolf - Sillage (Outro)

10 May 2014

Rank #4

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#13 - Rezonate and Austin Rafuse Lounge Mix

Rezonate is Monstercat's latest chill-out signing. The 18-year old producer delivers a blend of soft tones with uplifting funk stabs with slight hints of dubstep. Rezonate works with Austin Rafuse, who composes lots of the piano and melodies for him. Just off delivering a remix for Ellie Goulding's Tesselate, Rezonate & Austin Rafuse now made a mini mix for us featuring their latest favorites tunes from the Tasty and Monstercat labels. Enjoy! TRACKLISTING1. Rezonate - Canvas feat. Austin Rafuse & Loïc Zev (Monstercat Media)2. The Noisy Freaks - Love Robot (Tasty Records)3. Haywyre - Doppleganger (Edit) (Monstercat Media)4. The Noisy Freaks - Funky Kids (Tasty Records)

27 Apr 2014

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#12 - Azedia Lounge Mix

Hailing from England, UK, Azedia have been producing tracks for almost 3 years.They effortlessly combine the danceable euphoria of EDM and musicality of symphonic rock, with natural instruments and a deep sensitivity. Their track Something racked up well over 300,000 views on YouTube and led to dubstep pioneer Flux Pavilion announcing that he is "Feeling it!". Recorded and mixed in part at Angelic Studios, "Something" features a radio-ready vocal with euphoric euro-trance synths, deep wobbly bass and soul reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. Vocals provided by long-term collaborator Moonflwr and a sample of the late British philosopher Alan Watts have led to comments like, "this music gives me hope for all mankind". 'Something' is out now on WolfMoon, check it out at Azedia's website http://azedia.me. With airplay on BBC Radio and Kiss FM, music signed to Monstercat and their first album well on its way, 2013 is looking good for Azedia. TRACKLISTINGAZEDIA - The HolePolaroid 85 - Freefall (AZEDIA remix)Written In Watters - The Fall (AZEDIA remix)AZEDIA - Something (Rameses B remix)AZEDIA - Something (VIP)AZEDIA - Calm DownAZEDIA - Fall Below

14 Sep 2013

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#11 - Thomas Lemmer Lounge Mix

Panda presents Thomas Lemmer. The award-winning German pop, trip-hop and chill-out producer has been writing music for years. He also produces for several different acts and bands around the world although he is arguably most well-known for his downtempo music. His music was featured on the Café del Mar compilation which then shot to the #1 selling album in Spain and reached the Top 10 charts in many others. The extremely prolific producer released the successful RELIEVE album in 2011 and we hope he'll release his third album soon! In the mean time, tune in and give it up for Thomas Lemmer! TRACKLISTING1. Thomas Lemmer - I Like It2. Thomas Lemmer feat. Lena Belgart - Is It Too Late (Original Album Mix) 3. Thomas Lemmer - Deep Water (Chillout Mix ft. Stefan Groll) 4. Thomas Lemmer - One 5. Motif feat. Pamela Nyambo - Strong 6. Thomas Lemmer - Traveller (Setsuna Remix) 7. Thomas Lemmer - The Music 8. Thomas Lemmer - Floating 9. Motif feat. Lena Belgart - Halo 10. Thomas Lemmer - Fatigué 11. Thomas Lemmer - Above the Clouds 12. Motif feat. Hannah Magenta - Never let go (Chillout Mix) 13. Thomas Lemmer - Soul Diver

4 Aug 2013

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#10 - Alan de Laniere Lounge Mix

We're upping the pace with a funky house set on this edition of the Lounge Mix Show. Panda presents Kraak Records' own Alan de Laniere. This French producer and DJ started releasing music in 2008 when he signed his first single "Hey Listen". Since then Alan has featured on countless compilation albums and has remixed notable artists such as Aaron Bingle, Awon and Caravane Palace. TRACKLISTING00:00 - Alan de Laniere & Miss Wonder - Ponle Voz05:06 - Alan de Laniere - She Got It10:12 - Alan de Laniere - Dance (Original Mix)15:18 - Alan de Laniere - Breaking dawn20:24 - Alan de Laniere - On the floor (In Da floor Mix)25:30 - Alan de Laniere - Crazy T30:36 - Alan de Laniere - Precious35:42 - Doc Olv - Deeper (Original Alan de Laniere Edit-Mix)40:48 - Alan de Laniere - New Day45:54 - Alan de Laniere - On the Floor (Docolv Mix)

5 Jul 2013

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#9 - Polished Chrome Lounge Mix

Panda presents Polished Chrome. Hailing from Germany, Polished Chrome (aka Mark Dietrich) has been producing downtempo chill-out tracks for over 15 years now. He has featured on countless of albums and compilations with his luscious and deep ambient productions and this has resulted in several chart positions. Polished Chrome's tune "Mala" hit #2 on the electronic charts on iTunes. He is currently working on a lot of new tracks which will come out soon and of which many can be heard in this mix. Tune in and let me know what you think! TRACKLISTING01. Polished Chrome - Desire02. Polished Chrome - A Little Something03. Polished Chrome - Journeyman04. Polished Chrome - So Long05. Polished Chrome - At Night06. Polished Chrome - Remember Me07. Polished Chrome - Good Looking08. Polished Chrome - I Wanna Get Close To You09. Polished Chrome - Come Home10. Polished Chrome - 2Night11. Polished Chrome - First Experience

16 Apr 2013

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#8 - Chims Lounge Mix

Chims is a Norwegian producer born and raised just outside the country's capital Oslo. Influenced by all genres of music his productions are as diverse as they are similar. His music has a unique sound created to start thought processes and make you feel relaxed and calm. A meticulous attention to detail shines through every production giving it greater depths and new levels each time you hear a track. The music has one goal; pleasing your ears and mind. This is music you can listen to anytime and anywhere and instantly travel to distant places in your mind. Daydreams are Chims' gift to you, and he hopes you enjoy them. TRACKLISTINGChims - Dark of the ForestChimsGrove - Goodnight City LightsChimsGrove - Last Known SurroundingsChims and subknoT - Noppera-boChimsGrove - October 29 (Panda Mix Exclusive)ChimsGrove - A Good Idea at the TimeChimsGrove - In the BackseatChimsGrove - Fighting to Forget

9 Mar 2013

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