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The Energy World is Flat ft. Diego Parrilla

Diego Parrilla, Fund Manager and Head of Business Development at Dymon Asia Capital and the co-author of "The Energy World is Flat", joins us on The Big Trade Series. Diego begins by speaking about his fund management experience in Singapore. Next, Peter and Diego discuss the flattening energy world and address the implications of rapid transformation and technological development in the oil and gas industry. Diego shares opportunities in the industry that concern investors. The discussion then progresses into geopolitical impacts on the overall energy complex, focusing on a case study on Gazprom’s growing presence in Asia. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the feasibility of Canadian oil sands production.


7 Oct 2015

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Asia’s Billionaire Boy’s Club ft. Geoff Hiscock

Geoff Hiscock, a business journalist and author on Asian business joins The Big Trade Series. Geoff starts off by sharing the concepts from his books “Asia’s Wealth Club” and “Asia’s New Wealth Club”. Specifically, he covers the rising number of wealthy people in China, the perspectives on South East Asia and explains why Shanghai is a financial hub in Asia. Peter continues by covering his ideas on the correlation between market liberalization and the wealth of high net worth individuals in each country. The two then discuss India and the problems occurring there as well as the growth of the “wealth club”. The conversation wraps up with a review on the battle for global resources outlined on Geoff’s book, “Earth Wars”.


17 Jun 2015

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The Warren Buffet Partnership ft. Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller, a research analyst of JP Morgan, joins us on The Big Trade Series for an insightful conversation on value investing. Jeremy begins the conversation by introducing his prominent book: Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules. Covering the partnerships letters in the 1950’s. The two then talk about the principles to identify fair value of company. The dialouge moves to Buffett’s mistakes, particularly on ConocoPhillips and PetroChina as they delve into the key takeaways. This episode wraps up with a discussion on technical innovation and it’s risk.


30 Nov 2016

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Roger A. Pielke Jr Contrarian on Science & Markets |

Climate change specialist Roger A. Pielke Jr. joins the One Road Podcast joins us not to discuss money and markets, but about science—specifically scientific modeling, climate change, and the intricacies of correlation versus causation. Roger is an American political scientist and professor at the University of Colorado. He has been incredibly active in commenting on the relationship between politics and science in modern society. Some of his published works include The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics, The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won’t Tell You About Global Warming, and The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change. Roger brings to the table some unique viewpoints and a fresh approach to economics, politics, and the sciences.


16 Nov 2018

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End of America ft. Porter Stansberry

To begin part two, Porter shares an example of the destruction of capital related to American football. Porter discusses some new ways to value companies. They shift to discuss Porter’s “End of America” scenario and his thoughts on the future of the United States. Peter and Porter discuss what books they have been reading recently. They talk about the success of Porter’s newsletter service and the importance of copywriting. The episode concludes with a word association game.


4 Mar 2015

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Market Wizard ft. Jack Schwager

Jack Schwager joins Peter in this week’s episode. The episode begins with an introduction on Jack’s new company, Fundseeder.com. Jack then shares his thoughts on why markets are inefficient. Peter and Jack discuss Jack’s “Market Wizards” series, and Jack shares some of his most memorable interviews over the course of his writings. They discuss various trading techniques and how they can be best utilized, and Jack gives his opinion on the best market wizard of all time. Jack shares how all of his research has affected his own trading strategy. The episode concludes with Jack sharing some highlights from one of his lesser-known books.


17 Feb 2015

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Sellside to Buyside ft. Turney Duff

This week Peter speaks with Turney Duff, author of “The Buy Side”. Turney begins by sharing his own experience with working on Wall Street and talks about his current Showtime project, "Billionaires". They then delve into topics including politics in the office and how Turney shifted from private wealth into trading. The discussion shifts into trading methodology, Peter shares his approach in “The Big Trade”.The conversation concludes with some advice to young people on working on Wall Street.


30 Apr 2015

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A Brief History of Corporate Bonds ft. Chris White

Chris White, founder of ViableMkts, joins The Big Trade Series for another insightful conversation about capital markets. Peter and Chris start off by discussing the evolution of equity markets, Chris tells the story of the formation of the NASDAQ and the first flash crash. The conversation shifts to the fixed income markets as the two discuss about: a potential peak in the market, junk bonds and the Fed. Chris concludes the conversation by explaining why the bond market is at an inflection point.


12 Dec 2016

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The Big Trade Redux ft. Frank Curzio

This week, Frank Curzio, a prominent voice in the markets, host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast and the first ever guest of The Big Trade Series will join us for a second time. Frank begins by sharing anecdotes on his 10 years of experience with Wall Street Unplugged. They discuss featured guests including David Jacobson, the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Alvin Roth, a winner of the Nobel Prize for economics, and the legendary investor Jim Rogers. The dialogue shifts to insights on the market. Frank mentions opportunities in General Electric (GE) stock as Peter raises concerns regarding their share buyback program. The two then delve into the technology industry, the potential of augmented reality and the dynamic growth of big players including Facebook, Netflix and Apple. Frank wraps up the conversation by describing the tools and resources he uses to discover investment opportunities.


25 Nov 2015

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Oliver’s Operation TWIST ft. Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver, sole proprietor of Momentum Structural Analysis, joins the conversation. Michael begins by sharing his trading methodology and shows how he observes changing trends. The discussion delves into technical analysis, with a particular focus on time periods. Peter then discusses his trading strategy as laid out in “The Big Trade”. Michael quickly gives his opinion on trends in the Shanghai market, currency markets including the Euro, and Yen and discusses commodity markets like gold and silver. The conversation concludes with a synopsis on Michael's book “The New Libertarianism: Anarcho - Capitalism”.


12 May 2015

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Extreme Value ft. Dan Ferris

Dan Ferris, editor of Stansberry Research’s monthly “Extreme Value” newsletter joins “The Big Trade Series” for part one of a two-part discussion. Dan starts off by introducing his “World Dominator” stocks that have income streams that never decline. After that, the two discuss Dan’s stock picking criteria and how it can be applied to the technology industry and specific stocks including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel. They mention interest rate hikes and how such a hike might affect IBM’s income and Microsoft’s capital allocation strategy. The conversation shifts into many aspects on free cash flow analysis, and a discussion on M&A strategies of the big players in the technology industry wraps up part one of the episode.


15 Jul 2015

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The Business of Terrorism ft. Dr. Louise Shelley

Dr. Louise Shelley of The Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC) joins the conversation. They begin with a brief discussion on cyber crime and its presence today. This is followed by a discussion on money laundering. Dr. Shelley then talks about some capital controls and the role of the United Nations. Peter brings up the topic of wealth inequality and Dr. Shelley shares the impact this has on the emergence of certain international terrorist organizations. They then discuss how terrorist organizations operate as a business and generate revenue, and how they move their money and commodities internationally. They talk about the rise of ISIS in Iraq and how it has come to power and continues to maintain power. They conclude with some thoughts on how to combat these kinds of organizations in the future.


10 Mar 2015

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A Borderless World ft. David Gallup

David Gallup, head of World Service Authority (WSA) joins The Big Trade Series. David starts the conversation by introducing his organization and describing how they help the United Nations spread its universal values and educate citizens in a globalised world. Peter and David then talk about the “World Passport,” which is the WSA’s best-known product. David explains how the “World Passport” facilitates international free travel and immigration. Their exchange on the “World Passport” is followed by discussions on various topics including the potential of a “global currency” that supports the idea of “world citizenship,” deglobalization trends around the world and the WSA’s funding status. David wraps up the episode by sharing his thoughts on refugees and what his organization does to alleviate their suffering.


17 Jan 2017

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Peter Pham | 2018 World Mining Summit Speech

The Commodity Investment Cycle Index (CIC) is a powerful, one-of-a-kind investment indicator that forecasts the prices of commodities and their stocks. It does this by meticulously tracking the Commodity Cycle and how it affects commodity companies. And that’s a crucial tool if you’re a commodity producer, investor, speculator, or analyst. Narrated by Peter Pham at the World Mining Summit 2018 in Perth, Australia.


1 Oct 2018

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The Republic ft. Ron Paul

Ron Paul, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and three-time presidential candidate, joins The Big Trade series for an interesting conversation on US politics. Ron started this episode by talking about his profound history and experience in dealing with central bankers throughout his career. He then shares his insightful discussions he had with former Chairman of the Federal Reserve – Ben Bernanke. At that point, the two delve into the impact of bureaucrats on central banks and the role of central banks in free markets. On that occasion, Peter shares his conversation with Doug Casey about Natural Law. The conversation progresses to the discussion difference between “Democrat” and “Republican” throughout history, from Roman Empire to “modern Empire”. Ron finishes this episode by talking about his concern for financial markets in the years to come.


22 Nov 2016

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Who Gets What - and Why ft. Professor Alvin Roth

Alvin Roth, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and Professor of Economics at Stanford University joins us on The Big Trade Series for an insightful conversation on market design. Alvin introduces his concepts on the commodity and matching markets. A discussion follows on which category the stock market falls into and its implications, as well as the impact of capital control and the role of high frequency trading. Peter shares his concerns regarding the TPP, particularly on protectionism and its impacts on multinational companies. The conversation then shifts to repugnant transactions as Alvin provides examples including Uber, same sex marriage, kidney transplants and more. The dialogue quickly progresses into the role of government intervention in the free market. The episode wraps up as Alvin shares some useful takeaways from his new book Who Gets What — and Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design.


13 Oct 2015

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WARTIME! The Invisible Fist of the Enemy

https://freemarketmessiah.substack.com/ When the official narrative is so well orchestrated by the state, the populace is restricted to either becoming literalists or becoming bad interpreters of the tales fed to them. Limiting the populace to only these two options further reinforces and further entrenches the pre-planned narrative into the collective belief.


13 May 2020

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The @ of War ft. Shane Harris

Shane Harris, journalist and author of “@War” joins the conversation. Shane starts off the show by explaining his concept of the “military internet complex”. Shane explains various corporations that are assisting the United States government with internet espionage. The conversation shifts to evidence of other countries engaging in cyber warfare, including South and North Korea. Shane shares his opinions on accountability and reliability of information when it comes to government sources of internet intelligence, specifically as it pertains to the recent accusations of North Korean hacking. Peter and Shane talk about China as an emerging threat in the realm of internet hacking and their growing presence in capital markets. The discussion concludes with a talk on internet hacktivism and various threats that exist on the web today.


5 Feb 2015

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An Insider’s View: Free Trade Agreements ft. David Jacobson

David Jacobson, Vice Chairman of the Bank of Montreal's Financial Group and former U.S. Ambassador to Canada joins us on The Big Trade series for an insightful conversation on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). David begins the conversation with his experience in working with Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. He gives a brief review on the North American Free Agreement (NAFTA) and its impact on its constituents. Followed by an in-depth discussion about aspects related to the TPP such as: 1) the negotiations 2) China 3) currency manipulation restrictions 4) the global labor market 5) global capital 6) benefits to Vietnam and 6) opportunities for foreign investors in emerging markets. David shares his experience as the Vice Chairman for one of North America's largest banks and concludes the conversation with an interesting story on Barack Obama.


18 Nov 2015

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Income Streams and Royalties ft. Dan Ferris

Dan Ferris joins The Big Trade Series for the second installment of a two-part discussion on valuation metrics. To begin, Dan talks about how he made his controversial call to sell Berkshire Hathaway last year. This is followed by a discussion on MFC Industrial’s business as a global supply chain company. The two then share their thoughts on the vertical integration of certain companies and the way to evaluate them. Dan mentions some aspects that a company needs to cover to be attractive to investors, and they wrap up the conversation with a discussion on politics and economics.


21 Jul 2015

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