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The Wandering Economist scours the globe to bring you the answers to those important questions relating to the economy and monetary governance. Whether your question is of local interest or about the World Bank, he is here to help. Direct your questions to him at TenMinuteLessons.com This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

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The Bretton Woods Agreement

Carl asks for more information on the Bretton Woods Agreement. What was it, how did it shape out monetery policy and is is still in place? And how do the outcomes of wars change global monetery policy?


15 May 2007

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The Kyoto Accord - Ecology or Economics?

A student writes us today to ask wheter the biggest affects of the Kyoto Accord are Ecologic or Economic. It is quite a keen observation and one that is full of passion. Listen in to hear why the accord is more economy than ecology.


6 May 2007

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The Carry Trade - What is it and how does it un-wind?

An email comes in from a frequent listener asking what the Carry Trade is, how it works and how it impacts the economy. He goes on to ask what it means to have the Carry Trade un-wind.


26 Apr 2007

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M1, M2, M3 - The Money Supply and how it affects you!

Linda emails us to ask what the differentce is in the Money Supply figures M1, M2 and M3 and how they effect her personally. Linda, thats what we are here for.


19 Apr 2007

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What is the IMF and what are SDR's?

Charles asks what is the purpose of the IMF (International Monetery Fund) and what are SDR's (Special Drawing Rights). Well Charles, I'll try to boil this down to something simple, like "The IMF is a Central Bank for Central Banks!"


6 Apr 2007

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What is the World Bank and what how does it work?

Regi emails us to ask some questions about the World Bank. Does it operate like a regular bank? Who can borrow from it and under what conditions? Does the World Bank charge interest? Lots of questions here Regi, lets get started!


29 Mar 2007

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The World Trade Organization - Good or Bad?

Rose, a frequent emailer, asks us today what the role of the World Trade organization is and whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Well Rose, like many things in economics it depends on who you are and where you live. Lets talk about it.


21 Mar 2007

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What Are Derivatives?

Within a day of our last episode on Hedge Funds, the mail began to roll in. The most common questions? What are Derivatives and how do they work? How are Derivatives used by Hedge Funds and how risky are they?


13 Mar 2007

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What is a Hedge Fund?

Art sends us an email today asking us about Hedge Funds. He notes that they have been mentioned in the news frequently but no one explaines what they are. So he asks, What is a Hedge Fund? and a lot of other questions regarding them. Art, you're not alone out there in not understanding. We're here to help, listen in.


3 Mar 2007

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What is Peak Oil? How will it impact the Global Economy?

Roger from Colorado Springs writes in with this question: "I've read a few articles recently that mention the term Peak Oil and they seem to contradict each other. One says we are running out of oil, the other says we have a 40 year supply. What exactly do they mean by Peak Oil and what does it have to do with the economy? I understand oil is important, but some of these guys write like its the end of the world and others seem to think its no big deal. Whose telling the truth?"


21 Feb 2007

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