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Relaxed Homeskool Talk Radiois a show for unschooling and homeschooling families. Listen as Kim and her guests explore unschooling, learning to follow one's passions, exploring the world with your family, and living life free of educational institutions. Would you like to unschool? Are you interested in alternative education? Than you should join in and explore these topics with us. Kim has 7 years of experience with homeschooling. Guest speakers from the unschooling and homeschooling community will join us to share their exciting projects an years of cumulative experience but most importantly we want to hear from you!Relaxed Homeskool Talk Radio is twice a month, the 2nd and 4th Monday starting at 10am central time. Call (347)633-9765

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Relaxed Homeschooler

This show; Michael and Patty Smith will be calling in to share their experiences homeschooling on a Native American reservation.Dayna Martin will be the guest speaker. Dayna has been vocal in her promotion of unschooling as a way of life and you will understand why when you hear her speak on the topic. She's been interviewed on TV, has a series of segments describing unschooling on youtube and she hosts an unschooling conference cruise every year.So call to speak to Dayna and I at 347-633-9765

1hr 29mins

28 Jul 2008

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Relaxed Homeschooler #4

Join me as I speak with my guest Sandra Dodd about her life unschooling her mostly grown now kids. She is the author of the Radical Unschooling website, the inventor of Learn Nothing Day and a tireless champion for respectful parenting.

1hr 27mins

8 Sep 2008

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Relaxed Homeschooler #3

This show Michelle Barone will be my guest. She is a homeschooler, a family therapist, a retired La Leche League counselor and the author of a new book titled "Finding Your Way;Exploring Your Families Educational Journey". Call if you want to speak to an experienced homeschooler and therapist about concerns and hopes you have for the upcoming year! Call early (347)633-9765.Michelle's book is available at lulu.com You can visit her website at www.michellebarone.com

1hr 28mins

11 Aug 2008

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Relaxed Homeschooler #8

This week (Nov. 10th, 10am central time) Rain Fordyce will visit to discuss her new book "I Am Learning All of the Time" in a series of books titled Homeschool Adventure Books. There will be a contest to win a copy of her book during the show. Details to be announced but suffice it to say you will have to call this number (347) 633-9765 and answer a simple question.Rain is a life coach, the publisher of Authentic Times an online magazine and a homeschooling momma with much wisdom and fun to share!

1hr 26mins

10 Nov 2008

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Relaxed Homeschooler #6

Special show-one week early! And one hour early!Peggy Webb will be the guest this week and we will discuss her life raising 3 unschooled girls and running the West River Academy. She also consults homeschoolers and will be available to answer your questions about keeping transcripts, unshcooling high school and helping your teen to take the path they are most interested in. Call out your teens because Peggy's youngest daughter, 14 year old Rachel will also be a guest on the show and will speak to us about her experiences with various types of schooling (all of which she chose to try as an unschooler) and her recent travels to Costa Rica and upcoming travels to Japan to learn the languages among other things.Teens are encouraged to call Rachel with their questions and thoughts!


6 Oct 2008

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Relaxed Homeschooler #5

This week Dayna Martin of Unschooling America will join us with some stories from her recent conference experience and her love of nurturing children's passions. As always, we'll take callers with thoughts to share and questions.Lori Upchurch, an In-Home conference planner and fellow blogger also appeared , as did Sarah Parent from Clan of Parents.Dayna Martin will pop in with the second of what we hope to be regular appearances in a radio segments titled View from Utopia.

1hr 30mins

22 Sep 2008

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Relaxed Homeschooler #9

Join me this Monday at 10am central time as Ren Allen(founder of Imagination Tribe)and Laura Bowman (founder of Radical Unschoolers Network)join in to discuss the origins of Imagination Tribe and RUN,the internet as networking tool for creativity and support and also burning questions such as "Is the world ready for unschooling?" and "What are your newest projects?" For more details about the show visit Relaxedhomeskool.comAs always call 347-633-9765 to ask Ren or Laura a question. The chat room will also be enabled.

1hr 29mins

12 Jan 2009

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Relaxed Homeskool show #15

Kathy Wentz is my guest on July 20th at 10am central time. Kathy is a homeschooling mom who teaches, consults,volunteers, speaks publicly and runs one of the nation's few homeschooling libraries. She is famous for her conference workshops titled "Cure for the Math Curse" and she teaches math and science classes to unschoolers in the Midwest using games and exploration.Call with your questions about how to homeschool or unschool math and science. 347-633-9765http://kathywentz.blogspot.com/

1hr 26mins

20 Jul 2009

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Relaxed Homeskool show #14

World traveler, Not-Back-to-School camp adviser, founder of Unschool Adventures and now author of a new book, Blake Boles will join us this Monday to talk about why he wrote "College Without High School" and how he hopes to inspire teenagers to start their unschooling adventure as well as how he can help homeschooled and unschooled teens to get in to and transition into college.Tune in live this Monday July 29th 10am central time here:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/RelaxedHomeskoolTeenagers and adults can tune in and call with questions: 347-633-9765 or comment on live chat mode. Join us this Monday June 29th online at 10am central time to catch the talk live.Check out Blake's page about his book:http://www.blakeboles.com/cwhs.htmFor more in depth review:http://chicagohomeschoolhabitat.com/?p=550

1hr 22mins

29 Jun 2009

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Relaxed Homeskool show #13

This Monday April 6th at 10am central time you can hear my live interview with Blake Boles and Abbi Miller, two experienced advisers at the much lauded Not Back to School Camp. They also happen to be the globetrekking organizers of Unschool Adventures, planning immersion trips worldwide for untethered teens. Blake is about to publish a book about how to attend college without high school.We will have much to talk about! Unschooling teens and young adults listen in and get an earful of how much fun you can have exploring the big blue room with these fabulous organizers. To talk to our guests call 347-633-9765 or join us in the chat room.

1hr 29mins

6 Apr 2009

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