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The Enchanting Lawyer Podcast | Marketing and Leadership for Your Law Firm or Business

How can your legal practice attract more clients and build a thriving community? How can you achieve a perfect work/life balance? Most lawyers have no idea what it takes to run and grow a business - and why should they? That’s what this podcast is all about. We show you exactly how to take your business from boring to enchanting even if you don’t know the first thing about building a business. We don’t teach tricks or use hype. We show you what’s worked for us - including how we became one of the first law firms to build a large and active Facebook community of more than 94,000 people. Social Media, when used correctly, is the secret weapon for every lawyer.

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EL 032: The Art of Engagement – Using Social Media to Sell, with Kim Garst

Kim Garst is a self-taught social media expert. She has been named in the Forbes magazine top 10 women social media power influencers and her business, Social Boom is helping businesses use social media to grow and ultimately become more successful. Kim uses social media to create and nurture personal relationships in a business setting to increase customer engagement, a sense of community and turn this into business success.


25 Aug 2014

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EL 068: How to attract clients with Facebook Funnels with world expert Tarek Statico

Tarek Statico, Online Business Strategist & Consultant Tarek Statico is an online business strategist & consultant who has helped develop online campaigns that have generated hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars in revenue. His expertise lies in developing proven internet based marketing strategies, including product launches, webinars, Facebook and Google ads, retargeting, social media, content creation and mass distribution strategies. He designs unique customized systems, models and solutions for his clients with the basis being simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication.


4 May 2015

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EL 090: What Today's Small Firm Lawyers Do to Survive in a World of Marketing Vultures with Ben Glass

It’s difficult to understand where Ben Glass gets the time to be a practicing lawyer, run another business and still prioritize his family of a wife and nine children. But he believes that it is all about sticking to your principles. And this is also how he helps lawyers to market their practices - through his company, Great Legal Marketing. In today’s show, Ben and Jacob chat about time management, tricks to the marketing of a small practice, his thoughts on social media for marketing, and his new book - ‘Renegade Lawyer Marketing’.


5 Oct 2015

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EL 078: 6 Networking Secrets to Up Your Game, with David Bradford

David Bradford is known as the Human Internet. He is a highly successful CEO and the man that hired the inventor of the Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak. He is now a Best-selling Author with his book ‘Up Your Game’. He is convinced that his success has come from his ability to network and build relationships with other people and now wants the world to know how important personal relationships are. In today’s show, David talks to Jacob how personal relationships have given him success in his professional career, the importance of showing up and why he follows up with everyone who he’s met that day, every evening.


13 Jul 2015

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EL 099: The Power of a Good Morning Routine and Great Habits, with Jacob Sapochnick

In Jacob’s second solo podcast, he talks about how constructing a morning routine has completely changed his life, giving him more security and making him more productive.By making time for exercise, meditation, eating and reading, Jacob has found that he has set himself up perfectly for a great day at work and at home, helps him to reach his goals and creates good habits. In today’s show Jacob talks about how he has created this morning routine and the difference that it has made to his life.


7 Dec 2015

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EL 076: Real Lawyers Have Blogs with Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin O’Keefe is the CEO and founder of LexBlog, which empowers lawyers to increase their visibility and accelerate business relationships online. With LexBlog’s help, legal professionals use their subject matter expertise to drive powerful business development through blogging and social media. Prior to starting LexBlog was an attorney for 17 years and used the internet to grow his practice, and in today’s show, Jacob talks to Kevin about the power of blogging and why sharing information is the future for lawyers.


29 Jun 2015

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EL 014: How to Create a Powerful Lawyer Brand – with Daliah Saper

When Daliah Saper started her practice at the age of 24, she needed to figure out a way to reach out to people who wouldn’t be intimated by her age. Saper is the perfect example of a lawyer/entrepreneur intelligently leveraging media and the Internet to build up her online presence and further benefit her legal business. Young entrepreneurs and attorneys will find her story inspiring. Neither will age, gender, nor the size of your law firm prevent your business from flourishing.


21 Apr 2014

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EL 100: Top Marketing/Business Trends in 2016 and What They Mean for Your Law Firm, with Jacob Sapochnick

As we come towards the end of 2015, and start looking forward to 2016, we begin to think about what the next year has in store for us. In Jacob’s third solo episode, he takes a peek into the next year and talks about where he sees marketing and business trends going, and looks at what this means for your law firm. Today Jacob discusses the various aspects of online marketing including SEO, reviews and video.and where they are headed in the next year.


14 Dec 2015

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EL 092: The Customer Service Revolution: Overthrow Conventional Business and Inspire Employees with John R. DiJulius III

John R. DiJulius III is a world class customer service guru and entrepreneur. He uses his skills to help businesses worldwide to give their customers an exceptional customer service. He understands exactly what it takes to deliver a great service and also uses his skills in his two businesses to great success. John’s most recent book - ‘Customer Service Revolution’ talks about how companies are standing out from the rest through their customer service and today chats to Jacob about training employees in excellent customer service, why lawyers are amongst the worst and how to deal with unhappy customers.


19 Oct 2015

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EL 073: The Millennial Lawyer: Discovering the Y of Law with Nicole Abboud

Nicole Abboud is one of the top cats in the latest generation of lawyers. Having left law school, she believed that family law was what she wanted to do. Actually, it didn't turn out like that, and within a few years she had opened her own practice specializing in fashion law having realized that she wanted to help people in the fashion industry. Nicole has her own ideas about what's important for today's graduating lawyers, and in today's show she chats with Jacob about young attorney's need for independence, building communities as a marketing strategy and offers some fashion advice to lawyers.


8 Jun 2015

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EL 040: How to Deliver a Powerful Message, with World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi is the World Champion of Public Speaking – 2014 conferred by Toastmasters International. He’s also been a Tedx Speaker and is amongst a handful of HRD consultants in the Asia-Pacific region that specializes in Performance Prediction. He also holds an MBA in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree with a Double Major in Marketing and Management, Australia. He is a Chartered Marketer and holds a professional Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. Having been worried about the direction that his life was heading, Dananjaya’s father introduced him to a Toastmasters club which both introduced him to the wonders of public speaking, as well as introducing him to people he would never have otherwise known. This changed his life by giving him confidence and changing his thinking and how he approached life. In today’s show we hear about Dananjaya’s winning speech, why everybody should try a bit of public speaking and he gives us some tips on crafting and delivering a great speech.


20 Oct 2014

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EL 088: Taking Control of your Legal Online Marketing with LawLytics Founder Dan Jaffe

Founder of LawLytics Dan Jaffe, is the ideal person to help lawyers with their website and online marketing needs. He successfully ran two law practises, but as the internet grew, he began to realise its power for marketing. Having taught himself the techy side, Dan began to help other attorneys and now runs LawLytics - an online platform that helps attorneys design and control their websites, whilst helping them with the online marketing of the practises. In today’s show, Jacob talks to Dan about the power of websites, marketing legal practises online and the producing effective content.


21 Sep 2015

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EL 104: Why Business Etiquette is the Key to Success with Kara Ronin

Kara Ronin is the founder of ’Executive Impressions’ - a company which helps businesses - and their people in them - to create the right kind of relationships amongst themselves, and their clients to ensure the success of a business. Having been born in Australia she now lives an international lifestyle, and is currently enjoying living in Lyon - France. In today’s show, Kara and Jacob chat about the importance of being in the moment, how not to damage your reputation with your online presence, what makes people do business with you and how to make people like you.


1 Feb 2016

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EL 022: Lessons Learned in Entrepreneurship and Doing Business in America, with Lauris Liberts, Founder of Latvia’s Largest Social Network

Entrepreneurs, marketers, and social media experts, you are in for a treat! The CEO of Draugiem, Lauris Liberts, who rose from a busboy to building the largest social network with nearly 3 million registered users in Latvia, exemplifies humility. He will be the first one to admit he had more than 10 businesses that failed. Liberts feels like failures are normally less advertised but he sees them as a stepping stone that will connect him to where he wants to be.


16 Jun 2014

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EL 106: Starting Over and Coping with Unexpected Events with Attorney Jim Hart


15 Feb 2016

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EL 061: The Future of Law with Brian Tannebaum

A newspaper reporter once wrote that Brian Tannebaum is “the lawyer that lawyers go to when they find themselves in hot water.” A Past President of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers now in his 20th year of practice, Tannebaum’s clients are either lawyers trying to remain lawyers, law students trying to become lawyers or those facing state or federal criminal charges. His professional ethics blog, mylawlicense.com was honored as one of the top 100 legal blogs by the ABA in 2011. He is also a former columnist for Above the Law, and a certified sommelier. His first book. The Practice: Brutal Truths About Lawyers and Lawyering was published by the ABA in October of 2014. In today's show, Jacob talks to Brian about the future of law, why business cards are pointless, the value of networking and how to stay happy in your job.


16 Mar 2015

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EL 020: Awakening the Entrepreneurial Lawyer within, with Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth

In this podcast, Michael Gerber’s passion and determination to help people ignite their inner fire will inspire you immensely. At the age of 77, Michael Gerber preserves possibly more passion than a lot of 22-year-olds. Look beyond our survival instinct, open our eyes to this extraordinary universe that we are part of, and begin to live.


2 Jun 2014

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EL 065: The Power of Google+ and the How to use it with Martin Shervington

Martin Shervington, Law and Business Studies, LLB (Joint Hons), PG Dip Organisational Psychology, Master Practitioner NLP, has spent 15 years in this field working as an Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Marketing Psychologist. He is now based in UK and the US, and helps people and businesses to use the internet as a powerful marketing tool. In today’s show, Martin talks to Jacob about the power of Google+ for businesses and how to use to to propel your business to success.


13 Apr 2015

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EL 097: Unbundling Legal Services to your Practice, with Dave Aarons

With the impact of the financial crisis hitting the pockets of many, increasingly, people are taking their legal needs into their own hands. However, with this comes a number of duties that need to be carried out by an attorney and this is where ‘Unbundled Attorney’ can help. Dave Aarons set up his business to help attorneys to ’unbundle’ their services and help people with individual tasks. In today’s show, Jacob and Dave chat about how his business, Unbundled Attorney can help both clients and attorneys, the value of understanding people’s financial situation and the use of technology to quicken processes.


23 Nov 2015

Rank #19

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EL 093: How anyone can effectively use the power of transitions, forced or chosen, to their advantage with Steve Rodgers

Steve Rodgers has had  long and varied career. Having started off in hospitality, he then moved onto being a real estate salesman. From there he went to management and eventually ended up as a hiring and firing CEO. But it was when he got laid off as an SEO that he found his true calling as an entrepreneur who is helping people and businesses use situations which they have or haven’t chosen to be in, to propel them to success. In today’s show Steve and Jacob chat about how Steve used transition to change his life, the importance of building relationships and his new book - Lead to Gold.


26 Oct 2015

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