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Discusions about anything related to marine saltwater and reef tanks. Here we will discuss everything from basic Fish Only tank care to advanced reef system care. We will also discuss equipment and DIY type projects.

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In this show we talk to Jake from RazerCoral, to get an inside look at how an online coral business operates. We also take a look at some common aquarium pests. this stuff is followed by and introduction to Bio Fluorescence by Jake Adams


10 Feb 2006

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This week we have a special show. In TOpic one we are joined by Jake Adams who discusses some topics about zooxanthellae, and then In topic 2, Jake interviews Dr. Dan Thornhill of The university of George Athens

24 Mar 2006

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ok, for those of you that saw my other thread, and have been waiting for the details, well here they are...not much more i can say about that.


25 Oct 2006

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For this weeks main topic we are going to discuss Anemones, we are going to start with basic anemone anatomy, them move to selecting a healthy anemone, and finally anemone care in your marine aquarium


17 Mar 2006

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In this months Reefkeeping edition of the Talkingreef Podcast, we are joined by a new Reefkeeping author, Chris Jury.Chris is joining us this month to discuss the myths and concerns about the way hobbyist name and classify corals.


3 Mar 2006

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every hear of SaltwaterU? when this show is for you.. for those that know of it and those that dont. This Week i am joined by Kevin Jessop as he takes us through all that is SaltwaterU 3. The marine conference held in Atlanta Georgia and hosted by the Atlanta Reef Club (ARC)


22 Mar 2007

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Following up with the theme on coral fragging, here is a full video on fragging various branching stony coral. In this video i show both in tank and out of tank fragging of: * Acropora yongei * Seriatopora hystrix * Monitpora Digitata * Pocillopora damicornis I show mounting all these frags using super glue gel, using both vertical and horizontal mounting techniques.


27 Apr 2007

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Talkingreef - Ep6

Episode 6 release In this episode i discuss synthetic sea salts, what they are, how they work and how to place them in the tank Im still looking for guest hosts, along with comments and questions. Make sure you help promote the show, if you are on a message board, forum, or news group, let other know about the show. My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)


3 Sep 2005

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Talkingreef - Ep5.1

Episode 5 release In this episode i discuss power heads, what they are, how they work and how to place them in the tank Just a reminder to all, im still looking for guest hosts, along with comments and questions. Also, make sure you help promote the show, if you are on a message board, forum, or news group, let other know abou tthe show. My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)


28 Aug 2005

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Talkingreef - Ep3

Episode 3 is finally here, sorry it took so long. Check it out, provide feedback. In this episode i am finishing up on a final item related to the Nitrogen cycle, and ranting about a couple common problems that plague many reefers My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)


16 Aug 2005

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Talkingreef - Ep4

i apologize if some people get this one twice. Apparently something went wrong with the RSS feed, so i am having to publish it twice. Here it is... The, hopefully, long awaited, episode four. In this show i cover the importance of water current, and basic coral classification. Just a reminder to all, im still looking for guest hosts, along with comments and questions. My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)


23 Aug 2005

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One of the main goals is to learn new information about Marine invertebrates, and to educate the people those involved. One part of the project that is now wrapping up is an extended series of classroom based observational experiments and research efforts. These efforts were co-oridinated by Brian Plankis of Project DIBS with the participation of a local high school. In this podcast, i get the change to talk to Brian, the classroom teacher, Eric Borneman, and 4 of the students from the participating class to share there candid thoughts about the project, its impact on them as well as summarize what they did.


4 May 2007

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For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Sanjay Joshi. Sanjay is publishing an article describing what Metal Halides are and how they work. Make sure you check this out if you want to learn more about MH lighting from one of our hobby's leading experts


8 Mar 2007

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Here we go, another video for you all. As the title suggests, this video covers one of many techniques used to frag a Colt Coral. Make sure you check it out and provide any feedback or share your methods or experiences.


30 Mar 2007

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For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Allen Chantelois. Allen has spent the last year measuring and documenting the light output of 7 metal halide bulbs over a period of 12 months. In this months edition of Reefkeeping Magazine he publishes his results, and in this show we talk about those results.


5 Apr 2007

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Part 3 in the lighting series. Ok, here we go with the MH show, in this show i discuss what the MH bulb is and how it works Topics: - Plasma - Halides - Bulb - Arc Tube - Fireing and burning - how the light is produced and changed - why a cool down period


19 Oct 2006

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For this weeks how im joined by Wes as he presents this weeks questions for the lighting part 1 Questions and Answers show. We have a whole list of question for this show all around general lighting concepts, i will get a sit of the questions posted shortly. Lighting Part 6 Q&A#2 is next week and we will present questions and answers around Metal Halide lighting and fluorescent lighting


17 Nov 2006

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Part 4 in the lighting series. In this part we are going to talk about reflectors and ballasts, not extremely technical, but some important topics to cover, here is a highlight of what we discus in this show Topics: Reflectors - Types - - Parallel - - Vertical - Designs - - Hemispherical - - Squared - - Spider Ballasts - Magnetic - - Probe start - - Pulse start - Electronic


10 Nov 2006

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The second video episodes is ready.In this show i walk you though my setup and show you how i do my rotifer culturing and splitting. Please feel free to let me know and i will provide the info


30 Mar 2006

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Talkingreef Live - Ep14

Intro *Petco Petition - Talkingreef is not promoting you sign, jsut htat you read and sign if you feel you agree. * * http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/petcokills/ * Show Times - do you want to keep RL at 8:00 EST (GMT -4)? * PoTM Contest * * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/tr-contests/ * IMAC - Chicago - May 30 -June 1 * * http://www.theimac.org * MACNA - Atlanta - Sept 5-7 * * http://www.macnaxx.com * New Local News section coming Mini Topic * List of must have equipment items when starting a new tank Questions and Answers * Quarantine Tanks * Transferring tanks and dealing with resulting cycles * Kalkwasser * * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/157-kalk-podcast-episode-13-a.html * * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/674-diy-kalk-doser-video-podcast-episode-44-a.html * What is and how to preventing "old Tank Syndrome" with regards to a deep sand bed (DSB) * * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/188-substrates-pt1-podcast-episode-27-a.html * * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/215-substrates-pt2-podcast-episode-28-a.html * Do you need to turn of your skimmer when feeding Phytoplankton and/or rotifers? * Maroon clown anemone and behavior in a new system. * Using a phyto density stick, and what's the optimal density? * Storing Kalkwasser * Feeding Caulepra to display tank fish * What is the right way to setup flow in the tank? * Keeping Goniopora * * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/693-goniopora-podcast-episode-45-a.html * What causes a deep sand bed (DSB) to become "clumpy" * Fragging Blastomussa sp. (Blasto) * Emperor Filter or a Protein Skimmer

1hr 34mins

23 Apr 2008

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