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Whether you're a parent, a kid, a caregiver, someone who aspires to make kid-friendly content, or someone who's just curious about the creative process, The Kid Stuff Podcast is for you.Learn how the people who make the stuff that you and your kids love work, how they got where they are, what inspires them, and more.Thanks for checking outThe Kid Stuff Podcast!

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Episode 20 - Laurie Berkner

This episode comes out on March 7th, 2017, which also marks the 20 year anniversary of Laurie Berkner’s career writing, recording, and performing kindie music for 0-7 year olds. If you have kids or an interest in kids’ music, you already know her and her songs and videos. March is a big month for Laurie, with fun stuff going on at the Laurie Berkner Band Facebook page everyday, leading up to the release of her book “We Are The Dinosaurs” on March 21st. You can also find info on her official website, LauireBerkner.com.

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7 Mar 2017

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Episode 17 - Mindy Thomas

For almost 16 years, Mindy Thomas has been the host of “Absolutely Mindy,” first on XM Kids and now on Kids Place Live on Sirius XM radio. She’s live every weekday morning from 7am- 12pm Eastern. She talks to kids on the phone, she plays great kids music, particularly from the “Kindie” music scene, and she facilitates and encourages a lot of wonderful silliness to help kids and their parents get through morning commutes, road trips, and any other time that the radio is on. You can hear Mindy weekday mornings on Kids Place Live on Sirius XM radio, and you can find her on Twitter here: @AbsolutelyMindy.   


8 Feb 2017

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Episode 12 - Daniel Chong, Creator of "We Bare Bears"

Daniel Chong spent a lot of time working as a story artist on feature films such as "Inside Out," "Bolt," and "Despicable Me," before turning his web comic "Three Bare Bears" into the current Cartoon Network series "We Bare Bears."   Mike had technical issues with this recording, and the audio quality isn't perfect. If you find it too frustrating to listen to, click here to read a pdf of transcript of the full interview. The audio version is about 30 minutes of highlights, hosted by Kid Stuff Kid Sophie.   Thanks for listening!


27 Dec 2016

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Episode 5 - Bizaardvark

Unlike their fellow participants in Disney Storytellers, Josh Lehrman and Kyle Stegina didn't come into the 20-week writing program with an idea for a show. But by listening to the feedback of their mentors at Disney, they were able to create (and recereate) the show that eventually became "Bizaardvark," a workplace comedy on a network that doesn't do workplace comedies. Josh and Kyle tell Mike their contrasting philosophies on social media, the discovery that writing a kids' show is at least as hard as writing a grown-up show, and how they cast an incredibly brilliant actor as Paige's dad in the original pilot, only to later cast him into the gutter for their own amusement.

1hr 11mins

8 Nov 2016

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Episode 19 - Alisha Gaddis & Lucky Diaz

What do you do if you've just fallen in love, but you never see each other because your new partner works days as a session guitar player on American Idol, and you work evenings as a stand-up comedian? If you are Alisha Gaddis and Lucky Diaz, you form The Lucky Diaz Family Jam Band. Then, you get to work together making albums, playing shows, teaching workshops, and doing all kinds of family-friendly art. And, if that band is really good (which it is), you win a Grammy. Then you turn the band into a TV show, and you also win an Emmy. During all this, in case you still have some down time, you also get married and have a new baby girl together. If you have kids, you have probably heard Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. It is pop-based bilingual kindie music at its very best. Alisha and Lucky were generous enough to have me to their home one recent Saturday while they were still passing around the colds and flus that everyone has been getting lately. I talked to both of them about the band and elementary school fundraisers and Trader Joe’s for the first half of the show, then Alisha and I got into a little more of her background in acting, writing, and comedy for the second half. Enjoy my conversation with Alisha and Lucky! You can find them on the web in all the usual places, including their website at luckydiazmusic.com.

1hr 10mins

28 Feb 2017

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Episode 12A - Bite-Sized Daniel Chong

In this Bite-sized episode, We Bare Bears creator Daniel Chong explains how they found the voices for the three bears. You can find We Bare Bears on Cartoon Network.


17 Feb 2017

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Episode 4 - Shane Portman

Shane Portman was writing stories meant to be read aloud and creating characters meant to annoy his younger sisters for years before he realized he had been preparing himself for a career writing children's television. Shane now works on Amazon's Emmy-winning preschool show "Tumble Leaf," as well as for "Moonlight Story Time" on the Curious World app. Check out his website and learn more about how such a quiet guy can have so many characters and stories rolling around in his head.

1hr 13mins

1 Nov 2016

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Episode 9 - Björn Jeffery

Björn Jeffery is the co-founder and CEO of Toca Boca, an international company that makes immensely popular apps for kids. Björn tells Mike how the company started, about the importance of listening to kids when making things for kids, and why there are great and not-so-great things about living in either Sweden or the U.S.

1hr 7mins

6 Dec 2016

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Episode 15 - Carly Ciarrocchi

Carly Ciarrocchi is one of the four hosts of the Sunny Side Up show on the Sprout Channel. It’s a live show, for preschoolers, that’s on every weekday.  Carly started out with a myriad of interests. Theater, improv, puppetry, clowning, pre-school education… and it wasn’t until she got an audition to host Sunny Side Up that she found the place that perfectly married all of those interests and skills she had been discovering and developing since she first auditioned for that production of Peter Pan as a kid in Delaware. You should also follow the Facebook page for Carly’s upcoming podcast "The Kiddie Pool Podcast." You can follow the kid stuff podcast on iTunes or here at kidstuffpodcast.com. We love iTunes reviews and ratings!  Thanks for listening!

1hr 11mins

24 Jan 2017

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Episode 3 - Brad Breeck

Brad Breeck grew up drumming in bands, including the LA experimental rock group The Mae Shi, before turning from performance to composition.   Brad and Mike talk about how he got from Kankakee to Colorado to CalArts, and how his love for experimental music lead him to becoming the composer for animated shows such as "Fanboy and Chum Chum," "Gravity Falls," "We Bare Bears," and the new Netflix reboot of "Voltron."


25 Oct 2016

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Episode 10 - Sheryl Levine, Casting Director

Sheryl Levine casts the current Disney Channel shows "Bizaardvark" and "Stuck in the Middle." She started out as an actor in New York, but after college she found that she preferred working with the actors she loves so much to being one of them. She became an agent, then a manager, then found her true calling as a casting director.


13 Dec 2016

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Episode 40 - Meredith Halpern-Ranzer

Meredith Halpern-Ranzer is the Chief Executive Tinkerer at Tinkercast, the company that produces last year’s immensely popular new podcast “Wow in The World” featuring NPR’s Guy Raz and former Kid Stuff Podcast guest and Kids Place Live host Mindy Thomas. Before joining Tinkercast, Meredith was there at the beginning of Sprout, and spent 10 years bringing the kids' channel to the world and defining its brand.


19 Dec 2017

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Episode 14 - Michael Granberry

Michael Cranberry is an animator on the Amazon show for pre-schoolers Tumble Leaf. The show has won multiple emmy awards in its first two seasons, and it’s something you don’t see much in kids’ TV anymore; it’s quiet. It’s thoughtful, it doesn’t go for a lot of jokes. It’s a simple show that is anything but simple for the team at BixPix to create. Michael will tell us how he fell in love with the painstaking process of stop-motion animation, how he shifted from the horror genre to a preschool audience, and he will soothe us with the gentle baritone of his professionally-trained actor’s voice. You can check out the first two seasons of Tumble Leaf on Amazon, and season 3 will be out sometime this year. You can find us on iTunes or at kid stuffpodcast.com. Thanks for listening! 

1hr 5mins

17 Jan 2017

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Episode 47 - Danny Joe LaBrecque Returns!

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood had its first national broadcast 50 years ago this week, on February 19th, 1968. To celebrate, today I’m having a 2nd conversation with my first-ever guest on the Kid Stuff Podcast, Danny LaBrecque. Danny started off following in Fred Rogers’ footsteps, but has since branched off and found his own path as the creator and host of Danny Joe’s Treehouse. If you take a look, it will feel familiar. It’s a calm, grown-up voice talking directly to his audience in a respectful way about really tough issues, bringing in really great guests and a variety of puppets. But it’s also brand new, and exactly what young audiences need in their media right now. It’s an island of sanity in a time of insanity.


21 Feb 2018

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Episode 13 - Eric Robles

Eric Robles created the Nick show “Fanboy and Chum Chum.” He’s currently in the process of creating his second show for Nickelodeon, “Glitch Techs,” which won’t come out until sometime in 2018. Eric is a self-taught artist, and the story of how he got from the path to becoming a police officer to his first job in animation is an incredibly inspiring one. I’m excited for you to hear it. Thanks so much to Eric Robles for that great conversation, thanks to Audrey Gray at nick for setting it up, and to the great Brad Breeck for the introduction. You can still find some Fanboy and Chum Chum video clips and games at www.nick.com, and next year you’ll be able to see Glitch Techs on Nickelodeon. You can subscribe to this show in iTunes or at www.kidstuffpodcast.com. Thanks for listening!

1hr 2mins

10 Jan 2017

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Episode 49 - Albert Mazibuko

Albert Mazibuko has been a member of Ladysmith Black Mambazo since 1969. They’ve recorded more than 70 albums over the course of their career, all with the same message of peace, love, and harmony. Last year they recorded their first album for kids and families, appropriately titled “Songs of Peace and Love For Kids and Parents Around The World." They’re wrapping up their current US tour, and have enough material ready for another album for families that they’re hoping to record back home in South Africa later this year. You can find Ladysmith Black Mambazo at www.Mambazo.com. You can also find a web series they’ve been shooting on their current tour on YouTube.


6 Mar 2018

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Episode 46 - Mike Mason

Do you know a dude named Mike who hosts a podcast where he talks to people about the stuff they make for kids? So do I! His name is Mike Mason, and he is today’s guest. Mike started the Good Stuff Kids Podcast because he couldn’t find the interviews that he wanted to hear with the people who were making the great stuff that his kids and he were into. Sound VERY very familiar… You can find Good Stuff Kids at goodstuffpod.com or wherever you download podcasts. You can also find Good Stuff Sports at the same places.


14 Feb 2018

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Episode 45 - Tami Stronach

Tami Stronach has been very busy since she played the Childlike Empress in 1984's The NeverEnding Story. She’s mainly been a dancer, as well as a choreographer and dance teacher. Her company with her husband Greg Steinbruner, Paper Canoe, has created live theater for families, and have now released their first album. And Beanstalk Jack is a true album, with a through-line, and an A side and a B side. You can find Paper Canoe Company on Facebook, or at www.papercanoecompany.com. You can go to their Patreon, and there are lots of fun things you can get there for just $1 a month. You can also find Tami on Twitter @NeverendingTami. Thanks for listening!


6 Feb 2018

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Episode 42 - Joe Hennes

Joe Hennes is not just a blogger. He is a Muppet Blogger. Along with Ryan Roe, he is the co-owner and editor of toughpigs.com, the preeminent location on the web for all things Muppet and Jim Henson. I can’t believe it took me 42 episodes of a show about children’s media to talk in-depth to someone about the Muppets. Muppets, y’all. Muppets.


17 Jan 2018

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Episode 48 - The Not Its

The Not Its are a five-piece genuine bonafide Seattle indy punk pop rock band that have been making music for kids and their families for ten years now. They were generous enough to have me and my family at their recent show in Torrance, California, and to let me sit down with all five members of the band: Danny , Sara, Michael, Jennie, & Tom for a nice group conversation just before they took the stage and made us dance and melted our faces.  You can find The Not Its at WeAreTheNotIts.com and on your favorite social media platform.


27 Feb 2018

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