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Sexual Addiction:Strength/Hope/Recovery

Sexual Addiction requires that you know the tools to seek and manage recovery. Learn the strategies to restore your life.

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The Basics of Sexual Addiction with Carol the Coach

Carol the Coach interviews a therapist who wants to know the basics about sexual addiction. Listen as he asks all the questions that a novice would want to know like...What are the common mistakes that therapists make when they know nothing about sexual addiction.


2 Apr 2019

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Should I Divoce My Spouse with Carol the Coach

Divorce is a tough choice and Crystal Rae Morrissey coaches partners of sex addicts through the process of therapeutic seperation and divorce when the trauma becomes too great to stay. Women have been so traumatized by the discovery of their husband's indescretions and typically feel an array of feelings regarding how they can care for themselves and make hard decisions that will impact their life forever. Listen as Crystal helps you navigate through this tough process and learn the tips to taking your life to the next level.

1hr 2mins

25 Oct 2016

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A Porn Addiction Can Rob You of Everything with Carol the Coach

Compulsive "" viewing can ruin an addict"s life. It is not "just " it is an addiction that ruins family life, relationships, and all aspects of one's life. Tonight, Carol the Coach will be interviewing a Christian Counselor - Reese Crane who helps addicts break free from addiction. He has learned how to use his life struggle and create purpose out of his life and for his community. Listen to his facinating story of how he turned his life around and the struggles that helped to set him free!

1hr 13mins

14 Aug 2018

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The Many Stages of Partner Betrayal

Carol the Coach interviews Cara W. Tripodi who is the Executive Director and CEO of START which specializes in problematic sexual behaviors and partner betrayal. When Partners experience the crisis, many decisions and trauma related concerns are present as they explore the fallout from the crisis often in ther first year or two. However the long-term needs are often where deeper inner change occurs, regardless of whether their relationship lasts post discovery/disclosure. Themes related to grief and loss; exploration of faily of origin themes: as well as intimacy and trauma resolution are often addressed at this time.

1hr 1min

25 Jun 2019

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Partners of Sex Addicts Ask Carol the Coach Important Questions to Navigate SA

Tonight Carol the Coach answers call in questions about partner betrayal. Partners inquire how they can not only survive but thrive as they navigate the vortex of  sexual addiction and  restore their own personal serenity.

1hr 1min

9 Jan 2018

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Healing from Betrayal with Carol the Coach

Carol Sheets will be interviewing renowned author, Mari Lee, who has written the book Gifts in the Wound: Stories of Hope and Resilency where she shares real stories of partners and couples who moved through the pain of sex addiction and partner trauma and found their way back to strength through recovery.

1hr 1min

24 Apr 2018

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Should I Stay or Should I Go with Carol the Coach

Carol the Coach interviews Connie Spiegel who is a Recovery and Relationship Coach who has true life experience  of loving an sex addict. She coaches women to identify their core values, recognize their intuition, develop their voice and create boundaries that will keep them safe while they navigate through their husband's addiction. Connie wants yoou to know that your husbands addiction is not your fault and that you can weather the storm and grow stronger as a result!

1hr 4mins

11 Oct 2016

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The Effects of Sex Addiction with Carol the Coach

It is estimated that 11% of young men who chronically use can not have normal sexual relations with partners. Noah Church will enlighten us as to how SA effected his life and what you can do about it if has effected your life!


20 Sep 2016

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The Dark Side of Sexual Addiction with Carol the Coach

There is often times a dark side that feeds sexual addiction. Find out more about how to combat or surrender to it and then what to do next.


13 Jun 2017

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Trustbuilding after Partner Betrayal with Carol the Coach

Secrets, manipulations and addiction prevent the partner from trusting the spouse again. Tonight, I will be chatting with Geoff Steurer who is going to be talking about how the sex addict can make the unfaithful partner feel better and  find effective trust-building efforts focused on caring for the  betrayed partner as an individual worthy of respect.


10 Dec 2019

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"Getting Off" a 2 Decade Journey thru Sex and Porn Addiction w/ Carol the Coach

Erica Garza is the author of the memoir, Getting Off a chronicle of her journey through sex and addiction. Her fixation on and orgasms, strings of failed relationsips. and serial hook-ups with strangers led her to feeling shame and isolation. Listen as she shares how she got sober and turned her life around.


15 May 2018

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Conquering Betrayal with Dr. Stefanie Carnes and Carol the Coach

Tonight Carol the Coach will be interviewing Dr. Stefanie Carnes about her new book entitled, "Courageous Love: A Couples Guide to Conquering Betrayal". Couragious Love is a book for couples who would like to work together to save their relationship, following an experience of betrayal. In the book, Dr. Carnes discusses betrayal trauma, and educates couples about normal responses to betrayal and how couples can work together to help repair the relationship. She shares the best strategies for cultivating honesty and talks about what couples can do to rebuild their relationship and redindle their intimacy.


14 Apr 2020

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A Sex Addict Shares Some Helpful Tools for his Recovery with Carol the Coach

Carol the Coach is interviewing Bill who has worked diligently on fine tuning his tools to hold himself accountable to maintain good recovery and he is willing to share them with you!Listen as they discuss how this process has helped Bill to take his recovery to the next level!

1hr 4mins

13 Mar 2018

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Sexual Addiction and Trauma with Carol the Coach

Carol the Coach will be interviewing  Faith Niece LMHC, CSAT who works directly with the men who come to Next Chapter Treatment Center for help with their sexual compulsive behaviors as well as other addictions.They customize a treatment plan that is unique to each resident with a team of therapists, clinicians and other professionals that work on addictive behaviors and the trauma behind them.Listen as Faith shares the journey of men who decide to do the hard work of recovery at Next Chapter

1hr 3mins

26 Sep 2017

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The Inner Child Recovery Process for Sex/Porn Addictions with Carol the Coach

Tonight, Carol the Coach interviews Eddie Capparucci, who has created a process that he has found very successful in treating and sex addiction. He believes the road to recovery from sexual and ography addiction goes through your childhood. It is the various pain points we suffered as children, adolescents and teenagers that impact our sexual and ography addictions today. And the key to unlocking all of this can be found with the inner child.  He has created the Inner Child Recovery Process for the Treatment of Sexual and ography Addiction to answer the "whys" that plague sex addicts and can empower them into abstinence.

1hr 1min

11 Feb 2020

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Your Brain on Porn with Gary Wilson and Carol the Coach

Gary Wilson is the expert on how erotic material effects the brain and Carol the Coach is interviewing him about how erotic visual materials  and compulsive masterbation effects the brain. This is a classic show that will help you understand neuroscience and the brain.

1hr 6mins

17 Jul 2018

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The Struggles of Being A Sex Addict with Carol the Coach

Listen as Carol the Coach interviews a listener as he shares his struggles with Sexual Addiction.

1hr 1min

30 Aug 2016

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Relapse Preparedness with Carol the Coach

What if things are good for awhile, but slowly or suddenly those SA behaviors come back with a vengeance? Gaelyn Rae Emerson has put together a "Relapse Preparedness Workshop" that helps Partners develop an emergency response protocol to assess  what couples need to do when dealing with the common problem of relapse. Recovering sex addicts make better choices when they are able to see what the consequences of their actions will be and partners willl feel more secure with knowing how to handle these tough situations. Listen as Gaelyn takes us through the steps of "relapse preparedness."

1hr 1min

1 May 2018

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Wounding is at the Root of Sexual Addiction with Carol the Coach

Carol the Coach will be interviewing Troy Love who believes that 100% of his clients that struggle with SA are suffering from attachment wounds, loss, rejection, neglect, abandonment, betrayal or abuse.He has a specialized model that not only explores the dynamics of SA but assists addicts in a pathway to healing.

1hr 1min

20 Aug 2019

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What Should I Do After Discovery with Carol the Coach

Tonight Carol the Coach will be interview Michelle Mays who wrote an ebook on what a partner should do once he/she discovers the sexual addiction. It is a guide that will help you navigate how to get through this crisis!


27 Nov 2018

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