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Episodes in Troubled Thinking

Episodes in Troubled Thinking explores the inside-out nature of life and how our own thinking is what usually gets us in trouble.This podcast is a collaboration between two transformative coaches - Antti Vanhanen from Finland and Steve M Nash from the UK. On this podcast, we put our coaching mettle to the test and take turns coaching each other on various topics. Every now and then, we’ll divert from our usual coaching conversations to discuss broader topics about being human.Our coaching is done primarily from the inside-out understanding (also known as the 3 principles, single paradigm, and innate health) originally articulated by Sydney Banks.

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Ep 45: Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks was the originator of the understanding Steve and I share on this podcast. But who was he and what made him so special? We discuss our views on Sydney and his significance in our lives, and share some of our favorite Sydney Banks quotes.Key words: sydney banks, 3 principles, mind, thought, consciousness, inside-out, podcast, quotes, wisdom


24 May 2018

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EP 30: What if life really is a simulation? Then what?

Happy New Year! To start the new year, Antti and Steve discuss what a simulated life means, and why it sometimes doesn't look like a simulation. We explore how seeing life as a simulation frees us up to play the game of life with more fun and creativity (and less anxiety)Keywords: waking up, dreaming, role-play, game of life, meaning of life, rules of life, meditation, mindfulness, michael neill, quora, inside-out understanding, consciousness, doing your best, 3 principles


1 Jan 2018

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Ep 24: I can Relax when...

Why is it so difficult for us to ‘relax’ when we have a lot of unfinished things to do? Or is that just Steve? Is this perfectionism? Or not knowing everything’s okay? Listen to Antti and Steve talk about the ‘importance’ of getting things done…Keywords: relaxation, okayness, internal pressure, troubled thinking, innocent misunderstandings, inside-out understanding, 3 principles, sydney banks


28 Nov 2017

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EP 13: How to Deal With Difficult People

Difficult people can be, er, 'difficult. Whether they're a loved one, a co-worker, a family member. And no amount of 3 Principles understanding helps, sometimes. So... what to do? (Clue: 'difficult' is in the eye of the beholder...) Listen to Steve coaching Antti about this...Keywords: difficult people, difficult relationships, how to help, understanding, helping people see for themselves, anger, frustration, inside-out, 3ps, 3 principles


28 Aug 2017

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Ep 35: The Fallacy of Personal Responsibility

Is it possible to take personal responsibility? If not, what does that mean, and what CAN we do? Listen in as Antti and Steve agree and disagree about taking personal responsibility a la the recent thoughts of Garret Kramer…Keywords: personal responsibility, blame, victim-mode, doing your best, flow, riding the wave of life, habits, control, being, donald trump, racism, misogyny, other human flaws, 3 principles, three principles understanding, inside-out


5 Feb 2018

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EP 16: Boredom - The Silent Killer?

No one likes boredom. It's why we avoid it like the plague. But in doing so, we create a whole world of problems and bad habits for ourselves, like alcohol, 'unhealthy eating', porn (and 'outrage porn' on Facebook/Twitter), etc. Listen as Antti and Steve explore boredom - including their own experiences of it - from an Inside-Out understanding perspective.keywordsboredom, what is boredom, boredom consequences, addiction, outrage porn, facebook, online shopping, 3 principles, inside-out understanding


18 Sep 2017

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EP 12: Monogamy and Polyamory from the Inside-Out

Monogamy and polyamory are ultimately just concepts. But how does realizing that free us up to show up more authentically? Listen in as Antti coaches Steve around this topic on this week's episode.


21 Aug 2017

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Ep 38: What or who is God and why does it matter anyway?

What is god? Is he a father figure in the sky, the energy behind life or something else? Antti and Steve discuss God and how their relationship to God has changed over the years from childhood to now, after discovering the 3 principles.Keywords: God, the universe, religion, love, trust, creativity, now, the feeling, quotes, Rumi, Hafiz, Woody Allen, 3 principles, Principles of Mind, inside-out understanding


19 Mar 2018

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Ep 17: Why Is Being Present So Difficult Sometimes?

Antti is struggling with why it's so hard to be present sometimes. Why does the mind just want to escape reality every now and then? Listen in, as Steve (unsuccessfully!) coaches Antti on these themes. keywordslistening better, improving behaviour, understanding more, presence, why questions, 3 principles, inside-out understanding, being present


25 Sep 2017

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Ep 15: What's The Point of Transformative Coaching?

Steve wonders why he hasn't got as many coaching clients as he'd like. Is it because of a particular reason or are "reasons" just arbitrary conclusions we come to after the event? Listen to Antti coach Steve, and listen to Steve share a little of his troubled thinking around his profession.Keywordswhy transformative coaching, thinking, conclusions, 3 principles understanding, inside-out


11 Sep 2017

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Ep 21: The Foundation of Enduring Relationships

Relationships. They are often the best and the worst life has to offer. We start our discussion of relationships with this quote by Garret Kramer: “The foundation of an enduring relationship? Knowing your feelings aren't caused by the behavior, appearance, or opinions of your partner."KEYWORDSrelationships, dating, difficult relationships, troubled thinking, overthinking, why are relationships difficult?, inside-out understanding, 3 principles, hell is other people


30 Oct 2017

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Ep 36: "My daughter has cancer"

What happens when a regular checkup at the hospital, over an innocuous wart, turns into a parents worst nightmare? Their child has an illness (cancer) and they might die. How does the 3 Principles understanding help then, if at all? What unexpected good things happen too? Listen in as Antti talks about his own experiences of this with Steve…Keywords: anxiety, health scares, skin cancer, fear, calm, collateral beauty, one day at a time, inner resilience, innate health, 3 principles, three principles understanding, inside-out


7 Mar 2018

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Ep 41: Episodes in Troubled Thinking

Steve and Antti haven't spoken in almost 2 months. In the meantime, Steve has taken a job and he's also quit the job. The guys discuss what Steve has experienced and what he makes of it all. Keywords: 3 principles, work life, troubled thinking, ego


17 Apr 2018

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Ep 20: Difficult Conversations

There are conversations that are just difficult. For instance, conversations about politics, religion, and race. How do we deal with them? Should we try to understand or fight for our perspective? Listen as Steve and Antti point to the innocent misunderstanding that underpins all these conversations.


23 Oct 2017

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Ep 40: It's All You

A fascinating discussion of an insight Steve had, “It’s All You (it’s all me)” which leads to Antti and Steve talking about the nature of insights, the nature of thinking, and even the ebb and flow nature of what it means to be human. E.g. we all get to experience the ebb (judgemental, mean, smallness...) and flow (kind, loving, openness...) of human behaviours, pretty much all of the time.Keywords: insights, experience, thinking, Thought, it’s all thought, three principles, principle of thought, inside-out understanding


2 Apr 2018

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EP 31: What is the practical benefit of the Inside-Out understanding?

It's possible to see life inside-out instead outside-in. So what?In this episode, Steve and Antti share their personal reflections on how life is so much simpler and easier these days and how things just seem to make more sense.Keywords: perspective, clarity, better relationships, ease, less striving, nothing is wrong, trust, addictions, drugs, alcohol, near death experiences, 3 principles, three principles understanding, inside-out


8 Jan 2018

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Ep 32: "It's just your thinking..."

One of the biggest cliches in 3 Principles language is the expression, “It’s just a thought.” A panacea for all ills, then, and yet this sentence can often sound patronising and dismissive and is often an example of BAD listening and disconnection with the person you’re speaking with…Keywords: just a thought, just your thinking, just this moment, just a feeling, intellect, understanding, thinking, garret kramer, innate health, 3 principles, three principles understanding, inside-out


18 Jan 2018

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Ep 29: The Jill Whalen Interview

Antti and Steve interview fellow 3 Principles coach, Jill Whalen. And we find out how Jill discovered the 3 Principles, some 4 years ago (eating more healthily got her to see for herself that she wasn’t who she thought she was). We talk about addictions, letting go of her career (SEO specialist), improved relationships as well as the simplicity of life these daysKeywords: addictions, relationships, career change, identity (and losing identity), non-3P teachers, inside-out understanding, 3 principles


19 Jan 2018

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Ep 23: Finding Imperfections in Relationships

Finally, Antti coaches Steve around the thorny topic of relationships. Specifically, Steve's belief that appearance (of his partner) matters in the success, or otherwise, of his relationship. Listen as Antti and Steve explore some troubled thinking Steve has around female appearances and relationships.Keywords: apperances, looks, faults, imperfections, inside-out understanding, 3 principles, sydney banks, fetishes, judgements, overthinking


13 Nov 2017

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EP 27: Fear of Rejection

Why do we have so much thinking when someone says ‘no’ to us?... Listen to Antti and Steve talk about rejection, and all the meanings we give to NO, or to being ignored, or to any outcome we’d rather not experience. (Warning occasionally funny!)Keywords: rejection, criticism, getting no for an answer, vulnerability, internet dating, inside-out understanding, the 3 principles


11 Dec 2017

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