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The Purposeful Banker podcast is for bankers who have to compete in the commercial lending world. Every podcast will contain information that will arm you with ways to win more deals and strengthen relationships.

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In Commercial Bank Lending, Hope is Not a Strategy

Banks struggle with lending when they try to be "all things to all people" and go about selling without a clear focus and strategy. They need to know which products and customers are profitable for them, and where they can provide real value outside of just the lowest rate. Then, spend their sales time and resources working those deals instead of spinning their wheels on low margin "commoditized" loans just for the sake of volume.


25 Jan 2016

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Meet Andi

On rare occasions, we'll dedicate an episode to something new in our pricing platform, but it's really got to be special to stray from our usual programming. The background behind the creation of Andi fits the bill. In this podcast, Jim Young and Carl Ryden talk about how banks can unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


30 Jan 2017

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Aligning Pricing Tactics with Your Bank's Overall Strategy

We think of pricing as your steering wheel for the bank. It should be the mechanism by which you are guiding production onto the books, but a lot of times it just doesn't feel that intentional.  The car itself is doesn't feel attached to that steering mechanism. The lenders are just going about their business pricing deals the way they've always priced them, or they're coming in after the fact and putting in the terms that they've already promised into the pricing system and then we're giving them a report card on how well they did in that pricing discussion, or often how bad poorly they did. There's a better way.


24 Aug 2015

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Lessons Learned From Over 50 Mergers and Acquisitions

Rollie Tillman, Managing Director at PrecisionLender, sits down with Jim Young to share insights from having gone through over 50 mergers and acquisitions as both the buyer and the seller. He shares pain points of M&As and how to make the transition as smooth as possible. 


16 Oct 2017

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The Dos and Don'ts of Implemention

Before the ink has even dried on the contract, you may already be dreading implementing the new tool or system your bank has purchased. It doesn't have to be that way, though. In this week's podcast, Jim Young talks to Jess Stone, PrecisionLender's Director of Client Success, about lessons learned - both good and bad - during countless implementations. It's a chance to see why we do what we do, but also to learn some do's and don'ts that you can apply to any future software implementation at your bank.


24 Oct 2016

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The 4 Secrets of More Successful Lender-Borrower Conversations

Negotiating with borrowers is where the rubber meets the road in pricing. It is also something that very few lenders are trained to do - instead they have to learn by trial and error.


29 Feb 2016

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Earn It - Chapter 12

In this podcast, we review the high points of Chapter 12 of "Earn It," which is titled "How Will You Earn It in the Future?"


16 Jan 2017

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How to maximize your day: Efficiency tips

We all wish we had more time in the day. During this LenderPerformance podcast, Dallas and Jess will explore tips, review technology and share best practices on how lenders can aim to be more efficient at work. 


2 Nov 2015

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Rates are Rising! So What Should Your Commercial Bank Do?

In this episode, Jim and Dallas discuss rising interest rates. You'll come away with a clear understanding of the different ways rising rates will affect your bank and how you should adjust your tactics accordingly.


2 Apr 2018

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How To Avoid Originating A Bad Loan (REBROADCAST)

This episode was originally published on June 12, 2017. You can check out the links mentioned in the show by heading over to the page in our resource hub: https://explore.precisionlender.com/podcasts/how-to-avoid-originating-a-bad-loan.  With experience in a money center bank, at a large asset manager, in specialty finance, and having underwritten billions of dollars in commercial real estate loans, Katharine Briggs joins us to talk about how to avoid originating a bad loan. She shares tactics that will help you mitigate the factors that lead to bad loan origination, the impact originating a bad loan has on your bank and your relationship managers, and processes you can put into place to keep your bank on the right track when originating loans. 


25 Dec 2017

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Managing a Lending Team

Dallas Wells and Jess Stone speak with Bill Ragle, SVP at Comerica Bank, about his experiences managing a lending team, and his experience and advice for managers and lenders alike.


9 Nov 2015

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No One Wants a Loan

Your customers aren’t coming to you because they want a loan. They’re coming to you because they need what the loan will help them do. Whether that’s starting a business or keeping one running smoothly, understanding the “why” behind your customers’ desires is key to better serving them and maintaining lasting relationships. In this podcast, Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek, creators of the “Jobs To Be Done” framework, share how to uncover what it is your customers need.


7 Nov 2016

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Commercial Banking's Revenue Problem

Greg Demas joins the podcast to talk about what he's hearing from community and regional banks and where he sees potential for improvement - specifically why they should focus more on revenue growth and less on expense reduction. 


18 Nov 2019

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Machine Learning in Banking

According to St. Meyer & Hubbard, 57% of the loans that go to committee get rejected. How will machine learning shape the way banks do commercial lending in the future?  In this episode, you'll hear from the CEO of PrecisionLender, Carl Ryden and managing partner at Georgian Partners, Justin Lafayette about ways that banks can use artificial intelligence to cut costs, save time and improve efficiency. 


3 Oct 2016

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Banks at the Purpose Crossroads

Two-time BankOnPurpose keynote speaker, Lisa McLeod, joins PrecisionLender CEO, Carl Ryden, in this week's podcast.  They address the choice banks face regarding purpose and culture, as well as how those choices could affect your bank.  You'll come away with a better understanding of how to build your bank's purpose and lead in a way that fosters that purpose. For more information on Lisa, you can check out her site here: https://www.mcleodandmore.com/. And purchase Selling with Noble Purpose here: https://www.amazon.com/Selling-Noble-Purpose-Drive-Revenue/dp/1118408098 


20 Nov 2017

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Pricing with Prime vs. Pricing with LIBOR

Listen as Joel Rosenberg, SVP of Delivery & Client Success at PrecisionLender, walks us through the simulations he did to answer the question: Should I price with Prime or LIBOR? Join us on April 25th - 27th for the third annual BankOnPurpose Conference in Austin, TX. Use promo code 'podcast18' for 10% off your registration. www.bankonpurpose.com 


12 Feb 2018

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Repricing and Refinancing a Lucrative Deal

If it's lucrative, the competition is going to want it and they're going to have the ammunition to go after it. In this episode, Jim Young sits down with George Neal to discuss why you would want reprice your best deal. 


29 Jan 2018

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How Would Disney Run a Bank?

There's a lot we can learn from other industries when it comes to Customer Experience. Making processes more efficient and cutting down wait times are only the beginning. In this podcast, Maria Abbe sits down with Scott Morgan, VP of Delivery & Client Success at PrecisionLender, as he shares how the customer experience at Disney World can be translated into banking.


28 Nov 2016

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How to Measure Lender Performance

Performance measurement has become a hot topic recently within the banking industry. In this podcast, we sit down with Rollie Tillman, VP of Delivery & Client Success here at PrecisionLender, as he discusses how performance measurement within PrecisionLender has increased value for banks. You'll learn where to start when measuring performance, what types of metrics to use, and how to work through any struggles you may face along the way. 


12 Dec 2016

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Turning Feedback Into Features

How do you differentiate between what your customer wants and needs? What do you do when a person says they want something, but their actions prove otherwise? Dallas and Jess talk about our own approach to handling client feedback and how your bank can use the same approach to look at the services you receive and offer.


15 Feb 2016

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