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High Intensity Health features breakthrough health tips and hacks from respected authorities in the Fitness, Nutrition and Functional Medicine fields. Our expert guests have shared insider information that has helped thousands of Moms, Dads, Executives, Health Care Professionals and High-Performing Athletes optimize their metabolism, belly fat, gut bacteria, immune system,both physical and mental performance and overall health. No matter where you sit on the health and nutrition spectrum, you’ll benefit from our cutting-edge discussions, 2-days per week.

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The Power of Post-Meal Walks & Muscle for Fat Loss

This is short clip from a recent Exercise is Medicine talk giving at the Loop Summit in Bogota, Colombia.  Crush your next workout and support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with the Electrolyte + Creatine Combo by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/electrolyte-stix  Use code podcast at checkout to save Link to the video and related articles: 


29 Sep 2022

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Debunked: Saturated Fat Doesn't CLOG Your Arteries, Cause Heart Disease New Analysis Finds

A new analysis finds little to no association with saturated fat consumption and increased risk for cardiovascular disease.  Support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with the updated Berberine HCl Fasting Accelerator  by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/berberine-fasting-acceleratorUse code podcast at checkout to save Link to video, images: https://youtu.be/NpxOEGXX_DM Links to research: https://bit.ly/3dC3kRQ


24 Sep 2022

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Your Carb Tolerance Changes with Age, Here's Why

Aging is linked with changes in your metabolism and carbohydrate tolerance, here’s the must-know details. Support Healthy Hydration and Exercise Performance with the new Electrolyte Stix by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition: https://bit.ly/electrolyte-stix Save with code podcast at checkout Links to studies and videos mentioned: https://bit.ly/3C2aYhR Shou, J., Chen, P.-J., & Xiao, W.-H. (2020). Mechanism of increased risk of insulin resistance in aging skeletal muscle. Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, 1–10. Episode Time Stamps: 0:00 Your ability to process and tolerate carbohydrates declines with age. 0:40 Aging is linked with a decline in skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity. 1:45 Insulin resistance prevalence for those ages 40 to 59 is 40% to 60% and ages 20 to 39 is 20%. Over the age of 75, prevalence is over 75%. 2:35 Autophagy declines with age. There is a reduction in quantity and quality of mitochondria within the muscle, reduced insulin sensitivity and an increase in background inflammation. 03:20 Exercise increases mitophagy, the recycling of mitochondria. 4:45 Loss of fast twitch muscle fibers, associated with ageing, is associated with declines in insulin sensitivity and an increase in inflammation. 5:25 Over age 40, there is an 8% loss of muscle per decade. By age 70, your muscles are 30% smaller than age 20. 5:55 Loss of type 2 fibers causes a loss of strength. 6:20 Strength loss is 25 to 40% per decade after the age of 40. Muscle size lost is about 10% per decade over 40. 6:55 Exercise to improve metabolic health. 7:50 Do explosive, high intensity movements and compound multi muscle movements. 9:40 Periodically, focus on strength, speed, and concentric movement to prevent the preferential loss of type 2 fibers. 13:25 Exercise reduces blood pressure and increases autophagy and mitophagy.


23 Sep 2022

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Dr. Peter Attia’s Rule: Forget Expensive NAD Supplements & Nutrition Controversy–Focus on THIS

Dr. Peter Attia suggests we forget expensive NAD supplements and nutrition fads and focus instead on exercise as the primary tool to support longevity. Support Healthy Hydration and Exercise Performance with the new Electrolyte Stix by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition: bit.ly/electrolyte-stix Save with code podcast at checkout Link to Video and References: https://bit.ly/dr-attias-rule Time Stamps:  01:39 Exercise has a huge impact upon disease and death from all causes and overall, all-cause mortality. 02:34 Attia’s Rule: Don’t quibble about nutrition or supplementation until you dial in your exercise/strength. 05:05 Exercise is a drug. Muscle is an organ that releases hormones. 06:20 Exercise impacts many psychiatric and neurologic diseases: schizophrenia, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as dementia, Parkinson’s and MS. 08:45 Stimulated muscle releases peptides, and hormone-like mediators called exerkines or myokines. 10:05 Resistance training causes muscle to release an extra-cellular vesical that tells fat cells to release stored energy to be burned as fuel during exercise. 12:40 Ageing individuals with low muscle mass have a 200% increase in all-cause mortality compared to those with high muscle mass. 13:00 Low strength is a 250% greater risk of all-cause mortality, over high strength. 14:00 Prioritize strength. Get stronger. 15:10 Strength reduces rapidly with ageing, even faster than age-related muscle loss.


18 Sep 2022

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Avoiding the Chemicals Tanking Your Testosterone, Raising Estrogen w/ Anthony Jay, PhD

Anthony Jay, PhD discusses ways to minimize your exposure to common chemicals that are harming your hormones and health. Support you body's Glutathione (GSH) Synthesis* and Sleep with the new NAC + Glycine Supreme by MYOXCIENCE: Save with code podcast at checkout Anthony's Book: https://amzn.to/3eIE50u Video Version of the Episode: https://bit.ly/3LamZ7y Episode Time Stamps:   02:20 Average total male testosterone now is 250.In the 1980s the average male had 500 total testosterone. That average drops about a percentage point every year. In the 1990s it was about 400. In the early 2000s it was about 300. 02:55 Paleo ancestors had an average total testosterone of 1500. 03:05 Breast cancer rates have risen 250% in the past 20 to 30 years. 03:25 Fake estrogen chemicals mess with estrogen and progesterone ratios and block testosterone from binding to the receptor. They lower your total testosterone and free testosterone. 05:04 If the recycle symbol on the bottom of your bottle is 7, there is bisphenol (probably BPS), even if it says BPA free. BPS is worse than BPA. 05:55 Find and address the root cause of decreasing testosterone. 07:15 Phthalates leach into your water. Filter your drinking water. Don’t store water in plastic. Use glass or stainless steel. Water in your house is transported through plastic pipes. Dr. Jay likes the water filters mounted on the spigot of the kitchen sink. Water from a plastic pitcher filter can be stored in a glass pitcher. 08:20 Activated charcoal (carbon) is the key to removing estrogen chemicals. 09:05 Chicken is full of phthalates from injected preservatives. 10:15 Plastic containers leach into liquids, especially if it is heated or at room temperature. 10:55 The black plastic on TV dinners is from recycled electrical cords and other gear. 11:58 Low testosterone is linked to poor metabolic health, cardiovascular disease, and depression. 12:15 Doctors are trained as pharmaceutical reps. There is no incentive to fix the root cause. 14:40 Testosterone protects your arteries against plaque, protects your brain against Alzheimer’s, and protects your metabolism through blood sugar regulation. 15:10 The medical/pharmaceutical system is a money driven machine. It does not optimize for you health. It is optimized for selling more drugs. 15:35 Testosterone is an action hormone for both men and women. It is motivating and improves sex drive. Estrogen in the brain can increase aggressive behavior. 16:45 Natural estrogen protects against Alzheimer’s, heart attacks and depression. By decreasing natural estrogen in women, and add fake estrogen chemicals, you make the women more masculine. 17:33 Atrazine exposure creates male feminization. Atrazine is the second most used herbicide, after glyphosate, in the North America. It is illegal in Europe. A male frog sitting in water with 200 ng/dL of atrazine turns the male frog into a female frog. US safety limit for atrazine in drinking water is 3,000 ng/dL. 19:00 Oxybenzone in sunscreen is an estrogen endocrine disruptor. Seven days after one application of sunscreen brought blood levels of oxybenzone above government adult safety limits. 19:40 The “new car smell” is often oxybenzone. It perverts your brain into thinking it is attractive. 20:20 No one is studying the additive effect, bioaccumulation, or long-term impacts of fake hormones. 21:00 Fake estrogens influence the way cells behave, but it does not kill the cell. That means that it is not toxic. Adding BPA to cells in a dish does not kill them because the cells think it is more estrogen. When your cells are placed in a plastic research dish, 80% of them die from the plastic. The remaining ones are robust, and those are the ones studied. 22:40 If you see the word “fragrance” on a label, don’t buy it. 23:00 China has stricter regulations on parabens and phthalates than the US to circumvent the feminization of males. 24:35 Use the sauna. Sweat out your chemical exposures. 25:05 Gender dysphoria may be linked to chemical exposures. 27:10 Polar bears in northern Alaska have parabens and phthalates in their bodies.  These chemicals can cause them to become infertile. 28:05 Children with high levels of urine BPA have high rates of depression. 28:30 There are two estrogen receptors and one testosterone receptor, an androgen receptor. Women have 3 main estrogens: estrone, estriol, and estradiol. The alpha estrogen receptor is important for sexual development in the womb. After the womb, the alpha receptor should not be activated. 29:10 Alpha estrogen receptor is linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is not a testosterone problem. It is an alpha estrogen receptor problem. 29:20 Beta estrogen receptor (ESR2) is protective against breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. It should be activated throughout your life, for both men and women. 29:54 Fake estrogens activate the alpha estrogen receptor, which shuts off the beta receptor. 30:20 Soy is a risk. It acts like estrogen. Soy activates both the alpha and beta estrogen receptors. Some people have a higher risk of breast cancer from soy because they have more estrogen alpha receptors. 32:10 Lignins in flax are good for you if your gut bacteria can break them down. If they don’t, lignins activate the alpha receptor. 32:20 Soy and flax have 100,000 units of estrogen. Other plant foods have under 1,000 units of estrogen. Fermented soy (tempeh, miso and fermented soy sauce) is under 100 units of estrogen. 34:30 Estrogen chemicals likely trigger early menopause and early puberty for girls. If you want to give mice and rats PCOS, give them estrogen chemicals. 37:50 Estrogen chemicals are released in sweat. Shower it off immediately. Our fat tissue stores estrogen chemicals.  Rats given low dose atrazine got fat.


12 Sep 2022

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Red Meat (protein), IGF-1 and Cancer: What the Science Actually Shows

There’s a lot of controversy around protein (red meat), IGF-1 and cancer. In this episode we review the most recent science surrounding protein intake, IGF-1, cancer and mortality.  Crush your next workout and support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with the Electrolyte + Creatine Combo by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/electrolyte-stix  Use code podcast at checkout to save Link to study, video and images: https://bit.ly/protein-IGF-1 ------Show Notes---------------------------- 0:00 Intro 0:20 IGF-1 is insulin-like growth factor 1.  0:45 The paper states that low protein intake is associated with a major reduction in IGF1, cancer and overall mortality in ages 65 and younger.  1:43 The data set for the study is small, making relative risk appear to be worse. 2:20 Low levels of IGF-1 are as bad as having chronically elevated levels of IGF-1.  3:00 IGF-1 increases as much as 20-fold during exercise.  8:15 IGF-1 is increases are triggered by the brain.  8:45 If testing IGF-1, you may also want to test the relationship with binding protein.  10:50 Low levels of IGF-1 correlate with chronic disease.  12:30 IGF-1 is neuroprotective, through repair processes and preventing chronic neuroinflammatory processes.  12:56 IGF-1 mediates the expression and release of the protective molecule, nitric oxide.    14:30 Your protein intake should match your activity levels.  15:20 Make exercise the foundation of your life.


6 Sep 2022

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Obesity is Linked with Superspreading Virus to Close Contacts, New Study Finds

A new study finds obese individuals are nearly 11 times more likely to spread SARS-Cov-2 to close contact compared to lean counterparts. Weight loss and metabolic health are inextricably related to public health and we should be encouraging physical fitness and whole food nutrition if we're serious about saving lives. Crush your next workout and support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with the Electrolyte + Creatine Combo by MYOXCIENCE : https://bit.ly/electrolyte-stix  Use code podcast at checkout to save Link to Study, Video and Images: https://bit.ly/3e3rR24 Time Stamps: 00:00 Obese people are almost 11 times more likely to spread the virus that causes COVID19 than their thin counterparts. 00:15 The majority of people who become seriously ill from pathogens are overweight or obese. 03:05 The probability of high spreading increases with increasing body mass index. 04:18 Immune systems of metabolically healthy people are more robust, so the viral load is lower. 06:45 Overweight individuals carry more virus. 07:10 Show that you care by losing fat and becoming healthier.


30 Aug 2022

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Former Vegetarian: Eat Red Meat, Lift Weights & Go Alcohol Free with Dr. Tyna Moore

Tyna Moore, ND, DC, discusses nutrition and lifestyle strategies to balance hormones, alleviate joint pain and improve immune resilience.   Crush your next workout and support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with the Electrolyte + Creatine Combo by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/electrolyte-stix Save with code podcast at checkout Watch the video interview: https://youtu.be/CzrbM9YtiaU Past and related interviews with Dr. Tyna Moore: https://bit.ly/3PVaQnU -------------------Time Stamps----------------------   02:40 Dr. Moore’s PRP patients who were not metabolically sound would have lipids in their blood, making it cloudy, even if they were fasted. 07:50 You are not your diagnosis. 08:45 You give yourself your autoimmune disease. 09:15 Strength and conditioning is a vital needed therapy. 10:40 Hormones will remain out of balance until your metabolic health is in order and your metabolic health will only get in order if you build muscle. 15:25 Doctors, evaluate your patient before looking at imaging. 17:00 We can all do something to strengthen our bodies and improve our resilience. 25:10 Your immune system and your metabolism are two sides of the same coin. 25:50 The virus induces fire in your system. When you are inflamed, you waste. 26:40 You can be a hot mess of inflammation before the virus. 27:40 The virus can enter a highly inflamed person without it triggering the immune system. 29:10 Post viral syndrome is a real thing. 36:20 Hydrotherapy can be as simple as sitz baths, alternate sitting (your perinium) in shallow cold water and warm water. 36:50 Clinics that used constitutional hydrotherapy (towels hot and cold on the chest), had great outcomes during the Spanish Flu pandemic, 37:14 How well you tanned, at the old time sanitoriums, was indicative of your outcome. 43:30 Studies of COVID long haulers are 30 to 90 days later, so it may be just a long recovery, rather than long hauling. 45:10 COVID is likely a vascular disease. 46:55 Vaccinated people may have compromises in their immune system against further strains. 47:55 Have your metabolic health intact to prepare for any viral exposure. 55:45 Eat according to your instinct, once you have been eating clean and taking good care of yourself. 57:20 Blood sugar dysregulation starts in the quads. 01:00:05 Hormone balance is reflected in libido, sleep, strength and muscle building, and appetite. 01:02:15 Keep your waist circumference in check. 01:04:15 Eat your protein and fat first. If you are going to eat carbs, eat fat with it.

1hr 15mins

27 Aug 2022

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Cycling Carbs & Calories for Breaking Fat Loss Plateaus w/ Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer and I discuss why strict ketosis is not needed for everyone, the importance of exercise and calorie cycling.  Crush your next workout with the new Electrolyte Stix + Creatine: https://bit.ly/electrolyte-stix Save 17% using code TD15 at checkout: https://myoxcience.com/discount/TD15 Link to Full Video Interview: https://youtu.be/RkKRoJeYVCg Eat like your life depends it Tee Shirt!: https://bit.ly/3dEHM3e


24 Aug 2022

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Toned Muscle is a Lie: You Need to Build Muscle w/ Tara Garrison

Toned trainer says light weights, high reps don’t give you the results you may be hoping for. Mother of three shares tips about transforming your body at any age. Crush your next workout and support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with the Electrolyte + Creatine Combo by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/electrolyte-stix Use code podcast at checkout to save The BOGO sale on the Lemon Lime flavor ends 8/15 Link to the video interview: https://youtu.be/RTfgnvH-sRo Tara's Book: https://amzn.to/3JTPOEQ -------------------------Time Stamps----------------------- 0:00 Intro 2:40 Weightlifting was empowering. But Tara’s body really changed when she dialed in her nutrition. 7:05 Your body does not thrive in an environment of self-hatred. 13:40 Mental health inner work and physical health/fitness outer work grow in parallel. 15:07 Be curious about what your body is capable of.  19:50 Tara lost 40 lbs from weightlifting and eating whole foods.  22:20 Women, work as hard as you can toward muscle growth, and you will lean out and have a toned look.  26:10 If you are pursuing muscle growth, you can have a little protein or carbs sometime in the hour after your workout.   26:50 In an intense workout, you are in fight/flight mode.  28:10 Skeletal muscle and hormones adapt to your biologic rhythm. Be consistent with workout timing.  30:50 Tara does not take days off from going to the gym at her scheduled time.  32:40 Tara rotates workout focus through strength (1-4 heavy reps), hypertrophy (8-12 rep) and muscular endurance (12-15 reps).  35:20 The reason most people do not get results in a short period is because they do not go intense enough.. 40:10 Compound movements get the most activation and are good if you are traveling. 41:40 Heavy compound movements creates a hormonal adaptation response afterward.  42:30 True high intensity cannot be maintained for 30 seconds. 49:33 Muscles are carb-sponges.  53:00 Going to bed early has been life-changing for Tara.  58:40 Ask your body what it needs, listen and act.


15 Aug 2022

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