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Seeing Opportunity During Coronavirus, part 2

There's plenty of opportunity in this crisis—but you need to act fast, and focus on value. We hear directly from six entrepreneurs who are doing that. Featuring: Jonathan Goodman, Wendi Weiner, Matt Hulett, Anne Hulett, Urmi Kothari, and Elizabeth de Quillacq.


20 Apr 2020

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How To Guerrilla Market Your Brand

Michael Scherr is an entertainer-turned-entrepreneur and founder of Aria Brands, a holding company that is both a novelty gifting product line for adults and a hemp-derived CBD consumer product line. With his creative background, Scherr has lots of creative ideas on how to market your cannabis brand for cheap. On the podcast, he talks about his most effective guerrilla marketing tactics, including dressing up as Where’s Waldo at cannabis conventions.


5 Mar 2020

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A Better Way to Sell Yourself

Why are we not more comfortable selling ourselves? In this episode, host Jason Feifer reveals a common mistake he sees people make when pitching their work. Then, he turns to Jason Harris—CEO of the ad agency Mekanism, and author of the book "The Soulful Art of Persuasion"—for a plan on how to do better.


9 Dec 2019

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How To Create A Brand Name That Sells

Brad Flowers is co-founder of Bullhorn, a branding and marketing agency based in Kentucky. He is also the author of The Naming Book: 5 Steps to Creating Brand and Product Names That Sell from Entrepreneur Press. With a background in English literature, Brad is well suited for the task of helping companies find good names that bring results. On this episode, we talk about the strategies companies should take when brainstorming and deciding on a name.


30 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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How One Family Built a Multi-Million Dollar Weed Business With Just $2k

The remarkable story of the Sadler family. Cody and George Sadler sit down with Green Entrepreneur Editor in Chief Jonathan Small to talk about how they built their family weed business, Platinum Vapes, off of the money they made selling a dirt bike. They’ve survived police raids, jail time, but they managed to come out on top.


9 Jan 2020

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Don't Resist Change: A Cold, Cautionary Tale

How do you innovate? It sounds like a big, abstract question, but I’d argue that it’s the most important question anyone can ask today. As coronavirus upends our lives and our businesses, it’s creating a moment of unprecedented change. Yesterday’s solutions may not make any sense anymore. Tomorrow’s solutions are still in development. So to understand this important process, let's look at the story behind something we use every day: The refrigerator! You’ll see industries battling each other, one clinging to the past and the other pushing for the future. You’ll learn how consumers’ fears can lead them to make bad decisions. And, you’ll hear from a VP of research at Samsung, who explains how sometimes, innovation requires thinking two different ways at the same time. This episode is a special rebroadcast from the podcast Pessimists Archive.


6 Apr 2020

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Seeing Opportunity During the Coronavirus

How can entrepreneurs adapt to coronavirus, and set themselves up for a stronger future? In this episode, hear directly from five of them—as they share their thoughts about how to pivot, produce new products, and plan for the future. Featuring: Meghan Asha, Cynthia Williams-Bey, Joseph Sommer, Monica Kang, and Natasha Miller


30 Mar 2020

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Sunday Goods CEO On Creative Ways To Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Guest Yoram Heller is Co-Founder, Co-CEO of Sunday Goods, which offers premium sun-grown prerolls, effect pens, and flower. The company recently ventured into the California rec market, after having success with its medical products in Arizona. Yoram talks about the difference between Cali and Arizona and some of the unique ways his company is trying to make their mark in a crowded marketplace.


2 Jan 2020

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How Mark Wahlberg Became So Disciplined

To start the year 2020 right, take some lessons from the business world of Mark Wahlberg—who diligently, thoughtfully built himself into the most disciplined man in Hollywood.


13 Jan 2020

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Seeing Opportunity During Coronavirus, part 3

Stories of entrepreneurs who are making fast, important changes during this crisis. Featuring: Eric Morton of American Bench Craft, Lisa Janvrin of YouthfulNest, Brian Chen of ROOM, Todd Bellomy of Farthest Star Sake, and Kirsten Lambert of Beantown Bedding


18 May 2020

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Lessons to Win in Business and life from Kelley Earnhardt Miller and Keith Krach

From an early age, Part Owner & General Manager of JR Motorsports, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, was taking lessons from one of the best coaches out there - life. Now, she’s distilled her experience into a new book called “Drive 9 Lessons To Win Business & Life” to help you perform better as an entrepreneur, and as a human being. Find out why balancing work and life, leaning to say no, aiming for the win/win, and letting go are some of the best lessons Kelley ever learned. Then, we chat with Chairman and Former CEO of DocuSign, Keith Krach, about why you should never jeopardize your core values, shy away from something that feels scary, or make yourself out to be too perfect or smart. Tune in to learn more.[00:00:00] 9 Lessons to Win in Business and Life[00:05:24] Aiming For the Win/Win, and Letting Go[00:11:30] Balance Work/Life and Learn to Say No![00:18:21] Never Jeopardize Your Core Values[00:25:55] Invaluable, Counterintuitive Advice[00:33:21] Following Fear & Bridging the Age Gap


8 Apr 2020

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Stefan Thomke and Scott Duffy Give Sage Advice for Navigating COVID-19 Economy

In these strange and trying times we must listen to the sage business advice of our top entrepreneurial experts. First up, Harvard Business School Professor and Author of “Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments”, Stefan Thomke, stresses that in an age of uncertainty and fear, it is imperative to take this opportunity to experiment. We must face the economic hardship wrought by the COVID-19 outbreak and find opportunities to better ourselves and our businesses, and it helps to start with a solid hypothesis, test it, and change your business strategy. Then, Best Selling Author of “Breakthrough” from Entrepreneur Press, Scott Duffy, offers sage advice on keeping our businesses running in hard times. Learn to control the narrative in your mind and in your company, take action now rather than waiting for markets to settle, and make appropriate steps to save your business. Tune in to get more information on pivoting your business in these crucial times.[00:00:00] Learn and Grow from COVID-19 Disaster[00:06:04] Rely on Experimentation, Not Experience[00:11:30] A Good Hypothesis, Embracing Uncertainty[00:18:21] Control the Narrative in Your Mind[00:25:28] Take Action Now to Protect Business[00:33:22] Three Steps to Surviving Hard Times


25 Mar 2020

Rank #12