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Boost your confidence in speaking Italian in 30 minutes or less with the 30 Minute Italian Podcast. We cover expressions, sometimes sexy grammar, and culture through personal travel stories and detailed examples.

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Phrases to Order Pizza and Gelato in Italian

Ordering Pizza I really like pasta (cacio e pepe is my favorite), gelato (fragola, every day all day), and cheese (pecorino forever and ever), but pizza? I love pizza. For the first few weeks that I lived in Rome, the only people I knew were the ones who sold pizza. (If you’re ever in Monteverde in Rome, my favorite pizza al taglio shop is the one on Viale Villa Pamphili.) For those of you who aren’t familiar with a pizza al taglio shop, it’s basically a place where they make large sheets of varieties of pizza and when you walk in, they cut a piece off for you, hence the “al taglio” part. They also have delicious fried things like arancini, supplì and depending on the location, roasted chicken and potatoes.r To help you navigate this experience with more ease and confidence, here are some phrases to know. -- C’è qualcosa con... (il pesto)? - Is there something with (pesto)? -- Vorrei / Prendo un pezzetto di quella con il prosciutto. - I would like / I’ll talk a little piece of that one with the prosciutto. -- Quanto? Quanta? Quanto grande? - How big? (At this point, the person will show you how much they’re going to cut, and you can say -- Sì, perfetto. - Yep, perfect. Or… -- Un po’ meno - A little less -- Un po’ di più - A little more -- Vuoi / Desideri qualcos’altro? - (Do you want) anything else? -- Mangi qua o porti via? - Are you eating here or are you taking it away? -- Porto via. - I’m taking it away. Ordering Gelato And after? Of course you’ll want to get some gelato. If there’s one thing you want to be able to know like the back of your hand when you go to Italy, it’s how to procure yourself a cone of whatever flavor gelato you want. So, to get you started, here are four must-know phrases. 1 - Vorrei un cono piccolo di / alla (stracciatella). - I would like a small cone of stracciatella gelato. There is also “un cono medio - a medium cone” and “un cono grande - a large cone.” If you prefer a cup, you would use the word “coppetta.” Since you can get different flavors in a small cone, you’ll likely be asked… 2- Solo stracciatella? - Just stracciatella? If you want another flavor, you can say something like “E anche fragola. - And strawberry, too.” 3 - Vuoi la panna? - Do you want cream on top? 4 - Altro? - Anything else? Special thanks to The Creative Impostor Studios for producing this show, to Patreon supporters for helping fund the show, and to the lovely Timarie Harrison for putting all of the pieces together. It takes a village. NEED HELP PLANNING YOUR TRIP TO THE SOUTH OF ITALY? Whether you’ve been wanting to visit the tiny town where your Italian family is from or you’re tired of waiting for your friends/family to commit to a trip with you, you need to know Catherine and Nino Santoro. They run a small group tour company that specializes in trips to Sicily, and they’re all about helping you become immersed in the language and the culture. For more info to go on a small group tour with them or have them personalize a solo trip for you, visit their website here. Like the podcast? Leave a review in Apple Podcasts! If you like the podcast, I would appreciate it a TON if you left a review. You can hit a star rating in your Podcasts app on your iPhone or go to the iTunes store and click Leave a Review on the show page. http://icebergproject.co/italian


17 Jan 2019

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15 Ways to Say "That's Awesome/cool/amazing!" in Italian

How to be enthusiastic in a more Italian way and grow your vocabulary with 15 ways to express your excitement in Italian.


10 Dec 2014

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2 Must-Know Connector Words in Italian - Poi and Cosi

I’m back to talk to you all about how to use the Italian words “poi” and “così.” I would describe both of these as “connector words,” or words that you use to easily and fluidly connect two sentence pieces together. Let’s start with “poi.” ROUND #1: POI Popular definitions of “poi,” as defined by WordReference & Context Reverso, are: -- Then -- After -- Furthermore -- Additionally -- Later (on) / Afterwards -- Next -- Plus And, of course, here are some examples to help you get a better idea of how you’ll use it in conversation. WAY #1: Then -- E poi, mi ha baciato. - And then, he kissed me. -- Prima sono andato in Italia, e poi sono venuto in Grecia. - First I went to Italy and then I came to Greece. WAY #2: Next / Plus / Furthermore / Additionally -- ...poi penso che dovremmo andare in Toscana. Che ne pensi? - Next I think we should go to Tuscany. What do you think? -- E poi, Gal Gadot è un’attrice incredibile. Per questo penso che il film era magnifico. - And plus, Gal Gadot is an incredible actress. That’s why I think the movie was amazing. WAY #3: Later on / Afterwards -- E poi mi ha detto che mi amavi.  - And afterwards, he told me that he loved me. -- Prima voglio imparare il mandarino e poi imparerò lo spagnolo. - I want to learn Chinese and afterwards I’ll learn Spanish. Common phrases you’ll hear: -- Prima o poi - Sooner or later -- Col senno di poi - In hindsight -- D’ora in poi - From this point on ROUND #2: COSI “Così” is defined by WordReference & Context Reverso as: -- So -- Like this / This way / That way -- Such -- Therefore -- Although WAY #1: So -- Sono così stufo di imparare le preposizioni in continuazione! - I’m so tired of learning prepositions over and over again! -- Lei è così intelligente. - She’s so smart. WAY #2: Like this / This way / That way -- Non si tagliano le cipolle così! - Don’t cut the onions that way. -- Perchè mi parli così? - Why are you talking to me like that? WAY #3: Such -- È stata una giornata così bella. - It was such a great day. -- Lui è un bambino così tosto. - He’s such a stubborn kid. Common phrases you’ll hear: -- Diciamo così/Mettiamola così - Let’s put it this way -- E così via - And so on and so forth, etc. -- Basta così - It’s good how it is (like when you’re at the butcher and she asks you “Is this enough?” and you respond with, “That’s enough (as is.).” Visit http://icebergproject.co/italian for more show notes and resources! Special thanks to The Creative Impostor Studios for producing this show. Like the podcast? Leave a review in Apple Podcasts! If you like the podcast, I would appreciate it a TON if you left a review. You can hit a star rating in your Podcasts app on your iPhone or go to the iTunes store and click Leave a Review on the show page.


13 Jan 2019

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How to Make a Reservation at an Italian Restaurant

Italian vocabulary you can use to make a restaurant reservation.


11 Aug 2015

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Is there really a formula for learning Italian? YES.

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28 Sep 2015

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Compliments to Give in Italian

How do you “fare complimenti” to a person in Italian -- whether it’s for how good they look, what they’re wearing, their language skills, or just to be polite and show your appreciation? APPEARANCE -- Sei in gran forma! - You're in great shape! -- Quanto sei bello/a. - You’re so handsome/beautiful. -- Ti vedo bene. – You look good. -- Ha un bell'aspetto. - He looks good. -- Hai un bell'aspetto, sei in ottima forma, e sei intelligente. Sei il pacchetto completo! - You have good looks, you're in excellent shape, and you're smart. You're the complete package! -- L'hai visto? È bellissimo, no? - Did you see him? He's really gorgeous, right? -- Sei molto raffinata nei movimenti. - You’re really delicate in your movements. -- Emma è la classica ragazza acqua e sapone, ha davvero un bel viso anche senza trucco. - Emma is the classical natural beauty, she has a really nice face even without make up! -- Marco mi incanta quando parla, è così colto! - Marco fascinates me when he talks, he’s so cultured! -- Giulia è la persona più elegante che conosca. - Giulia is the most elegant person I’ve ever known. CLOTHING If you want to be specific with what piece of clothing looks good, you can say: -- Stai VERAMENTE bene con quel vestito. - You look REALLY good in that dress. -- Quel completo ti sta perfetto. - That suit looks perfect on you. -- Sta bene senza camicia. Ha gli addominali a tartaruga! - He looks great without a shirt. He has six-pack abs (literally: turtle abs)! -- Sei così bella in/con quel colore! Sta bene con i tuoi occhi. - You look so beautiful in that color! It goes well with your eyes. -- Quella giacca ti sta meravigliosamente! Prendila! – That jacket looks wonderful on you! Buy it! LANGUAGE SKILLS -- Il tuo inglese è buono. – Your English is good. -- Parli bene l’inglese. – You speak English well. -- Sei bravo/a in italiano. – You’re really good in Italian. GENERAL -- Hai una bella casa! - You have a beautiful home! If you want to use the formal, say “Ha una bella casa”. -- La tua cucina è davvero buona. - Your cooking is really good. -- Cucini davvero bene. - You cook really good. If you want to use the formal, say “La sua cucina è davvero buona”. -- Hai davvero delle cose belle e particolari nel tuo negozio! - You have nice and unique things in your store! If you want to use the formal, say “Ha un bel negozio”. -- Sei così gentile con me. - You’re so nice to me. -- Riesci a dare sempre ottimi consigli. - You always give the best advice. -- Sei davvero una persona educata. - You really are a polite person. You can find some more compliments in this article: 15 Ways to Say That’s Cool/Awesome/Amazing in Italian Special thanks to The Creative Impostor Studios for producing this show. Like the podcast? Leave a review in Apple Podcasts! If you like the podcast, I would appreciate it a TON if you left a review. You can hit a star rating in your Podcasts app on your iPhone or go to the iTunes store and click Leave a Review on the show page.


10 Jan 2019

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4 More Verbs in Italian You Might Be Using Incorrectly

Some rules about how to use the Italian verbs prendere, avere, raccontare and passare.


26 Jul 2015

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How to "Ne" and "Ci" in Italian

Learn the various ways you can use the words "ne" and "ci" in Italian.


12 Aug 2014

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20 Phrases for Telling a Captivating Story in Italian

Learn how to tell a story in Italian with twenty phrases.


5 Aug 2014

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Italian Word Speed Dates: Bastare, Mancare and Piacere

When and how to use the Italian verbs bastare, mancare and piacere.


30 Dec 2014

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How to Talk About Your Family in Italian

How to talk about your family in Italian so you can make small talk.


11 Nov 2014

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What would it be like to live in Orvieto, Italy? (An Interview with Toni DeBella)

Learn how and why Toni DeBella, from Orvieto or Bust, moved to Orvieto, Italy and her experiences as an American expat.


31 Jul 2014

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3 Steps to Making Quick & Satisfying Progress in Italian

Learn this 3-step formula for eliminating your weaknesses in Italian.


6 Oct 2015

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How to Whip Your Italian Back into Shape Before You Leave for Italy

9 ideas for getting your Italian ready before you leave for Italy.


30 Jun 2015

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How to Count in Italian (or how to make sure you can eat in Italy)

Learn how to count and more importantly eat when in Italy.


9 Mar 2015

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23 Phrases for Congratulating People on New Beginnings in Italian

How to congratulate & celebrate your Italian friends for every occasion... in Italian!


8 Sep 2015

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Four Q's You Can Ask to Get Authentic Food in Italy


12 Oct 2015

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7 Things Keeping You From Fluency in Italian

Seven things that are keeping you from becoming fluent in Italian.


11 May 2015

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12 Easy Mistakes You May Be Making with Italian Irregular Nouns

Some common mistakes made with irregular nouns in Italian.


12 Jul 2015

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20 Phrases for Making a Phone Call in Italian

Phrases that you'll use in Italian when making a phone call.


27 Apr 2015

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