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#avocadoandhoneypodHome of the Spiritual M*thafuckas. Join the journey as we do the work to become the best version of ourselves through self accountability and vulnerability. Remember to drink your water, now let’s grow together 🌱Keep the conversation going and follow us on all social media @avocadoandhoneyHosted by @_smangiee

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Episode 4 - Girl, Get You A Black Friend

In this episode of 'Avocado & Honey' we ("we" meaning myself, Shavonne of MLNNNYC, and neo-soul artist Hadassah) talk about why black sisterhood is important. We go in on the struggles of friendship, knowing when to let go of friends, and diving in to make new ones. <3Intro music: Isaiah Rashad ft. SZA - "Ronnie Drake"Please like, share, comment and subscribe!


2 Aug 2016

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Episode 3 - The F Word

Actress/Singer Pesean Wilson joins me on this episode of Avocado & Honey to talk about "The F Word" that affects ALL women, however, black women seem to be suffering the most. Shout out to Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. for creating the dope ass song "Thank You" and allowing me to use it as the intro/outro.Listen to the full track here https://soundcloud.com/ucancallmela/Visit avocadoandhoney.com to get all of the information PeSean's event.


26 Jul 2016

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Ep 48: He Don't Count

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, I was curious to learn why other women don't count certain sexual partners so I asked a few to share their reasons. Feel free to share why you count folks out in the comments below.Intro song: Kerri Hilson "Beautiful Mistake"Please be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE. I appreciate you.


1 Aug 2018

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15 Minute Guided Meditation

Get comfy and take 15 minutes out of your day for yourself. This is a meditation guided by Smangiee (@_smangiee). After the previous episode, I thought it would be fitting to put another meditation out to help us to on the road to mastering the Laws of Attraction. If you do enjoy this meditation please be sure to like, subscribe and share. I appreciate you!


3 Apr 2019

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Episode 35: Manifesting a Better Year

Maritza (@livintheritzlife) joined me at the BK library to talk about how we can make 2018 one our best years. We brainstormed some questions that'll help us review 2017 along with a discussion about affirmations, meditating, journaling and so much more!Intro: Erykah Badu "Didn't Ya Know"BIG THANK YOU to all of you for listening! I'll talk to you all next month. Happy Holidays


12 Dec 2017

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A Guided Meditation

If you want to start meditating and/or start citing positive affirmations but don't know where to start, I gotchu. I created this 10 min guided meditation to help you start.You can meditate ANYWHERE but I prefer to meditate in a nice quiet area, away from distractions. Sit down comfortably (whether it be in a chair or on the floor), make sure your hands are placed in your lap comfortably and close your eyes. Feel free to say each affirmation aloud or in your head. That's pretty much it. If you decide to use this guided meditation, please feel free to tell me about your experience! AGAIN, thank you. I appreciate you.Music: Meditation and Healing - "Meditation Music for Positive Energy"(Youtube)For more affirmations check out: https://happyblackwoman.com/70-affirmations-to-help-you-stay-positive-focused-and-motivated/


26 Dec 2017

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Ep 59: Treat Yo SELF

In this episode, Mel of The Melbox Zone came through to talk about the laws of attraction. We talk ways to live life on your terms, how to manifest money and love, why treating yourself is important and so much more! Please be sure to like, subscribe, and share! I appreciate you!Intro song: Terrace Mertin ft Chachi "Intentions


19 Mar 2019

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Ep. 34: A Well Read Black Girl

Walelo, my favorite book connoisseur, called in to discuss books! She shared some of her favorite books on learning and loving your blackness, womanhood, self help and so much more! Let's expand our library yall!Intro Song: Adusah.Feelgood - "Cool Me Down"

1hr 5mins

5 Dec 2017

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#66: Are You Ready For A Healthy Relationship?

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, MelBox of The MelBox Experience (@melbox1111) came through to talk about her relationship series. We discuss what the relationship series is, if it's possible to ever trust your partner, why cheaters cheat, how to attract your ideal partner and so much more! Please be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! Intro Song: ODIE - "Faith"


10 Sep 2019

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Episode 9 - Self Love 101

Jasmine Nichole joins me on this episode of A&H to talk about her art, the start of her modeling career and discovering her self-love.Intro Song: T- Pain "Show You How"


13 Sep 2016

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#70: Preach Sis, Preach!

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, I share more about what's been going on in life. I tell you all about the adjustments I made in mt diet, how I determine what I should be doing for a living, creating a reality I want and more!Please be sure to like, subscribe & shareIntro Song: Tobe Nwigwe - "IVORY"


6 Nov 2019

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Episode 38: Plant Mama

Jasmine of Blackgirlswithgardens.com (@blackgirlswithgardens) called in to help us with gardening. We talked about her first lesson in gardening, how to bounce back from over watering your plant, figuring out which type of plant is best for you and so much more!! I really enjoyed this conversation y'all! If you do too please be sure to like, subscribe and share! I appreciate you.Intro song: Azizi Gibson - "Black Roses"


13 Mar 2018

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Ep 49: Know Thy Self

Instead of going to Afropunk this year, I took a spontaneous and very necessary mental health getaway from NYC. In this episode of A&H, I share everything I did on this trip with you. Intro song: Lil Duval "Living My Best Life (Smile)"Please be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!I appreciate you!


28 Aug 2018

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#71: Dear Mama

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, I spoke with 4 different mothers to hear their experience with pregnancy and motherhood. We discuss natural births, formula vs breast feeding, not having expectations and so much more! Please be sure to like, subscribe and share! You are appreciated.Intro song: 2pac ft Anthony Hamilton "Dear Mama (Remix)"

1hr 40mins

19 Nov 2019

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#73: 2020 Vision

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, @MelBox1111 is back to help me recap 2019 and the decade! We talk about the things we learned about ourselves, favorite books, taking our goals seriously and so much more!  Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE!  Thank you all for an amazing year!!! As always, you are appreciated! Happy Holiday!

1hr 30mins

25 Dec 2019

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Ep. 58: What Black Women Want

Hey ya'll! In this episode of A&H, Shinyere (@shinyeredavis) of Soulsexology came through to share her experience at Coco Butta love black love speed dating, how important it is for black women to listen to black men, self care after terminating a pregnancy and so much more!Please be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE I appreciate youIntro song: ZOVI "Hurricane" Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-560046024


5 Mar 2019

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Ep: 46 - No More Roommates For Me!

In this episode of A&H I gave you all a quick run down of my living experiences here in NYC. You will learn a lil bit about what it was like for me finding a stable place to live, living with a racist, being robbed by my landlord and oh so much more. I'm not trying to discourage you lol just sharing my story, uneditedEnjoy luv Intro song: Saweetie ft Kehlanie "ICY Girl (Remix)Be sure to like subscribe and share!I appreciate you


3 Jul 2018

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#77: Black Men Feel

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sam and Ben of Black Men Feel (@blackmenfeel). We talk about why it may be tough for black men to understand their emotions, misconceptions about therapy, the power of brotherhood and so much more! Please remember to like, subscribe and share this episode with a friend! You are appreciated. Background Tune: Cook & Jango "Lorn"


3 Mar 2020

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#74: The Chocolate Domme

*This episode is for ages 18 and older and is NOT for the ears of children and/or teenagers.* In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod I had the pleasure of speaking with Mistress Marley and a few girls from her Black Domme Sorority. We talk their journey to becoming a domme, misconception about sex work, how to make money via finndom and so much more! Please be sure to like and share! You are appreciated

1hr 21mins

21 Jan 2020

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Ep. 30: A Blues For Leeza

In the 30th episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, Leeza Joneé came through to recap her latest Breathing Space event. We also conversed about writing, using art to get over heartbreak, feeling #tadow, Sonia Sanchez and so much more! Please be sure to like, subscribe and share!Intro: Masego "Tadow"


10 Oct 2017

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