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A podcast intended to help busy women find the tools and the encouragement to manage their lives, their time, their stress, and their stuff so they can accomplish the things that matter most to them.

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My Top 10 Tips for Managing Your Day – TPW003

Little things can make a big difference in managing the demands on our time. This episode is a quick flyover of the things that help me on a daily basis.


24 Jul 2014

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10 (or so) Ways to Stay Focused – TPW194

What can we do to stay on track when we're struggling to stay focused? This week we look at some possible reasons for that struggle, and some ideas that might help.


13 Jun 2018

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Clutter, Minimalism, & Convenience – TPW235

Decluttering is a hot topic these days. For some, the logical outcome of decluttering is minimalism. But who we are matters more than what (or how much) we own. Finding a balance between clutter and convenience can contribute to a productive life.


27 Mar 2019

Rank #3

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Things That Make Life Easier – TPW206

What apps, tech, tools, and services do you rely on to make your life easier? I share a few of mine in this episode.

1hr 3mins

5 Sep 2018

Rank #4

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5 Small Things to Do Every Day This Year – TPW275

Big changes are impressive, but great progress can be achieved by taking small actions consistently. Consider 5 small things to do every day for a more productive year.


1 Jan 2020

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The Big Picture: Priorities & Guiding Principles – TPW002

When people think about productivity, they often think about calendars and to-do lists and project management, and all of those things are a big part of what we will discuss in coming episodes. But there's a big difference between being busy and being productive. True productivity requires a purpose to guide the activity. In this episode we talk about a process for coming up with principles to guide our decisions in such a way that our activity is consistent with our true values.


17 Jul 2014

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13 Areas to Declutter in Our Homes – TPW203

Want to reduce stress, boost productivity, and enjoy your home more? Let's talk about why, how, and where to declutter our homes.


15 Aug 2018

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10 Small Changes You Can Make to Boost Productivity (& One Bonus Tip) – TPW098

You don't have to completely overhaul your life to make progress toward your goals. Small changes can reap big rewards in making a meaningfully productive life.


13 Jul 2016

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ADHD & Productivity, with Emily Prokop – TPW080

I think you'll enjoy my conversation with wife, mom, editor, and podcaster Emily Prokop, who shares how attention deficit (ADHD) affects her as an adult, and the tools and techniques she uses to stay on task and accomplish the things that matter to her.


9 Mar 2016

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Making the Most of Your To-Do List – TPW145

How well does your to-do list work for you? This episode features 10 tips for making the most of whatever tool you use to manage your tasks.


21 Jun 2017

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Remember This: 10 Productivity Principles – TPW247

Some productivity principles are worth being reminded of from time to time. Here are a few that I think are important.


19 Jun 2019

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Workplace Productivity – TPW258

What can we do to maximize our productivity at work, wherever our workplace might be?


4 Sep 2019

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How I Get Work Done – TPW252

Sometimes when we're looking for ways to get work done, it helps to hear about tools and techniques that have been effective for other people. This week I'm sharing a bit about the tools, systems, and approaches I use to get work done.

1hr 2mins

24 Jul 2019

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How to Renew Your Motivation – TPW227

Are you making progress on your goals for this year, or has progress slowed because you're not consistently taking action? This episode offers ideas on how to reignite your fading motivation so you can keep moving forward to accomplish what matters most to you.


30 Jan 2019

Rank #14

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7 Things to Stop Doing This Year – TPW224

Last week we talked about resolutions and goals--things we plan to start doing this year. This week, let's consider some things to stop doing (and what to do instead).


9 Jan 2019

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There’s Nothing Wrong with You – TPW238

Making a life that matters has its challenges--for all of us. Can I encourage you to believe there's nothing wrong with you if you struggle sometimes to make it all work the way you think it should?


17 Apr 2019

Rank #16

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Get Organized Head First, with Claire Kellems – TPW263

Working mom Claire Kellems' search for order in her chaotic life has led to a blog, a business, and more peace of mind. How she got organized (and how you can too) is the subject of our conversation in this week's episode.


9 Oct 2019

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves – TPW068

It's not unusual to face obstacles in the pursuit of our dreams or goals. But how many of those obstacles do we create ourselves? In this episode, I examine some of the lies we tell ourselves and offer some suggestions for counteracting the lies to help you accomplish your goals, no matter how big or difficult they may be.


2 Dec 2015

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Productivity Tools – TPW268

What are your favorite productivity tools? I'm sharing 10 of mine on this week's episode.


13 Nov 2019

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10 Essentials for Making a Life that Matters – TPW172

If you want to make a life that matters, where do you start? In this episode we're looking at 10 essentials to building a meaningfully productive life.


10 Jan 2018

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