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What Lies Ahead for Gold & Commodity ETFs

We discuss inflation, commodities and high income strategies (1:15) - Breaking Down The Inflation Reports: Have We Peaked? (6:00) - Where Will Oil Prices Go In The Coming Months? (11:45) - What Impact Has Inflation Had On Food? (16:05) - Is Gold Still A Good Hedge Against Inflation? (22:00) - Should You Own Commodities In Your Portfolio? (26:20) - GraniteShares Bloomberg Commodity Broad Strategy No K-1 ETF: COMB (29:10) - GraniteShares HIPS US High Income ETF: HIPS (34:50) -  Will Single Stock ETPs Be Popular In The U.S.? Podcast@Zacks.com


4 Aug 2022

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Single-Stock ETFs: What Investors Should Know

These new ETFs can be used to make leveraged and inverse bets on popular stocks (1:00) - What Was The Need For A Single-Stock Leveraged ETF? (5:55) - How Can These ETFs Fit Into Your Portfolio? (11:15) - What Is The Risk Associated With A Single-Stock Leveraged  ETF (14:30) - Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF & AXS 2x Innovation ETF: SARK & TARK (17:20) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


29 Jul 2022

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ETF Mid-Year Outlook & Investing Strategies

We discuss the market outlook and investing strategies for the rest of 2022 (1:00) - Breaking Down The Recent Market Action: Have We Reached A Bottom? (9:15) - Has Inflation Peaked: The Fed's Fight Against Recession (13:50) - Portfolio Positioning: What Should Investors Expect From The 2nd Half of The Year? (19:00) - Will Fossil Fuel Investments See A Boost? (22:25) - Can We Reach Net Zero By 2050? Podcast@Zacks.com


21 Jul 2022

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2 New ETFs Worth a Look

We discuss two very interesting and unique ETFs that launched recently (3:30) - ProShares Bitcoin Strategy & Short Bitcoin Strategy ETFs: BITO & BITI (7:00) - What Is The Importance Being Using Bitcoin Futures? (11:55) - How Can BITO or BITI Fit Into Your Portfolio Right Now? (16:30) - Rising Inflation and Interest Rates: ETFs To Help You Combat It (21:45) - Procure Disaster Recovery Strategy ETF: FEMA (26:35) - What Is The Size and Growth Expectations For This Industry? (34:50) - Will Space Industry Stocks Rebound Anytime Soon? Podcast@Zacks.com


7 Jul 2022

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Should You Buy the Dip in Energy Stocks & ETFs?

We discuss the outlook for oil and energy stocks (1:00) - Breaking Down The Recent Market Moves In Oil Prices (7:50) - Why Is Expansion So Difficult In The Oil Industry? (12:45) - Alternative Energy: Will Fossil Fuel Production Continue To Rise? (18:00) - What Should We Expect From Energy Earnings This Quarter? (21:15) - Top Stocks and ETFs To Keep On Your Radar Podcast@Zacks.com


30 Jun 2022

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Which Stocks & ETFs Do Best When Inflation Spikes?

We also discuss ESG, cryptocurrencies, barbell investing and more (1:30) - What Stocks Tend To Perform Well In High Inflation Markets? (5:00) - The 70’s vs Now: Learning From Past Inflation Periods (8:30) - Should You Be Using Defined Income ETFs? (11:25) - What Is A Covered Call Strategy? (16:15) - Deploying ESG investing In Your Portfolio (19:30) - Stock Splits and Cryptocurrency: Should You Be Buying? (24:40) - What Is A Barbell Strategy and Will It Work For You? Podcast@Zacks.com


16 Jun 2022

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Best ETF Ideas for the Second Half of 2022

We discuss the market outlook and investing strategies for the rest of 2022 (0:45) - Breaking Down The Stock Market's Recent Volatility (5:45) - Can The Fed Stop A Recession From Happening? (10:30) - How Should You Position Your Portfolio In The Current Environment (15:00) - State Street's Suite Of ETFs: QUS, STY & SPYV (19:50) - What Sectors Perform The Best During High Inflation? (25:30) - Breaking Down The Current Fund Flow Trends: Where Are People Investing Right Now? Podcast@Zacks.com


9 Jun 2022

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Bond ETF Investing in a Rising-Rate Environment

We discuss how bond investors can navigate the current market environment (1:15) - What Would Drive Growth Into Bond ETFs (7:30) - Current Market Risks: Has The Worst Been Priced In? (10:55) - Rethinking The 60/40 Investment Rule (13:40) - Where Are The Opportunities Within The Fixed Income Market? (22:00) - iShares Bond ETF Suite: Which One Works Best For You? (24:05) - What Are The Benefits to Investing In Bond ETFs? Podcast@Zacks.com


26 May 2022

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Best ETFs for High Inflation and Rising Rates

We discuss areas that could outperform in the current market environment (1:15) - Stock Market Sell Off: Are We Close To The Bottom? (12:05) - FlexShares Suite of Quality Factor ETFs: QDF, QLV & QLC (17:20) - How Should Investors Prepare For Higher Inflation (20:00) -  FlexShares Morningstar Global Upstream Natural Resources Index Fund: GUNR (25:10) - FlexShares STOXX Global Broad Infrastructure Index Fund: NFRA (30:25) - How To Position Your Fixed Income Investments During Rising Rates Podcast@Zacks.com


19 May 2022

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Stocks & ETFs for Summer Travel Surge

We discuss recent market volatility and why travel stocks are set to take off (1:15) - Breaking Down The Recent Stock Market Volatility: The Year of Fear (7:00) - Can The Fed Achieve A Soft Landing To Avoid Economic Damage? (12:20) - Finding Opportunities In A Down Market (17:40) - How Should Investors Use Inverse and Leverage Investing Products? (22:50) - Will The Travel Industry See A Large Bounce Back? (30:30) - Defiance Airline, Hotel & Cruise Line ETF: CRUZ (34:00) - What Is An NFT and Should You Be Investing? Podcast@Zacks.com


13 May 2022

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