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Hello everyone! Welcome to The Beauty of Becoming Podcast! I'm your host, The Real Phylicia and together, we will be embarking on a beautiful journey of becoming. This journey is based on self improvement and growth. You'll be tuning into a lot of transparent conversations that hopefully feed your soul. So sit back, unwind and enjoy The #BOB ride! :)

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Sit Still & Be Still - Quarantine Life

Hello loves, Welcome back to The Beauty of Becoming Pod! This season, we have a few things that we're doing differently this year. One of them is that the podcast now has an instagram page where we share podcast updates and daily inspirational quotes. Its IG handle is @thebeautyofbecomingpod. To find out more about our updates and to hear more about how to better your quarantine life, click that play button :) XoXo -TRP


17 May 2020

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Stop wasting time. The time is now.

On the season finale episode of The B.O.B Podcast, we talk about how we should stop wasting time with our gifts and goals and that the time is now to put them in to affect. Hope you guys enjoy it! See you in season 2 :) TRP


9 Feb 2020

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The toxic person ain't always the other person.

Welcome back loves! Today on the pod, we’re talking toxic relationships..but from an uncommon perspective. For many of us, we’re quick to point fingers at the people who have wronged us. But how many of us are willing to see and admit the fact that maybe the toxic person was actually us? Are you ready to have that conversation? If not, that’s okay. You can just tune in to my thoughts on the matter instead. 🧡🌻


8 Dec 2019

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The Beauty of Being Hidden

Welcome back loves! Today’s episode is about feeling unseen in your journey. This episode focuses on the perspective of working towards something and just not receiving the support or recognition from others that you feel deserving of.  I will approach this topic on a more personal level (feeling unseen in relationships) in an upcoming episode but I hope that you enjoy this perspective!


23 Dec 2019

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Beauty of Being Hidden Part 2

Hello again loves! As promised, here's part 2 of The Beauty of Being Hidden. On this episode, I speak about feeling unseen and undervalued in your personal life. I hope you guys enjoy it! - TRP


29 Dec 2019

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2020 : The Year of Overcoming

Happy New Year guys! 🥳🧡 Cheers to the very first episode of 2020! 🎉 As you guys know, life can be very unpredictable..no matter how much we plan for it. That said, today's topic is about overcoming any obstacle or situation that you might in encounter in 2020. I hope you guys find it insightful :) -TRP 


5 Jan 2020

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Stop Starving Your Spirit

Welcome back guys! Today on the pod, we're talking about starving your spirit. As humans, we invest in so many things in this life like our bodies, our minds..but how often do we take time to invest in the spiritual being that we actually are? Hit the play tab to tune in :) Link to Matthew Townsend Teaching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXw_5r5ZHpM


15 Dec 2019

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The Secret to Slaying Your Goals

Hey guys! Welcome back :) On today’s episode of the pod, I’m sharing the secret to effectively slay your goals! Hope you guys enjoy it. As always, you guys can communicate with me on Instagram at @therealphylicia_ , the pod’s email which is beautyofbecomingpod@gmail.com or anonymously at curiouscat.me/bobpod. Hope you guys enjoy it! -TRP


15 Jan 2020

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..what about me?

For many people, this year will be the year of congratulations. I’m talking about surprise proposals, weddings, pregnancy, promotions, new business ventures and the like. If you often find yourself congratulating others more than you’re congratulated, it’s natural to sometimes think, “what about me?” or “when is my time coming?”.  In today’s episode of The #BOBPodcast, I give insight on how you should go about handling your waiting season. Link in bio to tune in 🎙🌻🧡 #TheBOBPodcast


26 Jan 2020

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Check Your Mind Before You Wreck Mankind

Hello loves, Welcome back! On today's episode, we're discussing the importance of checking your thoughts. Many of us struggle with letting go of perspectives that are set in stone in our hearts. However, how beneficial is it to hold on to perspectives that only bring us harm? Tune in to find out my view on the matter.


1 Dec 2019

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