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Hacks to Organize, Manage and Enjoy Your Photos with Photojojo's Laurel Sittig

A few weeks ago I took to my Facebook page to ask what projects you knew you SHOULD be tackling but you just didn’t know where to start. One neglected project mentioned repeatedly had to do with photos...“organizing all my photos” or “sorting/printing pictures” and “creating yearly memory books for my kids”. And BOY can I relate. So today, I’m calling in an expert. Laurel Sittig is Editorial Manager for Photojojo, a blog and online store for photography gear and cool photo ideas. Laurel walks us through: Why we’re all so overwhelmed by our photos The “lazy” tools to use to organize (and share) your photos Ways to back up your photos (even if the internet disappears) Fun things to DO with your photos, like massive engineer prints, photo pinatas and sunglass photo frames Products that will help you be a better phone photographer


12 May 2015

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Why Your Kids Talk Back and How to Eliminate It

If you’re reading these words, you’re probably a parent. If you’re a parent of children that can speak, you’ve probably experienced the topic of today’s episode – and that’s back talk. Rude, snarky comments in response to your authority as a parent. It’s maddening! Luckily for us, we have a parenting expert to help us address this dynamic in our homes. Dr. Becca is a child psychologist and host of the blog, Parenting the Modern Family. Tune in to hear Dr. Becca’s wisdom!


24 Feb 2015

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The #1 Thing Missing From A Busy Mom’s To-Do List with Julie Jeske

If you’re reading these words, my guess is that you’re a loving person. You probably spend an awful lot of time loving the other people in your life, whether that’s a partner, your kiddos or even your pets. But are you taking the time to spread that love to yourself? If you’re like most busy women, you may fall a little short in that department.In this episode I’m joined by the lovely Julie Jeske, an individual and couples counselor who is going to give us a 20-minute look into why we should think just a little bit more about loving ourselves and how to do that in a way that’s practical and simple to fit into your busy schedule. YOU are the #1 thing that’s missing from your own to-do list.I love Julie’s down-to-earth approach to all of this. She’s not pushing some agenda that’s hard to achieve, just small mindset shifts and the recommendation that we add ourselves to our to-do lists each day. Tune in to this fantastic, nourishing episode now by clicking the player bar above or by listening in iTunes or Stitcher.


26 Jan 2015

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Fashion Tips for Busy Moms with Wardrobe Therapy’s Elizabeth Smith

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe could use a serious makeover but don’t know where to start? I work from home, so the motivation simply isn’t there most days to do much other than shower and pull on a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie. The challenge comes when I do need to go to a professional meeting or just want to look put together. I’m at a bit of a loss. I have a few go-to outfits but that’s where it ends. For today’s episode I pull in a fashion big gun to help. Elizabeth Smith founded a company called Wardrobe Therapy to help the fashion frazzled like me navigate her way past the yoga pants and to a style she loves.


3 Mar 2015

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Parenting: All Joy and No Fun with Jennifer Senior

Waking up to realize that you are a parent…in charge of another human being’s life…is typically a pretty life-altering experience. And while our Facebook feeds show much of the joyful, silly, happy and proud sides of being a parent, what we seldom admit to ourselves, let alone to our social circles is that parenting is hard and not always a lot of fun. My guest today is Jennifer Senior, author of the much acclaimed book All Joy and No Fun, named one of Slate’s Top 10 Books of the Year which I can almost guarantee will make you feel about 6 degrees closer to sanity because it is such an honest, fascinating look at modern parenting.


17 Feb 2015

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Streamline Your Digital Life with Pete Wright

Do you ever wish your digital life would just synchronize itself? I mean, it seems conceivable, right? That technology could self-organize to your benefit? You could just sit back and watch it all happen, tweaking now and again. Well, hang on to your mousepads because...wait for it...it can. And that's what we're delving into in this episode. It's a web service called IFTTT (If This, Then That, rhymes with "Gift") that enables you to create 'recipes' linking one platform (channel) to another. Sound confusing? Yeah, I thought so too until Rash Pixel's Pete Wright (and this show's producer) explained in a bit more detail with a few examples. Here are some simple 'recipes', to give you an idea: If my daughter posts a photo to Instagram, send me an email.Get emails for new posts from my Craigslist searchMute my phone ringer at bedtimeText my husband when I leave work Thankfully Pete is an amazing teacher and walks us through the ins and outs of IFTTT. Give a listen.


21 Apr 2015

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Eat This, Not That: Foods That Impact Your Sleep with Lissa Coffey

We’re all well aware that we should be getting a good night’s sleep every night but sometimes that seems impossible. Or worse…even if we’ve allocated the time for a solid night of dreamland, we find ourselves unable to fall asleep or stay asleep. I don’t know about any of you, but this stresses me out! Well, it turns out that, with sleep, like pretty much everything having to do with being healthy, we probably need to take more of a holistic approach. In this episode, Lifestyle and Wellness expert Lissa Coffey dives into how the food we eat impacts our sleep. We even get a mini-lesson in ayurveda to frame the whole conversation. Lissa is a spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council, so she knows a bit about this subject and is generous in sharing her knowledge.


13 Jan 2015

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Unique and Meaningful Father's Day Gift Ideas with The Good Dad Project's Larry Hagner

It’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day and all of the amazing men in your life. For some of you that means double, or even triple duty, as you consider your own father or grandfather as well as the father of your precious cherubs. While the default may be to make a special breakfast or dinner for Dad and call it good, this week’s episode offers a thoughtful approach to honoring that special guy in your family’s life. My guest this week is Larry Hagner, host of The Good Dad Project podcast and he’s an endless source of really fantastic dad’s day ideas, from the basics all the way to the meaningful. Larry’s ideas are simple and thoughtful…the best kind, in my book!


2 Jun 2015

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Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Simple Appliance Maintenance You’re Probably Not Doing But Should Be

How much time do you spend thinking about your home appliances? Probably zero until you’re faced with a leaky fridge or dryer that’s no longer drying your clothing. And then it’s a minor emergency because the truth is, we depend on these appliances for modern day living. Did you know your major appliances should last 10 years or more? The key to long happy lives for your appliances is to maintain them. Angie’s List’s Cheryl Reed joins me in today’s episode to share some very simple ways to extend the life of these lovable hunks of metal. We walk through your home room by room, from kitchen to laundry room to bathroom sharing simple tips to keep everything from your dryer to your garbage disposal running smoothly. I promise you’ll learn at least one new tip that could save you money and add years to the life of your appliances. Learn all of these tips plus the Angie’s List Rule of $5,000 and how to determine whether it’s better to buy a new appliance or repair the one you have.


20 May 2015

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Genius Gentleman Scholar Pete Wright on Mastering Life’s Every Detail with Evernote

Where do you store the stuff that matters in your life? Do you have a special notebook? Do post-it notes litter your desk and computer? Perhaps you use collaboration software for work and then a calendar for home? Google docs? Excel spreadsheets? Or maybe you’re like me and you use every. single. one. of these things. It gets a bit cluttered and it’s definitely clunky and none of these items talk to one another. What if you could store all of these important things in one single place? One online repository you could use for work, and home and everything in between? Good news. You can. In today’s episode I chat with Rash Pixel’s Pete Wright about the coolest, most useful technology tool known to woman. It’s Evernote. Get ready to drool and then have some fun playing with Evernote. It’s a free app that you’re going to love (if you don’t already). Tune in now!


2 Dec 2014

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Fear Public Speaking More Than Death? It’s Time for Toastmasters

How do you feel when you're called upon to give a presentation in front of a group of people? Nervous? Anxious? Terrified? If your public speaking skills leave a little to be desired, whether it's simply increasing your confidence or boosting your communication skills, today's episode is for you! Our topic today is one that’s near and dear to my heart and that’s how to overcome the sheer terror that can sometimes accompany the prospect of speaking in front of a group. After a particularly mortifying experience in which I thought I was going to pass out during a short presentation for my job, I was motivated to find some education on public speaking. And what I found was a local Toastmasters group where I met my guest on this week's episode. Bryndl Rohan is not only a phenomenal public speaker but she’s also reached the rank within Toastmasters of “Distinguished Toastmaster”, a level to which many aspire to but few achieve. Bryndl walks us through the ins and outs of a Toastmasters meeting, from what to expect your very first visit to how to find the right club for you.


11 Jun 2015

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Essential First Steps of Emergency Preparedness Your Family Should Know

If a natural disaster struck tomorrow, would you be ready? Odd are, your answer is, "no". We've seen communities all around the world touched by horrific natural disasters, the most recent being the earthquake in Nepal. What if that was your community? Do you even know where to begin? The sad reality is that many of us are NOT prepared. But the good news is that, by listening to today's episode, you're going to get some terrific resources from my guest, Marcie Maynes. Marcie teaches all about family emergency preparedness at PreparingHeroes.org.


5 May 2015

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Get More Sleep Tonight with Tips from Terry Cralle

How’d you sleep last night? Sometimes if we don’t sleep well, it’s a function of our environment: you’re up with a kiddo, the cat’s crying to be fed or that cough kept you up all night. But so often sleep is elusive because of our poor sleep habits, the biggest being our own attitude toward sleep. In this episode you’ll hear from a sleep expert named Terry Cralle – she’s a registered nurse and certified clinical sleep educator and spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council. And she’s got some great back-to-basics about why you need to be sleeping fully each night and how to improve your own sleep habits including the ideal temperatures for falling asleep, how much sleep your kids need each night and much more!


3 Feb 2015

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10 Critical Questions To Ask When Choosing a K-12 School with Noodle’s Suzanne Podhurst

How important is your child’s education? Hard to quantify, right? It’s probably safe to say that your knee-jerk response is something along the lines of, “Very!”. At least it is for me. Choosing the right school for your child can be a weighty and complicated decision, no matter their age. Whether you’re deciding where to settle as a family based on the public schools or checking out private or charter school options, there are so many factors that come into play. Where to start may well be the most difficult. In this episode I’m joined by Suzanne Podhurst, Editor-in-Chief of the education website Noodle. Suzanne shares a list of 10 critical things you’ll want to add to your list of questions when considering a K-12 school for your child. Oh, how I wish I had had this list several years ago when I was considering where to enroll my own kids. But, luckily for you, this episode provides you with the learnings from my own experience as well as Suzanne’s expertise. Tune in today!


10 Mar 2015

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Minisode >> Get Rid of the Calendar Game Time Suck with Calendly

How many hours each week do you spend playing the calendar game over email trying to coordinate a simple phone call or in-person meeting? If your answer, like mine, is "a lot!", then keep reading. This minisode is for YOU. I've been on the hunt for a web-based tool that will essentially schedule my meetings for me. I've finally found it in Calendly. This Google-calendar-based online scheduler provides you with a link to share with others that displays only the times you tell it to, based on some general parameters as well as you existing calendar appointments. This tool is literally saving me HOURS each week. I did this minisode to explain all about it. Tune in by clicking the player bar above or on iTunes? And let me know how you like Calendly once you give it a shot! I'm @meganstrand on Twitter.


28 Apr 2015

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