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A podcast for teachers, by teachers on how to create podcasts virtually for free with ideas and samples for the classroom.

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Episode 01-Get a Blog

podcast and post any information related to your topic.Recommended blogs:BloggerWord PressTeacher LingoDownload Episode 01

4 Jul 2007

Rank #1

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Episode_00 Gabcast

Here is Episode 00 recorded over the phone using Gabcast a website that allows you to podcast over the phone. Comeback in a few weeks for more.Play Episode 00Gabcast! Podcasting for Teachers #1 - Episode_00Episode testing Gabcast.

18 Mar 2007

Rank #2

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Episode 0 Podcasting for Teachers

This what I like to call my episode "Zero", because I'm just testing al my settings and the RSS feed to make sure it works. The audio I'm posting is the same I used for my Techintegration podcast.This podcast will contain audio and video, so come back in a few weeks for more.Play Episode 0

17 Mar 2007

Rank #3