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Gunsmoke was a long-running American old-time radio and television Western drama created by director Norman MacDonnell and writer John Meston. The stories took place in or about Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West.The radio version ran from 1952 to 1961, and is commonly regarded as one of the finest radio dramas of all time; the television version ran from 1955 to 1975 and still holds the record for the longest-running U.S. prime time fictional television program.

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William Conrad, John Meston (writer), Norman Macdonnell (producer, director, adaptor), Howard McNear, Parley Baer, John Dehner, Virginia Gregg, Georgia Ellis, George Walsh (announcer).


19 Apr 2012

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Gunsmoke. June 4, 1961. CBS net, William Conrad, Parley Baer, Georgia Ellis, Howard McNear, Joseph Kearns, Vic Perrin, Paul Dubov, Helen Kleeb, Will Wright, John Meston (writer), George Walsh (announcer). http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


22 Aug 2012

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Gunsmoke Trouble In Kansas

Gunsmoke Trouble In Kansas 10-16-55 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


11 Jan 2017

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Gunsmoke. March 26, 1961. CBS net. "Joe Phy". Sponsored by: Pepsi, Buick, Kellogg's cereals. " William Conrad, Parley Baer, Georgia Ellis, Howard McNear, Ralph Moody, Vic Perrin, John Dehner, John Meston (writer), George Walsh (announcer).


20 Jun 2012

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The Old Lady

Gunsmoke-The Old Lady 1-24-53 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com

4 Jun 2014

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Gunsmoke - 52 Dodge City Killer

Gunsmoke - 52 Dodge City Killer http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


25 Sep 2018

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Paid Killer

Gunsmoke-Paid Killer1-17-53 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com

14 May 2014

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The Square Triangle

Gunsmoke. November 14, 1952. CBS net. "The Square Triangle". Sustaining. Eva Morley causes the death of three men. There aren't many women like her!  Clancey Cassell (announcer), Georgia Ellis, Harry Bartell, Howard McNear, Jack Kruschen, Lawrence Dobkin, Les Crutchfield (writer), Lillian Buyeff, Parley Baer, William Conrad.


15 Oct 2012

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The Mortgage

Gunsmoke-The Mortgage 10-24-52 oldtimeradiodvd.com/sale


2 Oct 2013

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Texan Pick Up Your Guns

Texan Pick Up Your Guns   http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


20 Jun 2018

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Billy The Kid

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24 Sep 2011

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There Was Never A Horse

Gunsmoke There Was Never A Horse 9-19-53  http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


27 Aug 2014

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Gunsmoke-Dirt 7-4-53 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


30 Jun 2014

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Gunsmoke Crack Up

Gunsmoke Crack Up 2-26-55 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


9 Mar 2016

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Doc Holliday

Gunsmoke. July 19, 1952. CBS net. "Doc Holliday".  Doc Holliday has come to Dodge to kill Big Jack Finley. But Big Jack's son, Thorne Finley, is the real problem. Harry Bartell, Herb Purdum (writer), Lee Millar Jr., Nestor Paiva, Norman Macdonnell (producer, director), Parley Baer, Ralph Moody, Rex Koury (composer, performer), Roy Rowan (announcer), Tom Tully, William Conrad. oldtimeradiodvd.com


5 Apr 2013

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Gunsmoke Bottle Man

Gunsmoke Bottle Man 1-1-55 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com419


6 Jan 2016

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Wild West

Gunsmoke-Wild West 7-18-53 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


7 Jul 2014

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Gunsmoke - Flashback 6-27-53 Check out our TV, Movies,Serials,OTR, Collections,  http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


9 Jul 2014

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Gunsmoke - Billy The Kid

Gunsmoke - Billy The Kid http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


18 Sep 2018

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Gunsmoke-Absalom 3-7-53 http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


18 Apr 2014

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