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A podcast exploring the mind of a 90s baby in this ever-changing society. Join Fred Santana, Temi Alchemy & VP In The Cut Thassa Scary Sight, weekly as they discuss topical world issues, and also attempt to bridge the gap between younger and older generations @Fr3dSantana @temiAlchemy @VPinthecut info@90sbabyshow.co.uk

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BkChat LDN Vs Candid Conversations Ft. Lucas & Bello

LIVE SHOW ANOUNCEMENT Sunday 14th of October - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-48877062610?ref=estw Where the hell do we start??? BkChat Vs Candid Conversations Ladies and gentleman The BOYS are back in the studio and joined by Lucas from BkChat and the lovely Queen Bello from Candid Conversations. We start with issues men have with women and let Bello and Cleo (Behind the cam)help us understand how women think especially when they think they aren't ready for a relationship. Bello handled herself very well and opened up about her own experience with men and why she has made the choice to be single right now. Things like emotional intelligence, the importance of finance and dating were touched on. We then got into the debate about circumcision and whether it should be illegal as this has become a new debate on the news. is circumcision abuse to a child because they don't have a say? we tried to have a constructive conversation about it, but it went left due to wires getting crossed. Let's just say it got a bit messy and personal from there (Check out our Instagram for the video of after the podcast) Enjoy this one and use #90sbabyshow on all socials and stories to get involved in the conversation. SOCIALS Twitter/Instagram:
 @queen__Bello / queen_beei / iamlucaswalker @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
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 @TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy EVENTS Sunday 14th of October - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-48877062610?ref=estw DISCOUNTS: King Oba Clothing - For 20% off of the whole store use CODE: 90sXoba at the checkout https://kingobaclothing.co.uk/

2hr 15mins

10 Sep 2018

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Marriage In Lockdown Ft. Audrey

MERCH IN NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AT - https://teespring.com/stores/90s-baby-show-merchandise For Bomber Jackets (Made to order) Visit 90sbabyshow.co.uk This week the Boyz are back in The 90s Room, joined by Audrey (formerly known as Ghanas Finest) to have a talk about various things going on and back in the day:  One Hit Wonder Game Marriage In Lockdown Middle Child Syndrome  Condom Conspiracy Women Are Tapped Plugs:  Anxless CBD edibles - www.anxless.com - 20% off at checkout using code: 90SBABYSHOW

2hr 46mins

30 Mar 2020

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The Untold Truths About Dating Ft. Kezia Noble

Too often we hear about dilemmas and advice for people in relationships what about those that want advice on how to get a woman in bed...just want to Fuck... and maybe a meal some day?? What about those that just want to date and have sex?? This episode is for pure advice and teaching of how to operate as we bring an attraction specialist to the dungeon.The BOYS are joined by the worlds leading dating coach for me Kezia Noble to discuss some myths about men and women, and different ways to function within the single market when we are out here trying to get laid and attract women. We discuss the current dating climate with social media, films and of course dating apps that ruin human interaction. Are we losing conversational skills and game because we have girls at our finger tips without putting in any graft. Kezia also lets us in on some of the tips to operating in a social setting, what women are looking for when we are in social settings, and how to avoid the deadly Friendzone. Girls feel free to let us know if these tips are accurate, and if you would find a man attractive if or when he tries this on youEnjoy the episode and remember to use #90sBabyShow to join the conversationTwitter: kezia_nobleYoutube: Kezia NobleWebsite: http://www.kezia-noble.com/LIVE SHOW - 90s Baby Show - Sunday 3rd June 2018ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY Doors open at 6PM - Till LatePlugs/DiscountsCLOTHING NNC London Clothing - For 20% off of the whole store use CODE: 90SBABY at the checkoutVisit www.nnclondon.comCLOTHING - Ancoofficial - For 15% Off of the whole store use CODE: 90SBABYVisit ancoofficial.com/

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15 May 2018

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Do we have the capacity to dream bigger than our ideas or bigger than what we have seen in life? This conversation takes an absolute turn but bare with us. BOYS are back in the dungeon for another episode with VP in the cut, so its just the lads this week and we are talking about dreams. It would be great to talk about dreams in terms of goals but we are talking actual dreamsHave you ever been with someone or know somebody that has lucid dreams which affect their mood.Fred has been on YouYube of recent and brings forth some of his findings and how he wants to plan his dreams to predict the future so when he gets to the future, meaning he is now present, he knows what's going on already??? Confusing, we know but listen in and see if you can follow and agree.If you could control your dreams, what would you create? would you create what you want in the real world? like being rich or having the man/woman of your dreams? or want to live a total alternate life you would never live in reality?On another note, what are we doing for the younger generation role model wise? Temi speaks of his goals this year of playing a ‘big bro’ and how it was growing up with false promises. We all remember those aunties and uncles that promised things but never delivered… we can't decide to be the sameRemember to use the #90sbabyshow to join the conversation and let us know your thoughts***WE’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD 🏆🏆🏆‬We Are In The Favourite Podcast Category For The @ScreenNation Awards‬ Please vote for us using this link and thank you for your support!! - ‪http://screennation.com/digitalis/nominees2018/
SOCIALSTwitter/Instagram:@Venturepromoter / Venturepromoter@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy

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14 Jan 2019

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Drilly Drake Ft. Cadell

So Drake comes to Link up TV and becomes a driller? Not sure of your thoughts on this but we had a lot to talk about considering a lot is going on. BOYS are back this week with a special guest Cadell who helps us with whats been going on in this world. we have a passionate conversation about Drill, Grime, the UK music scene and having the right company around you.We also talk about the news that's come out about how Pusha T got all that information on Drake. was it a bitch move by Kanye? Or is there no rules in war?Cadell, the grime Godfathers brother (Wiley) give us good conversation on influence, getting taught how to hustle and also showing that life doesn't just change because of your brother's success; if anything, its more pressure!Enjoy this one and make sure to use #90sbabyshow to join the conversation on TwitterTwitter/Instagram:@Cadell/ Lovewillgetyoukilled@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@TemiAlchemy / TemialchemyEVENTS/ PLUGSKing Oba Clothing - For 20% off of the whole store use CODE: 90sXoba at the checkoutkingobaclothing.co.uk/

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9 Jul 2018

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Toxic Masculinity & Insecurities Ft. Kimbisco, Kourtney & Hemah K

Who does toxic masculinity affect most - the individual propelling it or the people around the person. Men don't always talk about their issues but we tend to act as if men are the only ones that do this... is this toxic masculinity or is it just pride that men display more?? Even so... if we did voice our feelings and concerns more would we even be perceived as masculine? are you girls really up for hearing about our concerns or do you just say you want to know to sound nice??? BOYS are joined by some good old friends to talk about toxic masculinity and insecurities. Does toxic masculinity affect the wider society or the individual more? Do men talk their insecurities enough? or is it best to keep it to yourself?we all have emotions and have to deal with it a certain way but men are often ridiculed for keeping things to themselves, and its often labeled as toxic masculinity... but is this a masculine issue or a pride issue that happens to show in men but also happens to women.The group also discuss a hypothetical situation which exposes the men's boundaries/ insecurities ... we aren't sure what to call it but it definitely went horribly wrong. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.Enjoy this one and make sure to use #90sbabyshow to join the conversation on TwitterTwitter/Instagram:@_kourtneyll /_kourtneyl@Kimbisco / Kimbisco@Hemah_K /Hemah_K @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@TemiAlchemy / TemialchemyEVENTS/ PLUGSKing Oba Clothing - For 20% off of the whole store use CODE: 90sXoba at the checkoutkingobaclothing.co.uk/

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16 Jul 2018

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Spilt Milk Ft. Tom Moutchi

LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT Sunday 24th of March - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-sho…62610?ref=estw Well... This went left but when doesn't it on the 90s baby show BOYS are back and joined by good friend Actor, Writer, star of Famalam and also responsible adult ;) We always love a story on the show however this time we went dark - into the spirit realm to be more specific. Tom is a christian that has been through a lot on both sides of the law but we do a deep dive into celibacy and encounters with witches! Do you believe in the spirit realm? Do you believe in witches? Do you believe in Juju? But there is light at the end of the tunnel... We have a look into how and why you should listen to your calling in order to get what you want out of life. people like Tom were successful in skits but decided to stop in order to pursue acting fall time. alot to be taken in terms of looking forward rather than at what is fantastic but short term Having a young creative and actor is great as we could dive into the issues going on in the acting industry within the industry. Race is something that you cant run away from, and as a young black person from London trying to make it big, we get insight into the resistance and issues people are facing Let us know your thoughts by using #90sbabyshow on socials PLUGS LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT Sunday 24th of March - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-sho…62610?ref=estw 17th February - Black Barbie Events - A Night With.. - shoobs.com/events/36140/a-night-with 24th February - Ultimate Malt Challenge BY AngryBlackkitchen - www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-ultimate…ts-55346360454 SOCIALS Twitter/Instagram: @tommoutchi / tom.moutchi @Venturepromoter / Venturepromoter
 @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
 @Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana @TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy

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18 Feb 2019

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Radar Radio - 008

Topics:We Dont Fuck With Black History Month No MoreWhy Did The Mobo's Do Afrobeats Dirty Like That?Groupies And The Music IndustryMusic:Kano - P's And Q'sOmo Frenchie Ft. K Weezy & Jaij Hollands - Makelele RemixKwamz & Flava - Stop StallingKojo Funds - My NineTion Wayne Ft Afro B - BaeTimbo - Astalvista J Hus - Calling MeNira Marley - Final


16 Nov 2016

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Radar Radio - 005

Topics:What Would You Do If Your Wife Backed You In Beef?Is Cheating Forgivable?Growing Up With SiblingsMusic:Mercston & Ghetto - Gold old DaysBomb Squad - B.O.M.B SquadYxng Bane & Kojo Funds - Fine WineOmo Frenchie - SimbaTimbo & Stormzy - Living LifeAlqae - Dabbing In The NightHitori Shun - TemperArgz Aliko Burning Bridges


4 Nov 2016

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Shots In Portugal Ft. Nella Rose

We know you guys wanted some form of review on Afronation, so we thought we would give it to you in proper fashion... along with some other madness... and alcohol BOYS are back in the 90s Room with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and a lovely guest you guys have been wanting and asking for; Nella RoseWe go through the beautiful festival and all the festivities with it. Both the Lads and Nella got up to a lot including L’s so stay tunedWe heard about people having issues with Beyonce saying ‘brown skin girl’ which was a stretch but will Kojo funds have the same issue because he didn’t mention dark skin girls in his song? Are we being to picky and not even enjoying the music these days?We do a deep dive into family dynamics and being raised between different households. Nella was raised in 2 countries so we get an understanding of the upbringing she had and how it shaped her. Nella also has some questions for men and why they do certain things, so of course we were happy to show her exactly why we can move so madPLUGS90s Baby Show Live - www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-sho…ts-64613542846Made In London Podcast Workshop @Apple - https://apple.co/2K1wYNF SOCIALS
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12 Aug 2019

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African Proverbs Ft. Nissy Tee & Fred’s Mum

Are girls dressing appropriately? Are older siblings doing their job to guide the younger ones in society? Did older African parents do us justice by coming here? And how do we need to deal with bleaching in the African community?The BOYS are back this week and got some. A lot of men in the booth but, time to get some more strong women in again. We brought in the Virtuous Nissy Tee and Fred's Mum for that O.G touch to the conversation (address her as Aunty when you see her)We discuss many things that give the perspective of a woman, and an African woman at that. Nissy gives a younger perspective and growing up in a Congolese household, whilst Fred's mum discusses her upbringing and bringing up 3 boys.Dressing for women comes up, as women's dress sense has become more sexual over time which can be confusing to men. Men are visual and don't know how to act sometimes... without policing of course; if Women do not want to be looked at a certain way, should they dress more conservatively or should men be mature? a woman should be able to wear what she wants but should we ignore the fact that some people do not know how to act?The gang also go on to discuss fairness in society; being taxpayers we should be entitled to certain things. Do we get enough for the amount we pay? should we be more demanding and force the government to do more for us?Bleaching is an issue in a lot of African and Caribbean cultures so what are we going to do about it. We get onto Blac Chyna's altercation and her reasons for visiting Nigeria - Are we tearing down our own race for a cheque and do we love ourselves enough?There is a lot discussed and a lot of questions posed for the gang and the listeners to make sure to get involved by using #90sbabyshow on all social media platforms.These lads are the real deal so make sure to get involved with the conversation on socials by using #90sbabyshowSOCIALSTwitter/Instagram:@NissyTee / nissytee@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@TemiAlchemy / TemialchemyEVENTS Saturday 25th November - A Night With Podcast Link Up - https://shoobs.com/events/33793/a-night-with-pod-linkup


26 Nov 2018

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Catching Flights And Feelings Ft. Chrissy Speaks

We always hear the saying 'i catch flights not feelings'. But more time when we go on holiday we catch a flight because we got in our feelings... right?The BOYS jump into a talk with Chrissie (who is an assistant psychologist) about mental health. We can't talk about it enough however sometimes we talk about it with the same perspective of mental health meaning there is an issue, but this isn't the caseChrissie gives a clinical description of mental health, depression, and other disorders such as schizophrenia. she gives tips for how to deal with it and of course the lad's chyme in with personal experience and the importance of getting away. She also explains how depression can affect short term and long term rather than it being a sunken place you can never get out of.Heres a question - if the city you lived in stressed you out and you needed holidays just to cope, would you move? Its a question you don't have to answer honestly because most people will lie when we secretly know that 'HOME' is stressing us out but we are too scared of the unknown of moving.Is holiday the best coping mechanism... or is it purely short-term and means to an end??Enjoy this one and remember to use the #90sbabyshow to join the conversation - feel free to let us know how you feel with depression or stress.EVENTS/ PLUGSSunday 8th of July - The Entree' Live Event- Grab your tickets using the link https://shoobs.com/events/29191/the-entree-live-eventKing Oba Clothing - For 20% off of the whole store use CODE: 90sXoba at the checkouthttps://kingobaclothing.co.uk/

1hr 30mins

12 Jun 2018

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I Like To Cuddle Ft. Zeze Millz

We scraped the surface of some things last week like Top Boy but we defo went deeper this week as we didn’t know if you guys watched it or not. If you haven’t then SPOILER ALERT for the last 25 mins1.9.9.2 BOYS are back in the dungeon with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and we have the gorgeous Zeze Millz (and her dog Dave) joining us to talk that real talk as she always does. We know how open Zeze Millz is so dont expect anything less than the unadulterated truth this episode, like cup full of double strength Robinsons with no waterWe haven’t done relationships and the interaction between men and women so we did a deep dive into communication and where people go wrong as well as self pleasing and being pleased by others. Zeze Millz gives us some back story into her love life currently and why she is single. Temi gives some pointers on how to communicate criticism affectively without the other person getting too defensiveWe do a deep dive into the themes of Topboy. People have had a lot to say about anythings such as glorification of gun and knife crime, and how its been released but we absolutely love it. Zeze had some policing views but something to definitely to take into account. What kind of stories would you want to see on TV apart from ‘ends’ if you feel like these stories are told too much - and do we keep the same energy for films and TV shows like power.Remember to use #90sbabyshow to let us know your thoughts and continue the conversation.PLUGShttps://vitaelondon.com/ - For 10% off all Vitae watches use code: 90SBABYSHOW10 at the check outSOCIALS@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
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23 Sep 2019

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Conspiracy Theories Ft. One Take Kelv

We had so much people giving their views after World is flat episode; we thought to speak about some more conspiracy theories. Get ready for this polarising show as you will have to pick a side - nobody likes a fence sitter! BOYS are back in the Dungeon with good friend Onetakekelv and VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and we are talking it all. Too start with… What the hell is going on with all these designer brands over pricing stuff? scrap that... why are we buying things that have never been cool and potentially would have got cussed in school for? We discuss our views on some of these brands and why we think it is so popular. Do you think its about the price? Brand? Or just great marketing? and are we going backwards or forwards with fashion? The lads went to #LuxSundays for a Halloween party of which they saw poor etiquette of men when moving to girls. Us men may have to learn a thing of to about managing emotions and accepting rejection, as some guys are killing themselves for 1 of 200 girls in the club. We discuss the reasons for men acting like this and try to dissect the issue to understand the origins We then go into the depths of some conspiracies! The main course! From food, government, Aliens, Male contraception and more. All we ask is for you to pick a side and lets us know your thoughts by voting on twitter or using #90sbabyshow On socials Feel free to let us know any more conspiracy theories you may know of; there clearly needs to be a pt.2 ;) SOCIALSTwitter/Instagram:@onetakekelv / Onetakekelv@VenturePromoter / Venturepromoter@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@TemiAlchemy / TemialchemyEVENTS Sunday 18th of November - In Tune With Fourens - Grab your tickets using the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/in-tune-with-fourens-live-tickets-49799285002

2hr 6mins

5 Nov 2018

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Black Superhero's Ft. Vamp

This week the Boyz are joined by PR legends, The VAMP girls, Ruby & Christina chopping it up.Make Up From A Young AgeGirls Dating Older GuysBlack Girl MagicBucket Baths90s SitcomsShould I Quit My Job?Reality Of AnxietyPLUGShttps://vitaelondon.com/ - For 10% off all Vitae watches use code: 90SBABYSHOW10 at the checkoutPetrelli Potions are giving away £300 to a startup brand in celebration of Black History Month. Follow them on Instagram to find out how. IG - PetrelliPotionsSOCIALS@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
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@venturepromoter / venturepromoter@ChristinaOk / @MissRubyJade / @RumbiiLoves / vampuk

2hr 54mins

28 Oct 2019

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Safe Space Ft. Annie Drea

Therapy comes in many forms but we definitely know it comes in the form of conversation. Today’s show is packed with so many emotions, we hope you can relate and we hope it can show that everyone is going through life1.9.9.2 BOYS are back with VP in the cut (That's a scary sight) and we have a lovely guest you guys have been requesting in person and on youtube. Annie Drea Sits with us to give us that females perspective that us ignorant guys need sometimes (just sometimes)We touch on some serious subjects from sexual fluidity and what it means in society and to Annie to expectations of a man. As aforementioned it gets emotional in the dungeon this week so bear with us as we use this session as therapy for ourselves and those that are listening. Everybody is going through things In life, and life is real. You are not the only oneWe all analyse our first sexual encounters and when we became aware of our bodies in a sexual way. Does it start earlier for men or for women?Abortion and men controlling women's bodies has been a big subject so the gang discuss this and Temi sheds some light on a particular abortion case in America for the wisdom segmentFred Says he’s retired but we are still taking riddles so keep sending them in - and see if you can guess this weeks riddle before we give the answerwe also talk about coping mechanisms for stress, depression and how we clear our heads. Feel free to share yours with us on socials - remember to use #90sbabyshow to continue the conversationremember to catch the visuals on the youtube channel from Tuesday throughout the week@AnniedreaXO / Anniedrea@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy@venturepromoter / venturepromoter

1hr 56mins

20 May 2019

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Hidden Alumni Ft. Karl Lokko

THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT MADE IT OUT TO SUPPORT US AT OUR 5TH SOLD OUT LIVE SHOW FOR THOSE THAT DIDNT MAKE IT, OR DID MANAGE TO GET ANY MERCH ON THE DAY THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE REAL SOON This week the Boyz are back in The 90s Room, joined by Karl Lokko. Queen & Slim Hidden Alumni Private Islands Growing Up In Brixton SOCIALS @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow @Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana @TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy @VPinthecut / vpinthecut @KarlLokko / Karl_Lokko

2hr 40mins

24 Feb 2020

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A Phone Call: For Celibacy

***LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT*Sunday 14th of October - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-48877062610?ref=estw1.9.9.2 BOYS Are back with Another Phone call for MinisodeThis weeks Temi was hit with the unfortunate news that he will be celibate for a while. this meaning his Girlfriend is Celibate and is now springing it on him so he has no choice but to follow suit.In a relationship its about compromise, but its interesting how the women always initiates the compromise. Of course Temi will live but the 2 go into stories of celibacy and also a dilemma that was sent after the last episode on mens decorum when expressing interest for a girl COMPETITION TIME - Send us in a funny uni story to info@90sbabyshow and whichever is the best gets 2 free tickets to the Live show on the 14th of October. Enjoy this one and remember to use #90sbabyshow to join the conversation on social media.SOCIALSTwitter/Instagram:
@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana
@TemiAlchemy / TemialchemyEVENTS Sunday 14th of October - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-48877062610?ref=estwDISCOUNTS:King Oba Clothing - For 20% off of the whole store use CODE: 90sXoba at the checkout https://kingobaclothing.co.uk/


13 Sep 2018

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Momma's Got A Shotgun Ft. Dexter Mula Cake

These 80s babies have been through a totally different life from us 90s Babies. They went through the crack era in London and had to navigate through it1.9.9.2 BOYS are joined by Special guest Dexter (Owner of Mula Cake and various other businesses) to talk his story growing up in the 80's, Crack era in London, Going into legal business and moreWe always think of the crack era in America but what about London. Dexter takes us through having parents that were addicts, drug dealing, and what it took to change the mindset to a totally legal one.We do a deep dive into the power of guns and what it took to put them down and replace that empty void of power you would once haveDexter enlightens us with stories upon stories of his experience so sit back and enjoy the this special episode of pure truth. The episode does exactly what is says on the tin ;)LIVE SHOW - 90s Baby Show - Sunday 3rd June 2018ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY 6 PM Till LateFor Tickets: On The DoorTwitter / Instagram:@MulaCake / MulaCakeClothingMulamotivation@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@Temialchemy / Temialchemy Plugs/DiscountsCLOTHING NNC London Clothing - For 20% off of the whole store use CODE: 90SBABY at the checkoutVisit www.nnclondon.comCLOTHING - Ancoofficial - For 15% Off of the whole store use CODE: 90SBABYVisit ancoofficial.com/

2hr 32mins

22 May 2018

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Flights & Strippers

This week the Boyz are back from holiday chopping it up.Stag-do In AmsterdamFlights & StrippersLet These Prisoners GoSqueezing Sperm Out Of Condoms Greek MythologyMandela EffectT.I & YG's DaughtersPLUGShttps://vitaelondon.com/ - For 10% off all Vitae watches use code: 90SBABYSHOW10 at the checkoutSOCIALS@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
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1hr 59mins

11 Nov 2019

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