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HITM uses character focused storytelling to convey the ideas of the past that have shaped us today. We dive into wars and politics to see how the values of nations and their populations have reacted to the world around them. This is social evolution and biography wrapped in storytelling. This is History in the Making. HITM is currently in Season 1. Season 1 covers much of the classical age of Greece including the “invention” of democracy, the Persian Wars, politics of Pericles and Themistocles, the Golden Age, the Peloponnesian Wars, and much more.

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1: The Athenian Shield

Greece, as we recognize it, begins where the Dark Age ends. We meet some of the earliest known reformers that drop the first hints of democracy in reaction to the stresses of coming out of the Dark Age. This episode covers approximately 1200 BC – 594 BC.


19 May 2016

Rank #1

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3: The Spartan Legacy

Sparta is more than spears, although there are also plenty of spears. We wade through the murky history of Sparta while watching their migration into Greece. As much as we think of Spartans as Greek, they claim their heritage from the north… and from Hercules. This episode covers approximately 1,200 BC – 500 BC. As a side note, I have a cold so this episode sounds partially underwater at times. Learn more about your ad choices.


16 Jun 2016

Rank #2

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19: They Created A Desert

Bolstered by a recent victory, Athens follows Cleon further into war in hopes of achieving absolute victory. There are many areas where victory is needed. Once back on the streets of the city we meet Socrates who is busy asking everybody he can irritating questions. Questioning your assumptions may be the basis to a true understanding of yourself and society, although it can be very frightening. This episode covers approximately 425 B.C. – 422 B.C.

1hr 21mins

24 May 2017

Rank #3

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10: The Leagues and an Extraordinary Gentleman

Before there was the Roman Empire there was the Roman Republic. Before the Athenian Empire, there was the Delian League. Greece is split down the middle and as Athens grow more and more powerful they start a starting contest with Sparta. This episode covers approximately 478 BC – 472 BC.


16 Dec 2016

Rank #4

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15: The Shrinking World

The Greek world is getting smaller. Athens and Sparta are the sole dominating powers in Greece and cities are forced to consider what sides they will choose. The grandeur of Athens continues to allure as their wealth and power are demonstrated at the 4 year Panathenaic Festival while Sparta grapples for peace. It’s time to choose what side to join. This episode covers approximately 440 BC - 432 BC.


7 Mar 2017

Rank #5

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2: Demes and Demagogues

Democracy emerges in clear view from the shadows of history but not everybody welcomes it. The various political sides of Athens try to find a governing balance while threats of civil war force reform though rumors, coups, and occasional theatrics worthy of Greek play. This episode covers approximately 594 BC – 500 BC.


2 Jun 2016

Rank #6

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16: The Olympian has Fallen

Athens and Corinth take the preemptive measure of fighting a battle to avoid a war. This works about as well as it sounds. A series of conferences afterwards determine the fate of Greece. Speeches are made, ships collide and the gods reconsider their relationship with Athens. This episode covers approximately 433 B.C. – 429 B.C.


25 Mar 2017

Rank #7

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12: Linchpins and Puppeteers

Democracy reaches its peak in Athens as the city reaches east to Egypt and war at last breaks out with Sparta. The power of Athens’ version of the Supreme Court is partially dissolved and returned to the people in the lower courts. Since we don’t have a lot of information on this court, we look to our own Supreme Court for help. This episode covers approximately 464 BC – 449 BC.


12 Jan 2017

Rank #8

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9: Plataea

This special, full-length episode frames the Battle of Plataea with voting practices of the ancient world. As it turns out, voting in Sparta was quite similar to going to a football match. Things get violent in the climax of the Persian Wars. This episode takes place in 478 BC.


8 Dec 2016

Rank #9

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7: Shattered Timbers, Shattered Spears

The full force of Persia is directed against Greece. A fragile Greek alliance attempts to withstand the blow at the Battle of Thermopylae. Meanwhile, Themistocles maneuvers the resulting political fallout while making allies, old and new. We also examine the Spartan embrace of death and gain an appreciation for the floating demolition derby that was the Greek navy. This episode covers approximately 481 BC – 480 BC.


17 Nov 2016

Rank #10