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Anthony Joh returns to Japan and to the airwaves with Season 2 of the Tokyo Podcast. If you’re one of the listeners who stuck around – thank you! Since the whole world is stuck at home under quarantine thanks to the coronavirus, now seemed like the perfect time to bring you some fresh, updated content on life in Japanland.

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Photographing the Japanese Yakuza with Anton Kusters

With a history that dates back hundreds of years and a business empire that stretches into many areas of modern Japan, the Yakuza are a feared and respected part of Japanese society. On this episode of Tokyo Podcast we talk to Belgian photographer Anton Kusters who spent two years photographing the Japanese Yakuza and has produced a fascinating photo book detailing his journey into the heart of the Japanese criminal world.


19 Feb 2012

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Zen Buddhism In Japan With Reverend Takafumi Kawakami

On this episode of Tokyo Podcast Anthony talks to Reverent Takafumi Kawakami who is a Zen Buddhist Priest in Kyoto. We discuss the practise of meditation and how it can be used as an effective stress management tool. We also talk about the role that Buddhism plays in modern day Japan and the work that Reverend Takafumi is doing to revitalize his temple as a centre for learning in his community.  Anthony also introduces a brand new podcast that is all about cycling in Asia. Hosted by two avid cyclers here in Japan, this show brings you all the latest cycling news coming out of Asia.  https://tokyo-podcast.com/zen-buddhism-in-japan/


21 May 2012

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Irezumi: The Art of the Japanese Tattoo

The history of tattooing in Japan is through to extend as far back as the Jomon period, which is 10,000 bc and even though tattooing has been in Japan for many years and is filled with historic symbolism it still hasn't gained widespread public acceptance that tattooing has in many western countries. To walk us through the journey of tattooing in Japan I am joined by renowned tattoo artist Hori Benny who has been tattooing in Japan 8 years ago, first starting off as an apprentice and then turing professional in 2007. Benny can be found at the Chopstick Tattoo studio in Osaka.


5 Aug 2012

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How Old Is Too Old To Move To Japan?

On this show I will talk about the pros and cons of moving to Japan in your 20s, 30s or 40s and an old Japanese guy doesn't know how to use a computer!  Read More: How Old Is Too Old To Move To Japan?


16 Nov 2018

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Walking Through Japanese History with Paul Christie

Japan is a country that is steeped in history and culture and among the high tech skyscrapers and the neon lit shopping areas are remnants of a glorious past. On this episode Anthony talks to Juju Kurihara from Iromegane about the Shichigosan Festival, which translates into English as 7-5-3, this festival celebrates the coming of age of young children. We also take a walk through the majestic Imperial Palace located in the heart of Tokyo with Paul Christie from Walk Japan. Paul leads us on a fascinating walking tour of the historical significance of the Imperial Palace and the role it played in establishing Tokyo as the economic centre of Japan.


19 Nov 2011

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Surviving in Japan with Ashley Thompson

Moving to a new country and living an expat life can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating things to do, sometimes at the same time! The thrill of experiencing something new and exotic can quickly be replaced with the frustration of struggling to accomplish the most basic of tasks. Our guest today is Ms. Ashley Thompson who runs a website called 'Surviving in Japan without much Japanese'. On her site she offers all sorts of valuable tips on setting up your new life in Japan. She recently had her first child and joins us to talk about her experience giving birth in Japan.


8 Jan 2012

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Dealing With Suicide In Japan With Andrew Grimes

One of the most disturbing records that Japan holds is that it boasts one of the highest suicide records in the world. Some estimates place the number of suicides as high as 30,000 per year and to give you an idea of just how high that is consider that that works out to 82 suicides per day. My guest today is Andrew Grimes who is a board certified Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist and founded the Tokyo Counseling Service in 1999. He joins me today to talk about the how the issue of mental health is dealt with here in Japan.


16 Jun 2012

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How The Shinkansen Rebuilt Japan With Christopher Hood

One of the most iconic images of Japan is that of the gleaming white bullet train passing in front of Mount Fuji. The shinkansen as it's known in Japan is a marvel of technology and engineering and despite it's international reputation for speed and safety not much is known about what makes it work so well. On this show Anthony delves into the history and details of the shinkansen with author Christopher Hood who talks about his book, Shinkansen: From Bullet Train to Symbol of Modern Japan and the impact high speed rail has had on Japan.  Anthony also talks about the uncertain future Japan faces as it turns off the last remaining active nuclear power plant.  https://tokyo-podcast.com/shinkansen/


6 May 2012

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Being a Hafu in Japan with Lara Perez Takagi and Megumi Nishikura

Japan has a reputation as being a homogenous society with very little in the way of multiculturalism, at times even going so far as to proudly proclaim themselves as mono-ethnic. However this is slowly changing as the number of mixed race people living in Japan grows with an estimated one in thirty babies born in Japan today are being born to a couple where at least one parent is not Japanese. On this show I talk to Lara Perez Takagi and Megumi Nishikura who are making a documentary film about the lives of five half Japanese or 'Hafus' living in Japan. For some being a mixed race person living in Japan has posed no problems but others have struggled to find their own identity and even going to far as to hide their non Japanese side.


12 Nov 2011

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Why Jiro Dreams Of Sushi With David Geld

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary film by Mr. David Gelb that follows the daily life of 85 year old Jiro Ono who is widely considered to be the world's greatest sushi chef.  The film is an intimate look at Jiro's philosophies on work and life and his insistence on absolute perfection when making sushi. The film also explores the secondary characters that all contribute to the restaurant, from the fish seller at the Tsukiji Market, to the restaurant staff who struggle to meet Jiro's high standards to the relationship between Jiro and his eldest son, who is patiently waiting in the wings to take over the restaurant once his father retires. 


2 Sep 2012

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How To Get To Japan With Fabian Hoshino

On this show Anthony looks back at his time in Japan and talks about some of the challenges he faced in getting set up here. We also talk to Fab from Get to Japan about the services they offer in helping people make the transition to life in Japan. 


19 Mar 2012

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Exploring Japanese Castles with Daniel O’Grady

Of the 3000 castles that once dotted the Japanese landscape only 12 remain in their original condition. From old ruins to modern replicas, on this show we talk to Daniel O`Grady from Japanese Castle Explorer about the historic and modern significance of Japanese castles. I also post a mini review of the new Sony Playstation Vita. This new gaming machine from Sony has been eagerly anticipated by fans and is an important product for the profit challenged company. Does the Sony Playstation Vita live up to the hype and would I recommend it as a portable gaming device? Also this is the last show for 2011 and I wanted to thank everyone who listens and supports the show and a special thank you to all my guests who have been on. Without your support Tokyo Podcast would just be me talking to myself and so I thank everyone for making it a huge success.


17 Dec 2011

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7 Random Tips For Living In Tokyo

On this show Anthony talks about his return to Canada and gives you seven random tips that made living in Tokyo just a little easier. Start studying Japanese as soon as you arrive Buy a good set of noise cancelling headphones Learn which side of the train your exit is Spend your cash and collect your change Buy rechargeable batteries Master your google-fu Make true Japanese friends Read More: 7 Random Tips For Living In Tokyo


17 Jul 2018

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Japan Architecture Tours With Robert Day

Japan is a country of great contrast with architecture that is an eclectic mix of ancient and modern, east and west. Tokyo is a dynamic metropolis where you will find some of the worlds most unique and fascinating architecture. Kyoto is a city steeped in tradition with an abundance of ancient temples, shrines and gardens scattered throughout a bustling modern city. On this show I talk to architect Robert Day about his 10 day Architecture tour that he runs in Japan. We talk about the different Architecture styles that are unique to Japan and what to look for if you plan your own trip to Japan.


29 Aug 2012

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What Are Your Best Options For Studying In Japan?

It’s becoming more and more common to travel abroad to study. However, if you’re thinking about studying Japanese in Japan, there are some things you need to keep in mind. In today’s show our host Anthony Joh gives us his opinion on the best three options to make it happen! Read More: What Are Your Best Options For Studying In Japan?


16 Nov 2018

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Listening To Great Jazz In Tokyo With James Catchpole

While New York is the place to go for jazz musicians when it comes to jazz fans it doesn't get any better than here in Tokyo. These are the words of James Catchpole, a transplanted Brooklyn native who has lived in Japan for 13 years and documents the many cool jazz joints in Tokyo on his website.  Anthony joined James at the hidden Samurai jazz bar in Shinjuku to talk about jazz in Japan and why he feels that Tokyo is one of the great jazz cities in the world.


30 Jul 2012

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Learn Japanese Podcast with Alex Brooke

On this show we continue our Japanese Language Series with Alex Brooke who runs the Learn Japanese Pod website. Alex is the host of the Learn Japanese Podcast and is also an accomplished musician. We delve into the rhythm and the melody of Japanese compared to other languages and even throw in a quick Thai lesson.  We are also joined by Brad Stephenson from 25Cafes who brings us his review of a trendy vegetarian cafe located in Shibuya. 25Cafes is your guide to 100% smoke free cafes in Tokyo. 


26 Feb 2012

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Studying in Japan with Go Go Nihon

Starting with a simple domain name and website, Davide Rossi has built Go Go Nihon into a hugely successful company that brings students from around the world to study in Japan.  Anthony also announces that this will be the final episode of Tokyo Podcast. He wants to thank each and everyone of the guests who came on the show to tell their story. Also a big thank you to everyone who downloaded the show each week and sent in your feedback and comments. Not one to stay offline for long, Anthony is already hard at work on his next internet venture and you can follow along on his Facebook page.


26 Jan 2013

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How To Rent An Apartment In Tokyo With Adam German

One of the first major hurdles that many foreigners face when moving to Japan is renting an apartment. Renting an apartment in Japan is a complicated process filled with all sorts of historic regulations and procedures, strange acronyms, and more fees than you can possibly imagine. To help us understand this process I am joined by Adam German from Real Estate Japan, who is going to guide us through the necessary steps of securing your new home away from home. Renting an apartment in Tokyo


19 Jan 2013

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Kendo: The Way of the Sword

This show is all about sports as we first look at a traditional Canadian sport and then later in the show a traditional Japanese sport. My first guest is Chad Goble who runs the Tokyo Street Hockey Association website. What started out as a rag tag group of hockey loving Canadians has morphed into a weekly game and international tournament.  I also talk to Lance Lindely who practised kendo with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and achieved the rank of shodan. He joins me today to talk about his experiences in studying this traditional martial art here in Japan. 


24 Jun 2012

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