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Outspoken Voices - a Podcast for LGBTQ+ Families

The Outspoken Voices Podcast is created by Family Equality, with a new episode delivered every month. With help from invited guests, we address discuss essential topics for LGBTQ+ families, or members of the LGBTQ+ community who are thinking about starting a family.

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Desperately Seeking Queer Characters

The representation of LGBTQ families in the media has been uneven, at best. Queer families are hungry to see themselves in print and on screen. Guests Sadie Epstein-Fine and Makeda Zook join the host to talk about their sagas of searching for representation (The Ellen Show VHS tapes are still floating around) and creating their own media with their new book, Spawning Generations. 


1 Jan 2019

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Donor Siblings: Creating Families and Relationships

In this month's episode of Family Equality Council's Outspoken Voices Podcast, we're talking about using sperm donors, and the unique families and relationships that can emerge when "donor siblings" come into contact. We talk with Scott Brown from California Cryobank, Amber Leventry, a parent from Vermont, and Emily McGranachan, Family Equality Council's East Coast Regional Manager. Find more information on our guests at http://www.familyequality.org/podcast


9 Oct 2017

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Queer Families & the Classroom

Education touches all our families around the world in very different ways. This episode is dedicated to the ups and downs, challenges and inspiration of pushing for LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices in schools, especially early education. Guests Justine Gonzalez and Caitlin Ryan share perspectives as advocates, parents, and educators. 


3 Dec 2019

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Biology Doesn't Define Our Family

Queer people have had to create and recreate family for a very long time. The meaning has changed and biology doesn’t always play a big role, or a role at all. All the same, the experiences of people whose families are a mixture of biological and non-bio ties are complex. 


18 Sep 2018

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Why Second-Parent Adoption?

Second-parent adoption for LGBTQ families is many things - confirmation, injustice, expensive, and a celebration. What is it, why do lawyers still recommend LGBTQ parents do it, and how does it feel for our families?


17 Jul 2018

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What to Consider Before Tying the Knot and Starting a Family

In April's Outspoken Voices podcast, we talk with two professionals about the financial and legal considerations that LGBTQ individuals should contemplate before for getting married and/or starting a family.We discuss the importance of financial planning, estate planning, the financial benefits of being married vs. not being married. Looking beyond marriage equality, we discuss the differences between and importance of second parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions and birth certificates. Our guests also give suggestions about how to have these conversations with your partner and discuss the importance of being proactive and open with these sometimes challenging topics.


11 Apr 2017

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From Single to Step-Parent

Being a parent can be hard. Being LGBTQ+ can be hard. Dating can be hard. For single LGBTQ+ parents, combing all three is a whole other thing entirely. The whole process of dating, becoming a step-parent, and blending a family is hard to navigate. LGBTQ+ families can feel like they're in uncharted waters. How did one family weave their own path? 


19 Feb 2019

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Parenting is Political

How do we disrupt patterns of white supremacy and racism at home? Guests Jasmine and Mo of the Parenting is Political podcast join to share their experiences, advice, and compassion. We're in this together. 


3 Sep 2019

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Answering Tough Questions

All parents hear some challenging or confusing questions from their kids at some point. For LGBTQ+ parents and caregivers, the questions can be a bit trickier. How do some parents navigate answering potentially triggering questions with honesty, care, and a dash of humor? Two parents and a queerspawn discuss the funny, random, and probing things kids in LGBTQ+ families say. 


18 Jun 2019

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LGBTQ Family Formation Options

In this month's episode of Outspoken Voices, we talk with three experts in family formation for LGBTQ parents. Scott Brown joins us from California Cryobank to discuss working with sperm donors and cryobanks, Erica Horton of Growing Generations discusses surrogacy and egg donation, and Dr Juan Alvarez of Fertility Centers of Illinois explains fertility treatments for gay and lesbian prospective parents.Here are links to some of the websites mentioned in this month's episode:- California Cryobank: https://cryobank.com/- Growing Generations: https://www.growinggenerations.com/- Fertility Centers of Illinois: https://fcionline.com/Find more episodes of the Outspoken Voices Podcast at: https://www.familyequality.org/podcast/


11 Dec 2017

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Donor Conceived Queerspawn

The options for known vs anonymous vs identity-release sperm/egg donors and the ability to contact donor-siblings have undergone big changes in recent years. Today, we’re are coming across people who share DNA through test companies – sometimes accidentally. To share our own experiences and to dig into the realities and ethics of it all, are two fellow donor-conceived queerspawn – Jamie and Lilly! 


17 Dec 2019

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Inclusive Summer Camps

March’s Outspoken Voices brings together three summer camp professionals and fans to talk about finding inclusive summer camp spaces, prepping youth for the experience, and why a welcoming and celebratory summer camp can have a big impact on youth.In this podcast we talk about how families can identify welcoming camps, ways to prepare youth for a sleep-away experience, and why camps created with our families in mind can be important for youth.


13 Mar 2017

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Stories From Families Formed Through Foster Care

This month is National Foster Care Month, so we're dedicating our Outspoken Voices podcast to hearing from two families formed through foster care.


9 May 2017

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Power in the Telling

Telling our family stories can be liberating, uneventful, isolating, and even dangerous. How do we reclaim power in the telling? Why do LGBTQ family legacies matter? In this episode we talk about how we bridge the gaps of our queer homes and the rest of the world.


21 Aug 2018

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Listening to Adoptees

National Adoption Month continues! This episode features a special live taping of Inside Out LGBT Radio. Activist, author, and trans-racially adopted queerspawn, Tony Hynes, hosts a powerful and honest discussion about trans-racial adoption, ethics, and adoptee experiences. He is joined by Schai, adopted internationally by a white single parent, and Beth, a white adoptive parent to two children of color. This powerful and raw conversation is not to be missed. 


19 Nov 2019

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Let's Talk About Trauma

All families can experience trauma, addiction, and health struggles. For LGBTQ parents and their children, layers of stigma, isolation, and fear of discriminatory intervention can cause some to not seek help or feel alone. We're breaking down the taboo on talking about it today.


2 Oct 2018

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We Chose Each Other

This National Adoption Month, meet the Simmons-Cianciotto Family! After years in the child welfare system, twelve-year-old cancer survivor Derrik found his forever home with dads Jason and Courter. The road through foster care and cross-state adoption wasn’t easy for the family. As dad Jason says, they are a powerful example of why LGBTQ parents AND youth shouldn’t be discriminated against in the child welfare system. Through it all they found each other to form their forever family. Today, Derrik is flourishing and the Simmons-Cianciotto family is complete.


20 Nov 2018

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Getting Campy

As Family Week in Provincetown is celebrating 25 years, there are a growing number of LGBTQ+ family summer camp weeks and weekends around the country. Why are LGBTQ+ family spaces important? Are spaces like camps made queer just by us being there? Two parents and attendees of Camp OUT in Michigan join the host for a conversation about how we form LGBTQ+ family spaces and how they are changing. 


5 Mar 2019

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Outnumbered at Home

Two teens talk about what it's like growing up in a LGBTQ family and being totally outnumbered at home by parents and siblings who are all of a different gender. What is it really like being a young woman raised by two men or a young man raised by women? Short answer - it's complex and awesome.


7 Aug 2018

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Trans-racial Adoption & Identity

When LGBTQ people adopt children of a different race or ethnicity than themselves, what does it mean for both parents and kids?


19 Jun 2018

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