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Good-Good is the golf show for the serious golfer. We celebrate everything great about the game, from course architecture to promoting public golf.

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Ep 012: RM - The Grand Old Girl of Australian Golf

Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and their respective teams will take centre stage at this week's Presidents Cup but for many golfers it is the Royal Melbourne course - and how it plays for 24 of the world's best - that will be of most interest. On Episode 12 we meet two Royal Melbourne Golf Club members to find out what it is like to play host to an event the size of the Presidents Cup as well as some discussion about the place of the course in the game more broadly. Links mentioned on this episode: The Golf Society 30% off Gift Voucher offer

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11 Dec 2019

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Ep 022: The Mad Americans In Studio

They're the heavy weights of Golf Twitter and it was a privilege for Good Good to host Michael Wolf, Jon Cavalier and Nigel Islam in studio for a rambling chat about all things golf and all things Australia. From Royal Melbourne to Barwon Heads and NSW to Royal Adelaide, Wolf, Cavalier and their less well known but incredibly knowledgeable travel companion Islam had a great time here and have some interesting observations about the golf culture and courses in these parts. While you're listening along make sure to surf over to The Golf Society and check out some of their latest range of top quality apparel, shoes and accessories. If it's the best brands in golf you're looking for then look no further becasu they have them all: Ralph Laurne, J Lindeberg, Travis Mathew, Peter Millar, Puma, Nike, Hugo Boss and more.

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9 Mar 2020

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Ep 006: What's an Axolotl? And a Protectorate?

Derek Duncan rejoins the show for Episode Six just days after penning an intriguing essay on the golf business which attracted plenty of attention on Twitter during the week. We chat about that plus what millennial golfers want, the great Ladies Tee debate and who would win a fight between and Axolotl and a lion? And just what is a Protectorate? Don't forget to check out our network sponsors The Golf Society for the latest in golf fashion. Visit the TalkinGolf Network for more uality golf podcasts. Read Derek's excellent and thought provoking essay here. Read the Millenial Twitter thread here. Read the discussion about Ladies Tees here.

1hr 9mins

28 Oct 2019

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Ep 003: The Derek Duncan Fallout

On last week's episode Derek Duncan caused a storm of controversy with his revelation that his stance on the distance debate was 'evolving'. This week he deals with the fallout plus we discuss the cult following of Sweetens Cove and whether drivers failing conformity tests on the PGA Tour is a serious issue. We also welcome our first sponsor to the TalkinGolf Network with online retailer of high end apparel The Golf Society joining us this week. And, as you'd hope and expect, there's a special introductory offer for podcast listeners. Simply log on to The Golf Society website , enter your email address and be rewarded with a $25 voucher for any purchase over $60. You might even consider using it on this jacket that Adrian recommends. Finally we also welcome a new podcast to the TalkinGolf Network this week as Nick O'Hern launches his new podcast with Sydney based golf writer Matt Cleary. The pair will dissect and dicsuss Nick's highly regarded book Tour Mentality. You can listen to the show here.

1hr 4mins

6 Oct 2019

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Ep 008: Mike Clayton "Clubbing For The Duff"

"The only point of the fifth hole at Royal Melbourne West," says Mike Clayton of the famed par-3, "is to join up the great fourth hole - the over the hill and down to the right par-5 - with the amazing 6th hole." It's Clayton at his best on Episode Eight of The Good Good Golf Podcast where Sydney v Melbourne golf, the Christina Kim rules fiasco and why Cypress Point's 16th hole needs an alternate par-4 tee are among the topics dissected. Clayton joins regulars Rod Morri, Adrian Logue and Derek Duncan for a fascinating and in depth discussion about golf and the fields upon which it is played. Links for Epsidoe Eight: As always head to The Golf Society for next level golf apparel and accessories For more outstanding golf content log on to TalkinGolf.com The Golf.com annual player survey where favourite and least favourite courses of the PGA Tour were discussed Adrian Logue briefly referenced an article from Golf Business News which we will talk about in more depth on a future epiode but for those who can't wait, you can read it here.

1hr 5mins

12 Nov 2019

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Ep 007: Phil Blackmar's Spin On Distance

Self confessed golf tragic Phil Blackmar has spent his entire life around the game. He not only played at the highest level for more than a decade and a half, he won three times and all in an era that crossed over from Jack Nicklaus to Greg Norman to Tiger Woods. Now a commentator at Golf Channel Blackmar, like many of his contemporaries, worries about the direction the game has taken at the top level but believes he has a solution that is as intriguing as it is unique. Links mentioned on this episode: The Golf Society: For the latest in golf fashion TalkinGolf - The podcast network for serious golfers


4 Nov 2019

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Ep 011: Thunderbirds Are Go

Course ranking lists, social media and golf course design, watching the pros up close and Derek's sticky balls. All that and more on Episode 11 of the Good Good Golf Podcast. Links menitoned on this episode: The Golf Society exclusive 30% TalkinGolf Gift Voucher offer The GOLF magazine top 100 courses list: Derek's Feed The Ball episode with Jim Urbina For those who, like Derek, were deprived of the joy of The Thunderbirds in their childhood, click here.

1hr 23mins

3 Dec 2019

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Ep 013: The Episode We Weren't Meant To Have

We were supped to call it a day after last week's Presidents Cup preview but really, how could we not rehash the brilliant week at Royal Melbourne? Some of Adrian Logue's finest work on Episode 13 as he introduces us to the 'Buffoon versus Class Act' breakdown of the players and takes aim at everyone from television to the PGA Tour.We hope you enjoy this final episode of 2019 and thanks for all your support over the course of the year and we look forward to coming back to do it all again in 2020. Want your Golf Society discount gift voucher? Simply click here


16 Dec 2019

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Ep 005: Racetrack Around The Golf Course?

Derek Duncan has the week off but Rollback Alliance co-founder Matt Mollica courageously steps into the breach to talk all things golf on Episode 5 of The Good Good Golf Podcast. We chat whether The Masters has as much influence as most believe, why they won't go it alone with a tournament ball, ponder whether adding a racetrack to a suburban golf course could save it and why a video clip from a tournament almost 30 years ago went viral. Links mentioned on this episode: Our sponsor, The Golf Society The TalkinGolf Podcast Network Rob Williamson's Gil Morgan clip that went viral Episode 99 of State of the Game with Mike Clayton, Mike Devries and Frank Pont

1hr 6mins

21 Oct 2019

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Ep 004: The beauty of a flower is available to me

On Episode Four of The Good-Good Golf Podcast Adrian Logue, Derek Duncan and Rod Morri dissect some of the big questions about the media and golf, wonder about the obsession with competition play in Australia and is there beauty in the modern bash and splat game? Links mentioned on this episode: The Golf Society Australia's leading online retailer of high end golf apparel and accessories. Rod Morri's column on the obsession in Australia with competition golf Nick Menta's story on drivers failing the CT test Tiger's PopStroke launch

1hr 5mins

14 Oct 2019

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Ep 021: The Book Club - The World Atlas Of Golf

Groundbreaking stuff on the Good Good Golf Podcast this week as we welcome a new guest host but reintroduce an old segment. The Book Club was one of the great success stories of the iSeekGolf podcast and it returns this week with Feed The Ball's Derek Duncan in the host chair joined by Adrian Logue and Monarch Of The Green author Stephen Proctor to break down one golf's most influential books - The World Atlas Of Golf. It's riveting stuff and will have you scouring eBay for a copy of your own. Links NOT mentioned on this episode but that you should visit anyway: The Golf Society

1hr 24mins

2 Mar 2020

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Ep 009: It's Hot At Christmas? That's Just Weird

If people like things about golf that are different to you, does that mean they are doing it wrong? Why does golf need to invite communities into their space? What's more important - name tags for the staff or an interesting green complex? These are just some of the talking points on Episode Nine of The Good Good Golf Podcast. Links mentioned on this episode: The Golf Society for the very best in golf apparel. TalkinGolf.com - The podctast network for serious golfers Epsiode 60 of Feed The Ball Andy Staples' brilliant Community Links concept

1hr 14mins

18 Nov 2019

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Ep 010: A Piccolo To Go

Should the Australian Open join forces with the European Tour? Will the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA merge and if they did, would it be a good thing? And when will we see some innovation in the way golf is broadcast on TV? Just some of the eclectic mix of topics on a stream of consciousness episode 10 of The Good Good Golf Podcast. Links mentioned in this episode: The Golf Society 30% off Gift Voucher offer Adrian Logue's new photography website NSW Open ticket offer

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25 Nov 2019

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Ep 018: John Huggan On All Things Golf

John Huggan is one of the most respected and forthright voices in the game and he joins Rod Morri and Adrian Logue on Episode 18 to talk Vic Open, Min Woo Lee, the Distance Insights Report and more. There's also news about Derek Duncan and a special announcement about the long awaited return of the much loved Book Club. Links menitoned on this episode: The Golf Society for the best apparel brands and accessories. TalkinGolf - the podcast network for serious golfers John Huggan on Twitter Adrian's piece on the Distance Insights Report Distance Insights Report

1hr 11mins

11 Feb 2020

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Ep 015: Course Architect Harley Kruse

Sydney based golf course architect Harley Kruse comes into the studio for episode 15 to talk all things course design, technology and the future of golf. Harley has been in the course architecture business for more than 30 years having started his design career with Peter Thomson before a stint with Greg Norman Golf Design and now out on his own with Kruse Golf Design. A recent renovation of Sydney's Killara Golf Club has been well recieved and after a lengthy approval process Kruse will soon begin work at Royal Sydney Golf Club alongside Gil Hanse where he will 'handle everything off the fairways' with a comprehensive planting vegetation plan designd to bring native flora back to the course. Links mentioned on this episode: Our sponsor, The Golf Society The TalkinGolf Network Follow Harley Kruse on Twitter

1hr 13mins

20 Jan 2020

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Ep 019: Golf From The Non Golfer's Perspective

There's always hand wringing in golf about growing the numbers of people who play but do we ever stop to ask why it is non golfers aren't already swinging a club? After a brilliant piece in The Irish Times last week chronicling her journey to 13th Beach to watch fellow Irish woman Leona Maguire we catch up with former Olympic silver medallist Sonia O'Sullivan to find out what golf looks like to the outside world. Links menitoned on this episode: Our sponsor The Golf Society Sonia's excellent piece in the Irish Times: The TalkinGolf network, home of some of the game's best podcasts

1hr 4mins

17 Feb 2020

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Ep 020: Mike Clayton. Enough Said

The always popular and insightful Mike Clayton joins Episode 20 of the show to discuss Steph Kyriacou's remarkable victory at Bonville, the Peter Kostis revelations on the No Laying Up podcast, the Golf Premier League and plenty more as well. Links mentioned on this episode: The Golf Society where Good Good Listeners get an extra 30% off all current sale prices. Click the link and grab a bargain while they last! The No Laying Up podcast with Peter Kostis

1hr 10mins

26 Feb 2020

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Ep 017: From The Vic Open with Flic Johnson

It might not be Australia's most important championship but as a spectator is it the country's best tournament. The mixed men's and women's Vic Opens are a highlight of the golf calendar each year and with host Rod Morri on site at 13th beach this week it was a great opportunity to sit down with LET player Felicity Johnson to talk all things golf. Links mentioned on this episode The Golf Society - has a $25 store credit for TalkinGolf listeners on their first visit. The TalkinGolf network for more quality golf podcasts The Thing About Golf podcast at Golf Australia magazine

1hr 2mins

4 Feb 2020

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Ep 014: Sandy Jamieson and One Club Golf

There may be no more intimidating game for a beginner than golf and perhaps no more intimidating place to try to do it than on a golf course. But one Melbourne professional has an idea to change all that and he's our guest today on Episode 14. Sandy Jamieson operates the Oakleigh Public Golf Course in Melbourne and his One Club concept is already helping to change the face of the game there. But he hopes to make a much broader impact over time, as you'll hear. Links menitoned on this episode: The Golf Society For the best in golf apparel One Club Golf Check out the details of Sandy Jamieson's simple idea to get more people playing golf Rod Morri on Twitter Adrian Logue on Twitter Derek Duncan on Twitter


12 Jan 2020

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Ep 023: Anyone For a Top 100 Courses Debate?

If you want to start an argument in golf there are a couple of surefire topics that will do it and the ranking of the country's top 100 courses is one of them. On Episode 23 of Good Good, Golf Australia Magazine Editor Brendan James joins us in studio to discuss the where, what, when, how and why of his publication's biennial list. It's a fascinating discussion that wanders in a few different directions including (despite best efforts to avoid it) the impact of COVID 19. To check out the list and associated comments head here. Adrian's critique of THE PLAYERS logo and brand adrianlogue.com For the best in high end golf apparel head straight to The Golf Society To listen to The Thing About Golf Podcast go here or the Twitter feed here On Twitter follow Brendan James here, find Adrian Logue at Adrian Logue.com and on Twitter here.

1hr 15mins

17 Mar 2020

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