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The Sittings with Sisters Lunar Podcast explores the energy of the new & full moon with a different goddess every lunar cycle. A conscious collaboration hosted by Kate Payne, Cat Kerle and Monique Alamedine.

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Full Moon in Gemini Energy Share 23 Nov 18

Join your co-hosts Kate Payne, Cat Kerle & Monique Alamedine for this episode of the SWS Lunar Podcast. A conscious collaboration.Kate Payne, Yoga Therapist, Sound and Womb Healer for Womenwww.katepayne.com.auCat Kerle, Modern Day Mystic and emPoweresswww.readingsforclarity.comMonique Alamedine, Zen Hustle + Business Energy Mentor, Intuitive Marketerwww.zenhustler.comRESOURCES >>Womb Pilgrimages practice https://soundcloud.com/divinefeminineflow/womb-pilgrimage


23 Nov 2018

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