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I invite you, to hear me, a vibrant soul just expressing oneself in the best possible way while holding space to network with my peers.

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A motivational pod! We have tried to manifest our desires without realizing that manifestation means you have to be intentional. This whole time I had it all wrong! Things don’t move until you do! Stop waiting on external situations to decide when you wana live and live now. There’s nomore time to waste!


1 Aug 2021

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Spirituality, Social Media venting, Reality Tv, Juneteenth (feat. Frenchii)

Chopping it up with Frenchii again 😊 this time we discussed Juneteenth, Spirituality, and Reality Tv.


19 Jul 2021

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We always talk about breaking up with our significant other but no one discusses the pain of a friendship breakup, or how to heal from it. On this episode I just give my best advice on how to carry on after a friendship loss. Make sure you are practicing self love at the end of it all :)


11 Jul 2021

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On this episode, Ayana rants about the ShaCarri suspension and being removed from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics after winning in the 100 meter race last month. Listeners discretion is advised.


4 Jul 2021

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Talkin’ Melanin’ 🤎

On this episode, MacFlash and Frenchi pull up to talk about black culture.


20 Jun 2021

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Miracles By Mina Interview.

It’s a reunion! On this episode, Ayana sits down with a childhood friend, Mina P, and discuss a little bit about her small businesses and how she got into specializing in natural hair and holistic health remedies, and of course the randomness; Pandemic, Polygamy, vaccines and interracial dating!


13 Jun 2021

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Ayana reacts to an article found on www.dailyexpose.co.uk about alleged fraudulent COVID cases, and also elaborates on each Nuremberg Code.


7 Jun 2021

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It’s important to know perfectionism is what leads to self doubt. We must remember that in order to get somewhere, we must start somewhere so why not start where we are? 2020 was a year of clarity and the most I took away from it is that I have to be aggressive when it comes to accomplishing goals. Realizing that I do create my own reality and I am responsible for how my life turns out.


1 Jun 2021

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Ayana reacts to one of her favorite podcast coming to a sudden end. Joe Budden Podcast is one of the most popular in the game. Unfortunately, egos collide, people grow apart and things change. Big hopes that maybe the team will come together again in the future? Who knows.


1 Jun 2021

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There’s no reason why we should feel less than anyone around us, or better than! It’s a balance you should have when it comes to confidence. Make sure you’re loving yourself the the way you admire others, or even more.


1 Jun 2021

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